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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.mags
Subject: ST Report: 5-Apr-96 #1214
Reply-To: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Posted-By: xx004 (aa789 - Bruce D. Nelson)
Date: Mon May  6 10:52:18 1996

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Results: 3/23/96: 1 of 6 numbers with 1 match in 19 plays

>From the Editor's Desk...

     Happy Easter and Best Wishes to all Celebrating the annual High Holy
Days of Springtime.  The Resurrection of Christ. And Passover.  In stark
truth, we are also celebrating the unjust accusation, trial and ultimate
crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Obviously, mankind as a whole hasn't learned
very much about being Just or Righteous.  Someday..  maybe but we have a very
long way to go.  God help us all.

     Every now and then. something comes along that deserves everyone's
attention.  In the computing community its usually new software, new
hardware, a merger etc..  Lately though, it seems  there are more and more
"Control Freaks" jumping up trying to force their intentions (right or wrong)
upon the computing community en masse.  Folks, its up to each and every one
of you, who feels you are intelligent and mature enough, to make your own
decisions relative to what you read, view and/or believe in to contact your
political representatives.  Regardless of how you may or may not hold them in
contempt. please call or write `em and tell `em how you feel about all this
censorship and control that's being tried.  There seems to be this tight knit
"core group" in government, local and national, who seem to insist the
population is not capable of fending for itself.   We must, each and every
one of us, show them and the entire "herd" of "Control Freaks", from The Hill
to the City Council, that we are indeed not only capable but will vote them
out if they do not accurately represent us.

     We see Janet Reno's "posse" in all corners of the media trying to make a
"big name" for themselves as hot and heavy investigators and enforcers of
what's right and proper.  Hmmm IF the Unabomber's brother hadn't blown the
whistle on him. these high dollar "feebs" would still be tilting at
windmills.  Not to mention their continued chasing headlines, pursuing
cultists, surrounding farms and "building fantastic sounding cases against
these simple country people.  Too bad they didn't think of these things when
they were recently "partying and barbecuing".

     Montana's Freemen.. Sounds like Oregon's Anderson's and/or the Waco-
Koresh deal all over again.  Remember??  When they could not get the public
to go for the "insurrection and heavily over-armed" shtick. they came in a
few days later with the "child molestation" nonsense.  One can only wonder
what sort of contrived, constructed or whatever "deal" they'll come up with
before they charge into the Freemen and slay the majority.  I pray they don't
do this sort of thing again..  I hate to regard our government as murderous
and lawless.

     One can only wonder about the act of invading a country, kidnapping
their President and then putting that kidnapped leader on trial.  Especially
when we, as a nation, paid this guy for almost a decade to do what we tried
him for!  But only after he stopped being a "CI" (Co-operating Individual)
for two or more government agencies!  What ever became of The U.N., The
Monroe Doctrine, The Organization of American States or basically, the rights
of and the  respecting of fellow mankind?  What would this nation have done
if another nation had swept into Washington DC and kidnapped Bush or North
and then put either of them on trial??   This nation's international
lawlessness over the last decade has been setting a very dangerous and highly
volatile precedent.  God help us if any other nations of the world do unto us
as we have done unto others.  Did you know that the United States of America
has, at this time and in history, the largest percentage of its population
under lock and key than any other nation in the world?  More than even Nazi
Germany and Imperial Japan combined during the 1930's and 1940's??

     One last point, many are considering Robert Dole to be "the salvation"
of this nation.  While Clinton & Co. are no "GEMS". at least we have a pretty
good idea of who most of the "players are" and where they're located in the
government.  Must we hazard another three or more years getting to this point
all over again?  Personally I say no. Let's not change things at this time.
After all, we all know Gore's stand on censorship and especially his wife's.
Clinton and Hillary are almost an open book.  Its easy to understand them and
deal with them as we have all laid down the ground rules.  The Commerce
Secretary, Ron Brown, was under all kinds of headhunter investigation until
the plane crash.  Now, his eulogies make him appear almost Saint-like.  Yep..
we know what and who is in Washington DC now. must we gamble again?  Do we or
the nation have the time?

     Additionally, how many have actually heard. "Yessir I'm voting for
Dole!!"  I have heard it so many times I now have a natural reflex reaction.
I immediately ask; Are you really voting for Dole (74 years old!) or in fact,
voting for his yet to be named, Vice President???  Do you really believe Dole
can physically last through his first term??  Take a good look at Clinton the
next time you're watching the news.. In the short time he's been in office.
he's gone completely grey!  In all my years of political observing, one point
has become abundantly clear.  The President's Office is truly a very
stressful position for any man to be in.  Therefore, one must take this into
strong consideration when election time rolls around.  The truth is.. in the
next election, Bob Dole's Vice President stands a bigger chance of finishing
Dole's term than Dole.  Better think real hard about who you are actually
voting for when you choose Dole.  Would you vote for Dole if his running mate
were perhaps the likes of a Buccanan, Agnew, Quayle or Ford type??  Yep.
better think real hard.

     I myself would indeed vote for Dole if. his not yet known running mate
was younger (much younger) and as strong if not stronger than Dole when it
came to Human Rights (primarily at home in the States), Reduction of BIG
Government, Balancing the Budget, reinforcement of the Sherman Anti-Trust
Laws, being more forthright and truthful with the country's citizens and
finally, stopping the hard core drug flow into this county.  There is no
excuse for the continued flow of coca paste, cocaine and  heroin into this
country.  It can be stopped if the government really wanted to do so.  That
is, unless of course, IF the billion dollar per year enforcement,
incarceration and legal industry devoted to the drug trade is willing to be
shut down or, have its resources put to better use.

