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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.nwsltr
Subject: CAIN Newsletter: 29-Jul-94 #0105
Date: Fri Jul 29 13:30:18 1994

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                       ___________/         \__________
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                        \  Jul 29, 1994  Vol.I No.5  /
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         /_________________          CAIN         ________-_____________/
        /___|_|_|__________   Monthly Newsletter  _______| |___________/
       /____|_|_|__________                       ______|   |_________/
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     The Official Online Newsletter of the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
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            CAIN Online Newsletter Published and Copyright (c) 1994
                              by Cain Publishing

   Voting/Conferences.........Mark Leair
  Assistant Editor
   SIG Manager/Jaguar Area....Len Stys
  8-Bit Support Area..........Michael Current
  8-Bit Technical Forum.......Craig Lisowski
  16/32-Bit Support Area......Bruce D. Nelson
  Atari Classic Gaming Corner/
  Portfolio Support Area......Fred Horvat
  Lynx Support Area...........Barry W. Cantin

  Contributor.................Bill Somrak
  Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG Internet E-Mail:
  Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, P.O. Box 364, Mentor, OH  U.S.A. 44061-0364

                               Table of Contents

>From the Editor..........................................The CAIN Newsletter
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager......................The Cleveland Free-Net & Atari SIG
                                                                    -Len Stys

Free-Net News..........................................CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
                                                Confirmed Vendors/User Groups 
                                                         Tempest 2000 Contest  
                                                                  Door Prizes
                                        Online CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Section  
                                             CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Marketing
                                           Dealers, Developers, & User Groups
                                          The CAIN News Exchange News-Service  
                                                                   -Atari SIG

Atari News........................................Atari/Edelman Press Release
                                          Atari Corp. Announces Manufacturing
                                         Jaguar Engine In Coin-Operated Games
                                                                   Jag Rules!
                                                               Atari Jag-Ware
                                                                 -Atari Corp.

8-Bit Computers Support Area..........................8-bit Support Area News
                                                           8-bit Product News
                                                        8-bit Feature Article
                                Atari 8-bit Support at CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
                                                             -Michael Current

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area................ST/TT/Falcon030 SIGOPs Wanted
                                                                    -Len Stys

Portfolio Support Area ................................Calling All Dealers!!!
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Atari Classic Gaming Corner.............The Cleveland Free-Net Video Game SIG  
                                 Atari Classics at the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94  
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Lynx Support Area...................................................Lynx News
                                                              Lynx Commentary
                                              Second Annual Cleveland Lynx-Up
                                                             -Barry W. Cantin

Jaguar Support Area...............................................Jaguar News
                                                            Jaguar Commentary
                                                        Jaguar Demonstrations
                                                                    -Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows......................................Atari Show Calendar
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Voting Issues and Results............Reader and User Opinion Poll Information
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Online Atari Conferences.....................Conferencing with the Atari SIG
                                                                 -Mark Leair

General Information of Need........................How to Contribute to CAIN
                                                            Article Requests
                                                                 -Mark Leair

>From the Editor
Mark Leair

Welcome to the July issue of CAIN.  I apologize for this issue's lateness, but
most of the staff have been diligently working on the upcoming "CAIN Atari Fun
Fest 94" Atari Show.  We hope to meet many of our readers at this show.  For
information on this show please consult the news section.  Probably one of the
most exciting features of this show is its Jaguar Give-Away.  Three lucky
people will win one of these Jaguars.  Exact details on the distribution of
these and other door prizes have not yet been finalized.  Details should be
finalized soon.  CAIN will publish a list of all the winners in its August
issue.  Further door prizes are listed in the Free-Net news section.

You may notice that there is not a conference transcript nor a readers' poll
in this issue.  These two sections are my responsibility.  With my engagement
with the CAIN show, I was unable to provide a transcript nor a readers' poll. 
The readers' poll and conferences will resume next month.  Finally, the Atari
8 bit section features an article on packet radio.  This informative article,
although written from the 8 bit perspective, provides general information for
tapping into this relatively unknown area of computing.  Users of all
platforms are encouraged to read this article.

See you at the 'Fest!!!!

                                                       -Mark Leair
                                                        CAIN Publisher/Editor

>From the SIG Manager

Wow!  I never thought I would see an Atari show take place in the Cleveland
area again.  But it is happening.  And it is happening in a pretty good
location.  No, the show isn't located IN Cleveland, but it is located pretty
close to Cleveland.  And since Cleveland is within half the population of
the U.S. and a very large population of Canada, it is a pretty good location
for an Atari show.

I am excited about the show.  Atari Corp. is supporting the show by giving
Jaguars and Tempest 2000 cartridges to be demonstrated and then raffled
away.  This, without a doubt, means that Atari is roaring ahead.  If the
company is interested in getting a large electronic market to try the Jaguar
then the company is interested in getting a large electronic market to buy
the Jaguar.  If you try it, you will like it, you will buy it.  Sounds like
a pretty good business philosophy to me.

I have personally taken every step to attract consumers that are interested
in the Jaguar, but wants to play it first before they buy it, to this show.
There are over 1,200 flyers being distributed throughout Northeast Ohio at
retailers to attract these consumers.

The show organizers will continue to promote the show until the final day.
Most of the tables for the show are already reserved.  If you are interested
in showing your products or selling your merchandise at the show, it is a
race for the final tables.

