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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: APE 1.15 Release Now Available
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jun 18 17:02:36 1997

From:  ai123@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Steven J. Tucker)
Date:  14 May 1997 20:57:44 GMT

Both the registered and trial shareware version of APE 1.15 are now ready.

The new trial version is available at

Registered Users just send me e-mail for the new version.  If you have
 sent a request or e-mail in the last 5-6 days then I still have
 it sitting around, so no need to send again.

A complete changes file, and new versions of the Users Manual for
 APE and the ProSystem are available at

I hope you all enjoy the new features, or at least find them useful.  This
 upgrade is free for all currently registered users.


   5/13/97 1.15. Added or improved since 1.11b/1.12b

     * When a DOS shell is launched (Key !),
       APE will now try and swap itself out to EMS or disk.
     * Free's up about 300k of memory for shell usage.
     * New Config Opt: Default swap method.
          + EMS
          + DISK
          + NEVER
     * Various Screen Update Bugs Fixed
     * Fixed READ-ONLY File Problem w/ PC-MIRROR
     * New Printer Options
          + Print to file now supported
          + Print to any printer port supported
          + Turn off printer (allows real Atari printer to talk)
          + Print to file supports APPEND or OVERWRITE
          + (Next version will support multiple emulated printers e.g.
     * New Config Opt: Disable Happy/Syncromesh Detect
     * Patch available for Spartados X 4.20 for Ape Warp+ (request)
     * Added HARD Write protect, acts like a real drive (error returned).
     * New Config Opt: Hard/Soft Write Protect (Soft allows old method)

     * APELOADER Software Created
     * APELOADER Added via direct boot from PC-MIRROR drive.
     * (see Ape User's Manual for all the features!)

     * APELOADER updated to run even broken EXE files
     * APELOADER menu updated, allow base address switch from Atari
     * New Config Opt: Default APELOADER base address
     * Full support for .CAS digital cassette images added (key Y)
     * (see Ape User's Manual for all the features!)
     * New PC modem configuration interface
     * New configuration manager interface
     * APE now works 100% will all monochrome cards.
     * Lockup bug fixed.
     * Indus GT Syncromesh is now supported

   * * *   Author of Imagic and APE - The Atari Peripheral Emulator!   * * * 
   * * *       Turn your 8-bit Atari into a powerhouse with APE!       * * *
  *  *  *         Ape Homepage:         *  *  *
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