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Article #622 (635 is last):
From: Michael Current 
Subject: New carts for the Atari8 from Video 61
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Edited-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon Apr 19 15:17:09 1999

From: (Lance Ringquist)
>Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
Subject: new carts for the atari8
Date: Tue Apr 13 22:21:09 1999

here is a list of all the new carts we have released n the last 2
years,all carts come in a box,with documentation,except sparta
dos3.3c,we are currently working on doc's,all carts run directly from
the cart port except the 3 utility carts,they are installed,then taken
out,we currently are working on more titles,and we will post them when
we are able to,all titles carry a $19.95 a peice price,
mydos xl/xe only,this is the newest version,and has some improvements
sparta dos 3.3c xl/xe only,this is the most solid sparta yet
translator cart xl/xe only,now you can have fast boot of your
incompatible 400/800 programs,no more wait time for translator disk boot
up,this aso works on many carts
amazemaze 48k,maze craze type game
hearts 48k,based on the popular card game
montana solitaire 64k,nice solitiare type puzzle game
checkers 16k,nice checkers game
jailbreak 64k,2-4 player arcade style game
ricochet 64k,paddles requirerd in this breakout style game
sharp shoooter 64k,light gun shooting game
my jong 64k,chinese puzzle style game
paddle wars 48k,pong style game
bumpers 48k,fast breakout style game
lights out 48k,1-2 player puzzle game
puzzler 48k,20 dungeons of puzzle fun
paddle pack 48k,two pong games on one cart
puzzled 48k,jigsaw puzzle fun
twin pack 48k,two games on one cart,battle ship/jump the pegs
solitaire 48k,real good version of solitaire,nice and addicting
video slots 48k,nice video slot machine good graphics
desmonds dungeons 16k,good platform style game
dungeonlords 48k,like dark chambers,or gauntlet
maze war 16k,fast fun 1-4 player game(4player 400/800 only)
dan strikes back 16k,good platform style game
elevator man 16k, donkey kong style game
plaqueman 16k,pacman maze style game
coming soon,

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