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From: MHz 
Subject: Atari Underground update 1-11-97
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Feb 22 16:09:14 1997

Hi Atarians,

   Just a couple of quick notes. Along with the news that
Telegames( is going to release Iron Soldier 2, and World
Tour Racing they will also be releasing 2 new Atari Lynx games. Fat Bobby,
and Raiden. Telegames does not have any pics of these games up yet but keep
checking with there web site as im sure they will. Also on the note of IS2
and WTR you can now prebook these games at most places that sell the new Jag

    Second, i'd like to thank Mr. Wes Powell for giving me room on his
awsome Jagu-Dome main web page to support the Atari Underground. The first
day it was up there i got almost 20 new apps to be on the AU mailing list.
you can visit this at
( Anybody
that has a web page and would like to donate some space (1 line is all it
takes) please feel free. If you do, just add a link to my email address
( a request to be added to the AU news letter. If
anybody does add a link to AU, email so i can start putting your web page
URL on upcoming AU news letters. Thanks.

    Third, it is offical now. There will be a Atari/Jaguar Fest '97 this summer
in the small town of Chicago Ill. If you would like more info of would like
to attend the event please visit (
This is not only for Jaguar(but im sure alot will be there for it) its for
ANY Atari products ever made. Show your support and attend if you can. (ill
be there)

Thats all for now

visit great Atari/Jaguar web pages like:

Talk to other Atari/Jaguar owners at:

and you can always talk LIVE to fellow Atari/Jaguar fans on IRC Undernet at 

Thats all for now.

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