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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.16-32bit.summary
Subject: Calligrapher/graphics/commercial
Reply-To: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa789 - Bruce D. Nelson)
Date: Tue Jun  1 12:12:11 1993

 Calligrapher 3

 (from Z*Net 9304)
 The Next Generation Of The Ultimate Writing Machine
 LOS ANGELES - CodeHead Technologies and Working Title US are proud to
 announce the release of Calligrapher 3!  If you're already familiar with
 Calligrapher, you know it's a powerful, intuitive, graphics-based word
 processor.  Now, Calligrapher 3 adds terrific new features, streamlines
 the installation procedure, is compatible with the Falcon030 and
 MultiTOS, and no longer uses GDOS!
 This document describes the enhancements and changes in Calligrapher 3,
 as well as the procedure for upgrading to version 3.  If you are
 unfamiliar with Calligrapher and its features, you can obtain an
 excellent overview by trying out the Calligrapher 3 demo package,
 available by calling CodeHead Technologies (213) 386-5735, or by
 downloading the demo from any of the popular online networks.
 o GDOS (G+Callig) and Line_Arc have been built into Calligrapher itself,
 so there is no longer any special startup disk and nothing is required
 in the AUTO folder.  This makes it much more compatible with other GDOS
 programs since there is no overlap, and also makes installation and
 setup MUCH easier and less trouble-prone.
 o If you have a hard disk and 2Mb, Calligrapher displays vector fonts on
 screen.  The new edition caches screen fonts more intelligently,
 speeding up the opening of documents and moving through documents that
 contain vector fonts.
 o Supports Esc-P2 printers (Epson Dot Matrix printers that support
 360dpi compressed mode).
 o Allows you to reduce the amount of memory taken by Calligrapher to
 make it compatible with multitasking operating systems such as MultiGem
 and MultiTOS.
 o A new easy-to-use fast install program supporting 1.44Mb disk drives
 and the new features of Calligrapher.  This program uses a GEM dialog
 box and is more intelligent; it reads in as many files as will fit in
 memory and then writes them to the hard drive, and requires a minimal
 amount of disk swapping.
 o Templates - documents with the extension CAT, are treated as base
 documents.  (Similar to 'stationery' documents on the Macintosh.)
 Calligrapher will prompt you to rename them when they are saved.  Also
 there is a default template that is loaded when Calligrapher is first
 started.  This allows you, for example, to save the ruler settings for
 your default ruler.
 o The FlexText module now allows you to USE ANY URW typeface, not just
 the included ones.
 o On a TT, Calligrapher now moves its code into TT RAM to run 30%
 o Import/export of Rich Text Format (RTF) files has been added to the
 import module.  These files allow you to keep the style and fonts within
 a document, together with any footnotes, when you transfer to other
 programs that support RTF.
 o The integral symbol and brackets in Calligrapher's mathematical
 formulae have been improved.
 o There are new commands in formulae to cover set symbols, and things
 such as products.  Equivalents have been added in the interactive
 formula editor.
 o When you adjust markers on the ruler (margins, tabs, etc.), a vertical
 line is drawn to help you gauge positions.
 o Mark a section and increase or decrease all font sizes proportionally
 (by the proportion 9/10ths or 10/9ths).
 o Keyboard shortcuts have been added to the interactive formula editor.
 o A new program allows you to change Calligrapher's internal setup.
 This allows adjustments to its memory, printer and other internal
 o The supplementary language disks have been improved.  Spanish includes
 a Catalan dictionary and a Spanish thesaurus.  German has a German
 dictionary and thesaurus.  Italian has a Catalan dictionary.
 o A triple click on a paragraph selects the whole paragraph.
 o When running under a multitasking operating system, the disk-based
 clipboard is switched on, allowing you to cut and paste text dynamically
 between applications.
 o Two printers are supported at the same time, allowing you to switch
 between them at print time.
 o A separation line has been added between footnotes and the body of
 o Calligrapher 3 remembers the pathname when inserting multiple graphics
 into a document.
 o There is a driver for the Ricoh 1200 laser printer at 400dpi.
 System Requirements
 o Calligrapher 3 Professional requires 1 Mb of RAM and a floppy disk.
 Calligrapher 3 Gold requires 1 Mb and a hard disk.  Version 3 requires
 more memory than version 2, so if your documents are at the limit of
 memory with version 2, you will be over the limit with version 3.
 New Fonts
 o There are 20 new URW typefaces available, number 67 through 86.
 o These new fonts will only work with version 3 of Calligrapher.

 o Previously purchased font disks can be re-installed to work with
 Calligrapher 3 by using a new install program included with the upgrade.
 o Font charts files will be uploaded to the online services, allowing
 you to print out sample displays of the new fonts on your own printer.
 o The new fonts are as follows:
 67 Goudy           72 Stencil      77 T-bird Cond.  82 Olde Towne No 536
 68 Grotesque No.9  73 Stop         78 Latin Wide    83 News Gothic
 69 Hobo            74 Serpentine   79 Murray Hill   84 Raleigh
 70 Nevison Casual  75 Thorowgood   80 Park Avenue   85 Romana Demi Bold
 71 Playbill        76 Thunderbird  81 Maxima        86 Stymie

 Items Removed
 Some things have been removed due to the changes in the way Calligrapher
 operates.  If any of these things are essential to your needs, you
 should not upgrade, or you should make sure to save an installed copy of
 your current Calligrapher.
 o Bitmap GDOS printer fonts are no longer supported.  Only URW outline
 fonts will be output to your printer.
 o Sizefont, Editfont, and Assign Edit have been dropped as they are no
 longer relevant.
 o The ability to print to disk in PTD format has been removed, along
 with DiskPrnt.
 o FlexText no longer runs as a separate program, due to the lack of
 GDOS/G+Callig support.  It must be run as a PAK.  Some changes have been
 made to reduce the amount of memory it consumes.  (It can run on a 1 Mb
 Upgrade Procedure
 When you upgrade to Calligrapher 3, you're also entitled to one FREE URW
 outline font disk (worth $34.95).  And since the new version of
 Calligrapher only works with the URW outline fonts, any additional font
 families that you purchase along with the upgrade are only $25 (a $10
 o The upgrade price from version 2 to version 3 is $45.
 o The upgrade price from Calligrapher Professional version 2 to
 Calligrapher Gold version 3 is $100.
 o The upgrade price (either $45 or $100) includes ONE FREE URW FONT
 DISK, worth $34.95.  Any one of the existing typefaces may be chosen,
 including the new fonts mentioned above.
 o The upgrade is available to anyone who owns the Working Title US
 (CodeHead) version of Calligrapher and has received a registered disk 5
 from us.
 o The upgrade may be purchased by phone or E-Mail by supplying us with a
 credit card number (including expiration date) and a shipping address.
 It is not necessary to return your original disks.
 o The upgrade may also be ordered by mail with a check or money order.
 o The upgrade includes five disks plus the free font disk and printed
 documentation for the new additions.
 o Additional URW font disks may be purchased with the upgrade at the
 price of $25 each.
 o Shipping and handling charges for the upgrade are $3 US, $4 Canada,
 and $6 overseas.
 Working Title US, a division of CodeHead Technologies, is the official
 US importer of Working Title products.

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