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94

If you are looking for something to do on Sunday, August 7, 1994, why not take
a ride down to Kirtland (near Cleveland), Ohio to the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94?

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 will be fun for the entire family.  You'll get an
opportunity to see the JAGUAR 64-BIT Interactive Multimedia System and the
latest entertainment titles for it.  You'll even get to see video games
played like they have never been played before!  And that is through Lynx
portable video game systems all linked together.  This incredible
multi-player action will blow your mind away!

The new Atari Falcon030 computer will be there along with the ST and 8-bit

There will be prizes to win and you might even be one of the lucky people
to take home a Jaguar 64-BIT system or a Tempest 2000 cartridge (courtesy
of Atari Corporation)!  There will be many prizes raffled off such as gift
certificates and games of all sorts!  Everyone that attends will get a 
chance to win!

There will even be some hard to find games for the Atari 2600, 5200, and
7800 at this show!

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 is the Atari -=- FUN -=- show of the year!  Don't
miss it!  Bring the entire family down!  Get great deals!  See the latest
technology!  And have a lot of fun!

                       Central Atari Information Network
                          C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest 94
                      August 7, 1994 / 10:00AM to 5:00PM
                           Knights of Columbus Hall
                               7637 Chardon Road
                              Kirtland, OH 44094


                                Free Admission!

                              What to See and Do!

                          The New Jaguar Game System!
                          The LYNX handheld game unit
           Bring your LYNX and games to COMLYNX with other players!
                        The Falcon Multimedia computer
              Gemulator (IBM emulator running Atari ST Software)
                         8-bit computers and products
                       16/32-bit computers and products
                          Portfolio palmtop computer
                         Meet the editors of C.A.I.N.
                 Classic game systems 2600/5200/7800 and games
               Catalogs and brochures for Atari line of products
                   Atari products for sale / Plus Much More!

                                  Fred Horvat
                                 P.O. Box 493
                          Chesterland, OH  44026-0493
                   Internet ID :

Map to CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94

     Knights of Columbus Hall, 7637 Chardon Road, Kirtland, Ohio
 W * E       | /    I-90                           I-90               |
             |/           |                                           |
   S   Exit /|            |                                           |
      I-90  /|           /|C                                          |
           / |RT.91     / |h                           |H             |
I-90      /  |SOM   ___/  |a                           |o             |
_________/   |Cntr /      |g                           |b             |Rt.306
        /    |  __/Eddy   |r                           |a             |
       /     | /          |i               *C.A.I.N.*  |r             |
      /      |/           |n                  SHOW     |t             |
____ |  _____|________________________________________________________|
     |       |   Rt.6     |R       |W Rt.6 (Chardon Road)  |T         |
     |       |            |i       |o                      |i         |
I-271|       |            |v       |r                      |b         |
     |       |RT.91       |e       |r                      |b         |
     |       |SOM         |r       |e                      |i         |
     |       |Center      |        |l                      |t         |
     |       |Road        |R       |l                      |t         |Rt.306
     |       |            |o       |                       |s         |
     |                    |a       |                       |          |
     |                    |d

If traveling I-271 North, keep going North then take I-90 East to Route 91
(SOM Center Rd.).  You will go South on Rt.91 to Rt.6 (Chardon Rd.) where
you will go East for several miles until you are at 7637 Chardon Road.

If traveling I-90 South, exit at Bishop Road and head South until you reach
Chardon Road.  You will then go East for several miles until you are at
7637 Chardon Road.

If traveling I-90 West, keep going West then exit at Route 306.  You will go
South on Rt.306 (passing Eagle) to Rt.6 (Chardon Rd.) where you will go
West for several miles until you are at 7637 Chardon Road.

Confirmed Vendors/User Groups
Updated:  07/24/94

User Groups
2600 Connection
CACUG (Cleveland Atari Classics User Group)
CVACC (Cuyahoga Valley Atari Computer Club)
NEOSTAG (North East Ohio ST Atari Group)
CAIN (Central Atari Information Network User Group)

AAA Video                        1 table power
Dr. Bob + Bob Rakocy             1 table
FMH Games                        1 table power
It's All Relative                1 table power + 1 table
Jeff's Atari Outpost             1 table power + 1 table
Stor Tech                        1 table
The Computer Shoppe              1 table power + 3 tables
Toad Computer                    1 table power + 2 tables

The dealers listed are only the dealers that have paid or are in the process
of paying.  We anticipate more dealers to participate...stay tuned to the
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG for the latest show information, or send
internet mail to "".

Tempest 2000 Contest

Jeff Morin from Jeff's Atari Action Outpost is sponsoring a Jaguar 
Tempest 2000 contest at the CAIN Atari Fun Fest '94.  Winner will receive
a $100.00 gift certificate good for any item(s) from their table or catalog!

Door Prizes at CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
Updated:  07/19/94

Below is a list of confirmed door prizes for the CAIN Atari Fun Fest '94.  The
method for distributing the door prizes has not been determined yet.  Stay
tuned to the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG for the latest show information, or
send internet mail to "". 
Atari Corporation           - 3 Jaguar Systems.
                            - 3 Tempest 2000 cartridges
FMH Games                   - Atari 2600 console
                            - New Atari 2600/5200/7800/8-bit cartridges
Jeff's Atari Action Outpost - 2 $50.00 Gift certificates good for table 
                              or catalog
                              1 $100.00 Gift certificate to winner of 
                              Tempest 2000 contest winner good for table or
Toad Computers              - To be announced.

