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Article #1168 (1170 is last):
From: cr198@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (James E. King)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit
Subject: Re: FTe buys out Newell!
Date: Wed May 25 10:17:20 1994

That's correct.. In speaking with Mike Hohman of FTE, FTE has
indeed purchased all of Newell Industries rights..


8-Bit Commentary

The 8-bit Atari community is indeed alive!  With the purchase of the Newell
Industries products, to go with the ICD/OSS products plus new items like
the MARS 8 expansion device, Fine Tooned Engineering is quickly becoming
one of the premiere 8-bit Atari developers.  Computer Software Services will
soon be releasing their new R:P: interface, which will allow transmission
speeds up til now only available on the expensive Multi I/O or Black Box
devices.  What, your communications software doesn't support transmission
speeds beyond 9600 bps?  Remember the names "ICE-T" and "FlickerTerm" --
each in active development, each ready to become the new standard in terminal
emulation on the 8-bit.

Lastly, Atari Classics magazine lives!  In case you missed it above, here's
the new publisher's address for the only all 8-bit Atari print magazine:

             Jim Hood
             Managing Editor
             Atari Classics Magazine
             5507 Langford Court
             Concord CA  94521 USA

Subscription prices are the same as before, but you must resubscribe to
continue receiving the magazine.  Basic rates are $25 for one year, plus
$9 for a disk subscription.  Subscribe today!

8-Bit Information of Need

Does anyone have a list of all the third-party peripherals Atari put their
brand on?  This information becomes more important as replacement parts need
to be purchased.  If you have such information, please let us know!

Michael Current, Keeper of the 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists
 Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOp: aa700 /

16/32-bit Support Area

16/32-Bit Computer SIGOps Wanted!

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is looking for additional Atari 16/32-bit
computer SIGOps!  If you are knowledgable about the Atari ST/TT/Falcon030
computers and love helping others, this position might be for you.

Send e-mail to the Atari SIG at if you are

Falcon030 Technology Licensed to C-LAB!

From: hutch@ilmen.a5-ilmen (John Hutchinson)
Subject: Atari & C-LAB GmbH agreement
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 1994 13:52:39 GMT

Here's a note from James Grunke, Director of Atari Music and AUdio that
some of you might find of interest:

Last Friday (June 17) at the Atari annual stockholders  meeting, Sam Tramiel
announced that Atari is licensing  Falcon030 technology to C-LAB GmbH of
Germany in order  to have continued development of a pro-audio/music
multimedia workstation.  We are confident that the  proprietary Falcon030
technology can be competitively  developed with dedicated hardware and
software to  support the growing needs of pro-audio, broadcast, and
multimedia production.  C-LAB GmbH has extensive  experience in developing and
marketing multimedia  software and pro-audio hardware.  Product details and
specifications will be released at a later date.

Atari will continue to manufacture and support the  Falcon030 in its current
configurations as the market  demands.  Atari is considering further computer
products based on the Jaguar chip set, the worlds first  and only 64-bit
interactive multimedia home  entertainment system.

Thank you for your support.

James Grunke Director, Atari Music and Audio


New Files at

From: (Mickey Boyd)
Subject: Button Fixer
Date: 22 Jun 1994 21:55:55 GMT

The Button Fixer acc is now available from  It was
written by Charles Johnson (of Codehead fame), and it fixes the incredibly 
annoying "single click produces a double click" bug in all TOS versions 
>= 1.4.  The acc is tiny (390 bytes) and works as advertised.  It's sooooo 
nice to have reliable scrollbars again!!!  It is in Utilities/Tosfixes.

From: (Mickey Boyd)
Subject: Mouse-Ka-Mania II
Date: 22 Jun 1994 21:50:20 GMT

This file has been on atari.archive for awhile, but I just got a chance to 
look at it.  I have not seen any comments about it, so I thought I would 
mention something....

This is cool stuff!  It allows you to replace any of the standard 8 system
mouse pointers with other static shapes, or nifty animated ones.  For 
example, the "busy bee" can now flap its wings.  There are a bunch of 
static and animated pointers included, and you can also create your own with 
the included editor.  This is a desk accessory, but you also have the ability
to create a stand-alone auto folder program that installs the mouse pointers 
of your choice at bootup (this is good, as the first Mouse Ka Mania did not 
have this, and the acc was not well liked by some of my other applications). 
The latter method also reduces memory usage significantly. 

