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Article #610 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: Atari800win 2.5a & source released
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sun Jan 17 21:37:53 1999

From: (Rich)
Date: 18 Dec 1998 19:20:03 -0000

Atari800Win has been updated to version 2.5a, and the source code
archive has been updated as well. The Atari800win page is located at

and the emulator itself is contained in this zip:

source code is in this archive:

Please do not download the source unless you intend to really look at
it; my bandwidth is very limited.

Here is what's new in this release:

12-18-98        Ver 2.5a
  * Note: Older saved states will need to be re-saved for this
  * Re-synced with the general Atari800 code base. Fixed a couple of
    Antic problems.
  * Fixed screen getting offset when switching hardware types.
  * Fixed the damn keyboard joystick not being detected (was only
    happening on machines that have no hardware joystick devices, and
    guess what - all of mine do. Grrr).
  * Joystick selections are saved permanently. If you change your
    stick config around (hardware wise), it won't crash, but you will
    probably have to reconfigure via the joystick selection dialog.
  * The scanline modes are now driven by highly tweaked assembly,
    mostly because I changed the way they worked: they now show
    half-lumen lines interleaved instead of black ones. In a couple of
    the available graphics modes (GDI) even though a lot more work is
    being done it's slightly faster than the older scanline mode.
  * Added keyboard accelerators for the following functions:
    Alt-C       Cartridge dialog
    Alt-D       Disk dialog (floppies)
    Alt-G       Graphics dialog (screen modes)
    Alt-H       Hardware dialog
    Alt-J       Joystick dialog
    Alt-K       Keyboard dialog
    Alt-L       Load Atari executable
    Alt-S       Sound dialog
    Alt-R       Rotate through artifacting modes (including off)
  * Last path used to load Atari executables is remembered
  * Some small code re-orgs (same functionality, but less code)
  * Fixed screen corruption in stretched-window modes when paused
  * Smarter about registry updates - doesn't have to reset ROM paths
    when these occur now. Also, for first time users tries to find the
    ROMS in either the working directory or "ROMS" subdirectory
  * Added different machine types in hardware selector for 320XE Compy
    and 320XE Rambo

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