Online CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Section

In order to keep the Atari community up-to-date on the CAIN Atari Fun Fest,
the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG has established a special section for this
show.  This section is located on the Atari SIG.  To get to this special
section, please choose the number next to the "Your Choice ==>" prompt at the
bottom of each menu.

     <<< THE ATARI SIG >>>
          (go atari)
     1 About the Atari SIG
     2 SIG Menu Outline
     3 Atari News...
     4 General Bulletin Board
     5 8-Bit Computers Support Area...
     6 16/32-Bit Computers Support Area...
     7 Portfolio Support Area...
     8 Lynx Support Area...
     9 Jaguar Support Area...
    10 Wanted & For Sale Board
    11 Voting Booth...
    12 Atari Library...
===>13 CAIN Online Newsroom...                       
    14 Help-Line (Q & A)
    15 SIG Directory Services...
   h=Help, x=Exit Free-Net, "go help"=extended help

   Your Choice ==> 13

     1 About CAIN Online Newsroom 
     2 Newsletter Format
     3 Staff & Articles in Need
     4 Deadline for Articles
     5 Discussion Board
     6 CAIN Newsletters
===> 7 CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94...
     8 Atari News
     9 Atari Show Announcements
    10 Rumor Mill 
   h=Help, x=Exit Free-Net, "go help"=extended help

   Your Choice ==> 7

     <<< CAIN ATARI FUN FEST 94 >>>

     1 About CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
     2 INFO: Dealer Prices & Contact Information
     3 INFO: User Group Information
     4 INFO: Cleveland Lynx-Up Information
     5 INFO: Map to CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94
     6 D/L: Flyers to Capture/Download
===> 7 **^** Bulletin Board **^**
     8 WHO: Atari Corp. Status
     9 WHO: Dealer Confirmed/Contacted
    10 WHO: User Groups Confirmed/Contacted
    11 MARKETING: Publications Running Advertisements
    12 MARKETING: BBS Advertisements Posted
    13 MARKETING: Places Flyers Posted/Distributed
    14 MARKETING: Users Sent E-Mail
h=Help, x=Exit Free-Net, "go help"=extended help

Your Choice ==> 7

     Option number 7 has all the up to date information as we get it.
Check #7 often!

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 Marketing

The CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 is being advertised regularly on all of the
Usenet Atari related newsgroups.

Over 200 Free-Net users have been sent e-mail about the show twice in the
past month.  Each of these 200 Free-Net users will receive a final
reminder about the show on the Thursday before the show.

The Cleveland Free-Net will have a "Message of the Day" about the Atari
show in the login screen which will last about a week and be seen by
thousands of users.

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 information has been posted to the Wanted & For
Sale Board on the Cleveland Free-Net which is read regularly by hundreds
of Free-Net users.

Major Atari gaming BBSs such as Star-Linx BBS and CATscan BBS have info
about the show in their download areas.

Over 25 Greater Cleveland BBSs have information about CAIN Atari Fun Fest
in their message areas.

All Atari user groups in Ohio and surrounding states have been contacted
about the show.

The following retail stores have been sent between 50 to 100 flyers each
(depending on location of the store).  These flyers (to our knowledge) are
in each store for people to take that are interested in the Jaguar.  The
flyers also include information about the "Cleveland Lynx-Up" for people
interested in comlynxing with other users.  A map has been included on the
back of the flyer to make finding the show easy.

Video Game Exchange (Lakewood), Video Game Exchange (Mayfield Heights),
Video Game Exchange (Cleveland), Video Game Exchange (Mape Heights),
Video Game Exchange (North Olmsted), Electronics Boutique (Randall Park Mall),
Electronics Boutique (Richmond Mall Shopping Center), Babbage's Software
(Beachwood Place), Babbage's Software (Great Northern Mall), Babbage's
Software (Parmatown Shopping Center), Video Game Trader (Mayfield Heights),
WaldenSoftware (Parmatown Mall), WaldenSoftware (Westgate Mall),
AAA Video (Parma), Computer Shoppe (Wadsworth).

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 flyers have also been sent to the latest Atari shows
to take place in the U.S.

Flyers about the show have been posted on the bulletin boards of local
colleges and universities and libraries.

News about the CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 has been published in CAIN Newsletter,
Atari Explorer Online, & ST Report.  News about the show will continue
to be published in these publications until the week before the show takes
place.  ST Informer will also be publishing information about the show in
the next issue.

CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 will be advertised in all major newspapers in the
Greater Cleveland Area the week before the show.

This marketing report compiled by: Len Stys

Dealers, Developers, and User Groups

The CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94 has been advertised well and should draw a large
attendance.  There are tables still available for dealers and developers.

If you are interested in participating in this show, please contact the
head show organizer--Fred Horvat at 216-729-0761.

The show organizers are especially interested in hearing from ST & Jaguar
developers.  This show is a perfect opportunity to interest consumers in
your new software titles.

Even though this show seems to be game oriented, it is not.  The show is
FUN ORIENTED for all Atari users.  ST/TT/Falcon030 developers and dealers
are welcome!

The CAIN News Exchange News-Service

The Central Atari Information Network has established a usenet newsgroup
called "".  This newsgroup is presently being used to
share Atari News information with other computer systems.  If you have any
Atari news to contribute, please feel free to contribute it to this area.  Any
news that you contribute to this newsgroup will be shared with other Free-Net
or Learning Village Atari SIGs.  There will, however, be a short delay while
your contribution is being approved for distribution among the other
computer systems.