Mouse Ka Mania II is shareware ($15), not hamstrung in any way, and a 1994
Codehead production.  

Mydraw Update

Mydraw is a powerful vector drawing program for the Atari ST and TT,
b/w and color. 

Version 1.10' , date 12.11.93 . Shareware, no restrictions.

- supports SpeedoGDOS,  Speedo Fonts can be rotated freely.
- Textfile-Import.  Textformatting with justification.
- Businessgrafic module with Data-Import: Line plot, pie chart, map from
  "The world digizized" data.
- Smoothing and editing of polylines. 

Helmut Neumann
Im Appensee 4
64287 Darmstadt
Germany RFA

Portfolio Support Area
Fred Horvat

    This month's installment I pulled a message from the "Tips &
Tricks" section of the Portfolio Support Area on the Freenet
to give you an idea of the types of tips that we have to offer.
Also it happens to be a tip I uploaded last year.


       1 About this Support Area
       2 The Portfolio Computer
       3 Portfolio News
       4 Bulletin Board
       5 Usenet: comp.sys.palmtops
       6 Product Summaries
       7 Product Reviews
------>8 Tips & Tricks
       9 Portable Addiction Magazine
      10 Portfolio User Directory...

    Have you ever needed to print a report to a file on the
Portfolio?  Why would you want to you may ask?  There are times
when you may need to print a report to a file.  One example for
me was when I had a spread sheet that printed about 200
characters wide and I only have a narrow carriage printer 80
characters normal 120 condensed.  Well what I did was go into
the Portfolio setup and selected Printer.  Off the Printer
option you get a new menu with three options Parallel, Serial,
and File.  Select File and press enter.  A dialog box will pop
up and will ask you the path and name of the file that you wish
to create.  Example C:\TEST.PRN is what I keyed in you, can call
it anything you wish.  I chose an extension of PRN, you could
use TXT, DOC or what ever you wish.  When I went to print from
the worksheet the output went to a file instead of a printer
attached to the parallel port.  I then transferred the file to
my desktop PC.  I used a shareware program called "SIDEWAYS"
that prints a ASCII file landscaped (sideways).  It is a slow
process but after the four pages printed I cut them and taped
them together to get my big spreadsheet.  It may not be quick or
pretty but it was the only way I could get the report printed.
Since the report was 200 characters wide a wide carriage printer
would not have worked anyway.
    What else is printing to a file good for?  Well if you need
to send someone a spread sheet via modem and they do not have a
Lotus compatible program, print it to a file first and then send
them the ASCII file.  Then all they have to do is print a ASCII
file out.  You could even fax the file from you desktop PC.  You
can even crunch the file to almost nothing since it's text and
save a large amount of long distance connect time.  You could
upload the report to their E-mail.  In other words the
possibilities are almost endless!
    The Work sheet is not the only application that can print to
a file.  All applications built into the Portfolio can print to
a file.  Once you set the destination to a file whenever
you choose to print it will go to the file that you specified.
This brings up a unique problem.  What if you print a spread
sheet and then a memo from the Editor?  Well the Portfolio will
keep  adding to the file that you specified in setup.  This may
or may not cause a problem.  It is a bonus if you need to send a
few reports.  But you may end up with a mess of reports in one
file.  In other words be aware of what's going on and to delete
the file when your done and you should be happy.  This is just a
quick overview on what you could do by printing to a file.  Give
it a try you just might like it.

