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From: Michael Current 
Subject: Prominent Interactive Entertainment Companies Endorse Classic Gaming
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Thu Jul 29 17:59:25 1999

For Immediate Release

Contact Keita Iida and John Hardie
408-983-0953, 516-568-9768


VALLEY STREAM, NY (July 14, 1999) -- A prolific line-up of leading
interactive entertainment companies will be sponsoring this
year's Classic Gaming Expo '99 to be held on August 14-15 in Las
Vegas, Nevada. Contributing to this year's event are Hasbro
Interactive, Inc., Nyko Technologies, Inc., Telegames Inc.,
Next Generation Magazine and Digital Eclipse Software Inc. Their
financial and promotional support has proved valuable in aiding
the show coordinators to organize what is touted as the greatest
gathering of industry legends, historic gaming artifacts and
classic gaming fans.

"We are thrilled by the continuing level of interest that CGE'99
has garnered among some of the market leaders in electronic
entertainment," said John Hardie, co-promoter of the show. "The
contributions, product for prizes and giveaways, and public
relations assistance helps ensure that Las Vegas will be the
center of the electronic gaming universe during the month of

Hasbro Interactive is a division of Hasbro, a worldwide leader
in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, games,
interactive software, puzzles and infant products. With its vast
repertoire of classic board games and the recent acquisition of
Microprose and Atari, Beverly, Massachusetts-based Hasbro
Interactive is focused on bringing simple yet addictive gameplay
to all members of the family. "With modern updates of such
classics as Frogger, Centipede, Q*Bert and Pong, we are bringing
simple yet timeless gameplay to both classic gaming fans and to
a whole new generation of players," said Tom Dusenberry,
President of Hasbro Interactive. "We are proud to sponsor Classic
Gaming Expo '99.  Nowhere else could we hope to reach such a
group of Atari loyalists with the message that Atari is back and
that the gameplay the company pioneered goes on."

For the second consecutive year, Nyko Technologies will be a
prominent co-sponsor of the show. The privately held marketer of
innovative game accessory products rocked and rolled last year's
event by using the venue to debut its Classic Trackball
controller for the PlayStation. Nyko will once again exhibit its
extensive line of products at Classic Gaming Expo.  "We are
delighted to again be involved in such a wonderful show," said
Robert J. Rienick, Nyko's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
"Classic gaming fans are among the most savvy consumers of
videogame products, and they recognize the quality and
innovation that goes into every Nyko product. This is our chance
to promote our line of peripherals while at the same time paying
tribute to those who have supported us through the years."

Telegames is a group of multi-national operations that are
involved in all aspects of video games and computer software.
The Lancaster, Texas-based company is involved in online and
direct mail retail, wholesale distribution, publishing,
licensing and contract development. It also stocks a large
inventory of classic videogame systems and software, including
Atari, Coleco, Intellivision, Nintendo and Turbografx-16.
Telegames also plans to sell its products at CGE'99, including
exclusive re-releases of the hit Atari Jaguar cartridges,
"Worms" and "Iron Soldier II."

With an enormous subscriber base for its print magazine and the
fact that it's online site is part of the largest online video
game network, Next Generation was an ideal choice to partner
with CGE '99 to aid in promoting the event. In addition to
financial contributions, Next Generation has been prominently
running CGE'99 articles and press releases throughout the
show's promotional period.

Digital Eclipse, a developer, publisher and distributor of
interactive software titles for PC, Macintosh, Playstation and
Game Boy Color, is well known throughout the classic gaming
community as the leader in the development of classic software
titles. The Emeryville, California-based company has been
responsible for the production of such titles as Atari Arcade
Hits 1 & 2 and Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits for various
formats and Klax, Paperboy, Joust/Defender and 720 for Game
Boy Color. "Considering the large number of classic titles
that we develop each year, deciding whether to sponsor Classic
Gaming Expo '99 was a no-brainer," said Mike Mika, Technical
Director of Digital Eclipse and a noted expert in the field
of software-based emulators of classic 70's and early-80's
consoles, coin-ops and computers. "Not only are many of our
products geared toward the classic game player, but we're big
fans of classic games ourselves. We're delighted to be a
contributor to Classic Gaming Expo '99."

Conceived and coordinated by two of the individuals responsible
for coordinating last year's highly successful "World of Atari"
event, Classic Gaming Expo is the industry's only annual show
that is dedicated to celebrating the roots of electronic
entertainment, bringing together industry pioneers, gaming
enthusiasts and the media for the ultimate in learning,
game-playing and networking. Classic Gaming Expo is a production
of CGE Services, Corp. (

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