     These are my opinions. I could be wrong. I'd also like to hear from you
..let me know what you think..

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                   Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                        Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                      Germans Want to Clarify Net Laws

In Bonn, Germany, officials are considering a new law they say will make it
clear that companies providing access to the  Internet are not expected to
police cyberspace on the lookout for pornography or neo-Nazi propaganda.
Edzard Schmidt- Jortzig, Germany's justice minister, told Andrew Gray of the
Reuter News Service firms that offer Net links would be  punished only if
they discovered illegal material was available via their service and did
nothing about it.

He added, "Someone who opens a door cannot know what the people who walk
through it are going to be carrying. And  if there were body searches for
everyone going through your door, people would simply choose to go through
another."  Reuters says Chancellor Helmut Kohl's government probably will
present the draft multimedia law before parliament's  summer recess in a bid
to banish indecent and illegal material from cyberspace without regulating a
booming new  industry to death, adding, "The provider could only be punished
if he had the ability to take action but did not do so."

The wire service says the comments will come as "a big relief" to executives
at companies providing a gateway to the  Internet, who feared they could be
held personally responsible for the content of millions  of pages created on
the network  all across the world.  Net regulation has been a recent issue in
Germany, where earlier this year child pornography  investigators ordered
CompuServe to block access to some 200 Internet newsgroups they considered
obscene. Since then, CompuServe has restored access to most of the groups.

Reuters says German authorities also are investigating several other online
services as part of a probe into pornographic  and neo-Nazi material found on
the Net, "but so far prosecutors have not been able to bring any charges,
partly because  legal experts are unsure where new companies stand under laws
drafted long before they existed."  The international   nature of the Net
poses problems for regulators.

For instance, neo-Nazi propaganda, which is protected under free speech laws
in the U.S., often is illegal in Germany.  "Although the bill may be
presented before mid-year," adds the news service, "it could be a long time
before it becomes  law. Germany's powerful regional states have indicated
they may challenge on constitutional grounds Bonn's right to legislate on the

                         CEO Seeking to Buy Prodigy?

The New York Times reports this morning that Prodigy CEO Edward Bennett is
seeking financing to help him buy the online service outright.  Prodigy is
jointly owned by IBM and Sears, Roebuck and Co., though as reported in
February, Sears has said it is seeking a buyer for its half of the service.
The Reuter News Service notes neither company has  commented on the Times

                        Prodigy Buyout Effort Planned

Investment banker Wasserstein Perella Securities Inc. reportedly has been
retained by Prodigy's management team in its  effort to buy out the ailing
online service and possibly take it public.   Quoting executives familiar
with the talks, reporter  Jared Sandberg of The Wall Street Journal writes
this morning the Prodigy management hopes to buy the service from its
parents -- IBM and Sears, Roebuck & Co. -- for about $250 million, "a number
far smaller than the $500 million Sears  was reportedly seeking for only its
50 percent stake this February."

Adds Sandberg, "It's unclear whether Sears and IBM, which also is looking at
dumping its stake, would accept such an offer after investing more than $1
billion in Prodigy. Moreover, some observers wonder how successful
Wasserstein will  be at finding investors to buy into a service that's losing
ground to competitors."  The paper quotes industry executives as  saying
Sears hasn't had any serious suitors for its stake, which it wanted to unload
by the end of the first quarter.

One unidentified Prodigy executive told the Journal, "The window opened once
the owners realized that no one's going to  come along and buy a 50 percent
share. All of a sudden, the kids want to take over their parents' business."

                        Sony Promises 'Different' PC

Sony Corp. says that its first home PC, which it will launch by next March,
will differ significantly from today's boxy  desktop machines.  Reporting
from Tokyo, The Wall Street Journal says this morning, "Sony isn't saying
exactly what its  machine will look like, but Kunitake Ando, head of Sony's
information-technology unit, said it will be more at home in  users' living
rooms than their offices."

Ando told the paper the machine will emphasize connectivity to the Internet
and will be more entertainment oriented. He  said it will be his employer's
first major attempt to create a new kind of computer by fusing its expertise
in consumer  electronics with the fast-paced world of PCs.  The Journal says
Sony's plans aren't limited to PC hardware, that the  company also "has high
hopes for its recently released 'Apertos' operating system, a so-called
microkernel program that  would run appliances such as enhanced televisions."

                       Micropolis Sells Drive Business

Micropolis Corp. has closed a $55 million deal to sell its disk drive
business to Singapore Technologies and will change  its name to StreamLogic
Corp.  Reporting from Los Angeles, United Press International says the new
company will   specialize in software and subsystems designed for the
movement, storage and management of video and data. (It has  applied for a
new stock ticker symbol, STLC, and expects to start trading under that symbol

StreamLogic will remain headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of
Chatsworth. It has received $29.7 million from  Singapore Technologies and is
entitled to two additional payments. UPI says the disk drive assets will be
renamed  Micropolis Pte Ltd.  The new Micropolis said it is expanding its
manufacturing capability by moving into a new 400,000  square foot factory in
Singapore and debuting three new drives, including an Aries 2 for desktop
workstations. It will  keep its research and development center in Chatsworth
and continue operating plants in Singapore and Thailand.

                     Seagate Acquires Software Publisher

Seagate Technology Inc. has paid $13 million to acquire OnDemand Software,
publisher of the WinINSTALL network  software distribution utility.  Seagate
notes that OnDemand will add network management technology to Seagate's
enterprise management software group. WinINSTALL automates the installation,
upgrading and uninstallation of network  applications throughout an

"The integration of WinINSTALL continues to fulfill our commitment to deliver
the best point and suite network  management solutions to the market," says
Tom Yerkes, president of Seagate's enterprise management software group.
"WinINSTALL's ability to provide integration and support for all major
network management systems further illustrates  our overall strategy to
support our industry colleagues and their platforms."

