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Article #442 (635 is last):
From: Stu Huffman 
Subject: New Atari Magazine (fwd)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat May 18 18:18:38 1996

FYI ... in case this message didn't reach some of you.  We have invited 
TJ to bring his Atari magazine story to a vendor table at MIST Atari Fest in 
Indianapolis on July 13 ... Best regards to you all...

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 Stu Huffman, Indiana Dept. of Education:
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Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 17:01:45 -0700
From: Thomas Ferreira 
Subject: New Atari Magazine

Let me introduce myselNNNf.  My name is Thomas (TJ) Ferreira and if you have
not noticed lately in the Atari newsgroups that I have been posting notes
about a possible new Atari based magazine that I may be producing.  Here are
the letters I have posted thus far:

#1 message *
Hello there folks!  I am doing a little research and thought the newsgroups
would be a great place to start.  I have been toying with the idea for years
to produce an Atari based magazine and would like to get some feedbackNN from
all you Atarians out there.

Here in North America we do have (2) very fine Atari based magazines; Atari
ST Informer from USA and Current Notes from Canada.  I want to feel the
waters and see if the current market would receive well a new and fresh look
at an Atari based magazine.  

I have many very good, fun, and new ideas for this Atari magazine and am
almost to the point of jumping aboard and joining the Atari magazine crowd.
This magazine will mostly cater to the Atari computer line butNNN will have
some info for the gamers at heart.

If you are one that currently subscribes to other Atari magazines and would
most likey subscribe to a new magazine, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!

Please email me at:

Just let me know your thoughts and if you truly believe you would be a
potential subscriber.  

Thanks for help and look forward to many many responses.  I would also love
to hear from other Atari based magazines on there ideas and insights of the
Atari magazine markeNNt.

Thanks Again!!!!

Thomas Ferreira

#2 Message  *
I have had this message posted online for a couple days and have had a good
amount of responses.  If you have not responded so far my email about your
ideas and  thoughts of this new magazine, THEN I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  

I wish to hear your ideas and responses.  Do you want to keep the Atari
platform ALIVE and WELL??  Then respond and be heard.  I want this magazine
to happen for me, for you, for advertisersNNN, and for all computer
enthusiasts.  This Atari platform is FUN and we have years of life left
right now if we all work together.  You never know, if we keep the ball
rolling long enough, someone or some company may bring back the Atari
concept!  Would it not be great if someone acquired the rights to say the
never release ST BOOK notebook that Atari was producing and revamp slightly
for todays market!! I would buy one for sure.  

Anyway, I want to hear from you and need the further data to get theNNN
magazine going.  EMAIL TODAY!!!!!

Original Letter below......
I removed because you have above....

Anyway, as you can tell I am actively collecting data so I can make this
possible venture a reality.  Since you are still dealing with Atari product,
do you believe you would be interested in this new magazine to:

A.) Advertise
B.) Subscribe
C.) Sell Retail if you are a dealer
D.) Make available to your user groups if you are part of a club
E.) etc...

I want to make sure enough readersNN and advertisers are out there for this
new magazine.  If you develop products, I would also like to discuss
possible special subscription rates for your registered users.  If they buy
your product, they also get special rates on this new magazine, etc...
Ideas like this so we can all benefit and keep the user informed.  I have
many dealer/developer ideas I would like to use when the time comes and
would like to discuss....

NNNway, just pop me a note about your thoughts on this project and we will
go from there.


Thomas Ferreira

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ANNrticle #443 (635 is last):
From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Don's Wacky Deal #2
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat May 18 18:20:21 1996

TO: Atari Devotees at Large 
FR: Earthbound Internet Inhabitant (a.k.a. Don Thomas @ Atari) 
LAST REVISED: 5/15/96 12:00 PM PaNNNNcific Time

Okay, it's May and I'm sniveling all over the office. The four T's think it's
because I want to do another wacky sale, but it's actually because my hay
fever symptoms are going ballistic. But, heck, if they want to believe I'm
"dyin'" to instigate another frenzy on some cool Atari stuff, who am I to say
otherwise. Right!?

The excuse this time is that the warehouse has finally relocated (which they
have) and they need to find ways to make room without stacking each and every
box neNNatly from floor to ceiling (which they do). So what a wonderful
opportunity to host a brand new sale to help them with their little (big)
problem. Besides, we make people happy.

So, with much ado, I have worked with Big Ray over at our warehouse and we
have isolated some nifty thingos for you to ponder.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you choose not to read and understand sale terms there's
a BIG chance we will reject your order and someone else may beat you to some
items you want. Please permit me to be bNNNlunt...


