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From: Michael Current 
Subject: Pooldisk TOO double cdrom
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Sep 26 17:06:53 1998

From: (Bo Schreurs)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:45:00 GMT

Hi Atarian,
we're about to release the "out of this world" experience of the year.
It's our upcoming POOLDISK TOO cdrom with mostly Atari 8bit stuff on it.
The release date is October 24th on the ABBUC's Jahres Haupt Versammlung (JHV)
in Herten in Germany.
So, you still have 1 month to contribute to this project if you want to.
Did you write a nifty Atari 8 bit program and want to put it in the
Public Domain, or is it shareware, send it to us, and we'll put it on the CD.
Besides helping the Atari 8bit community,
you get a nice backup of your software as well ;)

We're also interested in pd from Page 6. We miss a lot of disks there,
so if you've got a Page 6 pd disk, it would be nice if you could email
us a disk image of it.
The closing date of sending software to us will be October 21st, because
we will be burning disks on October 22nd and 23rd all day...
Besides software you can email nice pictures of Atari artifacts as well,
as long as it has to do with our beloved 8bit computer it's ok.
On the new Pooldisk, we've also included some internet homepages.
If you've got a nice homepage, send us the URL and we'll include it on our CD.
You probably guessed it, if you've got something interesting concerning
the Atari 8bit, and want to share it with the rest of the Atari community,
send it to us, and we'll put it on the CD.

The new POOLDISK cdrom will consist of 2 CD's.
It seems like one cdrom will only contain .ATR disk images (650 MB or so).
We removed the .XFD disk images because of the limit in disk space ,
and one can transform an .ATR disk into a .XFD image using ATR2XFD anyway.
Some nice people and clubs already contributed to our new project, like
ABBUC, SCAT, BELLCOM (Bob Wooley), Thunderdome BBS, just to name a few.
The other cdrom will contain movies, internet homepages,
Atari 8bit pc programs, Mapping the Atari in electronic format,
pictures of covers, hardware and other Atari related stuff.
The double disk cdrom can be ordered through the ABBUC.
Prices and such will be announced on the Internet after the ABBUC's JHV
on October the 25th (all dates are in GMT).

Bo and Ernest Schreurs
Email your disks, software, scans to:

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