"We share a common vision and are proud to join the Seagate Software team,"
adds Neal Ater, president of OnDemand  Software. "This will enable us to
achieve levels of integration previously unobtainable."  OnDemand has a
sales,  marketing and support organization located in Naples, Florida and a
development team located in Takoma Park,  Maryland.  In the new organization,
Ater will serve as chief operating officer of the Naples operation; the
Takoma Park site will report to Yerkes.

                            Epson Ships Zip Drive

    Epson America reports that it has begun shipping its Epson Zip Drive to
distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada.    Based on storage technology
developed by Iomega Corp., the $199 Epson Zip Drive works like a floppy drive
but has the  speed of a hard disk. The unit is designed for backups and
storing large files, such as graphics and video. The Epson Zip  Drive uses
Iomega-compatible 100MB and 25MB capacity Zip disks.

The Epson Zip Drive is available in both SCSI and parallel versions, and is
compatible with Macintosh and  DOS/Windows computers. The drive weighs one
pound and can sit vertically or horizontally. It has a seek time of 29
milliseconds with a sustained transfer rate of up to 1.25MB per second. The
PC model has a throughput of up to 20MB  per minute with a parallel interface
that connects directly between a PC and printer.
The Mac/PC SCSI model has a throughput of up to 50MB per minute.

                      Microsoft to Make Over Computing

Word is Microsoft Corp. is set to unveil plans for a new device that combines
the ability to gain access to the Internet  with the functions of a PC and
other household appliances.   The New York Times reports this morning the
product -- to  be called the Simply Interactive Personal Computer, or SIPC --
will include the functions of a stereo, videocassette   recorder and
television and also will feature data transmission speeds much faster than
most current PCs.

This appears to run counter to the current trend toward simple, inexpensive
machines that will offer only Internet access,  such as the $500 Network
Computer being developed by Oracle Corp.  In The Wall Street Journal this
morning, reporter  Don Clark says Microsoft chief Bill Gates will lay out his
plans for "a broad makeover of the personal computer" in a  speech Monday at
the company's annual hardware engineering conference in San Francisco.

"The initiative will take at least two years and require support from
numerous hardware companies," Clark says. Sony  Corp. is expected to play a
major role, along with other partners, such as electronics giant Toshiba
Corp., Compaq  Computer Corp. and Intel Corp.  Says Clark, "Microsoft is
facing strong pressure to act. Recent studies suggest that  affluent U.S.
households, the most ready market for new home technology, are approaching
saturation of conventional  PCs.

Meanwhile, competitors such as Oracle Corp. Chief Executive Officer Lawrence
Ellison are promoting the idea of new,  $500 network computers that would
weaken the need for Microsoft's flagship operating software."   Insiders tell
the   Journal Microsoft will unveil a set of hardware specifications and
other technology that, says Clark, "is designed to  help  migrate Microsoft's
Windows 95 operating system and other PC programs to the living room, rather
than replace them  with an entirely new computing platform."

The Journal says SIPC also could lead to new types of networks for handling
home automation functions, "such as  playing a video image of a person at the
front door on a big-screen television set."     The paper adds the SIPC
specifications will include a proposed standard cable connection that could
send data among components at 400 million  bits per second, more than 30
times faster than typical PC connections today.

"Another key concept, dubbed On Now, would bring computers to life in three
to five seconds, rather than the boot time  that can delay PC usage by
several minutes," says the paper.  Clark reports a computer designed to the
SIPC specs might  fit on a shelf with other electronic components, playing
audio through an external stereo system or displaying video from  he coming
generation of video disk players. It also might serve as a telephone
answering machine or a videophone system.

                       Apple to Focus on Reliability?

Word is the strategy of the new chieftain at Apple Computer Inc. is to make
computers so reliable and sturdy that  customers will pay a premium price for
them.  Quoting Apple employees and an internal company memorandum, The  New
York Times reports this morning that new Apple Chairman Gilber Amelio has
told a group of technical staff  members the company could not compete on the
same level as makers of computers based on Intel Corp. chips and  Microsoft
Corp. operating systems because of higher research-and-development costs
associated with its own hardware  and software specifications.

Instead, says The Times, Amelio will turn the company toward the creation of
premium-priced computers that will be the  "Maglite of Computers", (referring
to a brand-name, premium-priced flashlight known for its durability).
According to the  Reuter News Service, the move "would mark a shift from
previous strategies of price cuts and direct competition with the rest of the
PC industry."

                       Communications Pioneer Honored

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced the winners of its fifth
annual Pioneer Awards.  According to the  EFF, the Pioneer Awards recognize
individuals who have made significant and influential contributions to the
development of computer-based communications or to the empowerment of
individuals in using computers.  Robert  Metcalfe, executive correspondent
for InfoWorld and vice president of technology for International Data Group,
is being  honored with a Pioneer Award for his invention of Ethernet, the
widely-used local-area network protocol.

Peter Neumann, principal scientist at SRI International, is being honored
with a Pioneer Award for his extensive  involvement with computer
communication systems and the social and technological issues caused by
computers. He is  also being honored for his work in security issues.  The
EFF is honoring Shabbir Safdar, co-founder of the Voters Telecommunications
Watch (VTW), for his policy work regarding Internet censorship and federal
interference in  telecommunications. VTW, a watchdog group dedicated to
monitoring encroachments on civil liberties in  telecommunications policy,
has fought the FBI's blanket wiretap proposal, federal and New York state
attempts to muzzle  free speech on  the Internet and the Clinton
administration's "Son of Clipper Chip" program.

