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Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.questions
From: ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dennis Melcher)
Subject: Re: Questions on hard drives
Date: Sat Jun  2 05:29:25 1990

The MIO made by ICD, can handle/work with only SCSI or SASI interfaces.
There are harddrive assemblies that have the interface built in, such as an Rodime 652 (20 meg) that could be connected directly .
Also many other types of hard drive assemblies can be used with a seperate interface that provieds an SCSI or SASI port.(IBM stan.
If you already have an Mio, in the back of the manual there is a list of hard drives it will support.
Any SASI or SCSI interface and hard drive assembly can be used as long as you have the software to format it and the DOS is able .

Dennis Melcher ai980

Thanks for the further information...I forgot my exact answer to the question
you're replying to, but I meant to mention that the MIO supports SCSI and SASI
interfaces.  If I didn't, thanks for the input.  Yes, some HD's come with
their own controllers, but many do not...I believe most of the Seagates
come with their own controllers, but I could be wrong.  Thanks again
for your input...


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