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From: (patrick)
Subject: Rayman Commercials, where are they??
Date: Tue Sep 12 01:49:07 1995

I dont know about you guys but I think the
most effective commercials Atari pulled, were the
one were they specifically drew attention to a game
and not the power of its system. Like they did back
in the ol' 2600 days.  I think Atari should stop
mimmicking Sega and Nintendo style commercials and directly
advertise games Like Rayman(if not Atari UBI should).  I think
full commercials of Rayman, Defender 2K, And hopefully some
good sport titles are key to success this X-mas.
And a cool jingle wouldn't hurt.

Rumor Messages

From: (JBBJR)
Subject: Jag 2: 4x PSX & Upgrade for Jag 1!
Reply-To: (JBBJR)
Date: Mon Sep 11 23:01:05 1995

This reposted news from the ECTS show in London includes the info that
that the Jag 2 will be 4 times faster than the PSX and will have an
upgrade from the Jag 1. It will be released next summer:

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 9:47:09 BST
From: Nick England 
Subject: ECTS Show Report
Message-ID: <>

"Jaguar 2 to be in two forms:

1 - New machine with CD build in and new processors including a graphics
chip 400% faster than PSX chips. I could get no more details on the chip
other than that....8-(

2 - Upgrade/add-on to Jag 1 to bring it up to the same as Jag 2, bit like
a Sega 32X add-on. EXCELLENT....

Code name Mid-Summer, shipping to developers next month, for purchase
Mid-Summer next year!!"

Observation Messages

From: (Michael and Jennifer Miles)
Subject: Jaguar is in the Sears Wish Book
Date: Wed Sep 13 21:54:26 1995


I got the Sears Holiday Wish Book (It's earlier every year) today, and the Jag
has a page devoted to it.  Thought some of you might like to know.

Mike Miles

From: (patrick)
Subject: Distributers be Damned.
Date: Tue Sep 12 03:10:15 1995

We all got beefs about how computer and game stores screw Atari,
you know, by placing all the hardware and software in a small cramped
shelf, in a remote corner of their store...  you know when the Jag
only had twenty title I couldn't argue, but lets see if they are going
to shove all those new titles, CD, and everything else on that same
shelf in about two months-probably... and how about when... well let me
tell you what happened. I was in a babbages, and this guy was checking
out the Jag, I mean he really seemed interested, but I'll be damned that
the sales clerk did everything in his power to down play the system.
"well its only 32 bits", "It wont last once the newer systems come out"
etc etc.  Then he brought the guy over to check out the newer system, it
happened to be a Saturn.  The guy looked at the price, shook his head in
amusement and disbelief and simply walked out the store.  What's the
motivation? Commission?  Do sales clerks get commision on sales, so they
figure the more expensive the system they sell, the more money they get?
I think these people need to see Glen Gary Glen Ross, and get it in their
heads that when a consumer comes in your store, they are probably
interested in buying something, simply sell it.  Make the sale.  You must
be a dumbass of a salesman if you can't convince the average joe out
there:  You want the next Generations system?  Ever heard of Atari?  Well
they are back, with the latest hi-techfor the best price.  I could sell
you a 300 to $400 system, but I figure you want to save enough money to
buy games with right?  Here's Rayman for your kids, here's Arena Football
for you. K
I tell ya, I'd kill in commissions.

Worldwide Messages

Subject: Jag Spotted for 99UKP
Date: Mon Sep 11 06:36:56 1995

Just thought I'd say that I spotted the big cat in Virgin in Edinburgh for
only 99UKP including Cybermorph. Thats a pretty good deal considering
Dixons up the road was selling it for 179UKP.

Matthew Philpott                "Its not who wins or loses that counts,
Shiva                                           its who keeps score"
Edinburgh                                               - Solomon Short -           Tel. O131-554-9424

From: (Darren King)
Subject: Jag in Canada
Date: Sat Sep 16 16:36:40 1995

What is going on with Jaguar support in Canada?  It sucks.  I live in
Toronto which is the biggest city in Canada and I can't get my hands
on the games I want (which you all have!!!).  The only place I know
which has semi-new games is EB in Yorkdale and I went there Sat. Sep
16 and all they had from the last new ones was Flip-Out.  I have never
seen WMCJ up here , let alone Rayman, UV.  I wonder how long I'll have to
wait for the CD!  Anyone got any clues as to how it works for Canada?

Darren King, George Brown College :: ->

From: (Darren King)
Subject: Re: Jag in Canada
Date: Sun Sep 17 03:09:08 1995

In article <43fl5j$>,
Mark Rathwell  wrote:
>       Darren, for the most part, the video game market is a few weeks
>behind the US one. If you want the latest Jag games, the best place to
>check out would be the big Sam's on Yonge street. Avoid the "Video
>Connections" store though. Those guys are crooks!

The Sam the Interactive man has a Jaguar section alright but no new games.
The last new game they have is Flashback!!!  I agree that the video conne-
ctions store is a rip.  I just wonder why Canada is being neglected like
this.  Even back in the ST days, there were a couple of stores that had
all the stuff.  All the Sega and Nintendo stuff gets released the same
day in Canada that it does in the US.  Why can't Atari do the same?

