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From: Michael Current 
Subject: A-ONE... A New Atari Online Magazine
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Feb 21 22:59:26 1999

From: (Joe Mirando)
Date: 21 Feb 1999 15:52:37 GMT

For Immediate Release

Former Atari Editors to Debut New Online Magazine

[February 19, 1999, Boston] Former STReport Atari Editors Dana Jacobson
and Joe Mirando announced today that they have begun work on a new Atari
online magazine.  A-ONE (Atari Online News, Etc.), which will likely
debut on Friday, March 5, will be a magazine primarily aimed to serve
the Atari community, according to Jacobson.  "Our goal," said Jacobson,
"is to focus on a magazine which covers material of interest to fellow
Atari users.  We'll do our best to cover all facets of the Atari
experience - computing and console gaming.  But, we'll also cover topics
that are of a general interest to Atari users: general industry news
items and other gaming platforms."

"Joe and I have been using and writing about Atari computers for a long
time," says Jacobson.  "Between the two of us," he added, "we've probably
written for most of the commercial Atari magazines of yesteryear such as
Current Notes, Atari Interface, ST Informer, and Atari Explorer.  And we
just completed a lengthy stint with STReport, an online magazine.  We
have both considered doing an Atari online magazine on our own for quite
some time now.  The talks became more serious the past few weeks and many
of our STReport readers were asking.  The timing was perfect."

Jacobson states that A-ONE readers will see the same coverage as they did
with STReport, but more.  "Columns such as 'People Are Talking' will
continue in A-One," states Jacobson, "and the Atari news items, various
announcements and product descriptions will continue.  We're also going
to continue with the computing and technology industry news section, as
well as Atari and other platform gaming news.  All of that will remain
unchanged, except cosmetically."

When asked what new things A-ONE readers will be able to see in the
magazine, Jacobson reported that "we have a lot of new ideas; and we're
going to be able to resurrect some old ones!  We've talked to Michael
Burkley, of Suzy B's fame.  A-ONE readers will be happy to learn that
Michael has agreed to bring back his "Unabashed Atariophile" column - a
column devoted to Atari public domain, shareware, and freeware software.
We're also looking to get more involved with Atari internet news.  We're
working on 'guest columns.'  We'll be talking to a number of people to
help us make A-ONE the #1 Atari online magazine worldwide."

According to Jacobson, A-ONE will be a text-based magazine.  However, he
stated that an HTML version hasn't been ruled out as an additional
format.  "We're in the process of establishing distribution points for
the magazine," Jacobson stated.  "We'll maintain our e-mail distribution
lists as well as making the magazine available on online services such
as Delphi and bulletin boards.  We'll also make it available for
downloading via numerous Internet web pages.  The best way to do this,
and make it accessible to all readers, is text.  But we realize that some
of our readers may want to read A-ONE while on the Internet.  The 'plain'
text version will be available initially, but we're also considering
adding an HTML version, with all the 'eye-candy,' for those who might
want it."

To contact A-ONE regarding e-mail subscriptions or other inquiries, send
e-mail to .  For submissions and related information,
send e-mail to .

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