Atari Classic Gaming Corner
Fred Horvat

    Unfortunately for those of us living in the States we missed out
on Atari's latest offerings on the Atari 2600 that came out late in
it's life cycle.  One of these is the Atari 31-1 cartridge.  Yes it
has 32 games on a single cartridge!  The cartridge is only available
as a package deal when you buy a 2600JR unit.  I picked up a 2600JR
while I was in Austria last summer.  Also packaged with the 2600JR
was the 7800 joypads which are not available in the States either.
These controllers are best described as being similar to Nintendo
controllers but with a raised round thumb pad.  These are very nice
controllers, also too bad we can't get these in the States.
    The 32-1 cart number is CX26163P.  The "P" I assume stands for
PAL, which is the TV broadcasting signal in Europe.  Here in the
States we have NTSC.  The only problem with switching TV formats is
that the TV screen scrolls vertically while playing the games and the
colors are off slightly but not too bad.  To play PAL games you need
an older TV with vertical adjustment, most newer TV's are no longer
adjustable.  The copyright date is 1988 on the cart and 1989 on the
instructions.  The instructions that I have are in German.  There is
no box for the game since it came as a package deal with the 2600JR.
The method to switch between games is a little different than
pressing the "SELECT" key on the console.  That selects different
versions of a game, not a different game.  What you need to do is
turn the unit on and off very quickly.  This some how switches to
another game.  It's a strange method but works just fine.  The games
are mostly old Atari and Activision games.  The games are kind of
stripped down.  What I mean by that is the title screens and some
other extras are removed from the games.  This is obviously to save
space on the chip.  The actual game play was not modified so, the
real stuff is still there.  Here is a list of the games that are on
this cartridge.  The names on some games have changed from what they
were when they were first released as individual games.

                           Atari 32-1 Cart

1  - Freeway Chicken      2  - Tennis             3  - Combat
4  - Slot Machine         5  - Skiing             6  - Stampede
7  - Outlaw               8  - Fishing Derby      9  - Sky Diver
10 - Laser Blast          11 - Basketball         12 - Ant Party
13 - Bowling              14 - Horrorrun          15 - UFO
16 - Human Cannon Ball    17 - Fun With Numbers   18 - 3D Tic Tac Toe
19 - Flag Capture         20 - Reversi            21 - Golf
22 - Surround             23 - Checkers           24 - Blackjack
25 - Freeway Rabbit       26 - Miniature Golf     27 - Football
28 - Slot Racers          29 - Fishing            30 - Space Star
31 - Boxing               32 - Air-Sea Battle

Lynx Support Area
Barry W. Cantin

Lynx Commentary

Things are pretty slow these days, Lynx-wise -- we haven't had anything
new to put in the "Lynx News" area of the Cleveland Freenet Lynx SIG's
news dept. in a while.  The recent price drops on Lynx games is about
the only thing that comes to mind.

So what's happening out there?  In a word - JAGUAR.  Yep, I've said it before,
the Lynx is riding completely on the Jag's success.

SO what does this mean in the meantime for Lynx owners?  Well, don't feel
too badly... there are 68 titles available presently for the Lynx, and
most are available for less than $20 from Atari (1-800-GO-ATARI).  I don't
own a Jaguar (yet) and have spent some time catching up on some of those
old games.  I always wanted to finish Chip's Challenge, now's a good time
(still stuck on Level 141, "Pentagram").  Always meant to complete
Scrapyard Dog and reunite Louie and "his poor pooch" - I can use a
couple of the cheats to get further, probably.

And so on.  I don't have a complete library of Lynx titles in my possession,
so I can catch up a bit right now, and enjoy more completely s few of
those titles that have been sitting idle in my game wallets for some

What about Lynx development?  Well, Several individuals at Atari have
indicated that a number of titles (between 6 and 10) are complete and
are awaiting production.  There are a few other titles that are on hold
development-wise.  Other developers such as Rob Nicholson (Hand Made
Software) have indicated that there is interest in doing more Lynx titles
as well, and I'd be surprised if Beyond Games Lynx catalogue consisted
of one title ("BattleWheels").

It's all on hold right now.  No need to go sell the Lynx for another
portable out of panic.  It will be interesting to see if Atari has
anything at SCES for the Lynx... we'll see!

Barry Cantin,
Atari Lynx SIGop, Cleveland Freenet

Jaguar Support Area
Len Stys

Jaguar News

As of Monday, June 20th, Wolfenstein-3D for the Jaguar has entered
production.  This title should be available sometime before the end of July.

Atari Corp. and id Software arrange to make DOOM multi-player with the
possibility of having 4-players play simultaneously.  Atari Corp. is also
working with id Software to make DOOM playable through the company's
new "voice modem" which will allow players to to talk with their friends
via headset that is packed with the modem while playing the game on the
same phone line.

The Jaguar II is already in development and will be 100% downward compatible
with the original Jaguar.  The Jaguar II will not be released until at least
1996 so owners of the original Jaguar should relax.

