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From: Stu Huffman 
Subject: MIST VIII Report -- Next Year on July 26
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Thu Sep  5 17:19:09 1996

MIST AtariFest VIII is history ... another success ...
and the Mid-Indiana ST user groups are planning No. 9
for 1997.

MARK IT NOW: MIST IX will be the last Saturday
in July 1997 ... July 26.

Winner of the Jaguar door prize donated by Atari Corp. 
at last Saturday's MIST 'Fest VIII was Jerry Schneiders
of Fort Thomas, Ky.  

We're sorry to be so slow getting out a thank you and 
a report to everyone who took part in MIST VIII, but
it has been a busy week and the list of door prize winners
will have to come later.  We still will provide commercial
table user with a mailing list of attendees, too.  Just ask.

Paid attendance was 204, according to figures compiled
by Charlie Sears, MIST co-chair with me.  That's down
about 50 from last year, which was down from the prior
year.  But it's the only opportunity for many Atari
users to shop and browse and visit with fellow users.
So, we'll continue to sponsor MIST until no one comes:

Two Atarians traveled especially from Alabama to be at
MIST VIII, and we know of others from Tennessee, Kansas
Missouri, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania as well as the
neighboring states of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and

Vendors on hand this year were:

    Toad Computers                           Computer Dungeon
    Computer Direct                           Gribnif
    Branch Always Software                ICD, Inc.
    It's All Relative                            
    SKWare One Software                  Current Notes
    Systems for Tomorrow                  FMH Games
    Crawly Crypt                                chroMAGIC

No vendor, no developer, no user group suggested ending
MIST shows.  In fact, most of those to whom we talked
said the day's net revenue was as great as last year or
the year earlier.  Darek Mihocka said he sold more 
GEMulators than ever before.  Some say they don't
consider the MIST show as a source for high-end sales,
but it's productive for small-office and home/hobbyist items,
games, and used equipment.  All preferred use of one room
rather than the two ballrooms at MIST last year.  (We
had planned two ballrooms this year, but registration as
of June 15 were not enough to justify it so we canceled
the second room.)

Charlie and I liked it in one room, too, partly because
it was more friendly to have everyone together ... but
also because it costs several hundreds of dollars less. 
The MIST group now has enough seed money to insure a
show next year -- but we hope we won't have to face this
year's dilemma created by some registration decisions at
the last minute.

Keep in touch ... see you at MIST AtariFest IX on Saturday,
July 26, 1997.

Charlie Sears    and    Stu Huffman    for MIST

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