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From: (John Hardie)
Subject: CGE '99 Announces Guests
Date: Sat Apr 17 14:40:26 1999

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April 15, 1999

VALLEY STREAM, NY -- Hot on the heals of an announcement by Hasbro
Interactive to publish eleven Namco blockbuster classic video games
including "Pac-Man" and "Galaga", the Classic Gaming Expo '99(tm)
(CGE'99) promoters released a partial list of celebrities scheduled to
attend the August event. In all, over thirty video game and computer
pioneers have confirmed plans to actively participate, including
industry legends such as Mr. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, and
Mr. Ralph Baer, father of the Magnavox Odyssey.

Among the many industry dignitaries that have confirmed their plans to
attend are:

-- Mr. Steve Cartwright, Activision designer of such classic hits as
"Megamania" and "Barnstorming" for the Atari VCS.

-- Mr. David Crane, Atari programmer and Activision co-founder.
Designer of numerous Atari VCS classics including "Outlaw", "Slot
Machine", "Freeway", and the mega-hit "Pitfall!".

-- Mr. Rob Fulop, Atari programmer and Imagic co-founder. Designed the
Atari VCS versions of "Night Driver" and "Missile Command", as well as
"Demon Attack". Also responsible for the highly-controversial Sega CD
title, "Night Trap".

-- Mr. Arnie Katz, Mr. Bill Kunkel, and Ms. Joyce Worley. The pioneers
of videogame magazine publishing. This elite media trio was
responsible for co-founding Electronic Games Magazine and several
others throughout the years.

-- Mr. Ed Logg, the creator of numerous arcade mega-hits including
"Asteroids", "Centipede", "Millipede", "Gauntlet", and "Xybots".

-- Mr. Jay Smith, mastermind responsible for bringing us the Vectrex,
the first and only vector home game system.

Up-to-the minute details and an expanded guest list, as well as
discount ticket and travel information may be found at the official
Classic Gaming Expo '99 (tm) Web Site at

The Classic Gaming Expo will take place at the beautiful Plaza Hotel
on Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15 in the heart of Las
Vegas. The Expo includes back-to-back keynote presentations, an
elaborate museum containing many rare and unreleased software and
hardware products, demonstrations of forthcoming classic products from
Hasbro, The Blue Sky Rangers, and Nyko Technologies as well as a
spectacular opportunity to buy and trade classic video game systems
and software.

Conceived and coordinated by two of the individuals responsible for
coordinating last year's highly successful "World of Atari" event,
Classic Gaming Expo(tm) is the industry's only annual event that is
dedicated to celebrating the roots of electronic entertainment,
bringing together industry pioneers, gaming enthusiasts and the media
for the ultimate in learning, game-playing and networking. Classic
Gaming Expo(tm) is a production of CGE Services, Corp.

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