These items listed below are available at outstanding values and do NOT
include personalized phone services such as phone orders or checking on
shipments (until 15 business days have passed). Your order will be printed and
entered and I will contact you ONLY if we determine one or more items cannot
be fulfilled. All items are "as-is" and probably don't have boxes or
instructions (all games have instructions although they may be photocopies).
These are trade shNNow returns, refurbs, store returns, reclaims, employee use
items, media review returns, developer on-loan returns, etc. (Some new items
may be mixed in for fun.) There are NO REFUNDS and the standard 90-day
warranty will not apply.... BUT every item is guaranteed to work for a 30-day
period or it will be replaced or repaired at Atari's option. Some of the items
may have slight scratches or other small cosmetic packaging flaws. None are
being sold under new conditions. All items are in limited quantityNN and subject
to prior sale. It will be best to order by credit card so that we can adjust
the transaction accurately if we are unable to ship everything requested. I
cannot hold product for money orders to arrive.

Okay, enough with the lawyer stuff already! Here's how to order... Send me an
E-Mail to:


fax the information to 408/328-0909

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE on these items. You may also snail mail your order with
a money order (or credit card) to:

Don's SeNNNcond Wacky Deal for Internet Dude persons 
c/o The Atari Corporation
P.O. Box 61657 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1657

Money Orders, MasterCard or Visa accepted as valid payments. Your order MUST

Name (First and Last) Snail Mail (shipping) address City, State, Zip,
Province, Apartment, Tree, etc. Day and night and girlfriend's phone numbers
Internet address Exact payment in Money Order form OR MasterCard/Visa number
and expiration

If you placed a MasterCard or Visa transaction with Atari in NNthe past 120
days, we will be happy to look it up. You may also leave the credit card
number off the order and request someone to call you for it. Please be advised
if you are difficult to reach, it can delay your order.

As a rule, shipping is $5 for every $100 (or fraction thereof) of your order.
Foreign orders or odd lot orders will have a modest surcharge which cannot be
determined until the order is boxed for you. Please allow for shipping costs
to vary accordingly.

So are you still with me?NNNN (By the way, all prices shown do not include
shipping/handling and applicable California taxes). Prices are all U.S. funds

One last thing, all items are first come, first serve. Asking questions about
the products will not reserve them for you.  Your order will be printed and
placed in sequence for the order takers to input. If we have the product and
your order is complete and your payment is accepted (approved by the bank), we
will finish the order and ship within a couple of business dNNNNays. If we cannot
complete the order for any reason, the order takers will move to the next
order and I will reply in E-Mail to you for additional feedback. Please
understand, at these prices, we want to prioritize orders we can process. If
you require a great deal of service prior to your decision to purchase, please
contact your nearest retailer. Please be advised that S&H may be adjusted. If
you are ordering heavy items, expect that S&H may reflect that.

ATTENTION DEALERS: Yes, you may take partNNN in this offer. All terms apply the
same for everyone. No additional discounts or terms apply.


Assorted Lynx Software

Any 1 = $12 ($12 ea) 
Any 3 = $33 ($11 ea) 
Any 5 = $45 ($9 ea) 
Any 10 = $75 ($7.50 ea) 
Add identical title = $6.50 ea

Note: I can probably get my hands on most any title published by Atari with
exceptions to the following:


Blue Lightning 
California Games 
Checkered Flag 
Gauntlet NNN
Hard Drivin' 
Lynx Casino 
NFL Football 
Ninja Gaiden 
Ms. Pacman 
World Class Soccer 

Note that Battlewheels, European Soccer Challenge, Bubble Trouble, Super Off
Road and Qix are not Atari titles. Please do not ask for third party titles
except for Joust or Robotron.

To see a complete list, go to Lynx Products & Prices. Note that no matter how
many you buy, you get the second (or third, etc.) of the same titleNNN for only
$6.50 each. $6.50 titles do not count toward volume discounts.

Lynx Add-Ons.....

Lynx pouches $5 each 
Lynx carry cases $12 each 
Battery pack $4 each 
Lynx power supply $8 each 
ComLynx cable $2.50 each

Deal of deals... $1 BATTERY PACK with Power Supply purchase


Lynx with 4 (random)games $55 each / 2 for $80

Note: These are systems with 1 of 5 different prepacked software assortments.
No, I cannot guarantee what titles or that more than one purchased systemNNN at
this price will have different games.


When Atari discovered that the chain stores we're not too good at keeping the
Lynx turned on and "playing" something in their stores, Atari manufactured
specially designed "ever-on" Lynx systems. The systems had the on/off button
shorted out so that the system would automatically come on when the stores
lights were turned on each day in the morning. To accompany those systems,
Atari also provided special versions of BLUE LIGHNNNNTNING so customers could see
a game in play on the Lynx no matter when they looked at it in the glass case.
I have found a limited number of these demo cards. They are labeled as demos
and the Blue Lightning game that plays on it is NOT interactive. No Lynx
controls work with this cartridge. I can offer them to collectors for $5 each
or $3 if the order totals $25 or more.


