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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: More Than Games clearance
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Feb 15 17:49:29 1997

Date: Wed, 18 DEC 96 01:25:44 -0500

November 1, 1996
 Due to slow sales and lack of involvement, I'm having a two step
clearance sale.
  Step 1:all orders postmarked through Dec. 31, 1996 will be
discounted 30-80%.  If enough postage is not included, items will be
removed to adjust for it.  Request the Clearance List.  I'll post this
list to Delphi, CIS(MTG96S.ARC), and on Internet when I find a place.
Its 1225 lines(57K) as text, 538 lines, ARCED and UUENCODED.
Orders postmarked afterwards can be returned or held till after the
Feb show, your choice.

  Step 2:I've decided to stop reselling previously owned and
clearance Atari merchandise as of February 28, 1997.  This puts it
after the Houston show.  No more lot buys, no more requests, and little
chance for back orders to get filled.  If its not on the list, don't
ask 'cause I won't look.  Prices will be discounted 30-80% for sales
and orders as of the show date, postmarked through Feb 28, 1997.
I'll keep what I want of whats left, return the consignment stuff to
their  owners, and send everything else to the land fill.  Once its in
the dump, its gone forever.  If anyone wants to bulk buy, I'll make a
price.  I WILL continue with other projects.  Global Atari is one.
I'll spend much more time writing software and doing hardware projects,
for me anyway.  And I'm starting a new service.

  One quirk is that people tend to want the stuff I have only one of.
That leaves 2, 3, or 4 people that don't get it.  With these items
being extremely rare and without support of the manufacturer(those that
still exist) or release of copyrights, I'm going to act as a liason for
"ESP", End user Support Program.  Send me (on disk or via email,
ASCII-no document files) a list of the stuff you aren't using and stuff
you want to find.  Include your email & postal addresses.  I'll make
disks to include with orders, send as requests, upload as email, and
post online(ESPymm.ARC).  All of you end users can then get together to
exchange software or hardware as needed.  If you bought  something for
a onetime deal, or decide that you don't like it, or just don't use it
anymore, put it on the list with a suggested price, shipping extra.

Postal Mail or Email to an address above.

The updated Magazine list will be made available soon.

Rick Detlefsen

Michael Current,
8-bit Atari FAQ and Vendor Lists,
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, telnet:// (go atari)
St. Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts,

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