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Article #603 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: Pooldisk Too Released
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Nov 21 17:39:51 1998

From: (Bo Schreurs)
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 00:31:00 GMT

Hi everyone,
just wanted to let you all know that we released
the Pooldisk Too cdrom as of October 24th.
The ABBUC's yearly meeting (JHV) was the trigger to
release the cdrom.
We've spend some time to make the sleeves of the
cdrom attractive as well this time.
Anyway, as of now you can order a copy of this
2 disk cdrom set if you want for just $20,
and that includes shipping to anywhere on this planet.
You'll get approximately 5,000 .ATR disks for this,
a lot of pictures, scans of covers, some internet
related thingies, an electronic version of Mapping the
Atari, pc programs, st programs, and a lot more.
Both disks are almost completely filled.
Remember all the material on these disks are pd
freeware or shareware, or put on there with permission
of the copyright owners.
You won't find any illegal programs on it.
For some of the material, we have been granted the right
to put it on the CD, with the restriction that the stuff
is not be copied further, so for personal use only.
Anyway, enough of this legal stuff.

If you like a copy, send a money order or a check drawn
on an US bank for an amount of $20 to:

Ernest R. Schreurs
Kempenlandstraat 8
5211 VN  Den Bosch
The Netherlands
Please include a note telling us the shipping address.
If you have any questions, feel free to send email
to or send a letter to the above address.

Thank you.
Bo Schreurs
co-creator of the "Pooldisk Too" cdrom(s).
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