Darren King, George Brown College :: ->

Jaguar Game Reviews & Comments


From: (Richard CDeBaca)
Subject: RAYMAN is awesome !!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sun Sep 17 01:44:49 1995

Just bought Rayman this friday and all I can say is I feel
sorry for the people that sold their jaguars, the fun is
just beginning.  The bright colors, and animations even look
great on an old cheap 13" TV. Everyone in my student apartments
that walks by and sees the screen wants to know more about the
Jag.  Who cares if people only find out about the Jag now. It
is never too late.  I think this game will definetly sell some


From: (JNET96)
Subject: Rayman: new system seller!  (was Ubisoft's favorite)
Date: Mon Sep 11 22:29:34 1995

The videogame SuperTour came to Vista Ridge Mall in Dallas
this past weekend of Sept 9-10.  Of the Saturn, PSX, SNES,
and Jaguar displays, the biggest crowds were around Rayman
at the Jaguar kiosk!

Rayman has vibrant truecolor graphics with such detail
that kids and parents were oooing and aaahhing at all the
characters and scenery.  The only thing I can compare it
to are all the epic Disney features like the Sorcerer's
Apprentice and Snow White.  That is what strikes you when
you see it....this is a great artistic creation in the
tradition of Disney.

People were predicting Rayman was a system seller but it
was too early to tell frm the E3 and other shows.  But now
that I've seen it and have seen the reactions from people
playing it, tis is like Super Mario and Sonic combined
for the Jaguar.  There are no versions for the other
cheaper systems like the SNES and 32X..and 90% of sales
are in lowpriced range so Atari has got a multimillion
seller goldmine!

Some guy said some Software ETC and Babbages stores
got their first shipment of Rayman for the Jaguar last
Saturday so check them out first.  The EB salespeople
here said they are expecting it anyday this week.

Ultra Vortek

From: Curtis Hepworth 
Subject: Ultra Vortek- random impressions
Date: Sat Sep 16 08:14:18 1995

Just bought Ultra Vortek last night...the graphics are stunning- absolutely
the best I've ever seen on the Jaguar! Very well animated as well- MUCH
smoother than earlier versions I'd seen on videotape. Music, SFX, and voice
are also extremely well done. Loads of detail and even quite a few humorous
touches. Control is excellent and the special moves are fairly easy to
perform- though I've yet to discover any annilation moves. :(  The manual
gives you about half of the special moves for each character and leaves you
to discover the rest, as well as the annihilation moves. Most characters
have 7-8 special moves. There are 4 difficulty levels in 1 player mode. In
my opinion this game would hold up well against ANY fighting game- including
those residing in the arcades! BUY IT- You'll LOVE it if you like fighting
games at all. It ABSOLUTELY mops the floor with Kasumi Ninja- Ultra Vortek
is LIGHT YEARS ahead- so don't be afraid to buy another Jaguar fighting game!
And now for the really random impressions:
There is a "PIT" in Hell's Kitchen- I should know as I got knocked into it! ;)
No throws! At least not that I've discovered anyway.
Combos- Don't know yet
There are some background related fatalities as well as the annihiliations!
A GREAT jump back move!
You can't finish the game in Training mode- and Killer mode will kick your
sorry butt!
Shades of the Defeated is great fun!
Excellent and very likable characters- there seems to be a far greater real
difference between characters than in most fighting games.
Yes, you can play character vs. (same) character in vs. mode.
Well- I hope this information is helpful to some people- once again I must
say that if you like fighting games at all this is a DEFINATE must buy! It is
one of the best- Great job Beyond Games!!
Curtis J.

From: (Glen Sescila)
Subject: Ultra Vortek notes
Date: Sat Sep 16 16:04:12 1995

   Well, I beat Ultra Vortek last night (the first night I had it) using
Lucius on Normal difficulty.  It is a pretty good fighter but I don't
see why we had to wait so long for it.  The extraordinary amount of time
Beyond Games spent on it doesn't show in my opinion.
   But I like it enough that I plan to beat it on Normal difficulty using
the other six fighters and then there is always the harder difficulties.
And two player mode of course will always be fun (like on any decent
fighter) not to mention the voice modem (if the code is in there).

Here are a couple of moves I have figured out:


     Ground Spark Wave: towards, towards, kick


     Aerial Firebomb (while in the air): push down and hit punch

   The only Annihilator that I managed to pull off was a pit type.  I
believe it was on the hell-looking cavern with fire in the background
but I'm not sure.  All I did was a normal uppercut and my opponent fell
off the bottom off the screen into some fire/lava looking stuff.

Looking forward to fighting some of you when the modem comes out.

From: (Clinton Chan)
Subject: Just Got Rayman and UV!
Date: Sat Sep 16 12:28:45 1995

Life is good!  Atari releases lots of stuff within a month's time
(i.e. White Men Can't Jump, Flip Out, Rayman, Ultra Vortek, JagCD...),
with good overall quality.

I ordered Rayman and Ultra Vortek from Bits of Fun (taking advantage of
their special offer) and the games arrived the next day.  As a satisfied
customer, I highly recommend Bits of Fun as a source for very current
releases with excellent pricing and service.

As for the games, I can give preliminary impressions.  Rayman has
colorful and nicely drawn, very detailed artwork.  It's lots of fun just
looking at it.  Animation of characters as well as the background is
smooth but at a sedate pace.  (things move around more slowly than Bubsy
and much slower than Zool2...but I haven't gotten very far in the game)
Control is excellent and gameplay is good.

