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Article #588 (635 is last):
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: ACEC Swap Meet
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul  1 11:41:47 1998

From: "R. Wayne Arenz" 
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 13:03:09 -0400

******* Call for ALL Atarians -- Swap Meet in Columbus, Ohio, USA *******

       *****  NOTE:  This is NOT vaporware -- the space IS reserved  *****

This is a pre-call to all Atarians everywhere of every platform (game
machines and home computers).  We of the Atari Computer Enthusiasts of
Columbus  [a.k.a. ACEC]      WILL be hosting a SWAP MEET/SHOW/SALE on
Saturday, September 26, 1998 in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  We've placed a
security deposit and have marked off the calendar!

At this time, we are posting to provide early alert and gain a preliminary
response from the Atari community.  We wish to hear from all, but WE WOULD
PARTICULARLY LIKE TO HEAR FROM (any remaining) ATARI VENDORS who may wish to
attend so that we may include notice of their intent in later
posts/publicity.  We wish to hear from all so that we may better plan this
activity and make certain that everyone interested receives a map to the
location (in the north central portion of Columbus, just off of Interstate
71).  We will shortly be able to e-mail that map in .BMP or other format.

We are not planning on making any money from this:  Tables will be available
to Vendors and flea marketeers for $5 per table pre-registration.  This
price INCLUDES door admission for one person.  Obviously, we will not be
planning a much greater admission price for people just wishing to walk in,
look around, talk, and buy!  ACEC merely wishes to continue to promote the
Atari community as it has since the '70's.

The precise time and other details for the meet are yet to be set; Atari
community response will be a prime factor in determining how long the doors
will be open and what other shapes the meet takes.

PLEASE FORWARD this note to anyone you know --  any vendor, any collector,
anyone cleaning out their closet -- who might be interested in things Atari.

    primary contact:
                                     Wayne's World BBS (614) 761-1891
    secondary contact:      (Charles Brown)

    (item 7.) ACEC, special interest group (item 13.), on the gopher server     |or|
Michael Current,
8-bit Atari FAQ and Vendor Lists,
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, telnet:// (go atari)
St. Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts,

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