The Central Atari Information Network News Exchange is your connection to
Atari News!  It is a quick way to get the latest Atari News happenings
from around the world!  This is because everyone contributes to this
newsgroup from different parts of the world!  We get first hand local

If you have questions about anything Atari related, please check your
Atari SIG for a specific area for questions.  If there is no specific area
for questions, feel free to contribute a question to this newsgroup which
will be replied to you in e-mail.

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is the largest free Atari SIG in the
world today.  If you have access to telnet, you may want to access the
Cleveland Free-Net by the address:  Or if you have
access to a Free-Net or Learning Village system, you can access the
Cleveland Free-Net through the teleport option.

This newsgroup is originating from the Learning Village -- Cleveland.
( or  This system is also known as CIVITAS or the
NPTN Free-Net computer system.

Atari News

 Atari/Edelman Press Release           Date: 7/27/94

                        Contact:    Marivi Lerdo/Laura Paden
                                    Edelman Public Relations
 For Immediate Release
 SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 28, 1994) -- Atari Corporation, the
 company that created the video game industry, has hired
 Edelman Public Relations Worldwide to help market the
 Jaguar, its 64-bit interactive multimedia game system.
 Edelman Public Relations was selected because of its strong
 heritage in general consumer marketing and its savvy in
 marketing technology products to consumers. 
 "To succeed in the video game business you need great
 hardware, great software and great marketing," explained
 Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive officer of Atari
 Corporation.  "Experts agree we have the best hardware. We
 also have 150 developers, publishers and licensees creating
 great games for the system," he added. "Now we have an
 award-winning international public relations team on board
 to make this the year of the Jaguar." 
 Edelman Public Relations, the sixth largest public
 relations firm in the world, has 27 offices in the U.S.,
 Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Asia Pacific. The firm,
 which was named Agency of the Year by Inside PR Magazine,
 provides public relations services in a full range of
 specialty areas, including consumer product marketing,
 technology, health care, business and industrial, travel
 and tourism, public affairs, corporate and investor
 relations, the environment and event marketing.
 Edelman's clients include Del Monte, The Ford Motor
 Company, Toys 'R Us, Visa and others.  The Atari account
 will be handled by consumer technology specialists in the
 firm's Mountain View and San Francisco offices in
 "We are pleased to be working for the company that created
 the video game industry and pioneered the use of 64-bit
 technology," said Richard Edelman, president and chief
 operating officer of Edelman Worldwide.
 The Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive
 multimedia home entertainment system and is the only video
 game system manufactured in the United States. Atari
 Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, California, designs and
 markets 64-bit multimedia entertainment systems and video

 Sunnyvale, CA-- Atari Corporation (ASE:ATC) confirmed today
 a majority of its 1994 300,000 piece production of Jaguar
 will be manufactured by IBM in Charlotte, North Carolina.
 Jaguar is the only 64-bit multimedia entertainment system
 and is the only video game system made exclusively in the
 United States.
 Sam Tramiel, President said, "We are pleased to have IBM's
 manufacturing strength and support as we commence volume
 production for the Christmas selling season and we are
 proud that this relationship has enabled us to
 competitively manufacture Jaguar in the United States."
 Atari Corporation designs and markets interactive
 multimedia entertainment systems. Atari is headquartered at
 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94089.

    Atari Corporation this week announced that it has signed an agreement 
 with the coin-operated game division of Time Warner Interactive, Inc., a 
 worldwide leader in video games and entertainment software and creator 
 of such arcade hits as "Hard Drivin,'" "Race Drivin'" and "Roadblasters" 
 The agreement will make Jaguar's award-winning 64-bit technology engine 
 available for Time Warner Interactive arcade games. The deal also states 
 that all software titles developed on the Jaguar platform by Time Warner 
 Interactive will also be available on the Jaguar home video system.

    "Embedding the 64-bit horsepower of Jaguar in our coin-operated video 
 games will enable us to broaden our presence in the largest sector of 
 the arcade market that demands high performance at competitive pricing," 
 said Geoff Holmes, CEO of Time Warner Interactive. "We believe the 
 Jaguar engine will be instrumental in helping us meet this important 

    "We are pleased that Time Warner Interactive has chosen the Jaguar 
 engine to power its outstanding arcade video games," said Sam Tramiel, 
 president, Atari Corporation. "This agreement will give a new segment of 
 game players access to Jaguar's unprecedented performance and provide a 
 host of hot, new titles for Jaguar. We look forward to continuing to 
 expand Jaguar's market reach."

    Time Warner Interactive, a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., is a lead-
 ing developer and publisher of interactive consumer entertainment pro-
 ducts that span across platforms from coin-operated video arcade games 
 and home video games systems, to game-based CD and computer CD-ROM 
 platforms and interactive TV applications.

(The following items are not advertisements.  They have been printed in
order to let CAIN Newsletter readers know that they exist.)