Long delayed, Ultra Vortek has finally arrived.  When it was first
announced, UV was a promising title.  While waiting for its release, I
procured Mortal Kombat I and II for my PC and lost interest in Ultra Vortek.
I bought UV anyway because: 1) A UV developer claimed it's a good game and
2) The Bits of Fun offer was irresistable for me.

After playing UV, I can say that it is very competitive with PC MKII in
terms of control, gameplay, and character imation.  UV has the edge
over PC MKII in background animation and overall graphics detail.  PC
MKII has more characters than UV, but this is probably due to the limited
storage space of a cartridge.  However, I would have preferred an Asian
character in UV, a la Liu Kang or Kung Lao.  All in all, Ultra Vortek
could do well even as an arcade game.

I hope Atari can keep up the current release rate and quality of games.


From: (Michael Nelson)
Subject: Damn UV ! It gave me a blister!
Date: Sun Sep 17 03:51:40 1995

I picked up Ultra Vortek this morning.   The game is excellent! In
fact,  I haven't had this much fun with a Jag game since IS.
The graphics are crisp, smooth, and intersting.  I have no idea where
the animation complaints came from.   I was also impressed by the
energetic music.  Not quite in the same league with T2K, but still
very good.  They make heavy use of a heavily distorted guitar sound -
very cool.

I was a bit concerned when I breezed through the trainee level
opponents (uh oh, KN all over again).  Fortunately , the game got
harder on the normal setting.  The guardian kicked my weenie ass.
A big problem I had with KN was that opponents (even on Ninja God
level) would fall easily to repeated attacks.  I can run the table
using only a high kick.  UV opponents, though, will have none of this.
Only on Trainee level could I reapetedly use the same attack and
consistantly win bouts.  This is good.

Do I have any regrets about buying this game.  Yup, I've got a great
big blister on my joypad thumb.  I'm gonna have to wait for it to heal
before I play UV again.

From: "Christopher P. Cordell" 
Subject: Ultra Vortek (review)
Date: Wed Sep 20 15:40:58 1995


        Well, I just picked up Ultra Vortek last night and have played it
for some time.  My expectations going into it were, "I hope it is like
MKII or similar, better be!"

        I glanced at the docs for a minute while I frantically got the S-Video
cables switched in (its been some time I have had reason to connect up the
Jag).  Power came on and I watched the background/intro text scroll up.  Well,
I have been reading about this for some time, so no time for the history, let's
        First I selected the training level (I needed to learn the moves).

        Next, came the player selection screen where I could decide who to
"annihilate" first!  I picked Buzz-Saw, he looked cool.  After a moment, I
was there giving my first kick as I received a nice uppercut from Volcana.
My first thoughts were, "hmm, this is pretty good."
        As I played on, fight after fight, character after character, I was
quickly thinking that this is a great game!

        All of the characters indeed have a "character" to them.  They are
really unique in design, abilities, and style.  I was amazed that the game
was actually fun (after what I had thought was going to benother "ninja"
game that is fair).
        The moves are fantastic, and I don't even know them all.  This game
really plays well.  The speed of the charcters are great and the graphics
are very exotic and well done.  Also, I could actually do the special moves
without much trouble.

        Of course with all games, there has to e some complaints, and I
have mine.  Overall, its excellent but at many times during the play, I was
hoping to hear more audio action (ala MKII).  There are little sounds and
laughs in the course of the play, but I wanted more.  For instance, when I
was playing "Dreadloc" (I believe that's his name, with the big weap), he
has a move called the "Come here daddy" (I think) where he can grab you and
pull you close while your dazed.  Everytime, I found myself adding the
seemingly appropriate "Come HERE!" for the game.  He does say something during
one of the special moves but I wanted MORE!
        I know that the cartridge can only hold so much, but I am not the
only one who is going to compare it to other fighters.  A few more sound
samples are not that big in size but add to the play considerably.

        So, overall, its great!  In a few moments, my girlfriend and I were
having no trouble exchanging furies of fists and kicks complete with
some annihilations!

        Excellent job on this one!

-Christopher P. Cordell

From: (Sal Manfredonia)
Subject: Annihilation time!
Date: Sat Sep 16 22:07:17 1995

I decided to get the long-awaited Ultra Vortek today, and I'm quite
pleased with the game. The characters are cool, the backgrounds are
WICKED, and the music ROCKS!

The control in general is pretty good, although a few moves seem to be
rather fussy about the timing. For the most part, moves are easy to
execute, with one or two motions on the controller and a button or two.
Some of the moves are mentioned in the manual...not all of them. This is
cool, because it lets you have the fun of discovering some of the moves
on your own. So far, I've dabbled with three characters (Lucius, Grok,
and Skullcrusher), and I've discovered at least one of the "hidden"
specials for each. I'll post some of them later.

I'll give you one "combo" for fighting the Guardian with Skullcrusher:
Try a Brain Fryin' Microwave (which normally dizzies most characters, but
against the Guardian it repels him) followed by a Charged Particle Blast.
This works surprisingly well!

