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Article #613 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: UK8 8-bit Convention 26th September 1999
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Feb 21 22:54:17 1999

=46rom: "Brian Watson" 
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:16:11 -0000

More information, as promised last week:

Event: The 1999 UK 8-bit Convention UK8

Where: The Saddlers Club, Walsall, Nr Birmingham, England

Date: Sunday, September 26th 1999

Times: 9.30 - 5 (bar open from 12 =96 3.30)

Cost: =A32 per person admission (by ticket only).

    Tables bookable (*probably* up to 40/50 available): =A35 each. Priority
will be given in the following order; (1) clubs and magazines (2) commercial
suppliers/supporters (3) individuals.

Any profit left over at the end will be put back into another event next
year. Nobody is getting a wage out of it!

Awards will be made to the best exhibitors in various categories on the day.

We expect it to be a sell-out, but send *no* money yet, bookings will open
at the end of March (NB: this is *not* an April Fool!)

=46ood facilities available: various, including a McDonalds, are nearby. Or
bring your own food. There will be a comfy sit-down and chat area.

=46or a further information as it becomes available e-mail or write, enclosing an A4 stamped addressed
envelope, to Brian Watson, Harrowden, 39, High Street, Sutton, ELY, Cambs
CB6 2RA, England.

It would be appreciated if this information could be passed to any user
groups, fanzine editors or commercial supporters who might be interested in


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