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From: MHz 
Subject: Atari Underground update 3-30-97
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Apr  5 18:08:09 1997

Atari Underground update 3-30-97

First you might want to check this out, its a new creation called the
Atari Preservation Society.(APS) I could tell you all about it, but I would 
rather have you visit Wes Powell's Jagu-Dome and have a look 4 yourself

This /msg is from the the Jag-Fest folks. If your going please 
read this.

*NOTE: It is required that if you need a room reserved for you for Jag
Fest, that you send in a postcard!*

Send a Postcard Today!

Attention all Jag Fest '97 party goers! It has proven to be somewhat
difficult for me to secure a place for our meeting. To help remedy this,
I ask that you send me some information to me via SNAIL MAIL! 

Hardcopy information I can keep and file and be happy about, electronic
I can lose when my next HD crash occurs... 

My big problem is that I know we all would like to go, and have a good
time, but I don't know how many of you will be needing a place to stay.
I don't really know how much you are expecting to spend, what you plan
to bring (if anything), if you plan to show up early or would like to
stay late and help clean up. 

I don't know if you want to donate anything, be it ideas, food, luck,
posters, artwork, whatever. Remember, a big undecorated room is ugly to
look at. Besides, you'll become rich and famous like me (ever heard of
me before this event? :-Q ) when we credit you for your contributions. 

As of now, this is the information I will need: 

First and Last Name: (so I know who you are) 

AGE: (I hate to ask... but there are curfew laws and hotel regulations
we must take into account. If you are way too young and coming alone,
we'll try to pair you up with someone, but your parents will be
convinced all internet geeks are axe murders, anyway..) 

Mailing Address: (incase I need to mail you for whatever reason) 

Daytime/Evening phone numbers: (In case I need to contact you regarding
hotel/motel rooms/pricing etc. The hotel will also need this if they
need to contact you in case of reservation problems). 

E-mail Address: (So I can e-mail you with updates) 

WHO IS COMING WITH YOU: (Wouldn't it be great if I requested a bunch of
single rooms and
your group of 12 drinking buddies come along with the intention of all
staying in the same room? This will allow me to have a fair idea of how
large of a room we each need. Prices will vary accordingly due to room

What can you bring?: (Tell me you are bringing something. I don't care
if its a thank-you card. Acceptable items are listed on Chad's page) 

Are you willing to send a deposit on your room, if need be?: (I will try
not to handle the money and have it go straight to the hotel if this
comes to light, but I can't promise) 

Who can we contact in case of an emergency? (If you suddenly die, we
can't throw you away) 

Finally, what comments, suggestions do you have?: (There's still so much
to do, there's still time for one person to make a difference!) 

Here is an example of how I would fill out my own request: 

NAME: Jeff Grimshaw 

AGE: 21 

ADDRESS: PO Box 958542 
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-8542 

Daytime/Evening phone numbers: 630-227-3711/630-374-6806 
(You could call them and stalk me if you want, but.. if I'm dead I won't
be of any use. The numbers are for work so don't get excited) 


WHO IS COMING WITH ME: As of now, three friends. Should that change,
I'll notify myself

WHAT CAN I BRING: I'll be bringing along a Jaguar and a Catbox. Assuming
(we pray) that
Battlesphere is out by then, I'll bring that too. My friends will be
contributing to decor and helping me set things up. 

WILL I BE MAKING A DEPOSIT ON THE ROOM?: Chances are, I won't need a
room since I
live in the area. My friends are the same way. However, I may stay due
to the fact that I am heading up the event. If this occurs I will make a
memo with my room and the room's phone number and make sure everyone
gets it in case of a problem. 

Who can we contact in case of an emergency?: Since I live in the area,
my friends coming along will take care of my corpse disposal. Or

Finally, what comments or suggestions do I have?: Carry me around and
call me the grand pubah. I suggest that everyone have a damn good time
or my name isn't Hyperturtle! 

I'd super-prefer it if you did not e-mail me this information. But if
you must, my email address is: ... 

Please use the same format as listed above, and title the message "Jag
Fest Applicant Information" 

All people who register with me will be getting E-Mail shortly
thereafter. I will try to keep everyone posted in a timely manner as to
current events and developments. If you would like to send me artwork/
posters/ etc, please forewarn me, so that I will be sure to check the PO
Box more often. 

The PO Box's address, incidentally, is: 

Jeff Grimshaw 
PO BOX 958542 
Hoffman Estates, IL 

ATTN: Atari Meeting 

Thank you for your support! I look forward to meeting you all and
publicly losing most of the contests... No one said I was a good gamer,
I just like to play...

the AEO/JEO is rocking again. Check it out and get on the list to recive
the updates. Also would like to Thank the JEO for giving us a little 
write up. We've gotten about 20 new members from this. (getting close
to 800 AU members now)
No word on Iron Soldier 2 yet, but when there is we will pass it 
on to you.
If you would like to check out an AVI(movie clip) of Battlesphere, you
can download it at the Battlesphere/4-Play page:
If you did know about Jeff Minter's new project (Project X) check 
out his web site and find out what he's been up to.
I said after I bought my Jag I wouldnt by another System but......
Thats the scoop. See ya next time.

Dont forget to visit these great sites.
(if i forgot anybody please email me and let me know)

Dont forget to check out these Jaguar /msg boards.

If you want to talk LIVE with fellow Atari/Jaguar gammers just get on IRC
Undernet and /join #Atari  If your not sure how to get on IRC chat email me
and ill give you all the directions you need.

Atari Underground
Atari- a term used in the Japanese strategy game GO to politely warn an
opponent that he is about to be conquered.

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