Oh, and by the way, if you discover any character's annihilations, be
sure to post them here. :)

Sal Manfredonia  (


From: (Michael Gallo)
Subject: Vid-Grid
Date: Sun Sep 17 11:57:16 1995

Well, after some time with the JagCD, I'll have to add this; Vid-Grid is
cool...The game is simple..or so it seems...It gets progressively harder
as you go along and what makes it worse is that the video blocks begin to
flip on you....So far I like it, and in a small stupid way, it does show
the Jag has power...Think about this, it's playing a video all broken up
into blocks, some are reversed, and unorganized.  I know it don't sound
like much, but the Jag has to play the video, break it up into blocks,
reverse some of them and keep track of it all without skipping a beat all
while spooling the video-stream off the CD...


* - NASCAR FAN - DALE EARNHARDT #3 - LinuX 32 Bit OS    *

Jaguar CD-ROM

Subject: Got my Jag CD
Date: Fri Sep 15 18:12:38 1995

        Got my Jag CD about a half hour ago.

        First impressions:

        A smaller footprint than I thought.
        Oh great, it needs it's own power adapter
        CD unit cover feels kind of cheezy...

When you turn it on, if there is a cart in the
slot, it plays the cart -- though it must check
to see if it is a REAL cart, as there is a memory
cartridge ad in the packing...

The Jaguar logo is modified with VLM type stuff,
and the growl is different...

Comes with Vid-Grid, Blue Lightening, Myst Demo and the T2K
sound Track.

Vid-Grid: This sucks, but it's free.  Do one of those
puzzle things.  The problem is that the FMV is pretty
bad (compared to the PlayStation and Saturn), at leas
with the stuff here, and the sound is "tinny".

Blue-Lightening: Uuuuh, tough call. It really feels
like BL on my Lynx just on a 32 inch screen.  I don't
know whether that is good or not yet...

Myst demo: Looks almost the exact same as the Saturn version,
though maybe a leetle more redish?  The sound has little pops
in the background though...

        All in all, I'm just happy I have my Jag CD, but I'm a
little worried about the sound which seems REALLY average
and poppy...

        Oh well, guess it's time to try out Flip-Out...
From: (DataWorx1)
Subject: JagCD First Impressions
Date: Sat Sep 16 15:45:47 1995

Well I've had the JagCD for 2 days now. Some initial impressions:

The Unit:
Not much to say here. Simple construction, layout is clean (yeh I opened
it ), another power adapter (it would have been better if it came with one
that would power both units). Initial CD loading time seems to be long.
This might just be my perception, because there's no visual feedback
during the initial load (the first couple of times I wasn't sure if it was
loading at all).

Bundled Software:

VLM : Execllent visuals.The interface could use some work, though; it
takes some time to get used to it. Interactive modes are great ... I could
see someone using this in clubs. Looks awesome on my 52 inch.

Tempest Soundtrack: Good exerciser for VLM

Vid Grid: I know .. the music is dated, the video is granier than PSX,
but I got to admit, everyone that I showed it to, had fun playing it (me
too). Personally, I'd like to see a periodic release of buzz clips.

Myst Demo: What's the point ? Play with it for five minutes and bag it. I
guess this is a substitute for a sampler disk. It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to port this game. It should have been ready (or bundled instead
of BL) when the CD shipped.

Blue Lightning: Why bother. Excessive use of poor FMV, lame graphics, poor
game play. I would have been happier if it wasn't bundled. Maybe I'm
wrong, but wouldn't you bdle a game that showed off your new
capabilities ? This could have easily been a cart without the FMV.

I would drop bundling the Blue Lightning CD; it does nothing to help the
Jag's "underpowered" image. The Cinepak compression sofar is unimpressive,
not nearly as clear as video on my PSX.  I'm dissapointed there's no Photo
CD capability (I guess 3DO is the only one that thinks its useful). Based
on the unit's construction I can't see why it couldn't sell for $100-125
in several months.

Overall, I'm just satisfied. If you're thinking of buying a JagCD, I would
recommend waiting for some software to appear, unless of course you're a
big VLM fan :) .

Just my 2 cents,


From: (Kevin Haley)
Subject: My view on the JagCD
Date: Mon Sep 18 08:44:36 1995

Well, it was a very busy weekend for me, I had Friday off to spend
all weekend moving to a new location closer to the metro Detroit
area.  I had known that Rayman and Ultra Vortek were going to
appear, but I just didn't have time to check any of this out.

Saturday, a friend of mine was with me helping me unload a lot
of my stuff and getting set up.  We took a break towards evening
to go out and grab something to eat.  Afterwards, we decided to
swing by the mall in my area to check it out and see how it looked.

I was pretty impressed, Detroit area malls are a lot larger than the
ones in my hometown!  ;-)

As we walked through it, my friend noticed an Electronic Boutique-
we decided to pop in and check out the state of the Jaguar presence

As we walked in, the top shelf in the back of the store caught our
attention: yellow eyes staring right back at us- 15 boxes of JagCDs,
brand new and in shrinkwrap!

My friend was ecstatic!  I was totally surprised to see the thing
was out in stores- I seriously considered buying one on the spot.

We decided to see if there was a Babbage's here and check out there
display- for any price difference on the JagCD.  Found a
Babbage's, no JagCD in sight.

By now, my urge to buy the thing was overwhelming.  Despite other
bills, we rushed [note "rushed'] back to ElBo and I approached
a clerk.  "Give me one of those JagCDs".

As he picked one up off the top shelf, I asked him if they had
just gotten these in today.

"No, we got the JagCD in on Friday morning- we've sold about
half our stock."

