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From: Michael Current 
Subject: APE and Prosystem '98 Beta Available
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Sat Jun 19 17:30:21 1999

From: "Steven J. Tucker" 
Date: Thu May 27 13:23:43 1999

Final beta test versions of Ape '98 and Prosystem '98 are now
 available for registered users of APE.  A few of the new features
 in APE '98 vs. the dos version are:

Excellent stability under even the heaviest system loads, runs as a
 real windows device driver in the background.  No more sputtering
 or timeouts when running programs.

Runs in the system tray and uses 0% of the CPU when idle, even on a
 486 system.  Does not use more than 3-4% of available CPU time even
 when loading from the Atari at highest possible speed.

8 independany PC-MIRROR drives, as well as the complete big disk support
 your used to in APE.  Each independant PC-MIRROR drive can also act as
 an independant APELOADER drive if your OS supports booting from drives
 other than drive 1.

A file browser with built-in support for viewing the complete directory
 tree of any Atari/Mydos or Spartados image, and extracting files.

Advanced printer support.  Print from your Atari to any windows printer
 driver, using truetype fonts, direct to the pc printer port, to a file,
 or to a print monitor window.

Plus many other new features like the nice GUI and ease of use.  Check it out
 if you have Windows and are using APE.

The prosystem has been completely rewritten and includes batch support
 of 1-4 drives for every operation.  Need to image a bunch of disks?  Just
 hook four drives upto your Prosystem interface and press start.  Need
 to format a box of disks?  how about formatting all 4 drives at once
 to make things easier and faster?

To get your beta copy just e-mail me with your registration information
 and I will send you the dpownload URL and password.  Any information
 regarding bugs or new features would be greatly appriciated.


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