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From: Michael Current 
Subject: World of Atari '98 Show in Las Vegas
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Edited-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul 22 17:52:10 1998

From: (Keita Iida)
>Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit,
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 04:42:36 GMT

A once in a lifetime gathering to pay homage the
legacy of Atari and its products will be held at
the Holiday Inn Casino Boardwalk in Las Vegas,
Nevada from August 21-23, 1998.  Although World
of Atari '98 is geared toward the celebration of
the historic videogame and computer company, it is
far from just Atari.  In fact, WOA'98 could just
as easily be called "World of Classic Videogames
And Computers."  Practically any classic console
and computer will be represented there.

Keita Iida, Atari Gaming Headquarters
( co-editor explains.  "World of
Atari '98 is an event for all Atari aficionados
to honor and celebrate the contributions made
to the videogame and computer community by Atari
and other pioneering companies and individuals.
Atari's products have provided hours of enjoyment,
and the company literally defined the concept of
electronic entertainment.  It was high-time to set
a stage for its fans to gather and pay tribute to
Atari's influence on the world of technology and

While the show is still two months away, World of
Atari '98 is already attracting serious attention
from both the industry and press.  Videogame
authorities such as Gamepro, Game Informer and
Electronic Gaming Monthly ( have
ran stories about the event, and others are sure to
follow.  A large number of fan sites have also helped
to support the cause by publicizing World of Atari
'98 on their web pages.

The event promises to offer something for everyone.
Many of the industry legends, old and new, will be on
hand including Don Thomas (customer support manager at
Atari), Rob Fulop of Imagic fame (Demon Attack), Doug
Engel and Stephanie Wukovitz of 4-Play (BattleSphere),
Howard Scott Warshaw (2600 Yar's Revenge, E.T. and
others), Jerry Jessop (hardware development for home
consoles and computers), Dennis Koble (co-founder of
Imagic), John "Jawbreaker" Harris (formerly of
Tigervision), Dan Kramer (5200 Trak-ball) and Andrew
Soderberg (product manager for the Atari Computer
Division).  These guests of honor and several others
will be giving speeches and providing workshops, as well
as taking part in Q&A sessions.  Many other surprise
guests are slated to be in attendance and will be
announced as they are confirmed.

Vendors of Atari, classic videogame and computer
products will also be in full force.  Dealers such
as Best Electronics, B&C Computervisions, Telegames,
16/32 Bits, chro_Magic Software, Emulators, Inc.,
Centek, O'Shea, ICD, Video 61 and Wizztronics
Soundpool, Steve's Computer Technology, Systems for
Tomorrow will be have a wide array of products for
sale, as well as many private collectors who have
secured dealer space to offer their items for sale
or trade.  In addition, an official auction will be
held with a professional auctioneer, and you can
expect that some valuable items will be exchanging
hands when it's all said and done.

Other show features you will not want to miss include
gaming tournaments (with prizes!), an exhibit with
rare and historic items and a welcome reception on
Friday before the offical opening of the show.  A
French TV crew will be at World of Atari '98 filming
the event.

The show will also be the place where many developers
show off their wares.  Darek Mihoca of Emulators, Inc.
will be displaying (and selling) his latest Atari 8-bit
and ST emulators.  An individual from France has
completed Alfred's Challenge for the Atari 2600 and
will be selling cartridges of his game for the first
time at World of Atari '98.  Bob Colbert of Retroware
will be unveiling his latest creation for the Atari
2600.  BattleSphere, the highly anticipated
tour-de-force for the Jaguar, will be shown by the
folks at 4-Play.  And several European design houses
are set to show off their latest creations for the Atari
8-bit and ST computers.

The event is promoted by Richard Tsukiji, who had
previously been responsible for staging the wildly
successful World of Atari shows which catered to the
Atari 8-bit and ST computer crowd.  Atari Gaming
Headquarters ( is the offical website
of World of Atari '98, and is actively working with Mr.
Tsukiji to help organize the event.

For up-to-the-details on the event, as well as
information on show discounts and details on how to
purchase tickets, please visit Atari Gaming Headquarters

WHERE:  The Holiday Inn Casino Boardwalk, Las Vegas

WHEN:   August 21-23, 1998.

WHO:    Well, you for one, but the list of attendees
        is over 400 names long at present.

Keita Iida - Atari Gaming Headquarters
Fygar on #RGVC and #turbolist

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