So then we rushed back to my place to open the thing.  I am
usually not an impulse buyer, I don't really know what
exactly motivated me to buy one on the spot.  We hooked up
my TV and the Jag setup.

First impressions:

The unit looks pretty good, it's a lot smaller than I had
expected.  It also fits quite snugly on the console, though you
have to make really good contact if it is going to work properl[K
We had a few problems getting it to power up because of this.


All I gotta say is WOW!  This is vintage Yak!  We spent most of our
time with the VLM, trying out a few of the settings and getting used to
the interface.  I am really going to enjoy this!

BTW, I had eard earlier that Minter may have coded in some bovines
into the VLM, and I believe we found one.  Play the "Ultra Yak"
track on the T2K CD and watch closely.  It doesn't stay on the
screen for long, and the pattern comes in parts (horns first, then
head).  I don't know if this is independent of the music, but we
were able to see this every time we played tt track.


I had low expectations for this game.  But it's really not as bad
as I had thought.  It's a fun puzzle game to pass the time with,
and my friend was really enjoying it.  Before long, he could solve
the puzzles on level 1 in 20 seconds flat.  That's when I
decided to go on to the Myst Demo.  ;-)


WEll, what can I say?  It's Myst.  Looks really good, visually,
it's the most impressive title of the pack-ins.  Too bad it's only
a deo.  ;-)


This was not as good as I hoped.  It kind of reminds me of
some rendition of Total Eclipse- only not as good.  The animations
were quite "cartoon-like" and bare in some spots, though they
were sufficient and in good spots that they didn't distract from
playability.  Playabilty was ok, but I wasn't very impressed.
We only played this game for about 20 minutes, though.
Coming in right after the PlayStation, the JagCD needed a
better pack-in game here.


With the exception of Blue Lightning, the JagCD is a very
impressive package.  The initial titles, of course, show some
lack of quality (esp. in terms of motion video)  but that
can be expected.  ong run is more important, and as with all
Atari hardware, it shows a lot of potential.  Time will tell if
this potential is realized, though.

Still, at $149, the JagCD is an excellent value.
If you're eager to expand your Jaguar, this is the obvious
next step.


From: (Mathew Hennessy)
Subject: Newly Purchased CD + Rayman
Date: Mon Sep 18 13:23:58 1995

        Went to EB at Danbury, CT, and they had at least 3 CDs left.  Got
the JagCD, and Rayman.  Was considering Flip Out, but didn't want to drop
that much cash at once..  Rayman was $70 (ouch!), not $60 as it has been
posted for other EB locations, but they took Citibank debit cards so I
was mildly impressed..
        JagCD is a sweet little unit.  VLM kicks serious ass, especially
in VLM+R (random) mode, especially when playing The ORB adventures from
the Ultraworld disc 1.  VLM actually caught a good number of transitions
and its selection of effects was 50-60% spot on.  I wonder if VLM has a
little easter egg, if you put in a certain song will it do something
special?  I'll have to whip out my Dark Side of the Moon to check, eh?
        Vid Grid: I like it.  Artifacting and blockiness, but it looks
better than I expected.  You'd probably need a 486-66+2spd CDROM to
match, pentium to beat.  I liked the song selection, in fact several of
them are probably going on a mix tape for my car stereo.  I'm sure the
blockiness would be less obvious if I weren't viewing this on a 32" set
with S-Video.
        Blue Lightning: IMO, sucks.  the FMV is OK, but the gameplay
suffers the same pblems that the Lynx version suffered: FLATNESS!  It
genuinely looks like a simple port, with some extra little graphical
doodads grafted on.  Now, I liked BL on the Lynx, because it compared
quite favorably with, say, Afterburner..  However, this is 5 years
later.  If you still enjoy Afterburner, you'll probably like this game,
but for me, it's probably going to serve duty as a coffee coaster.
        Rayman: ooooh.  Finally, a gme I can show to my nephews!  DOOM
and AvP were just too damn violent, and they're each less than age 5 so
the other games available wouldn't have appealed to them or their
mother.  However, Rayman is so cute and nice...  Graphics are 64-bit,
IMO.  Colors are rich and clear, and gameplay is quite nice, except that
it doesn't seem to allow you to switch button functions.  I'm not very
far into it, but that's pretty much the VLM's fault.
        Believe it or not, but now's the first time since Dec. '93 that
I've actually been excited about the Jag.

-Matt, Jag owner since 12/93.
| Mathew A. Hennessy     | "You'll pay ME to know what you REALLY think!"|
|    |       - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs                      |
|                        |_______________________________________________|

Subject: I got my CD!
Date: Tue Sep 19 03:00:28 1995

 The Jag CD popped up here in new orleans on the 15th. I fiddled with the
packins but wasn't much impressed by blue lightning, but then I was never
on for fly and shoot games, maybey later. I was slightly impressed with
the are you experienced video on vidgrid. The myst demo was cool and seemed
decent enough.
  What knocked me on my ass though was the VLM! Minter is a GOD! I was
playing with it with a bunch of classical music CDs. It really likes
Carmina Burana! some of the settings work really well with voice only Cds
also. This is really a visual Joy!