Jaguar Letter Writing Campaign -- JUNE/JULY OBJECTIVE

CAIN Newsletter is organizing a Jaguar Letter Writing Campaign.  During
the months of June and July, the campaign will have four objectives.

1) The first object is to inform Williams that we are interested in
   Mortal Kombat II for the Jaguar.  Mortal Kombat II rated the highest
   demanded game for the Jaguar in CAIN Newsletter's "Most Wanted Games for
   Jaguar" vote.  As of now, MKII is _NOT_ being produced since Acclaim is
   not a signed Jaguar developer.  But, Acclaim will not have the rights to
   Mortal Kombat next year.  This means that Williams will be able to release 
   it next year under their name or under a company owned by Williams.

   The attention and address of Williams is:

   Attn: Console Software Development
   3401 North California Ave.
   Chicago, IL 60618-5889

   Remember that you get a better response if you write as professionally
   as possible.

2) The second objective is to inform Electronic Arts that we are
   interested in the company developing for the Jaguar.  Electronic Arts
   is known very well for their games and has been around since the
   8-bit Atari days.  Right now, EA is making games for the 3DO in which
   the company has a stake in.  But the company is reported to be showing
   interest in the Jaguar.  EA produces John Madden Football and other
   high-quality sporting games.

   The address of Electronic Arts is:

   Electronic Arts, Inc.
   Attn: Production Teams
   P.O. Box 7578
   San Mateo, CA 94403-7578

3) The third objective is to inform Capcom that we are interested in
   seeing Street Fighter II for the Jaguar.  SFII is the second highest
   rated game that is in demand for the Jaguar.  The company is not
   developing for the Jaguar that we are aware of.

   The address of Capcom is:

   Capcom USA Inc.
   Attn: Mr. Corey Tresidder
   475 Oakmead Parkway
   Sunnyvale, CA 94086

4) The fourth objective is to inform Atari Corp. that we are interested in
   seeing games like Kasumi Ninja and other two-player games that are NOT
   first person perspective games to make use of the Jaguar voice modem as
   well.  Sure, Kasumi Ninja is being made so that a friend sitting next to
   you can play along with you.  But why does he/she have to be sitting next
   to you?  Why can't he/she fight along with you even though they are miles
   away from you?

   The address of Atari Corp is:

   Atari Corp.
   Attn: Sandy LaBrec
   1196 Borregas Avenue
   Sunnyvale, CA 94089

It is imperative that you do write.  After you are done reading CAIN
Newsletter, sit down and write these companies a letter.  If you do not,
you may not see these two popular fighting games or high quality sporting
games by Electronic Arts or true modem games.

Even if you do not care for these popular fighting games or for games made
by Electronic Arts, you are still encouraged to write.  This is because
these games are essential to the success of the Jaguar.  If the Jaguar has
these games, the Jaguar will most likely be very successful.  And this will
mean more games will follow (perhaps games that you enjoy playing).

So take the time to write these four companies!

Atari Annual Shareholders Meeting Report

Complete coverage of the recent Atari Annual Shareholders Meeting has been
provided by Dag Johansen Esq. at

*** PART I ***

Just for kicks, I thought I'd drop in on the Atari Annual meeting that
was held June 17th, 1994. (It is a 5 minute drive from my workplace.)

The business part of meeting consisted of the Tramiels electing
themselves back onto the board.  Big deal, they own a controlling
block of the stock so there was no surprise there.

The rest of the meeting focused on the Jag.  Right now, there are
supposedly ~25 titles in development by Atari that will be delivered
by Xmas and ~25 titles by 3rd parties that will be delivered by
Xmas.  To be conservative, they acknowledge that not all of those
titles will be ready by then.  They said that there should be between
30 and 50 titles by Xmas though.

In the initial NYC/SF rollout, all 20K Jags produced sold quickly.
The rough estimates for total 94 sales will be between 250K and 300K
units sold.

Time-Warner recently upped their stake in Atari from ~22% to
27%.  This was about $12.7 million in capital.

20 Titles will be demoed at Summer CES.

They confirmed that they were working on Jag 2, but they said that
it would be backward compatible.  They also said that they have
some network games in development.  Up to 32 Jags can be networked

The Jag demo consisted of showing several games and some Cinepack
compressed video.  I thought the Cinepak was OK, but who cares.
It is not good enough for Movies, and I don't really care about it in
games.  For quality video,  they are going to produce a MPEG cart
that will retail for between $129 and $149.

