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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.16-32bit.summary
Subject: KIDPRGS/educational/commercial
Reply-To: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa789 - Bruce D. Nelson)
Date: Tue Jun  1 12:12:37 1993


 (from Z*Net 9310)

D.A. Brumleve's kidprgs all share a uniquely kid-friendly user
interface.  Consistent use of color coding, large targets for the mouse,
simplified options, auditory and visual verification of selections,
limited use of alert boxes, and automatic loading and saving combine to
make these programs easy to learn and a joy to use.  The programs
described below offer your budding journalist, artist, or mathematician
purposeful activities that will challenge as well as entertain.  Kidprgs
grow with your child; parents and teachers can configure the child's
disk to match the child's current needs, and the disk can be
reconfigured as those needs change.

Kidpublisher Professional
A Desktop Publishing Program for Young Writers
(for ages 5-11) version 6.4--US$40
* publish your own illustrated stories, posters, etc.
* instantly transform messages to a secret code to share with your
* four built-in font styles
* extensive drawing program now includes mirror-imaging!
* title page option with title, date, author's and illustrator's names
* 32 columns and 7 lines of text per page
* 5 pages on a 520ST, 10 on a 1040ST 
* word wrap feature, underlining, mouse control of cursor aid later
  transition to adult word processors

Math Exploration, Discovery, and Practice
(for ages 5-11) version 3.4--US$40
* think about numbers in new ways!
* practice multiplication and addition facts while playing self-
  motivating games
* make your own picture puzzles for use in a math facts game
* print number patterns and fact tables
* configurable to appeal to the entire age range: choose to deal with
  the numbers 0-9, 0-19, or (with a 1040 or greater) 0-29; addition
  only, multiplication only, both multiplication and addition; etc. --
  even choose the symbol for the multiplication operator!
* includes puzzle game, math patterning activities, test, puzzle maker,

A Paint Program for Young Artists
(for ages 5-11) version 2.3A--US$35
* create intricate onscreen patterns and colorful pictures
* print your own coloring books, puzzles, posters, paper dolls, etc.
* add text in several sizes and styles within pictures
* make and solve your own onscreen puzzles
* extensive drawing tools
* horizontal and/or vertical mirror-imaging
* "rubber stamp" option offers unique experiences in patterns and shapes
* "blind" drawing and other unusual activities
* 3 pictures in memory on a 520ST/STe, 9 on a 1040 or greater

Super Kidgrid
For Creative Graphics Design
(for ages 3-11) version 1.6--US$25
* create beautiful onscreen designs and pictures
* print color-by-number pictures
* modify twelve challenging built-in samples
* fourteen colors to choose from
* automatically save/load up to 10 pictures
* challenges and supports creative thinking skills

The Silly Song Player
(for readers only) version 2.5--US$25
* a you-can't-do-that-in-software program: music, math, reading, and
  humor all in one unique game
* use coordinates to deliver singing telegrams around a little onscreen
* practice reading skills while singing along with the computer

Program Collections
(each includes disk box and instructions)

Creative Discovery Packet: 11 programs especially designed for use in
Early Childhood Classrooms -- $120

Learning Games Packet: A compilation of 10 educational programs from PD
and shareware realms -- $40


Fuji (Atari logo) Rubber Stamps - Small fuji--$5      Large fuji--$6

D. A.  B R U M L E V E
P.O. BOX 4195 / URBANA, IL 61801-8820 / USA
Telephone: 217 337 1937   FAX: 217 367 9084
MasterCard and Visa accepted!

Our Development Team

D.A. Brumleve, M.A., is involved with computers and kids in a variety of
ways.  She has written some two-dozen kidprgs for various age-groups.
She and Dr. T.R. Brumleve (co-author of Kidpublisher Professional) have
five children ages 6-14.  T.R. Brumleve, Ph.D., a research chemist by
profession, contributes to many kidprgs as a programming consultant.

M.L. Marks, M.Ed., is the Director of Creative Discovery School in
Champaign, Illinois.  He has worked with preschool- through elementary-
aged children for the past twelve years.  He is concerned with tapping
the best qualities of the computer and with making useful programs of
educational and creative value accessible to young children.

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