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From: Michael Current 
Subject: TAF MonSTEr Flea Market November 18th
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Nov 21 17:39:32 1998

From: (Daniel L. Dreibelbis)
Date: 1 Nov 1998 11:59:20 +0500

Subj : TAF Flea Market November 18th, 1998.

WEDSNDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH, 1998 is the date for another popular
Toronto Atari Federation FLEA MARKET!  The doors open to
the Public at 7:00 PM and runs to 10:30 PM.

Yes, here's your chance to come to a bazaar of Atari-related
software and hardware where you can shop for that peripheral
or application for your ST/TT/Falcon or 8-bit that you've
been looking for.  Or, if there's stuff that you have no
use for, get yourself a table and sell!   Get rid of your
old stuff or find yourself a treasure!

A Half-Table costs just $5.00,  Full-Table just $10.00 each.
A Half-Table is FREE to TAF MEMBERS.  (Dealers are expected
to contribute a little more ), with entry to the Flea
Market at $2.00 per family (Free to TAF Members).

The Flea Market itself will run from 7:00-10:30 PM (with
setup commencing after 6:00 PM and teardown at 10:30PM).
This should allow enough time for as many people inside
and outside Toronto to show up.

As usual, piracy cannot and will not be condoned at a TAF Flea
Market - anyone caught selling pirated software or stolen
hardware will  be dealt with severely!

Please refer to the bottom of this document regarding getting
in touch with TAF on booking tables or finding the location
of the event - and we'll see you there!

The TORONTO ATARI FEDERATION Flea Market will be held in the
Gold Room of the North York Memorial Community Hall on the
Lower (or Concourse) Level of the North York City Centre
Library Building at 5110 Yonge Street at Parkhome Avenue.
Parking garage inside the complex next to the Novatel Hotel
Those using public transport can take the TTC's line to the
North York City Centre Station and walk through the tunnel
into the concourse, down to the food court, turn left and
find the Memorial Hall.

That's Wednsday,  November 18th,  1998, 7:00-10:30  PM for the  TAF  FLEA

TAF ONLINE EMC & BBS - 416-421-8999
TAF home page -
Dan Dreibelbis, TAF VP - 416-766-4743 or
Dave Lee, Treasurer - Sysop TAF ONLINE or

//////////////////////Daniel L. Dreibelbis//////////////////////
ST/TT/Falcon/8-bit Vice President, Toronto Atari Federation (TAF)
               Thorn in the side of all net.twits
///////////////"And yet, the Fuji Lives!"  ///////////////////

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