 Declare your support of the 64-bit Jaguar gaming system
 and get the JAG RULES rubber stamp. This quality custom
 stamp is available exclusively from Artisan Software. Use
 it as an economical way to advertise your enthusiasm of
 the Atari Jaguar. Stamp your letters and your envelopes.
 Stamp your arm arm as a tatoo. Stamp your money. Stamp
 school notebooks and post-its. Use a bright red ink pad
 (not included) for a vivid 2.25" by 1.5" image of JAG RULES
 in the impact of the Jaguar logo type style.
 Writing a letter to your favorite software company? Stamp
 it! Sending a birthday card to your best friend? Stamp it!
 Dropping a postcard to your brother at school? Stamp it!
 Let everyone know you're a Jaguar gamer. After all, in the
 empire of high technology entertainment systems, JAG RULES!
 The JAG RULES rubber stamp is available by sending a money
 order for $13.99 (includes shipping and handling) to:
 Artisan Software
 P.O. Box 849
 Manteca, CA  95336
 The price within California is $14.80 and includes
 applicable sales tax.
 For an example of the JAG RULES logo, call the CATscan BBS.
 Dial 209/239-1552. Download file: JAGRULES.ZIP. File is
 ZIP'd and requires PKUNZIP to decompress.
 Tradenames herein are trademarks or registered trademarks
 of their owning companies.

 The following items are available after July 1, 1994 as
 announced by Atari Corporation on June 23, 1994 at the
 Summer Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. All items are
 top quality and are officially licensed by Atari
 Corporation. Contact Norscot Group, Inc. for a color
 catalog. These items are NOT available direct from Atari.
 Also check popular online services and publications for
 releases of product pictures in various image formats to
 view on your computer.
 Please read disclaimers at end of file.
 To order products or obtain a color catalog, contact:
   NORSCOT GROUP(r), INC. (since 1970)
   10510 North Port Washington Road
   Mequon, WI  53092-5500  U.S.A.
     TOLL FREE USA & CANADA ...... 1-800-653-3313
     FAX TOLL FREE USA & CANADA .. 1-800-653-4904
     INTERNATIONAL ...............   414-241-3313
     FAX INTERNATIONAL ...........   414-241-4904
 DEALER and DISTRIBUTOR inquiries welcome!  414-241-3313
 A. CAP  (#185001)  $14.95
    100% cotton twill baseball cap. Adjustable back-strap.
    Black. Embroidered Jaguar logo on front in red.
    Embroidered Atari logo on back in white. Screened red
    cat scratch marks on visor. Made in the USA.
 B. T-SHIRT  (#185002)  $14.95  S-M-L-XL-XXL
    100% cotton heavyweight T-shirt. Taped crew neck. Black
    with a Jaguar screened full front and the Jaguar logo
    screened on the back. Made in the USA.
 C. SHORTS  (#185005)  $16.95  S-M-L-XL
    These comfortable shorts are extra long with side seam
    pockets and a drawcord waistband. Made of heavy-weight
    7oz. 100% cotton. Black with the Jaguar logo and cat
    scratches screened on the left leg in red and Atari logo
    screened on the right leg in red. Made in the USA.
 D. HOODED SWEATSHIRT  (#185003)  $27.95  S-M-L-XL-XXL
    50/50 cotton/polyester 7oz. hooded sweatshirt. Double
    sided pouch pocket, ribbed cuffs and band bottom. Black
    with a Jaguar screened full front and the Jaguar logo
    screened on the back. Made in the USA.
 E. DENIM JACKET  (#185006)  $97.95  S-M-L-XL-XXL
    This classic jean jacket is made of 100% cotton stone-
    washed denim and is sure to make a super impression.
    Traditional styling includes six button front, flap
    chest pockets and seam detailing. Jaguar logo embossed
    across back and embroidered on the left chest in red.
    Made in the USA.
 F. FASHION COLLAR SHIRT  (#185020)  $37.95  S-M-L-XL-XXL
    100% cotton pique shirt with two button placket, banded
    sleeves and extended tail with vents. Black with the
    Jaguar logo embroidered left chest in red.
    Made in the USA.
 G. LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRT  (#185004)  $22.95  S-M-L-XL-XXL
    Heavyweight 7oz. 100% cotton sport shirt. Long sleeves
    and 3 woodtone buttons. Ash body and red sleeves. Jaguar
    logo on the left chest and across the back in red.
    Made in the USA.
 H. DUFFEL BAG  (#185008)  $32.95  20" x 10" x 10"
    This large square duffel goes everywhere. Black with red
    web trim and handles. The Jaguar logo is featured in red
    with the Atari logo in white. Heavy-duty 1000 denier
    nylon cordura.
 I. WAIST PACK  (#185007)  $9.95  6 3/4" x 4" x 3"
    Zip front and adjustable poly web waist strap make this
    waist pack perfect for those on the go. Sized to carry
    essentials. Black 1000 denier nylon. Jaguar logo in red.
 J. LAPEL PIN  (#185016)  $4.95
    The Jaguar logo in fine pewter with brass finish and red
    enamel color fill. Standard post and brass military
 K. KEY CHAIN  (#185011)  $2.95
    Awesome! This acrylic key tag shows it all. The Jaguar
    logo printed on one side with a 3-D laser Jaguar
    hologram on the opposite side. Steel split ring.
    Virtually unbreakable.
 L. BIKE BOTTLE  (#185013)  $4.95
    For the fun times, carry this 30oz. bike bottle.
    Odorless, taste-free and totally FDA approved. Made of
    low-density polyethylene for squeezability. Black with
    the Jaguar logo in red.
 M. SPORT BOTTLE  (#185012)  $3.95
    Perfect for car, home or office. Features straw cap and
    32oz. capacity. Black with the Jaguar logo in red.
 N. ATTACHE  (#185019)  $33.95  17" x 13" x 4 1/2"
    Pack up your games and go. Use this nifty black attache
    featuring the Jaguar logo to carry pens, keys,
    calculator and more. Adjustable and removable shoulder
    strap. 600 denier polyester with PVC backing.
 O. PEN  (#185009)  $9.95
    The sport vector roller ball from Parker features a
    custom Jaguar print with the Jaguar logo in red and the
    Atari logo in black. Gift boxed.
 P. COFFEE MUG  (#185010)  $7.95
    11oz. ceramic "magic" mug. Black with screened Jaguar
    logo in red. Fill it up with a hot beverage and watch
    the Jaguar eyes appear.
 Q. SUN GLASSES  (#185014)  $8.95
    Classic style with satin-like acetate frame. UV
    protection. Black with Jaguar logo in red on bow. White
    strap with Jaguar and Atari logos screened in red. Black
    case included.
 R. WRIST WATCH  (#185015)  $35.95
    A black leather band and a black metal case set off the
    3-D laser hologram face on this watch. Swiss parts
    movement. Shock and water resistant. 3 year warranty.
    Gift boxed.
 Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation.
 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Norscot is a
 registered trademark of Norscot Group, Inc. This file may
 be distributed freely in its entire form ONLY and with
 distributor's intent to support the Atari Jaguar 64-bit
 gaming system. Prices, availability, descriptions and terms
 are subject to change without notice. Atari Corporation and
 Norscot Group Inc. are not responsible for typographical
 errors, modifications or omissions in this file.

