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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Hasbro Interactive Unveils its New Centipede Action Game
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul  1 11:43:32 1998

Thursday May 21, 1:15 pm Eastern Time

Company Press Release

SOURCE: Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

Insects to Invade The Electronic Entertainment Expo as Hasbro Interactive
Unveils its New Centipede(TM) Action Game

BEVERLY, Mass., May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Swarms of pesky spiders, menacing
fleas, mushroom-poisoning scorpions and the QueenPede herself are waking up
from their decade-long naps, reborn in Hasbro Interactive's new Centipede
action arcade game for the PC and video game platforms. Based on the
legendary Atari game of the 1980s, Hasbro Interactive's new Centipede will
delight nostalgic game players who remember blasting away those irksome
insects in the arcades and challenge today's action gamers with its new
high- powered 3D adventure modes. Centipede will be Hasbro Interactive's
first release from its recent acquisition of the Atari assets from JTS
Corporation [AMEX:JTS - news] and is scheduled to ship this fall.

``We can't wait for our customers to take a look at our new Centipede game
at E3,'' said Tom Dusenberry, President of Hasbro Interactive. ``The game
play is a thrill ride and those insects never looked so good in their new 3D
worlds,'' added Dusenberry. ``We think Centipede will be one of Hasbro
Interactive's top-selling titles in '98.''

The Story of Centipede...

As the tale is told, every hundred years an eclipse occurs which causes a
metabolic metamorphosis in the insect kingdom, triggering the awakening of
the boss centipede, the QueenPede, and her mindful minions -- the spiders,
scorpions, and fleas. Their mission is to wreak havoc on the nearby colony
of Wee People. The Wee People, a peaceful sort, must defend themselves
against the insects and have built ``The Shooter,'' a powerful vessel
especially designed to defeat the creepy crawlers. One very brave soul must
man ``The Shooter'' and this time the faithful town bean counter, Wally, has
been chosen to tackle this daunting deed. Wally needs your help in his quest
to defeat the Centipede!! Caution -- the squeamish need not apply!

The Game Play

In Hasbro Interactive's new Centipede game, players have two ways to battle
the bothersome bugs -- the Arcade mode and the Adventure mode. In the Arcade
mode, the designers of Centipede are modeling the mechanics of the game so
it will play exactly like the classic arcade game that fans from the 80s
remember -- but the Arcade mode will have a cool 3D perspective. Since the
game play is based on the 80s version, the bugs will behave exactly the same
way they did in the original game -- centipedes are still winding toward the
player, the fleas are still building mushrooms, the scorpions are still
poisoning the mushrooms and the spiders...well, they are still as annoying
as ever. The most important element in this mode is, of course, to ascend
the top ten list with the highest score.

In the Adventure mode, players can break out of the classic arcade-style
rectangular board interface and take on bugs face to face in six exciting
new 3D worlds. Following the story line, players must direct our unsung hero
Wally in his mission to exterminate the insects in these magical new lands.
In the new Centipede, there will be even more distasteful vermin to conquer
-- each one with unique battle powers.

In addition to the new game play modes there will be new perspectives that
players can choose from including top down, third-person (over Wally's
shoulder), and first-person views. Players can switch their perspective
whenever they want to help them out of any precarious situation! Centipede
will be available this fall.

Check out Centipede at E3 at Hasbro Interactive's booth #6616!

Hasbro Interactive, Inc. is a leading all-family interactive games
publisher, formed in 1995 to bring to life on the computer the deep library
of toy and board games of parent company, Hasbro, Inc.(AMEX: HAS - news).
Hasbro Interactive has expanded its charter to include original and licensed
games for the PC, the PlayStation(TM) game console and for multi-player
gaming over the Internet. Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, Hasbro
Interactive has offices in the U.K., France, Germany, Japan and Canada. For
additional information, visit Hasbro Interactive's web site at:

NOTE: Centipede is a trademark of Atari Interactive, Inc., a Hasbro

SOURCE: Hasbro Interactive, Inc.
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