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From: Michael Current 
Subject: Dean Garraghty Software (DGS)
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Mon May 24 17:59:33 1999

From: "Dean Garraghty" 
Date: Tue May  4 11:40:35 1999

DGS - Who are we and what do we do?

Dean Garraghty Software (DGS) supply Atari 8-bit software, both PD and
exclusive Commercial software, including the PPP products QUICK and SAM. We
have been supporting the Atari since 1988, and plan to continue doing so.
We are based in the UK, but sell to anywhere in the world. We accept
payments in UK Pounds and US$. Shipping charges to the US are no more than
$5 per order in 95% of cases.

The DGS Website - WhatN's on it?

We have recently been building our site up to include more Atari archive
material. Here is a summary of the site:

* Our main PD/Commercial software catalogue

* Latest list of used hardware/software/books/magus we have for sale

* List of PC CD-ROMs we have left which need clearing out (CD-ROMs from
50pence each!)

* Free demos of the Quick programming language and Digi-Studio to download

* 17 articles written by me (covering a variety of Atari-related subjects)
and originally puNblished in the Atari 8-bit News-Paper and Page 6 magazine

* Photos from the 1990, 1992, and 1993 AMS shows held in the UK

* Cover scans of the early Page 6 issues including the very rare Issue 1

* Cover scans of all 5 issues of Atari UK's I/O magazine from the early
80's, including the rare Issue 1

* Cover scans of the Official Show Guides to the Spring and Autumn 1987
'Atari User Shows'

* A scanned article from I/O magazine about how Atari got its name

* A cover scan of an old Silica Shop catalogue from 1987

* A complete scan of an Atari UK service centre guide from 1983

* Cover scan of Issue 1 of the UK's "Monitor" magazine (a real treat for
folks in the UK!)

More stuff will be added quite regularly, so make sure you come by from

The site now uses frames (only 2 to be exact!) so it may take a while to
start up on some machines/browsers. Be patient! If you have any problems
using it with your Browser, then please let us know.

All you need now is the addresNs, which is:

Please stop by and take a look!

Dean Garraghty

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