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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: News from the land of APE.
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Jun 16 16:15:31 1997

From: ai123@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Steven J. Tucker)
Subject: News from the land of APE.
Date: 28 Apr 1997 07:52:48 GMT

Hi everyone,

        I've sort of been too busy to work on APE alot for the last
 few months, and to compute much in general.  I apologize to the people
 who are waiting for e-mail, updates, etc.  All pending stuff will be
 taken care of soon :)

        I had a few hours of free time for the past few days and I
 decided to write some stuff people have been requesting for a long

        The most exciting thing is the new APE loader.  Its a really cool
 boot loader/menu program you start by booting from the PC mirror.

        The boot loader is still rough, and will change some, but the
 following things are done right now and will show up in 1.15 for registered 

        a. boot loads directly from the pc mirror
        b. totally menu driven, no need to ever type filenames
        c. 100% compatible w/ warp+ os for screamin load times
        d. reads files directly off the pc mirror, disk images not required
        e. traverse drives and subdirectories visually from menu
        f. can handle upto 3000 files/subdirectories per directory
           (all of jellystone is less than 1500 exe files)
        g. total control from the atari keyboard, no need to ever go
            to the pc.  load file, work subdirectories and drives, etc.
        h. zoom to files by starting letters, makes locating any file just
            1-2 keystrokes away, even w/ all 1100 jellystone exe files
            in the same directory.
        i. two stage menu/loader design for tiny memory footprint.  Loader
            stage is less than 100 bytes and can be relocated by ape anywhere
            in atari memory, can even be concealed within the high stack.
        j. loads everything that does not smash the loader, and even loads
            those files since the loader can be relocated ;)  (on menu)
        k. works regardless of memory size, cart status, or machine type.
        l. displays 36 files/directories per screen, plus menu lines.  Already
            working on an 18 files + long filenames version. 
There is some other stuff i think, but i'm really tired now so that will
 have to do till I have time to write a better description.

Eventually the loader will become a subfunction of a larger program
 that will allow for total control of APE from the atari.  The framework
 API is in place so adding it will be pretty easy. 

Anyone with ideas for features on the menu program or the control program
 let me know. :)  Also I need a few registered users who are really interested
 in putting in some time beta testing 1.15, mostly the menu.  I really
 need someone who can spend some time with it and send me bugs,
 comments, etc.  Please e-mail if you want to work ;)

For everyone else 1.15 will be out soon, really! :)  I know I promised 1.12
 for months, but I just didn't ever have time to commit to working out
 it's issues till the last few days.  

Thanks for your patience everyone.


ps. If any of you know of 'problem' executable files that dont seem to work
 with any/most of the disk bootloaders please let me know the filename, I 
 would like to try them out directly. (i just cant try all 1100 files
 in jellystone :)

pps.  how do I generate a different background color on each line of text?  
 Kind of like Alternate Reality does?  I know it involves DLI's but its been 
 awhile since I did any stuff like that.
Michael Current,
8-bit Atari FAQ and Vendor Lists,
Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG, telnet:// (go atari)
St. Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts,

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