The Jag games demoed:

Wolfenstein 3D - Pretty cool.  I looked fun, the best thing about
it is that it is supposed to be available *soon*.  Today or tomorrow
Gary Tramiel said . . . however, it is only available at BlockBuster
first.  They have a small initial run of carts that can be rented.
They wanted to get as much exposure as fast as possible.

AvP - Real Cool.  The game has a way to go, but it looks pretty good.
They showed the marine shooting down aliens.

Doom - This one looked real good.  Here is my favorite part: it
will support a voice modem for 2 player games (I don't know about
multi-player though).  The voice modem transmits both the users
voices and the game data.  (They must really compress the voice
or transmit very little data.)  The supposed release date is "late August".
(Yeah, right).

Checkered Flag - The car was drving around the track.  You could
crash into the walls and the car flipped over.  Bill Reboch made
sure to emphasize that you can drive the wrong way around the track if you
want to.  I wasn't too impressed by CF . . . but that is probably
because I played the Virtua racing arcade game the night before at a bar.

Kasumi Ninja - It looked like a pretty good fighting game.  Other
than that I can't say much, I don't really like those games.  They
demonstrated one fatality move where the winner stuck a bomb in
the mouth of the downed guy and his head exploded.  This caused
some woman stockholder to say that she would not have bought the
stock if she knew they were writing such violent games.  Personally,
I would not have bought stock if they were not developing violent
games.  That's what the market wants.  The goal is profit.  The Tramiels
said the audience that Atari supports the video game rating system.
He also said that there would be a code for locking out the fatalities.
and that the parents could set the code so the kids couldn't get at em.

A stockholder asked if a Jag Mortal Kombat was planned.  They
said that they have not been able to sign on Acclaim, but that
williams who owns the right to MK is a developer.  The exclusive
home rights deal between Acclaim & Willieams expires in 95 such that
maybe the Jag can start getting such games then.

The CD is now planned for October.  $199 price tag.

I hope that report helps you info starved Jag-heads.  :-)

*** PART II ***

Readysoft is porting Dragon's Lair for the JagCD.

The Tramiels said that just about all current efforts were focused on
creating more Jag software.  "Software, software, software" he said.

They do have store display units, and the units are in several stores.
They plan to get more display units into stores as the stores give them

The JagCD comes with a VLM program (Virtual Light Machine).  It is one of
those dancing light programs that runs when you play a normal audio CD in
the JagCD player.  It is written by Jeff Mitner.

He said that EA is not a licensee, but that there is an underground movement
at EA to start working on Jag software.  EA currently has 3 Jag development
systems.  But again, EA is *not* a licensee.


Jaguar Commentary

SUCCESS.  Thank you everyone that wrote Atari Corp. to express their concerns
about id Software's troubles in getting networking cables and modem support for
Jaguar DOOM.  The letters worked.  DOOM will now have networking capabilities
and modem play.  Last month, id Software received little support concerning
networking and modem play from Atari Corp.  This month, id Software seems to be
receiving a lot of support.

This proves that:  LETTERS DO WORK!

Len Stys, Jaguar Support Area

Upcoming Atari Shows

                             <<   Computer Shows  >>

                                Updated: 06/15/94

To include shows (preferably shows that include Atari products),
for the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Show list and the CAIN newsletter,
send the show's name, date, location, and any additional information to  Please address the e-mail with the subject
"Computer Show".  The following information is correct to the best of our
knowledge.  However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Corrections and
cancellations are therefore requested.

|Shows at a Glance|
|        Name                    |     Location             |  Date    |
|1. MIST AtariFest IV            |Indianapolis, IN          |07/23/94  |
|2. C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest '94  |Kirtland, OH              |08/07/94  |
|3. Connecticut Atarifest '94    |Windsor Locks, CT         |08/27/94  |
|4. Atari Leistungsschau         |Freiburg, Germany         |09/22/94  |

For more information on these shows, please consult the Atari SIG on the
Cleveland Free-Net (telnet to or
Once connected to the Free-Net type 'Go Atari' to get to the Atari SIG.