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8-Bit Computers Support Area
Michael Current

8-Bit Support Area News

Right now I'm in the process of removing the Info-Atari8 Digest board from
the 8-bit Computers Support Area menu.  Few if anyone have been using this
board since we added the Usenet: comp.sys.atari.8bit board to the menu.
In addition, about a year's worth of Info-Atari8 Digests are kept by the
INFO-A8 listserv, which we can access through Internet e-mail.  Let me
know if you'd like help accessing this resource.

8-Bit Product News

Fine Tooned Engineering update

 From: F Tooned 
 Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 03:52:40 -0500
Hi everyone!!!
First of all, I would like to say thank you for the VERY positive response
there has been on the MARS 8 Project.
Secondly, I wanted to say that in the REAL WORLD, Projects and timetables
usually change due to well... CHANGE.
I would like everyone to read what Ben said about the instability of the
MIO.  It's true, and I've been getting a lot of units sent in to be
repaired.  Although I didn't design the MIO, I seem to have the responsibility
to fix and/or upgrade all the existing units.  I have always been loyal to
the 8-Bit cause, and the MIO is no exception.  Rather than telling a SYSOP
that his MIO will take 3-4 weeks to be repaired, and spending a lot of time
actually repairing existing units.  I have decided to REDESIGN to MIO, and
offer new units, as well as giving existing owners the option of "trading up".
What this means, is that I will be doing this along with the MARS 8 Project
simultaneously, for the simple reason of a NEW 80 column board!!!!
This way, the MARS 8 will support the 80 Column Hardware on it's debut
release and I will be able to keep everybody with MIO's happy about keeping
them running into the year 2000. (This way everyone can watch the R-Time 8
change over into the next century without locking up!!)
Anyway, this will delay things for a month or two, and will give Darek
something else to emulate in the PC-Xformer.   Which by the way
I am in FULL support of it, and have release the Disk-Based version
of MAC/65 as SHAREWARE to be used with it. (The only SHAREWARE fee that
is requested, is to buy PC-Xformer 3.0)
Needless to say, things are going to be triple busy and I won't have much
time to answer questions about the new products.  My answer is simply going
to be to FINISH everything, then release them!!
If you haven't heard yet, SpartaDOS X and the Express! (by Keith Ledbetter)
Cartridges are available once again.  FTe's numbers have been posted
in the Developers List, if you feel an urge to call.  Both lines are going
directly to voice mail right now, and I urge everyone to leave your name
and number so that I can call you back at a time (convenient to both of us).
This way I can concentrate on the MARS 8, the MIO, and the new 80 Column
Video board...
                                                Thanks,    Mike (FTe)

Status of AC Refunds

 Date: 30 Jun 1994 00:16:34 -0500

I'd like to give an update on AC refunds.  I've been working very diligently
on this for the past month, some checks have already gone out & the overall
process is about 50% completed.
About 350 people qualified for refunds under the policy explained in the
April 1994 issue of AC.  These broke down roughly as follows:
300 American
 15 Canadian
 35 Overseas
Of the 300 American refunds, 100 have already been delivered or are presently
in the mail, & the remaining 200 have been calculated & are in the hands of
Unicorn Publications, whenever they feel like writing checks & sending them
to me.  I believe the 100 already sent out brought us into the high "H's"
(they're going alphabetically by last name).
The 50 Canadian/overseas refunds were calculated & are presently en route to
From this point forward the speed of the refund process will pretty much be
controlled from Ann Arbor.  I have several hundred empty envelopes here, all
stuffed/stamped/labelled & ready to go, once Unicorn sends me the checks.
The checks typically go out an average of 48 hours after I've received them.
(I actually "stagger" the mailings to avoid swamping my local post office.)
Mike Hohman of FTE mentioned to me he thought Jim Hood might be planning
a July issue.  I haven't been able to confirm that.
Back issues of AC (disk or mag) are still available from me for $5/item,
though I'm not sure for how much longer.  Things are rapidly winding down
at my end here.  Anyone wishing to buy back issues should send cash/check/
MO to:
          BEN POEHLAND
          179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352
          Frazer, PA  19355
All 8 issues of the magazine (Dec '92 thru Apr '94) are still available except
for Feb '93 which is sold out.  Unicorn sent me batch of the special December
'93 Video Issue they found lying in their office, so my supply of those is
replenished.  The 4 Software Disks are also still available (also $5 each).
Anyone wishing to subscribe to future issues of AC should write to:
      JIM HOOD
      5507 Langford Court
      Concord, CA  94521.
I'll post one final message when all the refunds have been completed & sent
out (whenever that happens!).
      - Ben Poehland
        Managing Editor
        ATARI CLASSICS Magazine

