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Article #609 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: Atari800Win 2.5 released
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Jan 17 21:36:20 1999

Date: Sun, 6 Dec 1998 00:13:23 CST
From: (Rich)

(This appeared to not go out the first time).

Here is what's new in this version:

12-05-98        Ver 2.5 (a "beta" release)
  * Consider this a beta release. It has not been tested extensively.
    I will be releasing again soon to sync up with the general
    Atari800 code base and address some other issues of my own.
  * Any "sticky key" problems should be fixed on slow machines
  * Warmstart reappears on F5 as if by magic :-)
  * Arrgh! ATR images formatted while loaded into the emulator were
    getting corrupted headers (they were reformatted as XFD). Modified
    SIO code so that any valid ATR image (even megadisks) can be
    reformatted by Atari800win.
  * Added option to load Atari executable files individually instead
    of requiring a disk image. This will NOT work for files that
    require Atari DOS. I more or less lifted Ken Sider's routines
    right out of MakeATR (actually I initially wrote a multi-segment
    loader myself, but it sucked, so people can thank Ken for this
    feature). When you do this the EXE will replace the disk mounted
    in drive 1.
  * John Frias contributed some icons (mine are retired to no artistic
    talent land now).
  * Fixed a problem with the R-TIME cartridge returning the incorrect
    month. BTW This should come as a surprise to no one, but the
    R-TIME is not year 2000 compliant.
  * Fixed a small timing problem on keyboard input.
  * Blank scan line option added for some video modes. Read the
    readme.txt for why I still think this is a *really* stupid idea.
  * Built a new ZLIB DLL which appears much less touchy about
    alignment. I highly recommend you use the one included with
    Atari800win as your DLL in general (slightly larger but works much
  * Drive status can be set directly from the disk drive dialog. This
    is mainly so images can be switched to read-only on the fly for
    some demos. You cannot use the dialog to override actual file
    permissions - if the file is read-only to the OS, then it will
    always be read-only to Atari800win (and that's by design, not
  * Corrected small joystick bug that prevented the keypad from
    working as joystick on port 1 while a real joystick was used on
    port 2.
  * Inserted a completely bogus wait after DDraw SetDisplayMode that
    corrects garbage sometimes left on the screen. This very much
    looks like a DDraw bug. The delay may not be long enough for all
    systems. Email me if you still see window garbage on your display.
  * 640x480 is now a "no visible menu" mode. Use F10 to get a menu (or
    the keyboard accelerators - e.g. Alt-A + L is Atari/Load Exe). Let
    me know if you find this a problem - I could make it configurable.
    800x600 and up still have menus.

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