Subject: Got My Jag CD Today!
Date: Mon Sep 18 01:10:51 1995

    Well, I used my $100.00 credit [for a Genesis trade-in] at Babbages
Parkway Plaza in El Cajon, California, today to get my Jag CD for
$49.95.  These are my first thoughts:

    1.  Blue Lightning FMV has too much compression artifacts.  I don't
think the FMV is too grainy, but they could have compressed it a lot
less [especially if the CD does hold up to 790 megs] and ended up with
more impressive video.  Either that, or the built-in Cinepack is not
what it has been billed as.  I sure hope Dragon's Lair looks better
than this.  I have been expecting that game to look at least as good as
the CD-I version.  I haven't played BL a lot yet.  I die too easily.
It is not bad, but not good either.  The sound is very tinny.  I would
have expected more from a CD game.  I hope this is just the result of a
rush job, and not indicative of all JAG CD games.  This is not a system
seller, but for free, I'll take it.

    2.  Vid Grid is a fun game.  And devious.  I like how in higher
levels you have to guess which grids are mirror images that you have to
flip.  Try doing that with with fast moving images and 4X4 grids!  The
CD does a good job of keeping the images moving.  A deceptively simple,
yet addictive game.  A good choice for a pack-in.
   3.  The Myst demo does a good job of showing the graphic
capabilities of the JAG CD.  However, the demo is almost uselessly
short.  Good for a few minutes looking around, but that's it.  A demo
disk of upcoming games would have been a much better pack-in.

    4.  Since, I already had the Tempest 2000 soundtrack, there is
nothing new here for me.  Great as always.  I'll save the extra one for
a spare, or to keep in my car.

    5.  I tested out the VLM and haven't tried all the variations.  But
it is a great feature and works as promised.  Nice and worth the $49

    6.  Something I haven't read about is the CD+Graphics capabilities
of the JAG CD.  I happen to have a few of these kinds of CD's and the
JAG CD performs flawlessly.  If you want to test it, buy or rent Little
Feat "Representing The Mambo".  It isn't advertised as such, but it is
a CD+G disk and is excellent.  Also, there are a ton of Karaoke disks
out there that also take advantage of this feature.

    7.  I think the packing of the CDs is cheap looking.  Something
along the line of the SEGA CD, Saturn, and Playstation packaging would
add more credibility to this addition to the system.

    Bottom line.  It's worth the $149.95.  But no more.  Now let's see
some real games that take advantage of the power in this system.

From: (John Hutchens)
Subject: Another Jag CD Owner
Date: Mon Sep 18 04:30:14 1995

After searching around San Diego, I finally found one. I was kinda bummed
about having yet another, HUGE wall wart to plug in, but I can overlook

I powered up and got a new Jaguar logo with a random effect in the
background. Actually, sometimes, the Jag logo will pulsate with color and
show a random VLM background. The first thing I stuck in the drive (I had
to put something in, cause there was this picture of a CD with a question
mark i front of it) was the Tempest 2000 soundtrack. This brought me to a
CD control panel. After pressing the B button to start playing, I for the
first time witnessed the incredible VLM. And incredible it is! I must have
wasted 2 hours flipping through banks and listening to the 2000 CD before
I even thought to try out the other programs. Yak, you're an amazing

Ok, now time for Blue Lightning. I must say that I didn't have high hopes
for this one, and I wasn't disappointed. This game's pretty lame. It's
Sega's arcade Afterburner with worse graphics. The FMV intro and the
between sequences are allright, but I would have hoped for something
better. Even Crash n' Burn on the 3D0 was better than this! I guess that's
why we only saw pictures of the plane on Jag promo literature a while
back. If they were trying to get your hopes up with the aual game, you
might have bought a 3D0! (Ok, not a 3D0) :)

Vid Grid. This was more appealing than Blue Lightning. It's entertaining,
even if I don't really like most of the videos. I think that High Voltage
must have picked the most complicated videos they could find, though,
because most of them cut so damn much, it's almost impossible to get a
point of reference when the tiles start gting smaller (so far, I'm up to
5x5). The intro to this disc should have been coded into ROM on the Jag
for startup. Jag logo in 3D comes up from bottom of screen and claw marks
slash to finish tail of letter R with good snarling samples. Probably
common in Jag commercials (of which I have never seen one of, where do
they advertise??)

Myst Demo. Very short, but show's of graphic capabilities of the Jag well.
Interactive part limited to Library. Considering it's on my television,
it's as good as any computer version I've seen.

It's a good piece of hardware, and worth the money for the VLM alone. This
will be fun to run at parties. Just pop in a disc, turn it on, and pass
around a joint or two. Haven't tried it in an altered state, but it's
                                                                     begging me


Jaguar Cheats

Rayman Code

From: (Patrick Nguyen)
Subject: Rayman Breakout!
Date: Sun Sep 17 14:08:22 1995

Wow!  Who needs Breakout 2000?  We have Rayman breakout?  It's pretty cool.  I
love when Rayman dives for the ball that's just out of reach.

Has anyone done any codes besides 1364 (thank you, UBISoft, for giving an easy
teaser code)?

Jaguar CD Trick

      Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 22:49:01 -0400
      From: Neuralog 
        To: Multiple recipients 
   Subject: Super VLM *Without* CD!
   Comment: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
            video gaming industry


   My first post to this list, so hope you get it!

   You may know this already, but...

