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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Old Computer Club
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Jan 25 18:55:40 1997

Date: 11 Nov 1996 04:50:01 GMT

Doesn't anyone care about old computer?!
Find out in the new magazine of computer history nostalgia -
"Classic Computing" magazine

Historical Computer Society
3649 Herschel Street
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Contact: David Greelish, President and Founder
On the World Wide Web - (under

JACKSONVILLE, FL, November 10, 1996   Some people collect stamps, baseball
cards, dolls and even cars. But did you know that there is a group for
people who collect computers! This group even has some members with over
fifty computers in their own private collections! The Historical Computer
Society is an international user group for old computer enthusiasts ( old
computers  and/or  old enthusiasts ). HCS has over thirty classic
computers in it s own collection; important older machines which most
people have never seen before, much less heard of, like the IMSAI,
Osborne, PET and more. The Society is dedicated to preserving older and
classic computer hardware, software and literature while educating and
helping it s members as well as the general public. Their new quarterly
magazine,  Classic Computing  is all about personal computer history as
well as computer history in general! In only twenty short years, there is
much history to be shared just about personal computers. The Society and
it s magazine were started in the pioneering spirit of the early computer
clubs (like the Homebrew Computer Club). Even with today s impressive
technological breakthroughs in computing, that fresh, exciting, pioneering
spirit doesn t seem to be a part of it all anymore. HCS hopes to rekindle
some of that excitement and to share it.
Many people have fond memories of their early computing days. Never has
another device evolved so rapidly as to produce nostalgic artifacts in
less than a quarter of a century!  Classic Computing  is a forum for these
people to meet and share their stories.

The Historical Computer Society intends to become the authority in the
community of retired personal computers. Hundreds of old computers are
thrown out everyday by Americans as junk, but HCS believes that these
outmoded machines have value. HCS can help owners find answers about
system operation, peripherals, software, books, magazines and service. 

 Classic Computing  is the central forum for members and is ready to
become the premier circular for information, classifieds and trading of
outdated equipment, etc. New subscriptions in the U.S. are only $14 a year
or try an issue for only $3; subscriptions in Canada are $16 and $24
international.  Classic Computing  is sold at The Computer Museum in
Boston, the American Computer Museum in Bozeman, Montana and at
Smithsonian Book Stores, Washington, DC.

HCS is beginning a local meeting chapter in Jacksonville, Florida! Meet
once a month with others who share in the passion. If you live in
North/Central Florida or Southern Georgia and would like to attend, please
write David Greelish by e-mail for more information of the first meeting.

Michael Current, 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists maintainer
   User groups: CAIN, SPACE, NWPAC /

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