Matthew Blaze, a computer scientist for AT&T Research, is being honored for
his discoveries and influence in  cryptography. He is one of seven experts
who wrote the recently released paper "Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric
Ciphers to Provide Adequate Commercial Security," which examined the security
problems with U.S. policy limits on  key encryption exports.   His work, says
the EFF, has been instrumental in establishing Internet security standards
and in  improving both the understanding and effectiveness of cryptographic

"With the growing presence of the Internet  and the public debate surrounding
civil liberties, the contributions of this year's award winners deserve
special  recognition. In keeping with EFF's mission, they have each
contributed to the advancement of electronic communications  in a way that
also benefits society," says Esther Dyson, the EFF's chairman.
The four award recipients will be honored today at the Sixth Conference on
Computers, Freedom and Privacy.  The  Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-
profit organization founded in 1990 to ensure the protection of civil
liberties,  such as privacy and freedom of expression, as new communications
technologies emerge.

                      Government Taps Computer Network

The first use of a court-ordered wiretap on a computer network has led to
charges against an Argentine man accused of  breaking into a Harvard
University computer.  According to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston, 21-
year-old Julio  Cesar Ardita of Buenos Aires used an Internet-linked computer
belonging to Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences as a  staging point to
crack into numerous computer sites, including several belonging to the
Department of Defense and  NASA.

The wiretap, placed during the last two months of 1995, resulted in the
filing of a criminal complaint against. An arrest  warrant has been issued
for Ardita.  According to the complaint, Ardita invaded the Harvard computer
through the  Internet, and once in the system allegedly stole a series of
accounts and passwords. Using these accounts as his base,  Ardita reportedly
gained unauthorized access to computers at various U.S. military sites across
the country, including the  Navy Research Laboratory, NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory and Ames Research Center, the Los Alamos National  Laboratory and
the Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center. He also tried
repeatedly but unsuccessfully  to enter the Army Research Laboratory computer
system, according to the complaint.

Government officials say Ardita was identified by using a specially
configured monitoring computer that conducted the  complex searches needed to
isolate his activities.  On December 28, 1995, Ardita's computer files and
equipment were   seized at his home in Buenos Aires by authorities acting on
information supplied by Telecom Argentina which U.S.  authorities had
contacted for  assistance in tracking the intruder.

Attorney General Janet Reno and United States Attorney Donald K. Stern of the
District of Massachusetts note that a  wiretap order, typically employed to
monitor telephone conversations of organized crime and drug suspects, was
used to  trace and identify the illegal intruder while preserving the
confidentiality of legitimate communications.  Reno notes that  Ardita
obtained access to computer systems containing important and sensitive
information in government research files  on satellites, radiation and energy
related engineering. Ardita wasn't accused of obtaining classified
information related to  national security.

According to Reno, Ardita was believed to have illegally entered computer
systems at additional U.S. universities,  including Cal Tech, the University
of Massachusetts, and Northeastern University, and sites in other countries
such as   Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Chile and Brazil.  "This is an example of
how the Fourth Amendment and a court order can be  used to protect rights
while adapting to modern technology," says Reno. "This is doing it the right

                       Study Says Ads Target Cyberkids

A new report concludes advertisers and marketers are exploiting kids by
promoting products online in ways that  manipulate children and violate their
privacy. The Federal Trade Commission is looking into whether laws have been
violated.  Issued by the Center for Media Education, the study urged the FTC
to develop safeguards for kids, saying  marketers peddling children's
products are using a variety of techniques on computer online services and
the Internet to  collect detailed data and compile individual profiles on

CME President Kathryn Montgomery told Roger Fillion of the Reuter News
Service, "Never before has there been a  medium with this kind of power to
invade the privacy of children and families."   The study finds nearly a
million  children use the Internet's World Wide Web and that 3.8 million have
access to the Web.  CME says kids are being offered free gifts such as T-
shirts and chances to win prizes in exchange for filling out surveys that
detail their e-mail  address, home address, sex and other personal

"Tracking technology," says Reuters, "makes it possible to monitor every
interaction between a child and an  advertisement, allowing firms to create
personalized ads for a child."

                        Penthouse Ranked Top Web Site

Adult magazine Penthouse is claiming the title as the most popular
publication-based site on the Internet, saying its World  Wide Web pages had
54 million hits from Dec. 21 to Jan. 20.  Backing up with its claim with data
from an independent  Nielsen/Internet Profiles survey, officials with the
publication told United Press International an average visit to the
Penthouse Internet site lasted 12 minutes and 57 seconds, during which 25.35
hits were recorded.

z    The most popular time for a visit was shortly after midnight and the
     least popular about 6 a.m.
z    American visitors constitute 68.8 percent of visitors to the site,
     followed by Australians with 6.7 percent, Canadians with 3.7 percent and
     Japanese, Germans and South Koreans with just over 2 percent each.
z    Universities accounted for 86,500 visits during the month, led by the
     University of Minnesota with 8,751 visits followed  by the University of
     Wisconsin and the University of Washington, with 7,337 and 7,166
z    Visits originating from computers linked to the Internet through
     corporate access systems were led by IBM (4,556),  Apple Computer (4,462) and
     AT&T (3,805).

                       Three Charged With Net Joy Ride

Three Alameda County, California, students are charged with stealing  their
high school's Net access code and going on a  cyberspheric joy ride,
downloading stolen credit card numbers for an online shopping spree.  "These
are bright kids,"  investigating officer Sgt. Casey Nice told United Press
International in Castro Valley, California. "They just kind of did  something
foolish and got in over their heads."