Jaguar demo kiosk $150 plus $130 S&H

These are the big, 200 lb. jobbers we take to trade shows. The NNNNones I can sell
are trade show returns and may have minor flaws (like a little sticky tape
that comes off with lighter fluid). You have to provide the monitor and the
Jaguar. The SC1435 is a perfect fit (No, I don't have any). The SC1224 works
okay too, but you need to find a cable (or use ICD's CATbox ). I have
SC1224's listed below. If you have seen these things, you know how much fun it
would be to own one. Perfect for bedrooms, rec rooms, the garage, or in the
lobbies of professional officeNNNs where children could be entertained. If you
haven't seen these things, then picture a cabinet that looks just like an
arcade machine. Convenient shelf for small monitor and there's room for the
Jaguar AND the CD-ROM (barely).


SC1224 color monitor $18 plus $20 S&H

Don't be silly, it cost more to ship it. Of course you need one.


PCM124 PC Monochrome 12" $20 plus $25 S&H


Atari binders

1 = $2.00 ($2.00 ea) 
3 = $4.00 ($1.33 ea) 
5+ = $1.00 ea

These are cool 3-ring binders; all in great condition. All from the Warner
days. Great for office, school, collections, whatever.


SF354 Single-Sided Drive $18 each (Great for classic 16-bit computer games or
GREAT DEAL #2 only $2 with any order over $25.


XM301 8-bit modem $4


Smart Parallel Interface $5 each 
PC Card Drive $5 each 
64K Memory Card (batteries may be doorknob dead):

1 = $12 ($12 ea) 
3 = $27 ($9 ea) 
5 = $35 ($7 ea) 
10 = $50 ($5 ea) 
25 = $88 ($3.52 ea) 
100 = $99 (.99 ea)


DS4921 Discover Extra Software $18 each

The discover pack is a collector's treasure. It is a specially boxed set of
software distributed with the 520STe in Europe and some made it to the U.S.
for possible pack-ins here. There are 5 disks. Contents include a "Language
Disk", "Final Flight Program Disk", "Final Flight Data Disk", "Sim City/Robot
Monsters Program Disk", "9 Lives Program Disk" and a specially bound book with
instructions for the entire set. There's only a few of these sets and I expect
them to go fast.


DS5007 Home Planetarium 
DS5018 Missile Command 
DS5019 Star Raiders 
DS5058 Moon Patrol 
DS5068 Biology, Vol. I 
DS5073 Chemistry, Vol. II 
DS5079 Robotron 
DS5080 Crack'd 
DS5097 Equation Builder
Any title on this list = $7.50 
Any two = $12 ($6 each) 
Any three = $15 ($5 each) 
Any four = $16 ($4 each) 
Five or more = $3.25 each 


DS5057 Word Flair 
DS5125 Desk Set II 
TP6104 LDW Power (SORRY! -SOLD OUT-) 
TP90004 Band In A Box
Any title on this list = $20 
Any two = $32 ($16.00 each) 
Three or more = $14 each 


Atari Patches (.25 each) 
Federated Pens (.15 each) 
Atari "Player on Board" plastic diamonds for windows - includes suction cup
(.75 each)


If you really want a BIG piece of Atari's 8-bit history, here's a chance to
get some one-of-a-kind stuff that I want, but don't have space to store it.
These go back to the Pac-Man days. I have 2 Ms. Pac-Man costumes (character
costumes a la Disneyland, promotional events)and I have 2 ghost costumes. They
look like they're in good shape with the exception of understandable warehouse
dust and dirt. Three of the costumes are in original boxes. The good news is
that we'll take only $100 each costume, but the bad news is that it costs
another $100 S&H to ship. If you want these, we're talking refigerator size
cartons, so you better have storage space and you WON'T be able to hide this
purchase from the wife (significant other). First come, first serve, U.S.
shipping destinations ONLY.

FLASH UPDATE!!! As of 5/15/96, both Ms. Pacman and one of the ghost costumes
have been sold leaving only one ghost. If you want this, submit your order


Wolfenstein 3D $9 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Zool2 $9 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Bubsy $9 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Trevor McFur $9 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Raiden $12 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Dino Dudes $9 with any cart purchase at regular price 
Cybermorph $9 without any qualifying purchase

Regular priced software must be purchased at same time. See Products & Price
Lists for a complete list. Don't have a Jaguar? Take advantage of any Jaguar
cartridge offer above and add a complete Jaguar (refurb) for $55.

Michael Current, 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists maintainer
   User groups: CAIN, SPACE, NWPAC /

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