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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.8bit.tricks
Subject: PC to ATARI File Transfers (CHEAP!)
Reply-To: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa700 - Michael Current)
Date: Fri Sep 11 22:36:11 1992

Reprinted from comp.sys.atari.8bit/Info-Atari8 Digest

from Uncle Fester

        Here is a way for those people without a double-
        density drive for the Atari to transfer files
        from a PC to an Atari 8-bit.  (810 drives or
        stock 1050)
        This method _does_ require that you have a modem
        for both machines.
        I used to do this a couple of years ago before 
        I discovered the 'util' programs that are for
        transferring files via a MY-DOS formatted double-
        density disk with a PC's 360K drive.
        I used both BobTerm and 1030 Express! with my
        1030 modem.  My PC uses Telix.
        You will need three lengths of telephone line
        with a RJ11C connector plug at each end and one
        'Y' adaptor plug (splitter).
        Hook things up as per the following:
        ----                                     ----
         PC ------------------------------------ Atari
        ----                                     ----
          \                                       /
            \                                   /
              \                               /
                \                           /
                  \                       /
                    \                   /
                      \               /
                        \           /
                          \       /
                            \   /
                         Splitter at Phone
                             Jack (wall plug)

        Hook the PC modem to the Atari modem via the 'line' 
        jacks or the 'to telephone' jacks.
        From the splitter at the phone jack, run a wire to
        each of the remaining jacks on the PC and Atari
        modems.  This will provide the needed 'carrier'
        that a modem requires for its signal.
        Boot your comm programs on each computer.
        With the comm program of each machine, set one to
        'originate' and the other to 'answer'.  Follow your
        comm programs instructions on establishing the 
        connection. NOTE: On some telephone systems, when
        you attempt this, it will disconnect after a short
        time. (NO CARRIER).  This is because some systems 
        have an automatic "alarm" to draw attention to the
        fact that you have left the phone off the hook.  This
        is actually what you are doing when you use this
        method.  It then "hangs up".  To get around this, you
        need to have a phone hooked up to one side of the
        line from the PC to ATARI line connection.  Yes, you
        need another splitter.  Hold that phone 'off hook' and
        listen to the nice beeps and buzzes that the phone
        company so nicely provided to keep you from accidentally
        leaving your phone off hook.  Wait until it is
        completely through having this fit, and then while still
        holding it off hook, establish your connection as 
        outlined previously.  Once the two computers are
        connected via your comm software, go ahead and put the
        phone back down.  They will now be properly 'connected'.
        Make sure your parity and duplex are set properly. Type
        a word from each keyboard and see that the other responds
        in the same manner and that one keyboard is not producing
        'echoed' lines of your text.
        Now you can tranfer files between the two computers using
        whatever protocol both comm programs support between the
        two.  Just like you dialed up your favorite BBS, this
        method will only transfer the files at whatever baud rate
        your receiving modem can support.  1030, 835, and XM301
        modems only support 300 baud.  This is a very slow way
        to transfer files, but IT WORKS.  
        I have used this method many, many times in the past and
        there was no damage to either my modems or computer.
        You may have to 'play' with the arrangement in order for
        it to work properly.  For example, if you have the two
        modems hooked together via the plug marked 'line jack',
        you may have to change so that they are hooked together via
        the 'to telephone' plugs.  The lines from the splitter
        will of course go the the remaining plugs.
        This is an economical way to do things as compared to
        the cost of finding and buying an XF551 double-density
        drive or a modified 1050, or some other 3rd party drive.
        It is also cheaper than a 'null modem' cable arrangement
        but not as fast.  No 850 interface or equivalent required.
        While I emphatically state that no damage was done to any
        of my equipment, I will not be responsible nor take any
        responsibility should things turn out differently for you.
        Modems were designed to hook up to telephone lines, just not
        in this manner.  The principle is still the same though and
        there should not be any problems as a result of doing this.
        For best results on the Atari side, you really should use
        Good Luck!!

        Uncle Fester

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