The wire service says the youths were charged with computer crimes, a felony
charge carrying a minimum prison  sentence of 16 months. They were released
to their parents, and a date has not yet been set for their arraignment.  UPI
says the alleged crime spree started when a 15-year-old Castro Valley High
School student got the school's America  Online user name and password. He
joined with two friends, a 15-year-old San Lorenzo High School student and a
14- year-old student from Alameda's St. Barnabas School.

"The trio logged on to the Internet using the school code and one of their
home computers, downloaded stolen credit card  numbers and started shopping,"
UPI says. "Police were tipped off to the fraud in mid-February when packages
started  showing up at a vacant home up for sale near one of the boys'
houses."  Adds UPI, "The owner of the home called  authorities to report
mysterious shipments of CD-ROM games, compact disks, a 'Beavis and Butt-head'
CD-ROM,  computer equipment and other merchandise showing up at his home
addressed to people he didn't know."

Officials figure the youths stole at least $5,000 worth of merchandise, but
it may be more because items they ordered still  are arriving, Nice said.

                       Net Enables Father-Son Reunion

A three-minute search on a new World Wide Web site on the Internet called
"The Switchboard" has enabled a 48-year- old toolmaker Roseville, Michigan,
to find the man he believes is his long-lost father.  Michael Spangler told
Associated  Press writer Kelly Kurt that his mother always refused to talk
about the sailor she met in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1947  and married a
couple of weeks later. The two lost contact after Dallas Spangler shipped out
a few days later and the marriage was annulled.

Reared by his grandparents who told him what they knew about his father,
Michael Spangler went twice to Oklahoma  City where he believed Dallas
Spangler lived. He had no luck, however, until a friend told him two weeks
ago about The  Switchboard, a Net site that contains some 93 million phone
numbers for residences and 11 million for businesses.  A  quick search turned
up two Dallas Spanglers, one in Tulsa. Michael Spangler telephoned. The 68-
year-old man on the  other end of the line didn't quite know what to think.

"I had no idea I had a son," he told AP. "It was kind of shocking."  The
Switchboard site can be reached at Web address!

                        Gates Gets Ansel Adams Rights

Bill Gates has scored electronic rights to the works of late nature
photographer Ansel Adams, some 2,500 images of the  American wilderness.  The
Associated Press -- which notes about 9 million books, posters and calendars
based on the  stark and moving photos have been sold - says the Corbis Corp.,
the Bellevue, Wash., company owned by Microsoft  Corp.  chief Gates, is in
the process of putting together an enormous digital library.

As reported earlier, Corbis last fall purchased the Bettman Archive and its
collection of millions of historical photos.   The wire service says specific
terms of the Adams deal were not disclosed, but The New York Times reports
today  Corbis will have exclusive rights to distribute Adams' photos
electronically for 20 years.  The paper also says Corbis'  initial payment to
the family of Adams, who died in 1984 at age 82, will be small, but Gates
hopes to eventually sell  digital images on computer discs or over computer
networks.  Corbis President Doug Rowan told the paper his company  already
has made "many millions of dollars" selling copies of its digital images to
media companies.

ISDN Series STR Focus  "Fully Understanding ISDN"

                 A Guide to Setting Up MSN to Work with ISDN

     ISDN Modems that Work with MSN
     Installing your ISDN Modem to work with MSN
     Signing up for MSN using ISDN
     How MSN Supports ISDN
     Frequently Asked Questions

MSN is now offering ISDN support, which provides access to MSN and the
Internet at twice the speed of a 28.8 modem. ISDN modems also provide more
reliable connections than do standard modems.  To use an ISDN connection, you
must have an ISDN modem (see list below), and be in a location where MSN
provides a phone number that supports ISDN access.   There is no extra charge
for ISDN connections from MSN, although your local phone company will charge
for ISDN service.

ISDN Modems that work with MSN
Currently MSN will support any ISDN modem because they behave exactly like
modems.  We have tested  the following:

z    Motorola BitSURFR
z    Motorola BitSURFR PRO
z     3com Impact
z    USR Courier I-Modem V.34
z    Digi Datafire (Win95)
z    Digi PCIMAC (Win95)
z    Diehl Diva  (Win95)

Installing your ISDN Modem to work with MSN
There are instructions for setting up the above ISDN modems in the Easy ISDN
Access Forum.  To get to the forum, on the Edit menu, point to Go To, and
then click Other Location. Type the GO Word EasyISDN.  To get the
instructions from the forum, double-click the vendor's folder (i.e. Motorola
ISDN Products), and then double-click the Software BBS. (i.e. Motorola
Software).  In that BBS you will find messages that contain the setup

New!  Windows 95 ISDN Accelerator Pack.
A new set of drivers has been released by the Windows 95 team which  allows a
whole new class of ISDN adapters to be used with Windows 95.  Check out the
Win95 folder in the forum for more details on these drivers or follow this
web link.  The adapters listed above with (Win95) require the Windows 95 ISDN
Accelerator Pack to work with MSN.

Signing Up for MSN using ISDN
If you are already a member
You do not need to sign up again.  Continue to use your existing MSN account.
To get ISDN service you need to call an "Internet and The Microsoft Network"
phone number.  To set the phone number, on the Tools menu, click Connection
Settings, and then click Access Numbers.  Select the Internet and The
Microsoft Network service type, and select the closest phone number.

If you are not an MSN member and you have an analog modem in addition to your
ISDN modem.
Setup up your analog modem as your default device.  Double click the MSN icon
and follow the normal setup procedures. During setup make sure to select MSN
and full Internet Access, then select "ISDN access to the Internet and MSN".
If you do not have the option "ISDN access to the Internet and MSN" choose
"Internet and the Microsoft Network".   A full list of ISDN phone number will
be posted i

If you only have an ISDN modem
You must use an analog modem to set up MSN.  Once MSN setup is complete, you
can use your ISDN modem to connect to MSN.  Microsoft is aware that this is a
problem and will be fixing this.

