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From: mhz 
Subject: AU update 3-22-98
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Thu Mar 26 11:16:16 1998

Atari Underground update 3-22-98


First i just want to say sorry for the lack of updates. I've been BIZZY as
hell, and its not like there was tons of news pouring out. BUT I have added
EVERYONE that has 
/msg'ed me about being added to the AU list. Im proud to say the the Atari
is ALMOST at 1,000 members. If you know anyone who is not on the list have
them /msg me. 


Second Annual-
Atari Jaguar Festival, 1998
Newsletter #2

///Round 2

Welcome to the second Jag Fest newsletter for 1998. Big stuff is up in the
world of the 'Fest...more specifics, more attractions, and more Jaguar fun!
Enough of this boring introductory junk, let's get to the goods...

///8 Jag Network? You Bet!

Thanks to Guy Dupre, Jaguar fanatic extraordaniare, we'll be certain to
have an 8 Jag network for the Fest, with 8 copies of AirCars, as long as
ICD delivers before August 1st ;-). In fact, if enough other people bring
Jags, we'll be able to have 2 8-Jag setups running simultaneously! I wonder
what the record is?

But, we'll still need TV's for every Jag, and that's where you come in.
Bring a few, at least one for each Jag you bring, and an extra if possible.
The more the merrier! If you decide to bring a monitor, make sure it is one
that is CatBox compatible, such as the Atari SC1224/1435, or has composite
inputs like the Commodore 1702. Here's a list of Analog RGB monitors which
work with the CatBox:

  Atari SC1224 
  Atari SC1435
  CBM 1084D
  CBM 1084S
  Commodore 1950
  Magnavox Pro RGB 80
  NEC Multisync Color
  NEC 3D
  Sony 1302
  Princeton Graphics Ultra

 If you have questions, please e-mail me at

Guy has also agreed to bring his Scuba virtual-reality helmet (designed
from the never-released JagVR),and even to make some Jaguar t-shirt
transfers if he has the time/capability. Go Guy!

///Dentec Agrees

Looking to buy Jaguar games at the Fest? Well you'll have no problem doing
so since Dentec, a Canadian-based company, has agreed to attend and sell
their large selection of Jaguar games at the Fest. For more info, check out
their page at They have great prices
on even hard 
to find games like Atari Karts, and may even start carrying the new
Telegames titles! Score another for the JagFest! 

///Shareware Gets Cheaper

Scott Walters, of BJL modification fame will be attending JagFest 98, and
with him will come some BJL Jaguars at a special JagFest-only price of $99.
So, for everyone who was a bit weary of buying a modified Jag, you can come
check out all the games at the JagFest, and then pick one up right there on
the spot for a lower-than-ever price!

///Definite Date Set
Just in case you hadn't checked the JagFest homepage since the last update,
the date for JagFest '98 has been officially set for August 1, 1998. Be
sure to mark your calendar....

///Take My Games...Please!

I'm working on getting some Jaguar games and accessories together to give
out as door prizes, and for winners of competitions. I only have a few
things so far (T-shirts, a Team Tap...), so if you'd like to contribute
anything, please contact me (Kevin), and I'll put your name up in lights on
the JagFest page :-).

///JagFest Contributors

With Chad unavailable to help the JagFest cause, I took over updating the
page (which has a updated look, so check that out), and some others have
chipped in to help out. Gotta give a "shout out" to the following kind folks:

MHz (Newsletter Dispatcher) - Has agreed to send out the JagFest
newsletters via his
 Atari Underground e-mail list in Chad's absence.  He's probably the reason
you're reading this (or throwing it in the trash). 

 Dave Homenuck (Tournament Coordinator) - Will organize all the game
tournaments at
 JagFest. Also doubles as the JagFest USENET correspondent. :-) If you have
any suggestions for games, 

 Guy Dupre (Hardware Guy) - Thanks to Guy, we'll definitely have an 8
Jaguar network
 of AirCars, and Battlesphere if it's released by August 1st.  You da man.


I'm getting some flyers printed up this weekend to promote the fest, along
with some business cards, and some full-color laminated posters only for
the very special places. If you want to help promote JagFest, go to the
JagFest homepage (, grab the flyer
and print some out to 
hang in your town.

Or, if you have any suggestions on how to help promote the Fest, please
e-mail me and let me know!

///Game Over

Be sure to pre-order your tickets for the Fest for $10, see details on the
JagFest page. Let's aim high with JagFest attendance....let's make it HUGE! 

Until the next update,
JagFest Mastermind


If you have pre-ordered WORM, better check your status. The price is a 
little higher then expected. But i feel its the last game Telegames is gonna
put out on our little cat. ;) gotta make a final buck from us 

Battlesphere update: uhhhhhhh ;) T-Bird 


If some of you dont know Jaguar Interactive has moved. Please
update you bookmarks to:

I know ALOT of you try to set up chat sessions. Just a reminder
that you can ALWAYS chat on IRC Undernet at #Atari
People are always comming and going, so stop by and 
hang out for a wile. If nobody is there, stop back.


If you have not already heard JTS sold Atari to Hasbro. For more
info check out this site.  (click on news)
(thank you Don for not forgeting about us Atari diehards !)


Hats off to Wes for keeping me on his web page during down time
Jagu-Dome (check out the midi)
Im not sure who has a link for the Atari Underground on their
sites. If you do email me and let me know. 
If you want your web page on future AU updates for the world 
to see email me about that too.

chat live at IRC Undernet #Atari


Atari Underground 900+ members and growing
Atari- a term used in the strategy game GO to politely warn an
opponent that he is about to be conquered.

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