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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Second Annual Classic Video and Computer Game Show Takes Flight
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Apr  4 16:29:37 1999

For immediate release
Contact Keita Iida and John Hardie
914-835-4069, 516-568-9768


January 28, 1999

VALLEY STREAM, NY -- What started it all is starting all
over again. On Saturday, August 14, and Sunday August, 15,
the computer and gaming industry's most innovative
pioneers will gather in Las Vegas to attend Classic Gaming
Expo '99.  The second of new annual event was inspired by
a resurgent interest in classic game re-releases and
updates such as "Pitfall 3D" by Activision, "Williams
Arcade Classics" by Williams and "Namco Museum" by Namco
Hometek as well as titles including "Battlezone",
"Asteroids" and Hasbro's "Centipede".

John Hardie and Keita Iida, part of the group responsible
for organizing last year's World of Atari event, have
teamed up once again to host the second annual show
devoted entirely to celebrating the roots of the
electronic entertainment industry. This year's event,
however, has been expanded and is planned to embrace
everything and everyone that has to do with classic
gaming and computing.

"We're turning the exhibition areas of Jackie Gaughan's
Plaza Hotel into a living video game museum -- spotlighting
an era that spawned a mammoth industry," explained Mr.
Iida. "Classic Gaming Expo honors the catalysts for many
of Silicon Valley's historic corporate and personal success
stories." On display will be mint-condition restorations of
products once produced by Atari, Magnavox, Coleco, Mattel,
Apple, Midway, Namco and many more.

Aside from game competitions, displays, and various other
festivities scheduled over two full days in the elegance
of the Plaza Hotel. A number of noted programmers,
developers and spokespersons will be on hand. All are
expected to be available to actively trade smiles, answer
questions and fulfill occasional requests for autographs.
Among those who have already announced plans to attend are
Ralph Baer, legendary inventor of Odyssey(tm), the first
home video game; Steve Cartwright, Activision game
designer of hit Atari 2600 classics such as "Barnstorming"
and "Megamania"; and Arnie Katz, Bill Kunkel and Joyce
Worley, co-founders of "Electronic Games Magazine," the
first publication entirely devoted to the coverage of video
and computer games.

"Classic gaming is not just a pastime any longer.  It has
quickly evolved into a substantial niche business that
contemporary publishers and distributors are beginning to
rediscover," points out Mr. Donald A. Thomas, Director of
Peripherals Licensing for VM Labs in Mt. View, CA.  Mr.
Thomas worked as Atari's Consumer Services and Marketing
Director in its latter years.  He has since worked on
projects for PlayStation and is focused on the eminent NUON
entertainment platform.

"We are not surprised by the interest in classic video and
computer games, but the turnout at least year's event
exceeded even our greatest expectations," concluded
co-promoter John Hardie. "Attendees and members of the
industry asked us to plan a classic gaming exposition as an
annual event, and we had hoped to do that from the
beginning. We're happy to say that the momentum exists to
make our common goal a reality."

Now approaching its second annual celebration, Classic
Gaming Expo (formerly known as "World of Atari") is the
industry's only event that is dedicated to celebrating the
roots of electronic entertainment, bringing together
industry pioneers, gaming enthusiasts and the media for
the ultimate in learning, game-playing and networking.
Classic Gaming Expo is a production of CGE Services, Corp.

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