How MSN  Supports ISDN
An ISDN line has three channels, 2 B (bearer) channels and one D (data).  The
D channel is used for connection negotiation and out-of-band signaling, while
the B channels transport the data.  The D channel is rated at 16Kbps and each
B channel can transport at either 56Kbps or 64Kbps depending on your phone
company.  These B channels can either be used separately  or combined
together to make a single 128Kbps connection.

Currently MSN supports ISDN with only 1 B channel.  This means that the
connection speeds will be either 56Kbps or 64Kbps.   Dual channel ISDN access
(using 2 B channels) is not currently supported, but will be Q2 '96.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is ISDN?
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is an international standard which
brings high speed data transmission to the desktop.

How can I find the ISDN phone number nearest me?
Check the ISDN phone Number Icon which is the current list of ISDN phone

How do I change the phone number I use to connect to MSN to one that supports
On the Tools menu, click  Connection Settings,  click Access Numbers,  and
then select the Internet and the Microsoft Network service type.

What is the phone number I should call for various Telephone Companies?
US WEST:            1-800-898-9675
GTE:                1-800-GTE-4WCN
Ameritech:          1-800-419-5400. (Home Professional & ISDN service)
PAC BELL :          1-800-4PB-ISDN.
NYNEX:              1-800-588-9648
Bell Atlantic:      1-800-204-7332
Bell South:         1-800-204-7332
South Western Bell: 1-800-SWB-ISDN

How much does ISDN phone service typically cost?
Currently the rates vary widely depending on your telephone company.  The
rates for basic ISDN service range from $20 - $45 a month for basic service,
with additional per minute charges of $.00 to $.10.

How can I get compression to work?
We currently do not support compression.

How fast is an ISDN modem?
An ISDN modem speeds range from 56Kbps to 144Kbps.  Currently MSN supports
only 56kbps and 64Kbps connection.  We do not support faster connections to
MSN because we only support a single channel.

Can I use 2 or more channels?
Currently MSN does not support dual channels. We plan on supporting 2 channel
access  in  Q2 1996.

Can I connect to MSN with dual B channels using MP?
Not at this time.  MSN will be supporting this feature in 1996.

When will the USR 128k Sportster be supported?
The USR 128k Sportster is not currently supported because USR has not
provided any drivers to the Win95 team for inclusion in the ISDN Accelerator
Pack for Win95.  The USR driver should be released within a few weeks as far
as we can tell.

How much throughput should I expect?
In our tests we have found anywhere between approximately 40,000 bps and
65,000 bps.

Can I use ISDN to get on the Internet or just MSN?
You can use an ISDN modem with the Internet and ISDN.

Where can I get ISDN driver software? Support?
The ISDN Software Files BBS holds all the drivers for all the different ISDN
boards we have received.  You could also look in the specific vendor's folder
if you do not find what you need.

                           Internet Phone Numbers
                                                             Updated: 3/29/96

We are working hard to make high speed Internet access widely available,
first in North America, then worldwide.  For technical reasons, we need to
build an entirely new network in order to give you the performance and
functionality we believe you'll want.  As soon as we get the network built in
your area, you will be able to access both the Internet and MSN, at speeds up
to 28.8kb/s, for the same price that you pay for MSN alone.

We are also in the process of enabling ISDN access for those customers who
have ISDN lines and ISDN terminal adapters.  To see if ISDN support is
available in your area, please refer to the ISDN Support column below.  Also,
please note that ISDN support is only available to those customers who are
beta testing our next upgrade to MSN.  If the comment under ISDN Support
indicates "verifying", we are in the final stages of confirming local ISDN
access for those phone numbers.  These "verifying" numbers may only be
accessible from in the local area and we are working with our beta partners
to confirm successful connections.  If you have any questions regarding ISDN
issues, please see the ISDN Forum.

Please be patient as we configure and test this new network--we expect to add
new cities regularly for the next several months.

We have two sets of phone numbers: released numbers that are available to you
when you change phone numbers online, and a second set of numbers that we are
currently testing. If there is no released phone number in your area, you may
be able to use a phone number from the beta phone number list below.

How to Update Your Phonebook

This is a list of currently released Internet access numbers.  To get the
latest phone numbers, while online go to the Tools menu, click Connection
Settings, click Access Numbers, and then click Change.  (Note that the
"phonebook" and this list are not necessarily posted simultaneously to MSN -
there may be differences between the two during the period of time when
updates are happening.)

                                                ISDN Support
             City                 Phone Number         56k 64k

United States

Alaska       Anchorage            Coming Soon!

Alabama      Auburn/Opelika                   +1 (334) 5028036    Yes No
             Birmingham           +1 (205) 3220856     Yes        Yes
             Decatur              +1 (205) 3535029     No  No
             Gadsden              +1 (205) 5430504     No  Yes
             Huntsville           +1 (205) 5330409     Yes        Yes
             Mobile               +1 (334) 4316706     Yes Yes
             Montgomery           +1 (334) 2230902     Yes Yes

Arizona      Phoenix              +1 (602) 6403907     Yes Yes
             Tucson               +1 (520) 6200872     Yes Yes

Arkansas     Fayettville          +1 (501) 4425203             Verifying
             Ft. Smith            +1 (501) 7825043     Yes        No
             Little Rock          +1 (501) 3751590     No  No
             Pine Bluff           +1 (501) 5342288     No  Yes