In addition to show information, the CAIN newsletter would like to print
any reports, summaries, or reviews of these and other recent shows.  Please
send any of these articles to ''

Vote Issues and Results
                               << Voting Booth >>

One exciting feature of the Atari SIG is its voting booth.  Here, users can
create their own opinion polls.  The voting booth is accessible from the main
menu of the Atari SIG on the Cleveland Free-net (CFN).  Select option '11'
from this main menu to enter the voting booth.

last month's poll results:

POLL #22
Which compression format do you prefer CAIN to use?
You may add a type that's not listed with the 'a' option.

Vote Options:

       There were 54 votes for this issue

    1. ARC                            1 (1.9%)
    2. ARJ                            0 (0.0%)
    3. LZH                           12 (22.2%)
    4. Super ARC for Atari 8 bit      5 (9.3%)
    5. Unix compress Z                7 (13.0%)
    6. Zip PKWare etc                25 (46.3%)
    7. gzip GNU Zip for Unix          4 (7.4%)

Online Atari Conferences

The Cleveland Free-Net (CFN) has the facilities to provide Real-Time Online
Conferencing.  It is hoped that the Atari SIG can sponsor Atari conferences
in the future.  The conferences would be held on CFN's chat system called the
"IRC".  IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat."  This is a special program that
allows real-time conferencing through the internet network.  However, CFN's
IRC is local, or accessible only by CFN users.  If you are interested in
these conferences, or would like to be a guest-speaker on one of these
conferences, please send internet e-mail to "".
Finally, stay tuned to this newsletter for transcripts from these conferences.

                    Conference with Jeff Minter Transcript

On Sunday, May 29th, 1994 at 7pm EDT members of the Atari SIG had the
opportunity to speak with Jeff Minter, programmer of the Jaguar's Tempest
2000.  Below is a transcript of the conference:

 aah, isn't the new Floyd album great 

 I haven't heard it yet...however, floyd was in cleveland a few
nights ago

 ooh.. i am going to see them in rotterdam in september

 yak:  any chance are you a fan of techno as well?

 hehe well you heard the soundtrack for t2k 

 yak: yes, but I also have played Hardcore :)

 haha! btw, a version of hardcore *may* appear as a hidden game in a
future Williams coin-op!

 c00l!  Hardcore is great...I first played it when I was heavy into
the rave scene...of course I appreciated it!  :)

 yeah, shame I never got to finish it. It was just at the time that Atari
US started to take an interest...

 Well, will it be finished for the Williams coin-op?

 I guess so...
 (not by me though)

 Will the sound effects be similiar?

 I really don't know. I'm meeting the guy who would be doing it at CES.
I get to have lunch on Williams, a tour of the place, and to have a beer with
Eugene Jarvis, Great God!!

 yak:  great god is right...things seem to be paying off for you
now!  :)

 well, just to meet EJ... to buy a beer for the man who created Smart
Bombs and Mutants and *the* most wicked games in history... *sigh*

 welcome fred...
 So, how long have you been programming Jeff?

 aha, that's OK.  I started coding around 1979, on a Commodore PET..

 what was your first game?  (or first attempt at a game)?

 Well, I used to write a lot of games for the guys at college.  I guess
the first
 game I ever wrote was a kind of 'move around an arena shooting at the
bad guys'
 kind of affair, a bit like a primitive Robotron I guess.  Not commercial

 was it graphic based?  and which machien did it run on?

 Like I said, on a Commodore PET, so it wasn't spectacularly graphic
based, as the PET had no decent graphics!

 great...when did you enter the "Atari World" ?

 well, my first contact was when I bought my VCS when I was at Uni.
 Subsequently, and after I had got into the vidgame biz myself, I used

 of my first earnings to buy an Atari 400 and a copy of Star Raiders...
deep joy!
 Then I really started in earnest when the Amiga came out.. Commodore had
a really shitty attitude to game people, and Atari didn't, so I got into the

 What was your first ST game?

 First thing I did was a lightsynth called Colourspace.  The first *game*
was Super Gridrunner.

 Hmmm, I'm afraid I haven't seen that game...was it released in
sharewae or commerical?