   I was fiddling with my JagCD to see if there was
   some secret way to get it "Roar", and I discovered that
   with NO Cd or cart in pressing "* + # + A" puts it in VLM

   Not JUST VLM mode, but VLM mode with greater (more wildly
   colorful) effects! Try it and select effect 3-8 and
   select track 85 and enjoy.

   I'm posting this in hopes someone who doesn't already
   know will find it entertaining and also to see if anyone
   has found any other bits'o fun.

   Still Looking for the Roar,

   > > Ken Land > >

Jaguar Retailer Letter Writing Campaign

For those of you who wish to write retailers in order to encourage
them to carry the Jaguar:  It is your right as a consumer to do so, but
please state that this is an independent Internet letter writing campaign.

It is very important to keep the letters coming.  This is because retailers
will think we aren't sincere if they receive a bunch of letters at one time
and then none now.

Two retailers have been taken off of this list.  The first is Best Products.
This is because the retailer has already made up the catalog this year and
will not be adding any new products to their selection this year.  The second
is Walmart.  This is because the retailer agreed to carry the Jaguar in a
number of their stores.

Remember that Toys "R" Us is already carrying the Jaguar in a large number
of their stores.  Only write this retailer if the Jaguar is not in the
Toys "R" Us near you.

The names and addresses are:

Mr. Joe Hofmeister
KMart Corp.
3100 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI  48084-3004

Jack Zasadzinski
Toys "R" Us Inc.
461 From Road
Paramus, NJ 07652-3524

Dawn vonBechmann
Circuit City Stores Inc.
9950 Mayland Drive
Richmond, VA 23233-1463

Lisa Odell
Best Buy Co. Inc.
7075 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN  55344

Don't forget, state that this is an independent letter writing campaign.
Good Luck!

Jaguar Commentary

It was an impressive month of September for Atari.  Rayman, Ultra Vortek, and
the Jaguar CD-ROM were all released.  Rayman and Ultra Vortek may be the
blockbuster games of the year.  Also, I'm told by Mark Leair that Atari is
airing a very good commercial to promote the Jaguar.  The commercial actually
shows the Jaguar system!  It is usually a good idea to show the product you
are advertising in commercials, especially if consumers aren't familiar with
the product you are trying to sell.  Atari didn't show the Jaguar unit in
many of their past commercials.

So what is Atari's management up to?  Some people would say nothing.  Other
people would say something big.  I don't know.  But I do know what I think
Atari's management should be doing.

Atari's management should be getting ready for a very large marketing
campaign of the Jaguar (around $20 million) starting on October 1, 1995.
Most of the marketing would be through television since it is important to
get the general consumer aware of the Jaguar.  Those that read video game
magazines already know what the Jaguar is and what games are available
for it.

One of the commercials produced to promote the system would be aired
throughout the Holiday season.  This commercial would show shots of the actual
Jaguar hardware so that consumers can become familiar with what it looks like.
The commercial would also show some impressive game screen shots and advertise
the facts that the Jaguar is only $159.95 and Made in the U.S.

Another commercial that would be focused during the month of November would
show all of the Jaguar games available.  This will show the consumer that the
Jaguar has the games.  And we all know games are what sell systems.

The other commercials would focus on specific Jaguar games: Ultra Vortek,
Super Burnout, Defender 2000, Iron Soldier II, and Charles Barkley Basketball.

Every Jaguar box would include a full four page catalog of Jaguar games that
can be ordered through Atari.  Most retailers will not carry the entire Jaguar
library and Jaguar owners will need a way to purchase them.

During the month of October, Atari's management should try their hardest to
get all of those retailers that did not sign to carry the Jaguar to sign and
carry the Jaguar.  The commercials and demand for the Jaguar should be enough
to convince them that it would make sense to carry the product.

As for hardware release dates...  Atari's management should be sending the
second generation Jaguar development systems to developers now so that at
least a few games will be ready for it when it is released in Fall of 1996.
The voice modem will probably not be released until the first quarter of 1996,
but all of the games being released now should utilize the modem.  A web
browser cartridge should be available for it (or come with it) so that Jaguar
owners can check out the Atari world wide web page (and other Atari pages).
The Virtuality headset should not be released until the second quarter of
1996 so that there are enough games available for it when released.  All of
the Virtuality headset games should make use of the voice modem.  The second
generation Jaguar should be released in Fall of 1996.

-Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows
Mark Leair

                           <<   Computer Shows  >>

                              Updated: 08/28/95

To include shows (preferably shows that include Atari products),
for the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Show list and the CAIN newsletter,
send the show's name, date, location, and any additional information to  Please address the e-mail with the subject
"Computer Show".  The following information is correct to the best of our
knowledge.  However, we cannot guarentee its accuracy.  Corrections and
cancellations are therefore requested.

|Shows at a Glance|
|        Name                    |     Location             |  Date    |
|1. Dallas Atari Show            |Dallas, TX                |10/07/95  |

For more information on these shows, please consult the Atari SIG on the
Cleveland Free-Net (telnet to or
Once connected to the Free-Net type 'Go Atari' to get to the Atari SIG.

In addition to show information, the CAIN newsletter would like to print
any reports, summaries, or reviews of these and other recent shows.  Please
send any of these articles to ''

Stu Huffman

Success:  MIST AtariFest VII at Indianapolis July 29, 1995

Next Year?  It'll be a week earlier if all goes well in '96!

Sorry to be so late with a report, but ....

