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Article #447 (635 is last):
From: Stu Huffman 
Subject: MIST VIII Update on July 13 Indiananpolis Show
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Jul 14 17:22:56 1996

MIST Update:  Two More Vendors Confirm Booth Tables

-- DirecT060 from Computer Direct of Edmondton will make its
   North American premier appearance at Mid-Indiana MIST 
   AtariFest VIII in Indianapolis next Saturday, July 13

-- Gemulator 96 will be presented for color laptop computers
   from Branch Always Software

Darek Mikhock of Branch Always Software  < >
had told MIST VIII he would be on hand as in past years for the
Indianapolis show  ( 10am-3pm Indianapolis and Chicago time and
11am-4pm Ohio/New York time ) next Saturday, July 13.  He followed
up Friday, July 5, with this message:  "I just mailed out the $75
check for my booth.  I thought I had already but spaced it. ... 
Already have the plane ticket. ... I am bringing Gemulator 96 and
my new color notebook PC...."

The MIST location is same as the past several years:  Best Western
Waterfront Plaza Hotel on US 136 at the northwest corner of 
Indianpolis -- just off I-465 beltway at Speedway-Clermont exit.

Chris Krowchuck, president of Computer Direct in Edmondton, Alberta,
checked in Saturday with this message about his new 68060 machine, 
the DirecT060, and his busy week getting it ready to show at MIST:

From chris@compdirect.comSat Jul  6 15:34:40 1996
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 1996 10:18:16 -0600
From: Computer Direct 
To: Stu Huffman 
Subject: Re: Crowd Builds for MIST VIII on July 13

Hello Stu,

It is official, the World's Fastest Atari Compatible Computer, DirecT60
will be making its premier North American appearance at MIST VIII.
We will need one table along with Kent Kordes' Systems for Tomorrow.

The last two weeks have been crazy, between getting DirecT60 ready and
trying to book flights etc.  I was able finally to book my flight on
Thursday, it will take me two days of travelling to get there!

I leave Edmonton on Thursday and arrive in St. Louis on Friday at 3:55pm,
unfortunately I have not been able to book a flight from St. Louis to
Indianapolis. I will have to rent a car and drive the four or five hours,
so I will be arriving late Friday night, but will be there. My return
flight leaves St. Louis on Sunday ... I will be tired after this show!

I am having T-Shirts made up with "Official Test Pilot for the World's
Fastest TOS Computer" on them.  I would like to give these to the show as
door prizes, the six lucky winners will be able to actually test drive the
DirecT60 and take home the T's.

Would anyone there be willing to loan or rent us a good quality VGA
monitor?  I can't carry one onto the plane...

I will have all of our product line at the show including: 
  -- MagiC
  -- MagiCMac
  -- NVDI
  -- Ease
  -- Kobold
  -- HD Driver
  -- FX Card etc.

Also premiering at MIST will be: 
  -- DA's Layout TC v6 
  -- Outside 3.40 
  -- In Touch 2
  -- Positive Image
  -- E-Copy
  -- Face Value 
  -- Plus a couple more surprises.

Upgrades will be available at the show, let users know that they can bring
their master disks and manuals and receive upgrades on the spot! ...

All the best,
                                       Chris J. Krowchuk
                                       President, Computer Direct
 Computer Direct      e-mail:
 10338-59 Avenue      Info and Support:(403)496-2488
 Edmonton, Alberta    24 Hour Fax Line:(403)496-2489
 Canada. T6H 1E6      Toll Free Orders:(800)547-9203

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From the ASCII / BL.A.ST / MIST 'Fest Co-Chairs:  Charlie Sears and 

 Stu Huffman, Indiana Dept. of Education:
         US Snail: State House 229, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798

          Office Voice: 317.232.6618         FAX: 317.232.8004
 Home: 610 Artists Dr, Box 1215, Nashville, IN 47448-1215   V:812.988.7558
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