California   Anaheim              +1 (714) 8710966     Yes        Yes
             Carlsbad             +1 (619) 9298643     Yes Yes
             Chico                Coming Soon!
             Concord              +1 (510) 6096318     Yes        Yes
             Englewood            +1 (310) 3389007     Yes        Yes
             Fremont              +1 (510) 7420207     Yes        Yes
             Fresno               +1 (209) 4951007     Yes        Yes
             Huntington Beach                 +1 (714) 3770278    Yes Yes
             Livermore            +1 (510) 4490339     Yes        Yes
             Long Beach           +1 (310) 6249090     Yes Yes
             Los Angeles          +1 (213) 6208910     Yes        Yes
             Modesto              +1 (209) 5740196     Yes Yes
             Oakland              +1 (510) 7048599     Yes Yes
             Ontario              +1 (909) 4601214     Yes Yes
             Palm Springs         +1 (619) 3202378     Yes No
             Palo Alto            +1 (415) 3220489     Yes Yes
             Pasadena             +1 (818) 5850100     Yes Yes    NEW!
             Rancho Cucamonga                 +1 (909) 4819468    Yes
             Redding              +1 (916) 2258634     Yes Yes    NEW!
             Rialto               +1 (909) 8752490     Yes Yes
             Sacramento           +1 (916) 4473613     Yes Yes
             Salinas              +1 (408) 7510530     Yes No
             San Bernadino        Coming Soon!
             San Diego            +1 (619) 3380612     Yes Yes
             San Francisco        +1 (415) 3579923     Yes Yes
             San Jose             +1 (408) 2680582     Yes Yes
             San Luis Obispo                  Coming Soon!
             San Mateo            +1 (415) 3128208     Yes Yes
             San Rafael           +1 (415) 4720761     Yes Yes
             San Ramon            +1 (510) 8671220     Yes Yes
             Santa Ana            +1 (714) 7269031     Yes Yes
             Santa Barbara        +1 (805) 8922163     Yes No
             Santa Clara          +1 (408) 4921481     Yes Yes
             Santa Monica         +1 (310) 4511209     Yes        Yes
             Santa Rosa           +1 (707) 5221314     Yes Yes
             Sherman Oaks         +1 (818) 3402888     Yes Yes
             Stockton             +1 (209) 4630351     Yes Yes
             Vacaville            +1 (707) 4485608     Yes Yes
             Visalia              +1 (209) 6350181     Yes Yes

Colorado     Colorado Springs                 +1 (719) 3861680    Yes
             Denver               +1 (303) 5756188     Yes        Yes
             Ft. Collins          +1 (970) 2822080     Yes Yes

Connecticut  Hartford             +1 (203) 7240636     No  No
             Stamford             +1 (203) 3577638     No  No
Delaware     Wilmington           +1 (302) 5760357     Yes Yes

of Columbia  Washington           +1 (202) 2221021     Yes Yes

Florida      Bradenton            Coming Soon!
             Daytona Beach        +1 (904) 2550389     Yes        Yes
             Feathersound         +1 (813) 5730863     No  No
             Ft. Lauderdale                   +1 (305) 4867918    Yes
             Gainesville          +1 (904) 3711332     Yes        Yes
             Jacksonville         +1 (904) 3532059     Yes        Yes
             Lakeland             Coming Soon!
             Melbourne            +1 (407) 7231064     Yes Yes
             Miami                +1 (305) 3586951     Yes Yes
             Orlando              +1 (407) 6482090     Yes Yes
             Panama City          Coming Soon!
             Sarasota             Coming Soon!
             Tampa                +1 (813) 2477863     Yes Yes
             West Palm Beach                  +1 (407) 6819506    Yes Yes

Georgia      Albany               +1 (912) 4300136     Yes        Yes
             Athens               +1 (706) 2080448     Yes        Yes
             Atlanta              +1 (404) 8178166     Yes        Yes
             Augusta              +1 (706) 8210025     Yes        Yes
             Columbus             +1 (706) 6419942     Yes        Yes
             Macon                Coming Soon!
             Savannah             +1 (912) 6519899     Yes Yes
             Smyrna               +1 (770) 4324637     Yes Yes

Hawaii       Honolulu             Coming Soon!

Idaho        Boise                +1 (208) 3816880     Yes        Yes

Illinois     Bloomington          +1 (309) 4346030     Yes        Yes
             Champaign            +1 (217) 3983250     Yes Yes
             Chicago              +1 (312) 9862476     Yes        Yes
             DeKalb               +1 (815) 7483932     Yes        Yes
             Elk Grove            +1 (708) 2287840     Yes        Yes
             Franklin             +1 (312) 9841580     Yes        Yes
             Hinsdale             +1 (708) 2415600     Yes        Yes
             Irving               +1 (312) 5092301     Yes        Yes
             Naperville           +1 (708) 5058070     Yes Yes
             Northbrook           +1 (708) 4803110     Yes Yes
             Springfield          +1 (217) 5273440     Yes Yes
             Stewart              +1 (312) 8730070     Yes Yes

Indiana      Bloomington          +1 (812) 3234330     Yes        Yes
             Evansville           +1 (812) 4333080     Yes        No
             Indianapolis         +1 (317) 9771010     Yes        Yes
             Lafayette            +1 (317) 7723000     Yes        Yes
             South Bend           +1 (219) 2392090     Yes Yes
             Terre Haute          +1 (812) 2385600     No  No
             Valparaiso           +1 (219) 5314152     Yes        Yes

Iowa         Cedar Rapids         +1 (319) 3681500     No  No
             Davenport            +1 (319) 3332000     No  No
             Des Moines           +1 (515) 3237000     Yes        Yes
             Iowa City            +1 (319) 3413020     Yes        Yes

Kansas       Topeka               +1 (913) 3689804     Yes Yes
             Wichita              +1 (316) 3830018     Yes Yes

