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From: MHz 
Subject: Atari Underground Update 2-4-97
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Feb 22 17:41:19 1997

Just a quick update on Battlesphere thought you might like to know.


BattleSphere(tm) (Awesome) Update(r) 02/03/97 

Greetings BattleSpherical BattlePhanatics! It's time once again to give 
you all the nitty-gritty on the most eagerly anticipated videogame in 
all of videogame history! You guessed it... we're talking about 
BattleSphere(tm) from 4Play!!! (That should really annoy Martian, huh?) 

More amazing superhuman effort has brought about dramatic changes to the 
world of BattleSphere(tm). As we approach the end of available ROM 
space, more and more additional features are being added and play is 
being tweaked to perfection. The actual changes made include but are not 
limited to: 

1) The graphical extravaganza introduction has been completed. The 
number-crunching graphics are indeed impressive. The nasty bug in the 
hardware which caused this mode to occasionally lock-up was 

2) The mega-awesome new "Mystery" levels have been added to Gauntlet (I 
hate the term "Boss"). Several unusual new entities have been added to 
make things a little more interesting for the player trying to complete 
all 100 levels! Animated 3D ships RULE!!! 

3) Gauntlet Netoworking is nearly finished. This allows 2 consoles to be 
connected to play a co-operative version of Gauntlet... it may be the 
only way some of you get to see the nifty later levels (heh heh heh). 

4) Cockpit radars have been aesthetically improved for a more high-tech 

5) Another incredibly realistic explosion has been added. 

6) Several all-new sound effects have been added. 

7) Steph is pleased to announce that all non-in-game music has been 
increased to 8 or 10 stereo track sound, thanks to an all-new music 
player expertly coded by TBird. (Limited bandwidth forces in-game tunes 
to remain 4-track). 

8) A nasty hardware bug killing BattleSphere(tm) mode was eliminated. It 
didn't show up until testing. 

9) BattleSphere(tm) Play mode is finished. This mode is a show-stopping 
strategy-invoking white-knuckle blast! Conquering the bases of the enemy 
team is challenging and fun... and the more players you bring to the 
Battle Sphere, the more fun it gets. Forget about mindless 
"Deathmatching" (Which you can play too in "Free-For-All" mode)... 
BattleSphere(tm) mode's vastly more elegant play mechanics create a 
networked play environment that's light-years ahead of the simplistic 
kill-or-be-killed doldrums everyone's so weary of. 

The object of the mode is to capture the enemy team's bases using 
special energy weapons... but you need to accumulate kills to be able to 
upgrade your ship to be able to carry these weapons. Once you upgrade 
your ship, you can dock with your bases and load up on special weapons. 
But watch out! If you get destroyed, you have to start over again. Once 
you have sufficient weapons to conquer a base, and you get through the 
enemy fighters defending it, you can lay into it and take it over. Once 
the base is yours, you can go after the next. Be careful though because 
the enemy may not want you taking over their base and may take their own 
base down with a last-ditch bombing run, if it looks like you're about 
to conquer it! 

Of course the number of bases, number of players, and method of 
victory (conquest or destruction of enemy bases) is completely 
configurable... for hours and hours of networked play fun. By itself 
this play-mode is an entire game. Remember.. this mode is for 2-8 
consoles only (no 1-player version). 

10) Coding is progressing on the final play-mode (Alone against the 
empires), which is the Star-Raiders-ish mode. An all-new galactic map is 
being designed as well as the enemy AI required to seek and destroy 
bases in multiple warp sectors. This mode will be super cool. 

With the multiple play-modes available and the variety of them, it a lot 
like getting 4 or 5 different high-quality games all for the price of 
one! Imagine getting a game and 4 of it's sequels all at one time! 
That's what BattleSphere(tm) is all about. 

As always... BattleSphere(tm) continues to improve daily. 

Its from T-Bird and the staff at 4PLAY

sorry this updates a quick one, but i cought this heading out the door, and
thought i should send it before i left!!


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