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From: (M.S. Smith)
Subject: EA and the Jaguar!
Date: Wed Feb 22 09:37:07 1995

I looked at the latest Gamesmaster magazine yesterday and and would like to
know if anyone can confirm the news on the Jaguar.

First off they have said the Jaguar is to get Mortal Kombat II (another
said the opposite).

Secondly they said that Electronic Arts were to finally make games for the
Jaguar CD and to expect several hits from the 3D0.  Games listed as forthcoming

                John Madden's Football
                FIFA Soccer
                Wing Commander III
                Need for Speed

If anyone can shed any light on this, or confirm these details I'm sure this
would make great news for Jaguar CD owners.  Here's hoping it's correct.

From: (S94)
Subject: S.T.U.N. RUNNER & KLAX
Date: Mon Feb 27 10:57:37 1995

I would *love* to see S.T.U.N. RUNNER on the Jag. I reckon it
could easily ape the arcade version 100%, although I feel that
it's fine as it is. I don't want texture mapping or billions
more polygons, because that gave the original a distinctive
stylized 'feel' if you know what I mean. It suited the hard and
futuristic atmosphere. This was a fave of mine in the arcades,
but I guess you have to sit astride the thing for real and play
it with the steering column for that REAL feeling of SPEED !!!!

KLAX on the Lynx has given me many a sleepless night and is yet
another classic Atari game I'd like to see a direct translation
of (maybe more music and background graphics, but same gameplay).

Heck, Atari Games have tons of classics up their sleeves, why don't
Atari Corp. get them converted ? Don't they have some kind of mutual
agreement that Atari Corp. gets first stab at all conversions ?

They ought to be doing this rather than waiting for other reluctant
developers (I'm talking Virgin, Microprose et al) to serve us their
same old PC and Amiga stuff. I'm sick of it.

Remember the old 8-bit NES and Sega Master System ? People bought 
those because they had games unique to them (Sega in particular
with conversions of their coin-ops). They nosedived as soon as the
big companies got in and made games available across all formats.
Look at the Megadrive and SNES now, there's virtually no distinction
between the two as far as software is concerned. No incentive to
buy one system over the other.

Do you get my drift ? Nobody will want a Jaguar if it plays the
same games as any other system !!!

Erm, gone off at a tangent here... anyone share my view on KLAX and


From: Travis Guy 
Subject: Re: Will Troy Aikman have real player names?
Date: Wed Mar  1 11:25:10 1995

Rick W Brown  writes:
>I think producers of games like the above are ---way--- out of touch with
>the average gamer.  Don't they realize that the actual players are what
>make the game so gosh darn exciting?  Don't tell me, they also failed to
>include statistical tracking.  I'm not as eager to buy the game now, since
>I have four football games on my *16-bit* consoles which DO have NFLPA
>licenses and statistical tracking.  Oh, and Telegames is the company which
>made the Jag's Troy Aikman football?  Too bad, as Telegames, though the
>company's support is greatly appreciated, isn't exactly blazing new trails
>on the Jaguar, if you know what I mean.
TAF on the Jaguar will allow you to keep player ratings for one team for
an entire season. Player ratings? Each position on a team is rated for the
pay you give them, and ratings can vary from 1-to-4 stars. That's it.
I still wish that WIlliams had decided to go with the PC/Mac programming
house to do the Jaguar version... which would have been easy, as they have
a Jaguar development system theirselves. :/
>Also, I wonder if those producing Hardball III for the Jaguar will be
>sensible enough to add an MLBPA license, as well as statistical tracking
>(I WANT TO SWIM IN A SEA OF STATS!).  If not, I won't be as interested in
>buying that one either, since the tracking and role playing are key
>ingredients in these sorts of games, for me.
I will be spending a little bit of time this week in an attempt to track
down some information on this game, and a few more sports games. Wish me
luck on this!
>Sorry to so negative but why pretend I'm not disappointed?  Clearly the
>Jaguar has yet to be an attractive system for sport video games.
I'd say that TANFLF is an "average" football game. A disappointment for
what it could have been on the Jag.
(When you read that, PLEASE know that it would take an almost =perfect=
football video game to make me a happy gamer. I will find a flaw in any
video football game.)
 Travis Guy - Editor - Atari Explorer Online Magazine + "... but it's not
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   FTP latest AEOs from :pub/wilsont/AEO    |    --Fox Mulder
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Jaguar Commentary