(Editor's Note: The following was originally 40 columns.  The text format
 has been converted to 80 columns for CAIN Newsletter.)


Fine Tooned Engineering


   Well, it's summer already and Fine Tooned Engineering is still alive
and kicking.  The last 6 months has been the most challenging that we've
ever experienced.  The business has had its problems though, and now is a
good time to address them.

   The three biggest ones are...

A) It's difficult to reach somebody on the phones.

B) It's taken longer than it should to get some products shipped.

C) The Catalog still isn't ready.

   These problems do exist, and it is our first priority to get them fixed.

   Starting June 15th, the phone will be answered between 11am and 4pm PST.

   We are switching over to UPS as our primary carrier, and will be     
scheduling pickups twice a week until orders are sufficient enough to ship
daily.  This will also be in effect by 6/15.

   FTe has aquired Newell Industries, so our catalog has been expanded
considerably.  We are really trying to go "first class" with its prod-
uction, so please be patient as it will be worth the wait!

  (Hint: Pick up the June/July issue of Current Notes)

Everybody makes mistakes, and FTe is no exception to this rule.  The time,
expenses, and resources needed in manufacturing, shipping/handling, and
R&D has been much greater than anticipated. So...

Starting July 1st, we will have to start charging for shipping and
handling in addition to putting a $50 minimum on Credit Card orders.

The 800 line is for COD or Credit Card orders only, and will be        
answered 24 hours a day by our in-house voice mail system.

If you need technical information, or simply just want to chat, please
call us at 408-438-7325 between 11am and 4pm PST.  If you get transferred
to the Voice-Mail System on this line after the first ring during business
hours, please leave a voice # and your call will be returned within 30 Min.

The Fine Tooned BBS is up and running at 408-438-6775.  It needs a lot of
work, and should have 9600 baud support sometime in July.  There just
isn't enough hours in a day to properly maintain it right now, and
we expect that it will take until the end of summer to get it up to

The MARS8 Project has been delayed a few more weeks as we have decided to
add a 65816 processor!  The additional expense shouldn't cost more than $25,
and the reduced power consumption and expanded instruction set will make it
invaluable for future enhancements.

Well, that about wraps it up.  We hope that you will continue to       
support FTe through good times as well as bad, so that the MARS8 and
other new products may continue to be developed and supported.



What's new in SpartaDOS version 3.2g


Version 3.2f could only access drive ID numbers from D1-D8.  Now, you can
access drive D9.


A filespec that does not contain a drive number, such as D:TEST, will
now default to your currently logged drive on the command line.

For example, if you are logged to D4: a filespec of D:TEST will be converted
to D4:TEST, instead of D1:TEST as it used to be. This change can be very
useful when running programs from different drive numbers, since you
can access files with D: and they will automatically be taken from
whichever drive the program was was started from.

You must now be careful however, to always type D1: when you need to 
access drive 1 specifically.


A file will no longer be destroyed when copying it to itself.  The DOS
checks for this condition, and will report a 'File exists' error.

Commands such as:


will no longer destroy the file TEST.


All command line input, including all commands, files, and drive IDs, can
now be entered in either lower case or upper case.  Lower case was only
partially supported in version 3.2f.


Some commands have been changed, to make them more compatible with the X
cartridge, as well as making them easier to type.  The following changes
have been made:

CWD has been changed to CD.

CREDIR is now MD (Make Directory).

DELDIR is now RD (Remove Directory).

Note that with the Remove Directory function now called RD, the RD.COM
ramdisk handler needs to be renamed to RM.COM in order for it to work.

(This will be the name of the MARS8  compatible driver to be released.)


There are many additional error messages, so you should no longer see
error numbers on the command line.


A system lock-up bug has been fixed, when the clock wraps from 12-31-1999
to the year 2000.  

Also, the day of the week offset has been corrected for years after
2000, in the new TDLINE program.

We are 5 1/2 years 'ahead of time'


Program files containing a RUNAD, can now be reentered with the RUN command
after returning to DOS.  The normal process of saving the starting address
for a .COM file into Sparta's internal variables, was disrupted when the file
contained a RUNAD address.  This has now been fixed, so all program files
will behave the same way, whether or not they include the RUNAD address.


Several changes have been made to the keyboard buffering routines.  When
holding a key down for auto-repeat, the buffer will not fill up with
excess characters that the application program hasn't used yet.  There will
at most, be one additional character in the buffer during a key repeat.

This means that when you release a key, the repeat process stops right
away, whereas there could have been many additional keycodes 'stacked up'
when using version 3.2f.

