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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: APE 1.16 Now Available
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Feb  7 15:51:54 1998

From: ai123@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Steven J. Tucker)
Date: 3 Feb 1998 04:25:59 GMT

APE 1.16 is now available at

I hope you enjoy it.

Summary of main program changes. 

          APETIME.COM now included free with APE. 
               Included on image APE_F32G.ATR 
               Source code available. 
               Downloads the PC time to the Atari and 
               updates the Spartados clock. 
               Compatible w/ both Spartados and Spartados
               Atari 800 and XL/XE compatible. 

          REMOTE.COM now included free with APE. 
               Included on both APE_F32G.ATR and
               Allows user to perform all APE functions
               from the Atari keyboard. 
               Atari 800 and XL/XE compatible. 
               Compatible w/ all DOS systems. 
               See users manual for a complete description. 

          Feature [F]ind Image implemented. 
          Can recursively search an entire set of drives for any

          Path configuration now supports 10 'spider' paths. 
          Configuration Option [5]. 
          Cables using the CTS line now supported. 
          Configuration Option [P]. 
          Registered users can now use persistent sessions. 
          Configuration Option [Q]. 
          Registered users can now bypass the startup screen
          Configuration Option [T]. 
          Attempts to use Windows95 long filenames can be
          manually disabled. 
          Configuration Option [U]. 
          Force use of old smaller PC-MIRROR. (Spartados X) 
          Configuration Option [B/F]. 
          R: Atari Modem emulation can be manually disabled. 
          Configuration Option [C/1-0]. 
          Spider path settings. 
          Configuration Option [C/D]. 
          Default search drive list for find and REMOTE.COM 
          Configuration Option [C/F]. 
          Default filespec for find function. 
          Configuration Option [C/R]. 
          Persistent PC-MIRROR path switch. 

     Summary of PC-Mirror changes. 
          Maximum file write size is now 7,864,320 bytes. 
          Old limit was 93,000 bytes. 
          Maximum read size is now unlimited. 
          Configuration Setting allows switch back to old small
          image method. 
          Special SpartadosX 4.20 rom patch available on
          Mirror can now be swapped like any other image,
          using keys 1-8. 
          Mirror path and filespec are now separate items. 

     Summary of APELOADER changes. 
          Now moves up a directory when backspace is
          Now executes APE macros on PC when Shift 1-0
          Complete loader rewrite, now totally relocatable
          anywhere in memory. 

     Bugs Fixed in APE 
          Screen color corruption in menu Z/C fixed. 
          DCM Decompression code fixed. 
          Thanks to Ernest Schreurs (see IMAGIC.DOC). 
          Faster, more consistent, serial I/O routines written. 
          Keyboard buffer expansion code rewritten. 
          Problem with an international keyboard driver. 
          Work around for faults in Microsoft's Win95 serial
          interrupt processing. 
          Could cause APE to stop responding when Win95
          drops an interrupt. 
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