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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: The Writer's Tool / word processor / commercial
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Date: Fri May 15 18:27:30 1992

Reprinted from the Pandora BBS (614)-471-9209

ORNJ/UCE February, 1985, ACAOC

by Russell Kavanagh, ACAOC

Review: The Writer's Tool
Produced by OSS and Madison Micro

The Writer's Tool is an advanced word processor, one of the latest offerings from Optimized Software Systems (OSS).  Long associa.

The core of The Writer's Tool comes on cartridge.  An accompanying disk con|tains an additional program that is loaded when you bi

 XL computer or OSS's DOS XL.

The The Writer's Tool manual is the familiar miniature yellow three-ring binder.  Containing nearly 160 pages, it is both a tutor.

Editing Features

Entering text is very straightforward.  All of the Atari BASIC editing functions have been implemented as well as some useful addn

dard Atari BASIC, or in the "insert" mode which automatically moves all text to the right as the new characters are entered.  Sta.

One feature that has always annoyed me on the Atari is the two-fingered cursor control.  The Writer's Tool has attempted to solve"

The Main Menu

All of the features that I have described are selected for the most part by single keystrokes or as combined  keystrokes.  r

equiring a reference card always by your side unless you are a frequent user.  Fortunately, the commands implemented by The Writee

 sequence.  The end result is that you can pretty well work your way through The Writer's Tool with very little consultation of t.

Search and Replace

Search and replace is a feature no word processor should be without.  Text manipulation is exactly the type of task a computer do.

Disk Functions

All of the disk functions you should expect are available in The Writer's Tool.  Up to four drives can be used, but only two drivr

ed why I gave up on DOS XL!

Directories can be displayed or printed, files loaded, saved, or deleted from any drive.  A disk can be formatted from the disk m.

All files are named using standard Atari conventions and are stored using the standard DOS format.  This makes the text files com.

Printing Functions

The various print format selections (line length, spacing, etc.) are displayed when the print menu is selected.   For those that .

Many of the currently available printers are supported by The Writer's Tool by the use of printer drivers included on the program.

Printer graphics can also be utilized from within The Writer's Tool, allowing printing of custom characters.  A somewhat complican

s up exciting possibilities for the combination of graphics and text.

The printing format features are some of the most powerful I've seen for the Atari.  The headers and footers are very flexible.  o

u from the task of re-editing the text to "force" the format you want.

The Merge System

The merge system allows you to easily enter information into a document at predetermined locations, either from a disk file or fry

 colors and margins can be altered, as can the cursor flash rate and bright|ness.  The audio prompts can be directed to either th.


With the number of word processors available for the Atari, it's difficult to pick one above the other.  There seems to be a recec

tory remains on the display for use while typing in the name of the file to be loaded.  The customization feature is also a plus.:

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