Success of MIST AtariFest VII is official:  David Troy proclaims
it on the Toad Computer Home Page on the World Wide Web
( ... but if you missed MIST VII,
you missed super Atari action.

Co-Chair Charlie Sears says in a preliminary report that
attendance was down -- but the two ballrooms provided so much
extra elbow-room that everyone could spread out in the double

Ticketed attendance totaled 257, off only 20 from 1994.  That's
barely 40 down from earlier years when the MIST guess-timates
were "about 300."

Gross revenue is will exceed expenses to pay the hotel and cover
other costs such as promotions and postage.

Next year?  Another AtariFest?  That's the obvious plan, but how
can appeal be widened?   Perhaps MIST can incorporate more of
the era's reality, such as the interest in Jaguar game machines?
And by then the Atari Virtual Reality machines may be considered
a part of the program, too.  Post your opinion, please!

BTW:  The Best Western Hotel is not available on the LAST
Saturday of July next year.  It is available a week earlier,
July 20, 1996.  Pencil in that date, but remember that the
date of any event next year is likely to be July 20.

Five Jaguar games donated by Atari Corp. were sold at a silent
auction.  Top bidders and prices on each game:

  -- Alien v. Predator and T2K to Edward Baiz, Granger, Indiana
  -- Iron Soldier and Doom to Alan Horton, Berkeley, Illinois
  -- Hover Strike, Marcella Elswick, Columbus, Ohio

Winner of the Jaguar game machine donated by Atari Corp. as the
No. 1 door prize was Douglas Hodson of Rising Star Computers at
Dayton, Ohio, an AtariFest vendor in past years who came as a
user this year.  Dorothy Brumleve of Urbana, Illinois, was
another former vendor who attended this year as a user -- and as
a writer for the GEnie Light magazine.

Other door prizes and their winners:

     -- Shadow of the Beast to Larry White, Mooresville, Indiana
     -- Leander to Jim Banner, Ellisville, Missouri
     -- Awesome ST to Richard Smiley, Kokomo, Indiana
     -- Ork to Robert Mattingly, Rising Sun, Indiana
     -- Armour Geddon to Roger Baker, Indianapolis

     -- PC X-former 3.2 to Henry Murphy, Urbana, Illinois

     -- Rock 'n' Roll Slams to Kathy Henderson, South Bend,

     -- EditPlus to Bill Haddick, Collinsville, Ohio

     -- RAM Gizmo to Aaron Cardinal, Martinsville, Indiana
     -- Pianistics to David Bullock, Beaver Creek, Ohio

     -- Crawly Crypt Collection CD-ROM, Volume 1,
        to Marcella Elswick, Columbus, Ohio

     -- CardFile 4 to Rob Cable, Canton, Michigan

     -- Walnut Creek CD-ROMs to:
        Ronald Elsass, Wapakoneta, Ohio
        Ralph Siemers, Plainfield, Indiana
        Mike White, Schaumberg, Illinois

     -- License Plate Holders to:
        Craig Harvey, Ann Arbor, Michigan
        Robert St. Clair, Fort Wayne, Indiana
     -- 10 Public Domain Disks to Robert Goodwin, Louisville

     -- Flash II to Nick Dimasi, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

     -- Trak Ball to Kevin Yurkus, Lafayette, Indiana

     -- "Motorola Inside" T-Shirt to Sherri Thomas, Danville,

     -- ProStick to Dave Pennekamp, Norwood, Ohio
     -- "My Other Computer Is an Atari" T-Shirts to:
        Jerry Coppess, Greenville, Ohio
        Hassen Hammoud, Indianapolis
     -- ST Format magazine to Ronald Elsass, Wapakoneta, Ohio

     -- Star Raiders to:
        Syndee Knight, Bloomington, Indiana
        Thomas Tolman, Beaver Creek, Ohio
        Ann Cornell, New Lexington, Ohio
        Ben Haddick, Collinsville, Ohio
        Adam Elsas, Wapakoneta, Ohio
        Paul Schintgen, Chicago, Illinois
     -- Home Filing Manager to Paul Cornell, Somerset, Ohio
     -- STar Quake to Paul Palmer, Solon, Ohio

Many thanks to all who helped make MIST a success again:

from the co-chairs, Charlie Sears and Stu Huffman

Vote Issues and Results
Mark Leair
                               << Voting Booth >>

On occasion CAIN will conduct surveys on various issues affecting the Atari
Community.  Results are then published in the following issue of CAIN.  There
are now three methods for voting on these issues:

     1>  Cleveland Free-Net users may use the Voting Booth located on the
         Atari SIG.  It is option '11' off of the Atari SIG's main menu.

     2>  World Wide Web users can use CAIN's Virtual Voting Booth --  option
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     3>  Ballots are also excepted by internet e-mail.  To vote for this
         month's issue place "CAIN Vote 5-95" in the subject line of
         the message.  Next, cast your vote in the message body by entering
         "Yes" or a "No".  Send this email to:

Last month's issue

Do you like the idea of remodeling old games into ne "2000" versions?

Results:      37 people voted on this issue:

           1. Yes                 32      or    86%
           2. No                   3      or     8%
           3. No opinion           2      or     5%

A new issue will be posted next month!

General Information of Need

How to Contribute to CAIN

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                              Newsletter Needs

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THOUGHT OF THE MONTH:  It is now time to see Atari's marketing come alive...
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