I just thought of something.  Maybe the reason why the Jaguar has lack of
games is because all of the game companies are working to make the games
sophisticated in graphics and sound.  The bigger the storage, the better the
game.  But this might not be true.  Tempest 2000 is a fantastic game and
it did not take long to complete nor did it use much storage.  Maybe Atari
needs to make a few small fantastic titles for the Jaguar?  One of the
messages included in the "Messages of Interest" section is about how Atari
should make S.T.U.N. Runner and Klax for the Jaguar.  I say, why not?
Klax would be a great game for the Jaguar and it would not take nearly as
long as Jaguar games are taking now.

Atari is in a very difficult situation right now.  Atari is lowering the
price of the Jaguar.  There are people that think this is a bad idea because
they think Atari won't make money off of hardware.  The problem with
these people is that they do not understand the video game industry.
Atari is not a personal computer maker anymore.  When Atari was a personal
computer maker, it had to make money off of the hardware sold--not software.
But Atari is now in the video game industry.  And critics of the Jaguar
price decrease should realize this.  Video game manufacturers make money off
of the software (games) sold, not hardware.  I am glad Atari's management
realized what needed to be done.

Let's do the math (yeah, yeah).  Toys "R" Us, Electronics Boutique,
Babbages, and other retailers are reported to be selling the Jaguar with
Cybermorph bundle for $189.95.  This is not only a great price, but for
people buying the bundle at $189.95, they also get a coupon for a free
controller and their choice of Tempest 2000 or Wolfenstein 3-D. Let's see
the deal Atari is giving:  $249.95 - $189.95 = $60.00 savings!  Now if you
subtract the cost a Jaguar controller ($15) and the price of Tempest 2000
or Wolfenstein 3-D ($50) then there is a total savings of $125.00!
And deduct the additional cartridge and free game, consumers are actually
only paying $124.95 for the Jaguar with Cybermorph package.

The price reduction of the Jaguar will make the system compete directly with
that of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.  The new pricing will make
the Jaguar a mass market next generation gaming system.

If the games are there, if the marketing is good, then the only problem
that Atari will have is manufacturing enough to meet demand.  What a
problem, aye?  Yes, it is a problem.  It is a problem because with the
price that the Jaguar is at now, there will need to be over 1 million
Jaguars manufactured and sold this year.  And Atari is going to have to
find the capital to do it.

The Jaguar is a gold mine.  The only problem is getting enough mining
equipment to get this gold.

Atari WWW Support Area  
Mark S. Smith  


Toad Computers is proud to announce online support on the Internet,
including a World Wide Web (WWW) homepage, an ftp site, and e-mail for
sales and technical support.

The World Wide Web homepage allows customers to get product
information (like Jaguar game screenshots and availability dates),
request a catalog, learn more about Toad Computers, and view Atari-
related graphics and animations. Right now, the Toad Homepage even
allows online ordering of some products, like clearance games.

In addition to resources specific to Toad Computers, the Toad Homepage
offers pointers (or hypertext 'hotlinks' as they are called), to other
Atari-related resources on the Internet including software archives,
newsgroups, and other Atari-oriented WWW homepages.

"We believe that the Internet is an important new medium," says Dave
Troy of Toad Computers, "and if it helps us to provide better service
to our customers, we want to be a part of it." While there is no
graphical 'Mosaic'-type WWW browser for the Atari, Toad Computers is
very interested in seeing one developed. According to Dave Troy,
"Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the raw text underlying the Web, is
extremely straightforward. The tricky part of getting Web access on
the Atari is the TCP/IP connection that PC's can get using a program
like Trumpet Winsock. Once a PPP (point-to-point protocol) connection
can be made reliable, a web browser should be fairly easy to
implement." Right now, there are a few packages (such as
KA9Q/NOS/STNET/MintNet) which deliver PPP access on the Atari, and ZFC
(the makers of Edith Professional) have been talking about writing a
graphical browser. It is likely that before the end of the year,
software should be available to allow Atari PPP and WWW access through
a variety of local Internet access providers.

