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From: Michael Current 
Subject: Vintage Computer Festival 3.0
Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Thu Jul 29 17:59:13 1999

             Parallax Inc. and Dr. Dobb's Journal proudly present...

                     The Vintage Computer Festival 3.0
                             October 2nd & 3rd
                       Santa Clara Convention Center
                          Santa Clara, California

For the third year in a row, the Vintage Computer Festival is back to
thrill and amaze you with the history of one of the greatest inventions
in all of mankind, the computer!

This year:

   * More great speakers!
   * More great exhibits!
   * More great vendors with Cool Stuff to sell!
   * More fun games and contests, including the Nerd Trivia Challenge!
   * Tour The Computer Museum History Center!
   * And of course, FREE STUFF!!

   In short, plenty of stuff to indulge all your SENSES:

        HEAR the speakers! SEE vintage computers! TOUCH them too!
         SMELL their electronics!  But please don't TASTE them!

       "The mission of the Vintage Computer Festival is to promote
    the preservation of 'obsolete' computers by allowing attendees to
     experience the people, stories and technologies that embody the
              remarkable tale of the computer revolution."

Register Early and $AVE!

   Register by September 15 and pay only $20 per person.  That includes
   access to the entire event all weekend, including the speakers, the
   exhibit and the flea market.  Kids 17 and under are admitted free,
   and as always, parking is free too!

   To pre-register, send a check or money order to:

      Vintage Computer Festival
      4275 Rosewood Drive #29-161
      Pleasanton, California 94588

   Or visit the VCF website for more information and a handy registration
   form ready to print (

The Speakers

   Horst Zuse

   Horst, the eldest son of early digital computer pioneer Konrad Zuse,
   will be giving a lecture on his late father's machines and will
   focus on the computer businesses that Konrad later founded to market
   his ideas.

   Jon Titus

   Who can forget one of the earliest of kit microcomputers, the Mark-8?
   Jon designed the Mark-8 around Intel's 8008 microprocessor and wrote
   a construction article which appeared in the July 1974 issue of
   Radio Electronics.

   Todd Fischer

   Todd bought the assets of IMSAI after their bankruptcy and continued
   to manufacture and sell IMSAI products under the Fischer-Frietas
   Corporation.  Todd consulted with MGM for the movie _War Games_ and,
   as a treat, will be bringing along for show and tell the actual IMSAI
   8080 computer that co-starred in the film.

   Stan Veit

   Stan is an early chronicler of the microcomputer revolution, and also
   a participant.  Stan started one of America's first computer stores in
   New York, and in the process forged relationships with some of today's
   revered pioneers, including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, whom he
   shared a booth with at the first West Coast Computer Faire where the
   Apple ][ was debuted to the world.

   Jim Willing

   Our admired and beloved VCF Celebrity, Jim will wax philosophic on
   various themes of stupendous relevance.

   Eugene Kim

   Eugene is a writer for Dr. Dobb's Journal (a VCF sponsor!) and will
   be giving a lecture on the history of free software, a very relevant
   topic considering the free-software movement is in full force in
   today's computing arena as evidenced by the escalating adoption of

   Curt Vendel

   Curt is the founder of the Atari Historical Society (check out his
   great website at and has amassed an
   amazing collection of Atari artifacts and company history, including
   some one-of-a-kind Atari prototypes.  Curt will be bringing along
   some of these prototypes for show and tell.

   Roger Sinasohn

   Roger is an avid collector of early portable computers and will be
   giving a talk on the history of the Kyocera 85, a.k.a. the Tandy
   Model 100, a.k.a. the Olivetti M10, a.k.a. the NEC PC-8201A.

   Doug Salot

   Doug's research has uncovered what he believes to be the first
   "personal computer".  Forget the Apple ][, the Altair or even the
   Alto.  Doug's pick as first PC goes all the way back to the 1950's.
   Designed by Edmund Berkeley, an unsung hero of computer history,
   Doug intends to win Berkeley the prominance and praise that he feels
   is much deserved by this virtually unknown computer visionary.


   Workshops by Parallax on their amazing little BASIC Stamp.  Get
   a preview of this cool little device by visiting their website

   More speakers to be announced soon!  Check the VCF website for

The Vintage Computer Faire and Exhibition

   This year, the Vintage Computer Festival exhibit will feature the
   exhibits of individual collectors, all vying to win first, second
   or third place in eleven categories, plus the coveted "Best of Show"
   award.  The winner of the "Best of Show" ribbon will also win
   fabulous prizes.

   This year, we want YOU to exhibit the pride of your collection.
   What better way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your hobby than
   to be an exhibitor at the Vintage Computer Festival.

   Exhibitor information can be found on the Vintage Computer Festival
   website (

The Vintage Computer Flea Market

   Every year the best deals on vintage computer items can be found
   at the Vintage Computer Flea Market.  Here are only a few of the
   amazing items sold at last year's flea market:

   * Apple 1 (no, we're NOT kidding!)
   * SWTPc 6800
   * A rare computer by "the digital group"
   * Morrow Decision 1 (S-100)
   * California Computer Systems (S-100)
   * Apple Lisa 2
   * And much, much more!!

   If you've got old computer stuff that you'd like to sell, there's
   no better place than the Vintage Computer Flea Market at the
   Vintage Computer Festival.  Please visit our website for rates
   and regulations (

The Nerd Trivia Challenge!

   Hey trivia fans!  Think you got what it takes to survive the Nerd
   Trivia Challenge?  If you qualify, you'll be pitted against two
   other players in a battle to determine who is the undisputed master
   of computer history trivia.  Answer the most questions correctly
   and you could walk away with $50 in cash plus some other nifty prizes.

   Lightweights need not apply, this contest is geared towards the
   serious computer history enthusiast.  For contest rules please visit

Tour The Computer Museum History Center!

   The Computer Museum History Center boasts the largest collection
   of historic computer artifacts in the world.  Their collection
   includes rare, one-of-a-kind computers and artifacts that date
   back to the early part of the century and beyond.

   A tour of the History Center's "Visible Storage" warehouse will
   be organized on Sunday, October 3.  Tickets are limited and so
   advanced registration is recommended.

   FYI: The History Center is on the move, and is thrilled to announce
   plans to build a permanent museum to be dedicated by 2007.  You
   can help the History Center achieve its goal by becoming a member.
   Information about becoming a member of the History Center can be
   found at

Meet Fellow Computer Collectors!

   The VCF is the premier gathering for collectors of vintage computers.
   What better way to enjoy your hobby than by meeting other like-minded
   individuals to share stories and information about your computer
   collection.  Register now!

Visit our Sponsors!

   Without our sponsors, the Vintage Computer Festival could not be
   a reality.  It is our wonderful sponsors that enabled us to bring
   you the Vintage Computer Festival year after year.  Demonstrate
   your appreciation by visiting them on the web:

         Parallax, Inc.

                Parallax manufactures the BASIC Stamp, a versatile
                microcontroller with a built-in BASIC language that is
                suitable for most any electronics and computer hobbyist

         Dr. Dobb's Journal

                Dr. Dobb's Journal is the oldest continually running
                microcomputer journal, in existence since 1975.  It
                features monthly articles and columns geared towards
                the computer programming professional.


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