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From: MHz 
Subject: Atari Underground update 3-2-97
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Mar  8 16:10:13 1997

Just have 2 or 3 things to throw your way. 

1st: Dont forget that Iron Soldier 2 is due out next week for Jaguar CD-ROM.
For more info on this game check out at (

2nd The box art for Fat Bobby one of the new Lynx titles is out now also at
Telegames and can be viewed at ( here is
the game description.

Fat Bobby, the lead guitar player, has had his musical group kidnapped by
the evil
Dr. Mephisto. You guide Bobby thru a multitude of levels in this classic
hopper. Collect notes and hints, as you encounter the henchmen of Dr. Mephisto.
That guitar can "strum" more than just notes! 

                      AVAILABLE IN EARLY APRIL

                               M.S.R.P. $39.99

3rd: And to me this is HUGE news and if your interested please respond to
the 4Play crew (not me) Im just going to repost the /msg that Thunderbird
posted on Jaguar Interactive.

Date received: 3/2/97 10:3 from
Subject: BattleSphere(tm) Collector's Edition

Anyone who is interested in having their very own 
customized and personalized "Collector's Edition" of 
BattleSphere(tm), please go to our web-site and leave us 
Feedback mentioning your interest in this sort of item. 
Also, please mention how many we should limit the number of 
them too, and how much you would pay for one: 

You have to realize that these would have to be "hand made" 
and individually encrypted, etc. It will be labor intensive, so 
the fewer of them we make the easier it will be but they will 
probably cost more for us to make. 

If we're going to do this, we need feedback to judge how 
many of them we can make. 



I dont know about all of you but im all over this. This post is new and im
sure the ideas are just kicking around but can you imagine getting a CUSTOM
copy of BS. WOW!
I'd pay over 100 bux to get a custom version in wich my name pops up on the
title screen or maybe im the pilot of the ships, and maybe the Battlesphere
cart signed by 4Play crew. Maybe even throw in a t-shirt or somthing also.
This is a great idea and I hope they go threw with it. GIVE THEM YOUR
FEEDBACK!!!! Thats the only way this is going to happen.

Thats all for now. 

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