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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari800 emulator versions 0.2.5 and 0.2.7 released
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Oct 19 18:48:20 1996

 Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 21:43:29 GMT
 From: David Firth 
 Subject: Uploaded: Atari800-0.2.5.tar.gz (Unix/Amiga)

I have uploaded version 0.2.5 of the Atari 800 Emulator for Unix, the
major changes since version 0.2.1 are as follows:-

+ Vertical Fine Scrolling
+ Sound on systems supporting the Network Audio System
+ LAX unofficial opcode
+ Option to use Fast Floating Point routines (-ffp)
+ DLIST command in monitor to dump display list (mnemonic output)
+ 50% Faster (Timing based on a refresh rate of 1).

The Source code can be downloaded from:-

The Amiga binary can be downloaded from:- (

David Firth 

 Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 20:37:32 GMT
 From: David Firth 
 Subject: Uploaded: Atari800-0.2.7.tar.gz

I have just uploaded version 0.2.7 of the Atari 800 emulator for
Unix (and Amiga) to the following location:-

Changes in 0.2.7

- Renamed atari_h_device.c to a more general devices.c
- Emulator (private) opcode ESCRTS ($d2) added to support patching of OS.
- Printer device supported via Unix lpr command.
- Moved from RCS to CVS and added rcs Id keyword to all C files.
- Emulated OS: Better handling of Keyboard and ATASCII to screen
  code conversion. Editor uses LMARGN, RMARGN, ROWCRS and COLCRS.
- Many other changes to EmuOS including implementation of SETVBV
- Detection of X11 server supporting the MIT Shared Memory Extension in
  preperation for shared memory pixmaps.
- Corrected bug in H: device (filename extraction routine).

Changes in 0.2.6

- Corrected calculation of number of sectors and reading of double
  density ATR files (Thanks to Preston Crow)
- Correction for Linux ELF systems.
- XVIEW and NAS work under Linux/ELF
- Default directory for XVIEW Disk File Chooser is set within the
  Makefile. By default it is pointing to /usr/local/lib/atari/DISKS
- Corrected bug in Missile 0 to Playfield collision detection.
- Corrected WSYNC bug (multiple stores to WSYNC during one scanline).
  River Raid now runs correctly.
- -emuos to enable emulated operating system. Users without the
  necessary atari OS ROMs can use this option to boot disk images/ROMs.
  Currently this is very experimental and runs very little without
  problems. Defender runs perfectly but if you haven't got the OS it's
  unlikely you'll be able to get this either!
- H0: device accesses the current directory on your Unix Machine.
- H1: through H4: can access four directories specified either within
  the Makefile or via the -H1, -H2, -H3 and -H4 command line options.
  By default they are set to /usr/local/lib/atari/Hx where x is 1, 2,
  3 or 4.
- H5: through H9: duplicate H0 through H4 but have automatic ATASCII
  to ASCII translation. They are not suitable for binary files.
- All files accessed via the H: device have Unix filenames consisting
  entirely of lowercase letters.

David Firth 

Michael Current, 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists maintainer
   User groups: CAIN, SPACE, NWPAC /

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