For now, to access the WWW homepage, Atari users will have to use
Internetworked PC's or Mac's equipped with a 'Mosaic'-type browser. In
addition, America Online (also accessible through Mac's and PC's),
will be offering graphical WWW access this winter. "It shouldn't be
too hard for someone to find a Mac or PC running Mosaic. Many Atari
users use these systems at work, and they can also be found on just
about any school campus -- from university to community college,
everyone is running Mosaic!," says Troy.

An ftp site is also available for Atari users to download files that
pertain to Toad Computers, such as our SYSINFO system & modem tester,
STraight FAX! support notes, and ordering information. Right now,
CompuServe, America Online, and GEnie all offer limited FTP access, so
users of these services should have no problem accessing this site.
And of course, any machine on the Internet can be used to access this
site using a conventional ftp client. The KA9Q PPP package for the
Atari includes a built-in ftp client.

Toad Computers has always been available through e-mail, but Internet
e-mail allows greater flexibility and faster response times. "With our
e-mail on GEnie, it has always been a project to read it and respond
quickly," says Troy, "and that has been particularly true with the
huge volume of mail we received after mailing our most recent

If you have sent e-mail to the '' address, please
be patient; it will be answered. However, for an immediate response,
please direct all e-mail to our new address, ''.

Toad Computers does not plan to stop visiting the Atari ST/Jaguar
Roundtable on GEnie. "GEnie has always been a core part of our online
support, and we appreciate the relationship we have developed with
customers and developers there. We will continue to post specials and
news files on GEnie, and we will also continue to be involved in the
Bulletin Board areas," says Troy. And of course, any e-mail received
at '' will be answered. However, customers are once
again reminded that response will be faster if e-mail is sent to

Toad Computers Internet addresses are as follows:

          WWW Page:

Anonymous FTP Site:
                        (ftp to,
                         go to pub/home/toad directory)


 E-mail from GEnie:
                        (@INET# instructs GEnie to use
                         their Internet e-mail gateway)

For more information, Toad Computers may be reached by mail,
telephone, or FAX as well.

Toad Computers, Inc.
570 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146-2925

(800) 448-8623 Orders   (410) 544-6943 Information
(410) 544-1329 FAX      (410) 544-6999 BBS
(410) 544-0098 FAXBack

Toad Computers is North America's leading supplier of products for the
Atari ST, TT, and Falcon computers and also supports the Atari Jaguar,
Lynx, Portfolio, and XL/XE computers.

=========================================== (C) TC, Inc. 1995 ========

Atari on the Web Editorial (1) 23/2/1995
~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the first editorial of Atari on the Web.  In this I intend to look
at what is going on in the Atari World taking a special interest in the Web and
Internet with regard to all Atari platforms.

I will look at whats new, look at the latest news and Atari related Web sites,
and discuss Atari's presence on the Web.


Whats new this month!
~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

Well there have been a few new sites which have took the limelight since the 
start of the year, which Atari users may be interested in.  Here I'll take a
look at a few of them and describe what you can expect to find.


A new company has recently took the computing World by storm at the recent WCES
show.  They appeared at the show with a demo of "Hover Hunter" their latest
product for the Jaguar and made quite an impression for themselves.  I, of
course, am refering to the new Web page by "Hyper Image Productions".

This page gives you an insight into this company and along with a description
of their history and their staff.  The pages are clearly laid out and simple to
follow.  There are some inlined graphics but on the whole speed is fairly fast.

Up to date news is included on the company and the progress of it's games. 
Currently their only product in development is "Hover Hunter" for the Jaguar.
There is a page dedicated to this game which outlines the story, what exactly
"Hover Hunter"is, a list of it's features, and a series of small inlined 
pictures from the game which you can download larger version of.

