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Article #608 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: Pooldisk Too
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Jan 17 21:35:53 1999

From: (Ernest R. Schreurs)
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 16:33:31 GMT

In October 1995, we released the Pooldisk CD.  It contained
over 2300 disk image files in the ATR format.  The disks were also on
the CD in the XFD format.  The Pooldisk Too is a double CD.  Some
people helped us obtain more disks, and so we were able to fill an
entire CD with ATR image files.  We had to drop support for the XFD
format due to the space limitations.  This is only a problem if you
are using a program that supports nothing but XFD files.
You would need to use one of the converters that is on the CD.
On the CD you will find disks from these well known sources:
ABBUC            871     ACE              341     Analog            53
Antic            104     Belgium           88     Bellcom          967
BRE               60     C & T            113     Colonia           61
CSM               56     Demos             45     Flop              26
Futura            46     Haps             820     Internet          35
strange Invasion  16     KE-soft           24     LACE             128
Manosky           40     Mega magazine     16     Misc             289
PAGE 6            29     PD mag            66     Pokey            125
SAG              221     SCAT             209     SEX               37
SPACE            100     STack             86     Thunderdome BBS  330
Top mag           85     Twaug             58     Umich (1995)     454

The directories below contain less than 25 disks:
Atari Classics, AMC, Atari Dos, Bpaug, Brace, Bradford, DOS, Elfin,
Hac, HTT, Ol'hacker, PAC, PACE, R-Atari, Starbase.

Several commercial titles from A New Generation software were put on
the CD by permission of ANG with a restriction from copying them.
The mega magazines and the Pokey material have the same restriction.

This all adds up to well over 6000 ATR files.  Now since some
libraries are (almost) completely on the CD, some disks are bound to
be duplicated across libraries.  We included them anyway, just so you
have the libraries as complete as currently possible.  I think it is
reasonable to assume that there are over 5000 different ATR files on
the CD.

The second CD contains various utilities and fun stuff for use on a PC
or platform other than the Classic Atari, but very much related to it.
You will find over 100 Internet sites, varying from simple home pages
to elaborate sites.  You will also find about a year's worth of
messages from the Use net newsgroups and
comp.sys.atari.8bit, and messages from the abbucnet and assembler
SIGs.  These are in the QWK format, so that they can be read with a
QWK offline reader.  Furthermore you will find information related to
the Jaguar.  Some stuff for use on an Amiga, Atari ST and the Apple
Macintosh.  The text of the well known book Mapping The Atari by
Ian Chadwick is on the CD, by his permission, with the restriction
that it is not copied.
We have collected various avi and movie files, and put them on this CD
too. These are huge, so no more download time, and fun to watch.
Various utilities and emulators for the PC can be found on the CD.
These emulators also make use of the files in the ATR file format.
The current versions of SIO2PC and APE can be found here, and
emulators like Atari800Win, XL-it!, Xformer, Rainbow, Pokey, and ACE.
Converters like Imagic and Diskcomm and XFD converters.
About 1000 pictures of various Atari equipment, collectibles, cassette
covers, flyers, schematic diagrams, and the occasional Atari lover.
Lots of text files with information and documentation.  There are lots
of XL files that we did not put in ATR image files.  One reason is
that we did not have the time to do it.  Another one is that the files
are subdivided into sub-directories and putting them into ATR files
would result in lots of ATR's with a small number of files, or ATR's
with multiple unrelated files.  The Umich archives from 1998 are
therefore also on the second CD, not in ATR files.  We did
convert the archives to uncompressed format though.
Finally, the second CD contains a 20 megabyte directory listing of
all the ATR files that are on disk one, so if you are looking for a
specific file, you can search this listing to find the ATR disk
the file is on.

You can order this double CD by sending a check or money order
drawn on an US bank for US $20 to me:

Ernest R. Schreurs
Kempenlandstraat 8
5211 VN  Den Bosch
The Netherlands

Include a note telling us the shipping address.  The US $20 includes
shipping by airmail.  If you live in Germany, you can also order the
CD from the ABBUC user group.  Take a look at this URL:

For more information on the Pooldisk Too, take a look at this URL:

If you have any questions, you can send me E-mail at

Keep those XL's/XE's humming!

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