 We released it commercial at first, although now we include it as a
shareware registration goodie for Llamatron or Revenge register-ees...

 what inspired and/or influenced llamatron (besides robotron ;-)

 That man again... EJ.. the totally manic, hectic paced gameplay..
 and, of course, my love of beasties

 when did this "love" of beasties happen?  :)

 oooh, I've been notorious for it since I was 14, at school...

 heh heh...well, llamatron is truly a bizarre and unique game at
that... :)

 hey, I'm glad you like it. I would *really* like to do a Jaguar version
of that game, I think it's just as playable as t2k, and with decent graphics
and Jag power..

 Not to mention awesome sound capabilities of the jag!

 absolutely!  Loads of excellent beastie samples, *and* some more killer
techno... lovely!

 techno seems like the perfect form of music for fast paced video

 absolutely, that or some really thrashy metal... gotta match that
adrenaline-rush in the gameplay!

 Well, I have loads of questions from the other users....  :)
 [Russ] asks: What's required for Jaguare developement, machine,

 Well, I use a TT but you can also run off a PC.  The software tools are
the same; you need an assembler/debugger on the dev system, and you need an
Alpine board (a romulator) and a Jag with a special ROM chip with a debugger
 The language is basically 68K or RISC assembler.

   [em190] asks: So, how long would development take, for Major
Havoc? 8 months?

 Well, Tempest took me about that time all told, so I guess about the
 But I think I will want to add a lot of new stuff to MH if I do that

 Well, I think most of us hope you do that game... :)  Did you know
that you were the most requested programmer in a recent survey by CAIN ?
 The survey asked jag users which games they would like to see for
the Jag...many said that they would like to see you do them... :)

 I saw that!  Mind you, there aren't that many games out yet, I am sure
that when other people start releasing their games it may not be like that 

 modest you are... :)
    [cb541] asks:
     [Len] asks: How long did Tempest 2000 take to program?

 realistc more like... t2k took about eight months, all told
 although I had 'traditional' tempest basically sorted in about three
weeks, oncve I had written my vector routines :)

      [Len] asks: What inspired you to place the original version
of Tempest in Tempest 2000?  Will there be more classics made more modern?

 Well, I thought it would be cool.. I did the same thing with Defender
II, which contained Defender and Stargate.
 Atari have a couple of other 2000 games in the pipe, and I think it's a
good thing
 because those old game designs are often really excellent.

    [almo] asks: Is 68k Assempler anything like 6502 assembler?

 Well, it's a lot richer in the instruction set, and it's a godsend not
to have to split everything up into one-byte operations.
 on the 68K you actually get some registers!!

     [RussG] asks: Could you explain some tech info about the
Jaguar? Say, will a cd rom allow a game with gigabytes of graphics?

 The capacity of the cdrom is of the order of 600 MB.
 Of course, one can use compression techniques to get more out of it..

    [RussG] asks: Is the risc chip in Jaguar Atari proprietary or
made/sold by someone else?

 The Jag RISCs are proprietary devices.

 [almo] asks: Do you think developers will abandon the Cartridge

 Not immediately.  Maybe when CDROM has been around a bit longer... CDROM
does make a lot of sense, as it's cheap to produce and holds a ton of data.

 However, I reckon it's a good thing that Jag developers are working
within the constraints of a cartridge at the moment.

 It means you can't pad out a thin game with a lot of flashy FMV like
they do on 3Do.

 Is it safe to say that the PC card for the Jag will only run CD
ROM based Jag games?
 or the Jag PC card... :)

 I am not sure, I don't know Atari policy on that, but I suspect it would
be true, as I don't think they would like the idea of being able to copy the
cartridge games onto HD..
 for obvious reasons!

 true...  :)  with that in mind, could cartridges eventually be
phased out for the Jaguar?

 Maybe.  Again, I can't speak for Atari, but maybe Jag II will have a
built in CDROM.
 It would still have a cart port though - remember the backwards

 yes...very interesting...I guess we'll just have to wait and
  [RussG] asks: How big is the Jag. cart. able to be?

 AIUI third parties can make carts any size they want, but Atari ones are
 Bigger carts cost quite a bit more. ROMs are expensive!

   [almo] asks: will some CD R M games retain the flavor of stuff
like t2k?  i mean, most CD ROM stuff I've seen tends to be more adventure

 I am sure there will be some pure arcade games on CDROM - you could use
the storage for a ton of levels, killer backdrops, awesome tunes...
 I find a lot of these 'deep' CDROM adventures get old real soon.
 Mind you, I'm a twitch-game-junkie 

 hence the techno sound tracks... :)

 yeah, blast/trance..