The game basically puts you in a hovercraft of your choice, with your job to
speed across the Displacement Texture mapped environment, over hills and 
through valleys using a variety of weapons to destroy everything.  Reports 
claim that it will not be ready until the Summer of '95.

Visit the site and take a look at the screenshots and features for yourself.



Jeff Minter enters the Web with his new page "Yak's Zoo".  Expect the
unexpected and enjoy his unusual and amusing perspective on life and the furry
animals of the World.  Of course this page does have some ties to Atari Corp
with a section devoted to his Jaguar developments.  Last but not least,
the "Zoo" includes a page on the history of "LlamaSoft".

The Jaguar developments page contains the latest news on the progress of 
Defender 2000 (D2K) for the Jaguar.  Each update is listed by date with the 
latest news appearing at the top of the page making it easy to see what he's 
currently up to.  It certainly is an interesting read and fairly amusing in a
surreal way.  Latest news looks like D2K may be a CD only game for the Jaguar.

Other things to look out for are Jeff's pieces on Tempest 2000 and the Virtual
Light Machine for Atari fans.  Non-Atari stuff covers Jeff's favourite games 
at the moment, what CD's he likes to listen to through the Jaguar CD and 
VLM, and a collection of links to external sites, mainly to do with furry
animals (the link is called "Furry Places to Be: Fluffy Web locations which
smell of goat", I think that says everything).

There's really only one way to experience these pages and that's to give them
a try, I think you might enjoy them.  Although graphics are kept to a minimum,
the access time is good and the content is very informative.  What are
you waiting for?



"Desert Star Software Home Page".  This new page is dedicated to the new 
company "Desert Star" whom are currently developing a new game for the Atari ST
and Amiga called "HollyWood Hustler".

The page contains links to screen shots and retail information.  This page
contains fairly large inlined images (access speed was good though)
along with comments on the game from different sources and descriptions of
what is going on in the game at the different points in the pictures.

You can also choose to view the same page of comments without the inlined 
graphics, but with links provided to the pictures if you wish to view them.
Supposedly this page won't work on Mosaic properly and the recommend Netscape
to view it.

The last link is a preview of "HollyWood  Hustler by "ST Format".  There 
isn't a great deal to look at and read in these pages.  The graphics are 
fairly attractive and the game looks like it could be fun, but the Web pages
serve little purpose other than to provide an advert for the game.  If you 
think you might be interested in this game then have a look, otherwise there
isn't much here to view.


What's going on on the Web
~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well, it is fair to say that a fairly large number of pages now exist that are
connected with the Atari range.  These tend to range from small personal (home)
pages, to some large pages dedicated to particular platforms (or all platforms
if you include my pages).  There are a few dedicated Jaguar and Lynx pages, a
few dedicated 8 Bit Atari and Classics pages, and a whole host related to
certain programs, and Atari computers in general.  There are some good
programming pages out there now which contain essential reference material for
budding programmers.

On the whole, the scene has grown massively since I started back at the end of
September with my pages.  Back then there were only a handful of pages in
existence and I set out to provide a service and put Atari on the map were the
Web was concerned.  From the feedback I've had about my pages I would say to a
degree I have done just that, and many people have expressed their gratitude. 
I'm currently compiling the most extensive list of Atari related Web sites I
know of and you can look forward to seeing that next month along with my
comments. If you are on the Web check out my Web pages in the next few days as
I add in all the new links I've collected.  Looking at all the sites I've
compiled so far it's good to see the number of links to my pages, proving their
popularity and worth.

As I compile the list I'm finding new sites almost daily, and I'm sure I've
missed some. On the whole, Atari coverage is now very good.  The dedicated
pages tend to be very thorough and contain a lot of recent and valuable
information, personal Atari pages vary in their usefullness.  For a run down of
what's hot, and what's not join me again next month.  Until then take care and
keep surfin'.

+ Mark Stephen Smith :                                           
+ Atari Web Pages    :              

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