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From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: New Atari Computer Magazine
Reply-To: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa778 - Fred Horvat)
Date: Tue Sep  3 06:55:21 1996

                            Silicon Times Report
                  The Original Independent OnLine Magazine"
                                (Since 1987)
  August 02, 1996                                                   No.1231

             Silicon Times Report International OnLine Magazine
                            Post Office Box 6672
                      Jacksonville, Florida  32221-6155

                       STR Electronic Publishing Inc.
                               A subsidiary of
                         STR Worldwide CompNews Inc.

                            R.F. Mariano, Editor

Another Heroic Attempt STR Infofile

                          ATARI COMPUTING MAGAZINE
From: mike 

Press release

Mike  Kerslake, a magazine publisher with over fifteen years experience   has
signed  up  Frank Charlton, ex-features editor for ST Format and Joe  Connor,
ex-Reader Disk/Public Arena editor for Atari World as joint editors for a NEW
printed Atari magazine called Atari Computing.

The  launch issue of Atari Computing will feature sixty A4 pages crammed with
quality  editorial.  We're delighted to welcome contributions from  respected
and  well known journalists including Graeme Rutt, Jon Ellis, Denesh  Bhabuta
and  Kev Beardsworth.  We're delighted to announce  we've signed a deal  with
the  two  leading  disk  based magazines, AtariPhile and  Maggie  to  publish
regular  sections within the magazine. If you've never seen a  disk  magazine
before we think you'll
be amazed to find out what you've been missing!

The  launch issue will be on sale at the forthcoming Atari shows so  why  not
attend  and  meet us? The shows will be held on Saturday, September  28th  in
Birmingham and Sunday, September 29th in London, for more details  about  the
shows contact: Goodman International, Telephone: +44 (0)1782 335650.

Issue one preview

Issue one is still in the planning stage but here's just some of the articles
we're working on:

    News and gossip put together by Graeme Rutt and Frank Charlton including
     details about the Atari Computing website.
    Software reviews including HD-Driver by Jon Ellis
    Hardware reviews including Nemesis DIY by Simon Coward
    PD/Shareware reviews of MagiC utilities including Start Me Up! and
    Preview of MagiC v5 by Thomas Binder, Kandinsky v2.5 by Kev Beardsworth
     and Stella by Joe Connor
    Music and MIDI primer
    User group reports co-ordinated by Al Goold including feature on Spanish
     Atarians by Andrew Harvey
    Atari Jaguar coverage

Remember these are a sample, not a complete list!


Following the closure of Atari World earlier this year it has just been
announced ST Format, the final UK newsstand publication, has also closed.
It's the end of an era in the UK which for the first time since 1987 has no
Atari newsstand presence.  The men in grey suits are telling us to move onto
other platforms but hang on a minute, let's take stock of the situation...

    Atari machines can be purchased and repaired on a shoestring
    Atari machines can produce superb printed output
    Atari machines can surf the Internet and run BBSs
    Atari machines can form the nucleus of a digital music studio
    New software of better quality than ever before is still being released!

That doesn't sound like a dead platform! The Atari platform has been emulated
by just about every other platform, we're owners of cult machines!  Have you
ever noticed ex-Atarians animatedly talking about the 'Good old days' it's a
feel good factor missing from all the current machines.

We don't need a new platform but we do need information and a printed
magazine is undoubtedly the best way to ensure we see in the new millennium!
Apart from a darn good read the other thing most of us like is some new
software to play with. The Reader Disk concept offers all readers the chance
to get their hands on the hottest new software around along with exclusive
versions not available anywhere else. We intend to offer one Reader Disk to
accompany each issue, buy it or not, the choice is yours!   What we need, now
more than ever before, is your support. It's going to be tough to keep going
so we're initially planning bi-monthly releases - but this could change, it's
really up to you! Instead of wishing us luck post a cheque to reserve your
copy today!


As we're sure you'll appreciate launching a new magazine is a risky business
requiring pinpoint  budget management. Our print run will be conservative and
we don't expect to have a stock of back issues. We're not a newsstand
publication so don't bother looking in the shops. The Atari platform needs
this magazine and we need your subscription so do yourself and us a favor,
take out a subscription or order an evaluation copy today!

Fast feedback request

If you're on-line we'd like to hear from you right now! We're keen to get an
idea of demand for the mag. To reserve copies send an empty email with the
title line: KEEP and if you'd like two copies simply add the number
afterwards: KEEP 2 etc, thanks for taking part!



Many of you (and most of us) lost money following the Atari World debacle and
we're determined not to make the same mistake. Atari Computing subscriptions
are refundable at any time. Cancel your subscription in writing and we'll
return any outstanding credit to you, minus a deduction to cover our costs.
If you order an evaluation copy we won't cash your payment until we've
printed the magazine, simple eh?

United Kingdom
Send cheque/PO made payable to the 'Atari Computing Group' to:
                                Mike Kerslake
                                42 Larch Hill
                         Handsworth Sheffield S9 4AJ
     Telephone/Fax: +44 (0)114 2618940 - 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday

Initially we're offering a single evaluation copy or three issue
subscriptions at the following rates  inclusive of post and packing:

Evaluation Copy     UK        EUROPE         USA
Magazine only       3.00      3.50           4.00
With Reader Disk    5.00      5.50           6.00

Subscription        UK             EUROPE              USA
Magazine only       9.00           11.50               12.00
With Reader Disk    15.00          17.50               18.00

Payments for European and USA subscriptions must be made in a form acceptable
to us, such as  cheques drawn on a UK bank or UK cash in a registered letter.
We will be looking at other ways of payment to make things easier in the
future. If you want to order a magazine and none of the above rates apply to
you, just email us and we will give you a price.  Atari Computing will also
be available directly from authorised User groups and other outlets around
the world:


Thorsten Butschke
Email: (No emails >16K please)


We're expecting to be able to announce local support for Scandinavia,
Australia and North America RSN!...


We have a limited number of pages set aside each issue. These are
realistically priced to attract everyone in the Atari marketplace. To discuss
your requirements please contact Mike Kerslake at the address above.


We're always on the lookout for talented new contributors so if you've got an
idea for an article please do get in touch.

Who are we?

Atari Computing is financed by the Atari Computing Group, based on CIX, and
dedicated to  supporting the Atari platform. Membership of the group is by
invitation only. We're looking forward to Issue 1 as much as you are!

The Atari Computing Group (ACG)

Novell DOS 7.0 and IBM OS/2 user             Fred Horvat
Atari TT030 / MagiC 4.0 + Ease 4.0           Free-Net Atari Portfolio Sigop
                                             Atari Classic/LYNX/Jaguar gamer

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