The key combination Shift-Control-Esc can be used to clear all of the keys
currently stored in the buffer.  This gives you a way to cancel everything
in the buffer when a situation may require you to abort.

The 1200XL key functions such as DMA off, keyclick toggle, and keyboard
lock, now work properly.


The key buffer NOW DEFAULTS to OFF due to incompatabilities with certain
programs.  It can always be activated as part of a STARTUP.BAT file using
'key on' (even in lower case), if you would like this feature enabled.

The AINIT command was removed from the command line. However, the XIO Atari
format function can still be used within application programs.


Even with all these changes, the DOS file size has been reduced by 260
bytes, and the lomem has been dropped 119 bytes.  If you do not have a PBI
device, your lomem will be at $17A2.

Users with a PBI device will find their lomem at $1BA2, since the buffer
space uses 1K at lomem, instead of the $D800 PBI area.


FTe has decided to release a special 3.2 'gx' version that can bring 
memlo back down to $17A2, by placing the disk buffers under the OS at
$C400.  This has an added benefit of using a full 2K of buffer space,
instead of the 1K space allocated at memlo, and will help the DOS run

However, SpartaDOS 3.2 'gx' is NOT COMPATIBLE with BASIC XE, or any
other programs using the RAM under the OS from $C400-$CBFF.  It is provided
for those users who don't require this compatibility, and who would like to
have the additional RAM available.

NOTE that if you ARE NOT using a PBI device, (such as an MIO or Black Box)
you do not need the special 'gx' version, and will already get the 2K
buffer space and $17A2 lomem with using the STANDARD 3.2g version.


SpartaDOS 3.2g and 3.2gx are being released as Shareware on an AS-IS
basis.  If you do happen to discover any incompatibilites, please don't
hesitate to let us know, so that we might be able to fix the problem
in any future revisions.

This upgrade was made possible by everyone out there who took the time
to register 3.2f  Thank You!


If you like what you see, you may register 3.2g by sending $19.95 to
     Fine Tooned Engineering
          PO Box 66109

       Scotts Valley, CA


This will get you all 3 manuals in addition to the SpartaDOS Toolkit.


PC Xformer 2.0 Released (Atari 8-bit emulator)

 From: (Darek Mihocka)
 Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 21:24:37 GMT

PC Xformer 2.0 - The Atari 400/800 Emulator For MS-DOS Compatible PCs

June 20, 1994.

For more information write to:

Darek Mihocka, c/o
Branch Always Software
14150 N.E. 20th Street
Suite 302
Bellevue, WA  98007

PC Xformer 2.0 is a free emulator for MS-DOS users who wish to run their old
Atari 400/800 software. The file XF2.ZIP is today being released to the
online services Compuserve, Delphi, and GEnie, and will also be available
on other bulletin boards shortly.

The ZIP file contains the XF2 (PC Xformer 2.0) emulator, 10 pages of
documentation, and various sample 8-bit programs.

PC Xformer 2.0 is NOT shareware. You can freely use it, just as the original
ST Xformer program on which it is based on has been freely available for

Future upgrades of PC Xformer will be available for $29.95 for those people
who want the additional features, extra documentation, and product support.


Many of the limitations of the ST Xformer emulator are gone thanks to the much
faster processing power of the PC and its superior VGA graphics capablities.
If you previously used ST Xformer you'll find much faster emulation of Atari
8-bit programs with much greater compatibility.

PC Xformer 2.0 is the first and only Atari 8-bit emulator for either the ST or
PC that supports all these features:

    - 48K RAM with built-in Atari 400/800 operating system and Atari BASIC

    - displays all ANTIC text and graphics modes, including GTIA modes

    - displays player missile graphics (no collision detection)

    - handles display list interrupts, IRQ, and NMI interrupts

    - reads and writes to ST Xformer and SIO2PC generated disk images

    - reads MS-DOS files directly and automatically converts to disk image

    - switches Atari BASIC on/off with one keystroke

    - joystick emulation using the keyboard

    - full speed emulation on a 386/33 or faster

    - slow and fast modes of emulation for faster PCs

Features that will be found in future versions of PC Xformer are:

    - 800XL/130XE memory bank switching

    - player missile graphics collision detection

    - sound card, joystick port, modem port, and printer port support

The speed of Atari 8-bit emulation is proportional to the speed of your PC,
with a 33 Mhz 386 approximately giving the normal speed of an Atari 800.

Below is a list of processors and the approximate speed of emulation relative
to an Atari 800:

    - 286/16    - 0.3
    - 386SX/20  - 0.5
    - 386DX/33  - 1.0
    - 486DX/33  - 2.0
    - 486DX2/66 - 4.0
    - Pentium   - 7+

486 and Pentium users can use the slow/fast option to slow down the emulator
to normal speed.

Hardware requirements

PC Xformer 2.0 is a 16-bit MS-DOS application. It is designed to run on most
PCs with minimum hardware requirements. It requires a 286 compatible CPU, so
it is compatible with all 286, 386, 486 and Pentium based PC, as well as any
PC that can emulate the 286.

PC Xformer 2.0 also requires a VGA compatible display, and about 200K of RAM.

For additional information see the documentation file that comes with XF2
or write to the address above.

- Darek

| Darek Mihocka. net: darekm@microsoft |
|  Views expressed are always my own.  |


8-bit support from Richard Gore

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