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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Ape 1.10 & Ape Warp+ OS Now Available!
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Jan 25 18:57:34 1997

Date: 12 Nov 1996 05:29:52 GMT
From: ai123@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Steven J. Tucker)

The long awaited version 1.10 of the Atari Peripheral Emulator is now
 available at the APE Home Page  

My sincere personal thanks to everyone who sent bug reports, comments, 
 and of course those who kept APE alive by registering! :)  You all know
 who you are and your help is greatly appreciated.

All registered users should contact me for an upgrade to 1.10, all beta
 users, including beta 2 should also upgrade.

Upgrades to this version of APE are free.  See the end of this message for
 a list of new features and bugfixes.

Also available publically for the first time is the Ape Warp+ Quad OS upgrade!

Average increase in load times is 320.5%, see the InfoPage for specific 
 benchmarks and a complete features listing.

Some info from the Ape Warp+ OS Infopage

- The APE WARP+ OS is replacement operating system for the Atari XL/XE 
   computer that provides high speed I/O and power user features not 
   available in the standard XL/XE OS.

- The Warp+ OS is a direct hardware replacement for your existing OS, 
   so clumsy drivers and OS patches are never required! 
- Your high speed I/O and power user features will always be available, 
   even when playing games and using software that would make patches and 
   drivers impossible! 

- The APE Warp+ OS is not required to use APE (APE has actually been around 
   much longer!) but once you try it, you will wonder how you ever used 
   your Atari without it! 

- Features

- Ape Warp+ 3X SIO: Built-in support for APE Warp+ 3X SIO at ALL TIMES. You 
                     will no longer need to use special DOS systems (i.e. 
                     Spartados) or OS patches to get the highest possible 
                     speed from your Atari. This means your disk images 
                     will boot at 3X APE+ SIO, ALL images, even games!

- Ultraspeed compatibility: The APE Warp+ OS is also capable of full 
     ultraspeed operation with all Ultraspeed compatible devices, such as 
     US Doubler Enhanced 1050's. These devices will boot at full speed, 
     and disks formatted with Ultraspeed sector skew will enjoy full 
     ultraspeed performance at all time, even in games!
- Backward Compatibility: The APE Warp+ OS is backward compatible with 
   all unenhanced devices, and will dynamically switch between enhanced 
   and unenhanced operation if you mix such devices on the SIO chain!
- Coldstart on Demand: We all know that turning your Atari on and off 
   every time you need to reboot will shorten the life of your computer 
   over time. 

  Now you can turn on your computer once, and never cycle the power 
   again until you are really ready to turn it off! Just hold down SELECT 
   while pressing RESET and your computer will COLD boot, just like 
   turning the power off!
- Reverse BASIC: Tired of holding down OPTION to disable BASIC? You only 
   need BASIC 1 out of every 100 times you boot? Now you can hold OPTION 
   to enable BASIC! BASIC is by default DISABLED with the Warp+ OS!

- Compatibility: The Warp+ OS upgrade includes 4 complete operating systems 
   for the ULTIMATE in XL/XE speed and compatibility!

   1. APE Warp+ OS 
   2. Your standard XL/XE OS 
   3. A public domain Atari 800 Compatible OS for running those 800 only disks 
       and cartridges 
   4. Your Standard XL/XE OS w/ Reverse BASIC Feature 

For a complete feature listing and ordering instructions go to


Ape 1.10 Enhancments since 1.09 beta

FTED32G.ATR contains the Shareware version of Spartados 3.2g.  Spartados
 is an advanced _high speed_ DOS system from Fine Tooned Engineering.

APE_WARP.ATR contains: MyDos 4.53 System
                       3x Sio APE+ OS Patch for any Atari DOS
                       MyCopier High Speed (upto 3x sio) sector copier

The .PRO images in this distribution are example PRO System images to
 showcase APE's ability to emulation complex copy protection.

Changes since 1.09

   11/11/96 1.10. Added or improved since APE 1.09:

     * Added initial ATR-FAST code.
     * Buffers are allocated earlier in the initialization for computer
       with low memory.
     * ATR FAST system now supports multiple call methods and keystroke
     * Setting the framing threshold sometimes caused an infinite loop,
     * The TILDE character used in Windows95 long filenames caused
       filenames in the PC MIRROR to be garbled. Files now use the
       underscore character for long filename translation
     * While writes to the PC mirror under spartados are not supported,
       trying to do it caused a crash instead of a warning. Fixed.
     * SpartaDOS X cartridge support for floppy formatting added
     * SpartaDOS X cartridge support for PC Mirror added
     * SpartaDOS X cartridge now sees the PC mirror and can read it.
     * SDX COPY command now compatible with PC Mirror.
     * Problem with last path used in ATR file selection fixed
     * Ultraspeed and Ape Warp+ 3x SIO now compatible with more software,
       Top Mag, Superdos, etc
     * ATR FAST now displays ATASCII comments properly
     * ATR FAST system now responds to shift driven option
     * Extra SIO commands added for more support of the 1050 Speedy
       upgrade. Bibocopy 1.5 now works at 56k
     * Some functions optimized to allow faster performance with the APE
       Warp+ OS
     * Configuration menu totally revamped
     * New configuration options: Safety Margin, Sio Control Method, file
       selector choice.
     * Cursor was sometimes left visible after a pick box was displayed.
     * More robust configuration file checking installed
     * Many new features added to the Win95 file selector
     * APE sometimes left stray characters at the right margin. Fixed.
     * Write protect no longer clobbers byte 15 of ATR header
     * APE fully supports CRC32 ATR Authentication. ATR Authentication
       standard and documentation available at the APE Home Page.
     * Warp_453 from 1.09 now obsolete due to new driver in APE_WARP.ATR.
       3x SIO patch for MyDOS/Atari DOS now much more reliable.
     * New versions of MyCopier included on the APE_WARP.ATR. Old version
       was also corrupted.


Changes from Ape 1.09 BETA --> Ape 1.09 Full Release (5/24/96)

Ape now includes an XFD conversion utility in addition to an improved
 and hopefully now complete DCM conversion utility.  Image conversion
 is available to all users and is invoked with the 'A' keystroke.

Many users asked for APE to handle commands sent by the Sio2PC program
 REMOTE.OBJ.  Ape now handles these requests, but obviously you must
 use APE keystrokes.  Keystrokes accepted for registered users only.

REMOTE.OBJ was created by and is the property of another software author and
 is therefore not included in this software package.  I'm not aware of
 any restrictions on its use, but if it requires some type of payment
 for use of course please register it.

You can now select a new ProSystem emulation mode for any image
 directly from within APE as of 1.09.  This _greatly_ speeds up the
 PRO image testing process.  Registered users only.

Sometimes the screen was left 'dirty' from previous menus, little dots
 at the right edge, etc.  Fixed.

The shareware version of APE could crash in the Atascii/Ascii viewer. Fixed.

The file selector has again changed and you should note a significant
 change to the usage of the 'Additional Extension' option of
 configuration menu 3.  This option used to specify the extension of
 the files to be displayed in the file browser.

This setting _no longer_ performs this function.  It now specified an _extra_
 extension to be displayed in the file browser.  ATR and PRO extensions
 are now automatically displayed at the proper times.  If you have this
 option set to '*' I suggest you clear it so you dont have to wade
 through tons of useless files to get to your disk images.

Michael Current, 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists maintainer
   User groups: CAIN, SPACE, NWPAC /

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