    [Len] asks: Will there be any wait while Jaguar loads graphics
from the CD like on other CD-ROMs?

 the best games should be able to buffer the loading of game information
so it appears to be seamless..

 but of course there *will* still be access delays.  The thing to do is
to hide them by keeping some action or animation going onscreen while you load
in your data.

     [RussG] asks: What's fmv?
 ok...everyone...please submit your last questions for Jeff...

 FMV = Full Motion Video.  Basically, spooling pre-rendered images off
the CDROM.
 This looks impressive, but just playing back stuff is hardly interactive

      [Fred] asks: I heard of a device that allows you to run Jag
carts on an
 that is probably on an IBM

 Oh, well, that's news to me.

 me too...o'ell... :)
       [Len] asks: Will there be comlinking and modem games for the
Jaguar in the near future?  I'd love to play against friends through the phone

 I am fairly certain that the possibility of a Jagmodem is being
 Certainly, comlynx-ing of Jags will be a feature of future Jag games..

 what is going on with multi-player abillity on the jaguar?  How
many simulataneous players?
 ...and how long do we need to wait befoe there will be multi-
player games?

 Depends on the game.  I have heard up to 14 players on Comlynx, but I
may be wrong.  I haven't studied that part of Jag yet, as I haven't needed it.
 I believe DOOM will be at least 2player capable..
 and if I ever get to do Llamatron I want to make it 4-player

 ...of course most of us prey doom will offer more than 2 player
capabilities...the 4 player death match mode is incredible... :)

 I have never played it, although everyone I know who *has* sez it's

 ...hey, how 'bout hooking up with ID Software and offer a "Beastie
DOOM" game... :)
 ha ha ha

 Even 2 players would be a lot more fun than 1...


 beastie doom! I like it!
 you could be this well 'ard llama..
 mega spit powerups... hehe

 heh heh...sounds great... :)
        [RussG] asks: What's your 'feeling' of the Jag. Is it fun
to develop?

 Yeah, the Jag's a lot of fun.  If you are used to an ST or Amiga, and
you go to the Jag, it's amazing.
 Just so *much* power. And those RISCs really kick.
 Best of all, it's not too difficult to learn.  I got up on Jag in three
days from cold.

   [Len] asks: Are you almost done with your current project (light
show for music CDs?) and if so is there any confirmation on your next project?

 I should be finishing lightsynth in the next month.
 I'll be going to Sunnyvale in a week, and I'll talk with my producer
about the next game then.
 - after I get to play Major Havoc at last...

 wow...that'll be a long trip... U.K. to CA!
   [Len] asks: My last comment!  If you do make Llamatron for the
Jaguar and it is 4-player comlynxable, please consider modem as well!  I'm
glad to see you interested in comlynxable Jaguar games!

 airline food! bleagh..

 maybe the film will be good

 yeah, if there's a modem peripheral at that time and it's fast enough..

  [Len] asks: Thank you for joining us Jeff!  We really appreciate
it.  We understand that you haven't been feeling well and particiapted in the
conference despite it.  THANKS!

 No problem. I'm feeling a lot better now.
 I finally kicked that damn virus :)

 ...again...thank-you for joining us jeff...are there any closing
remarks you'd like to make?  (on anything)  :)

 well.. only that I reckon that very soon now the Jaguar trickle of games
will turn into a FLOOD...
 and a lot of those games are going to kick serious butt..'s the jag availability in britain?

 and then Jagstorm will begin in earnest!
*** Mode change "-m" on channel #Atari by Atari_SIG
 Jags are *just* starting to come in officially, although there are a lot
of grey imports.

 I cannot wait until more Jaguar games are available!  I love the Jaguar.
One thing about Tempest 2000 now is that all the other games you make have to
be just as good or better!  :)

 grey imports????  Wow...I'm shocked to hear that!

 I still worry about that... oh well, I'll just have to try hard to top
 Anyway, I better go before my comms bill goes sky high!

 Ok, thanks Jeff again!

 no problem, yak!  Thanks again!

 No worries... goodnight all!

 goodnight (morning for you ;-)

                                     * * *

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