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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: NAS 97!
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Feb 17 15:38:17 1997

From: (Bertil Jagard)
Date: Saturday, February 15, 1997  2:23 PM

The Swedish Atari Club (SAK)                                  970104 
and NoCrew proudly present... 
T H E   N O R D I C   A T A R I   S H O W  '97 
Dear Atari friends, 
  It's once again time for the Nordic Atari Show, the annual get together 
which has rapidly become a fixture for all Atari users. 
  Third time lucky, so they say, and as we are arrange the show for the 
third straight year we hope to fulfill everyone's expectations and that 
this will result in the best possible atmosphere. We've gotten a certain 
amount of criticism, both positive and negative, from those who have 
attended the shows in '95 and '96. We've taken heed of the suggestions 
made and we're once again off and running! 
  This year the show will begin on Friday, June 13 and end on Sunday, 
June 15. This is the weekend following the beginning of the summer school 
holidays as well as the weekend prior to the Swedish Midsummer 
celebrations. We'll open at 1 p.m. on the Friday and close at 6 p.m. on 
the Sunday. 
  The show will take place in Gothenburg, just has it has in previous 
years. The exact venue has not yet been established. We're still looking 
for the cheapest location. The likeliest possibility is Kortedala 
gymnasium, where it was held last year or some other venue, nearby. 
* There will be an Exhibition Hall will dealers, distributors, ShareWare 
  programmers and a host of other interesting personalities. The usual 
  meeting place for all those not wanting to "hack". This is also where 
  the Swedish Atari Club will be found supplying information, sale of 
  PD-disks, the club magazine's TT, the BBS, etc. We'll also have an area 
  reserved for a swap meet where you can buy, swap or sell single copies 
  of Atari related material and a "soldering corner" for those of you 
  wishing simple repairs done. 
* A "Hacker Hall" where demo and other programmers can gather for 
  competitions and swap demos and all kinds of code. NoCrew is the 
  Swedish demo group who will see to it that everybody takes part and 
  enjoys themselves. Those of you hungry after rewards in the form of 
  prizes will be well taken care of. Exactly WHAT prizes these will be 
  hasn't been established, as yet. 
* Seminars with a number of well-informed lecturers. Last years seminars 
  were very much appreciated, something of which we naturally have taken 
  notice. The seminars will cover a variety of subjects (i.e. MIDI 
  ercording/editing, DTP, hardware, programming) where the above mentioned 
  "well-informed lecturers" will demonstrate his subject directly on a 
  computer in order to provide the audience with practical examples. We'll 
  also hold the seminars on different days and at varying times so that 
  you won't have to miss the chance if you don't attend on a particular 
* Minor competitions such as "A-Z on the Keyboard" (a much appreciated 
  contest last year), hard disk throwing (this year we WILL succeed!), 
  network games, juggling, etc. Everything depends on our finding 
  volunteers to act as game leaders and judges. There will be prizes 
  for the winners. 
* A refreshment stand will sell non-alcoholic drinks, sweets, chips, 
  etc. We may be able to arrange quantity discounts at the local pizzeria 
  as well as other bonuses. 
  If you intend to attend all three days, you cheapest solution is the 
Three Day Pass otherwise a Single Entry ticket will do: 
*  Three Day Pass ... SEK 100:- (about UKP 8.50) 
*  Single Entry ..... SEK  50:- 
These prices include full access to all the activities being held during 
The answer is simple: because you care about the TOS platform. We Atari 
owners are becoming fewer and fewer and a get-together like NAS is a 
simple way of seeing what's happening in the Atari world (no, it's not 
dead!) and meeting like-minded Atarians and hearing what kind of tips, 
ideas and visions they have. 
Information will be distributed regularly in the same way as this text 
file. In addition, we have a number of other sources of information 
where you can find out more about the show depending on your own resources. 
* Our mailing list (E-mail). This will provide the very latest information 
  to those on the list. To have yourself put on the list you MUST have an 
  E-mail address. Send us a message on "" with 
  "subscribe nas-users" in the body of the text. Don't forget to include 
  your E-mail address. 
* Our home page on the World Wide Web. This has been in existence since 
  last year and we'll try to update it as often as the information for the 
  mailing list. The home page will contain more detailed information 
  concerning times, schedule of events, directions on how to get there, 
  competitions and housing. 
  The address is "". 
* STraight BBS. This is the Swedish Atari Club's home BBS. Information 
  concerning NAS will be included in the SAK menu. You can also use this 
  BBS to ask any questions you may have. The telephone number is: 
  +46 31-336 39 73. 
* Our club magazine, "AtariMagasinet", will contain adverts with more 
  detailed information concerning NAS97 in issues 1/97 and 2/97. This is 
  the largest mailshot we will send to our (SAK's) members. 
* Our show co-ordinator is Rolf Johansson. He's supposed to know everyting 
  there is to know about NAS97. If you have questions to which you've been 
  unable to get answers anywhere else you can send him a message at 
  "" and you'll get your answers. If you wish to get into 
  direct contact with him, he can be reached on his mobile 'phone on 
  +46 70-669 52 35. 

= E-Mail:  STraight BBS, Sweden    =
= Phone: +46-(0)31-3363973. FidoNet 2:203/221, NeST 90:1101/104 =
Michael Current,
8-bit Atari FAQ and Vendor Lists,
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, telnet:// (go atari)
St. Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts,

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