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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.16-32bit.summary
Subject: FLASH II/communications/commercial
Reply-To: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa789 - Bruce D. Nelson)
Date: Tue Jun  1 12:13:22 1993

 FLASH II Update
 (from Z*Net 9310)
 Now shipping version 2.1!
 354 N. Winston Drive
 Palatine, Illinois   60067-4132
 phone 708-359-9565
 Missionware Software is pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of
 Flash II.  This is our second update in the past year.  Flash II
 originally went up for sale in April of 1992.  Version 2.0 was our first
 release, followed a few months later by version 2.01.  Version 2.1 fixes
 a number of problems discovered by our customers and beta testers over
 the past few months.  It's also our first full upgrade, and as promised,
 it is being sent out to all currently registered customers *for free* on
 a brand new disk.  We'll be sending these disks out during the next
 couple of weeks in order of serial number.  Those with low numbers will
 get their upgrades first.  If you haven't received your upgrade by the
 middle of April, please contact us to make sure you are properly
 In addition to the enhancements listed below, this upgrade is being sent
 out with our new installation program.  You'll need to re-register (on
 your disk only!) this version of Flash II.  Future maintenance upgrades
 will be handled online (you'll be able to download a patch file) so it's
 imperative that you properly register your new version.
 Flash II is the update to the most popular Atari ST telecommunications
 program ever!  It's available exclusively from Missionware Software and
 at an affordable price!  Flash II is completely rewritten by Paul
 Nicholls of Clayfield, Australia.  But don't let that fool you!  Flash
 II has the same look and feel as previous versions of a
 slew of new features to boot!  And it's just as easy and fast to use for
 the telecommunications beginner or pro!  Take a look below for just some
 of what Flash II can offer you now...
 * DO script files compatible with older versions of Flash!

 * All macros use the familiar Flash DO script format!
 * Easily setup the parameters for each BBS you call...this includes
   everything from ASCII upload/download options to baud rate!
 * You can program up to 20 individual and separate macros for each BBS
   plus an additional 10 global macros!

 * Displays RLE & GIF pictures either on or off line!  You can also save
   or load these pictures for later review!
 * Supports the following terminal types:  TTY, VIDTEX, VT52, ANSI,
   VT100, VT101, VT102, VT200, VT300 & PRESTEL.
 * Now includes full support for RTS/CTS.  This mode can now be turned on
   and off by the user.
 * Includes Automatic Answer mode!
 * Includes Auto Boards mode - Preselect the board(s) you wish to dial
   and when Flash II is launched either manually from the desktop by you,
   or automatically by some other program launcher, Flash II will wake up
   and dial the board(s) you've got selected.  It will also wait for the
   proper time to dial these boards.
 * Includes full featured GEM text editor with: merge, block commands,
   cut & paste, search & replace, paragraph reformatting; user tab
   settings, page width, full keyboard cursor and delete control and
 * Supports the ST, IBM and DEC character sets, including IBM graphics
 * Includes Silent Line for background file transfers!
 * Supports the following upload/download protocols: ASCII, Xmodem,
   Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Zmodem, Modem7, WXmodem, CIS B, Kermit and SEAlink!
   And all of these protocols are built into the external
   modules required!!!
 * Zmodem now supports the selection of AutoStart and Streaming options.
   If you prefer to use an external Zmodem protocol with Flash II, you
   can now force Flash II's Zmodem autostart mode to off.  For BBS' that
   don't support "streaming", this too can now be turned off.
 * Logs all on line time and calculates your approximate costs for you!
 * New version written in assembler!  Fast!
 * Runs on all ST, STe and TT's
 * Now supports "Install Application".  You can create a DO script that
   can be used to launch Flash II from the desktop and force it to dial
   up and go online for you, all automatically!
  *Both the Terminal and Editor have been enhanced significantly for both
   speed and ease of use.  You'll be amazed at how fast the new Flash II
 * A new "BReak" script command is added which permits the sending of a
   terminal break to the host computer while a script is running.
 Missionware Software's upgrade policy remains the same for the new
 Version 2.1!  We will continue to upgrade any old version of Flash!
 (copyright Antic Software) for just $30 US, plus $4 shipping and
 handling (US and Canada), $8 worldwide.  Or, you can purchase Flash II,
 version 2.1 outright, for only $49.95 US plus the shipping and handling
 charges applicable to your area.  To order, or for more information,
 Missionware Software
 354 N. Winston Drive
 Palatine, IL   60067-4132
 phone 708-359-9565

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