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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari show in Dallas, Texas!
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Nov 15 17:02:37 1997

From: (Dan Mazurowski)
Date:  14 Sep 1997 22:25:07 GMT

The Event:
Another reminder that the Atari Users of North Texas will be hosting
an "Atari show" at the Infomart in downtown Dallas on Saturday,
October 11th. While AUNT is primarily an ST/TT/Falcon computer users
group, we invite all Atarians - 16 bitters, 8 bitters, and gamers
(like me!) to attend. Attendance is FREE! 

OK, I gotta admit it up front - the 8-bit computer line will not be
very well represented here. In fact, I think my XEGS will be the only
machine in this family around for you to fiddle with. But this is a
great chance for us all to get together and share some stories. And if
you want to bring some of your 8-bit stuff for swapping, post a note
in comp.sys.atari.8bit announcing what you have to bring - perhaps
some of us can get together and do some business on the side.

Other attractions:
We will also be hosting a pre-show dinner and a post-show dinner to
give all Atarians a chance to relax and have dinner in a much more
relaxed atmosphere. The pre-show dinner will be at the Hoffbrau in
Addison, while the post-show dinner will be at the Bavarian Grill in
Plano. If you would like to attend either or both of these dinners,
contact David Acklam (see e-mail address later in this note).

At this point in time, we expect ChroMagic, Crawly Crypt, Systems For
Tomorrow, It's All Relative, Emulators Inc., and Trace Technologies
attend. (This is not set in stone - more vendors may be added, and
some of these may not attend after all. I should have a more definite
list for you in about a week. But these vendors all showed a strong
interest in attending.)

What there is to do:
Along with shopping the vendors, we are planning a few software &
hardware demonstrations, including an Atari internet demo (if we can
get a phone line from the room cheap enough) and a big chunk of my
personal Atari classic (and not so classic) video game collection -
free to play all day, as long as you're nice to my stuff! (I'll also
be bringing a little bit of trading stuff for any classic gamers out
there.) Again, I'll have more solid info in about a week - stay tuned!

There are also plans still being hammered out for a free raffle and
some game competitions. I am welcoming suggestions about what games
you would like to play in such competitions, and ways to structure the
events. (Probably no prizes for the games - it will just be for fun.
But here's hoping we CAN manage to scrounge up a few extra prizes
aside from the raffle - anybody got anything humorous to donate?)

BTW, if you are not a ST/TT/Falcon owner, contact our vendors and let
them know what platform you would be interested in shopping for at the
show! For instance, I know SFT stocks classic and modern Atari gaming
stuff - their e-mail is sales@SystemsForTomorrow if you want them to
bring some of these items with them.

If you can't go, ADVERTISE!
And lastly, if you're a vendor and would like to place an ad in our
show newsletter, which will be handed out free at the show, contact
Dave Acklam ASAP! Rates a VERY CHEAP for this advertising, but it goes
to press very soon so contact him NOW! Last year we attracted Atarians
from all over Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma for this show -
let them know you're there to sell Atari products to them, even if you
are unable to bring your goods to the show!

For more info, contact:

David Acklam, President & Editor:
Dan Mazurowski, Secretary:


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