Kentucky     Lexington            +1 (606) 2525628     Yes        Yes
             Louisville           +1 (502) 5834400     Yes        Yes

Louisiana    Baton Rouge          +1 (504) 3836126     Yes        Yes
             Monroe               +1 (318) 3222121     Yes Yes
             New Orleans          +1 (504) 5253564     Yes Yes
             Shreveport           +1 (318) 6760748     Yes Yes

Maine        Portland             +1 (207) 8421300     Yes Yes

Maryland     Baltimore            +1 (410) 7270315     Yes        Yes
             Frederick            +1 (301) 6638403     Yes No
             Annapolis            +1 (410) 2633325     Yes        Yes

Massachusetts              Boston             +1 (617) 9274200    Yes
             Braintree            +1 (617) 3803400     Yes        Yes
             Burlington           +1 (617) 2210500     Yes Yes
             Cambridge            +1 (617) 6790500     Yes Yes
             Danvers              +1 (508) 7395000     Yes Yes
             Framingham           +1 (508) 6284600     Yes        Yes
             Springfield          +1 (413) 8464500     Yes Yes
             Waltham              +1 (617) 6727400     Yes Yes

Michigan     Ann Arbor            +1 (313) 2132220     Yes Yes
             Belleville           +1 (313) 9571268     Yes        Yes
             Detroit              +1 (313) 2254994     Yes        Yes
             Farmington           +1 (810) 4420016     Yes        Yes
             Grand Rapids         +1 (616) 4593620     Yes        Yes
             Lansing              Coming Soon!
             Southfield           +1 (810) 2623138     No  Yes
             Warren               +1 (810) 5759931     Yes Yes

Minnesota    Minneapolis          +1 (612) 3217960     Yes Yes

Mississippi  Biloxi/Gulfport                  +1 (601) 8633593    Yes
             Jackson              +1 (601) 3554521     Yes        Yes

Missouri     Columbia             +1 (314) 8868621     No  No
             Harvester            +1 (314) 9403200     Yes        Yes
             Kansas City          +1 (816) 2830607     Yes        Yes
             Springfield          +1 (417) 8756902     Yes Yes
             St. Louis            +1 (314) 2137700     Yes Yes

Montana      Butte                Coming Soon!

Nebraska     Omaha                +1 (402) 2337768     Yes Yes

Nevada       Las Vegas            +1 (702) 3828340     Yes        Yes

New Hampshire              Nashua             +1 (603) 5946600    Yes Yes

New Jersey   Cherry Hill          +1 (609) 3211995     Yes        Yes
             Hackensack           +1 (201) 2870315            Verifying
             Holmdel              +1 (908) 3321001     Yes        NEW!
             Long Branch          +1 (908) 9331114     Yes        Yes
             Mercerville          +1 (609) 5867747     Yes Yes
             Morristown           +1 (201) 9842407     Yes Yes
             New Brunswick        +1 (908) 4632172     Yes Yes
             Newark               +1 (201) 6221592     Yes Yes
             Paterson             +1 (201) 2791225     Yes Yes
             Pleasantville        +1 (609) 5697800     No  No
             Rahway               +1 (908) 3820026     Yes Yes
             Trenton              +1 (609) 7775551     Yes Yes

New Mexico   Albuquerque          Coming Soon!

New York     Albany               +1 (518) 4266070     Yes        Yes
             Binghamton           +1 (607) 7621280     No  No
             Brentwood            +1 (516) 2312680     Yes        Yes
             Buffalo              +1 (716) 8433000     Yes        Yes
             Garden City          +1 (516) 2281980     Yes        Yes
             New York             +1 (212) 2384220     Yes Yes
             Port Chester         +1 (914) 9332820     Yes Yes
             Poughkeepsie         +1 (914) 4514240     Yes Yes
             Rochester            +1 (716) 3277189     No  No
             Rome/Utica           +1 (315) 3386900     Yes        NEW!
             Syracuse             +1 (315) 4421220     No  No
             White Plains         +1 (914) 6813900     Yes Yes

North Carolina             Ashville                    Coming Soon!
             Charlotte            +1 (704) 3422422     Yes        Yes
             Durham               +1 (919) 3619127     Yes        Yes
             Fayetteville         +1 (910) 3233915     No  No
             Goldsboro            +1 (919) 7368100     No  No
             Greensboro           +1 (910) 5742663     Yes        Yes
             Raleigh              +1 (919) 8726557     Yes Yes
             Rocky Mount          +1 (919) 9720919     No  No

North Dakota Fargo                Coming Soon!

Ohio         Akron                +1 (216) 2539990     Yes Yes
             Cincinnati           +1 (513) 6212600     Yes        Yes
             Cleveland            +1 (216) 5792593     Yes        Yes
             Columbus             +1 (614) 2220025     Yes        Yes
             Dayton               +1 (513) 6408391     Yes        Yes
             Toledo               +1 (419) 2462010     Yes Yes

Oklahoma     Oklahoma City        +1 (405) 2700346     Yes Yes
             Tulsa                +1 (918) 5820535     Yes Yes

Oregon       Beaverton            +1 (503) 6772210     Yes        Yes
             Eugene               +1 (541) 3020140     Yes Yes
             Portland             +1 (503) 2945600     Yes No
             Salem                +1 (503) 3162070     Yes Yes

Pennsylvania Allentown            +1 (610) 7972140     Yes        Yes
             Altoona              +1 (814) 9411280     Yes        Yes
             Conshohoken          +1 (610) 9419491     Yes        Yes
             Erie                 Coming Soon!
             Greensburg           +1 (412) 8539601     Yes        Yes
             Harrisburg           +1 (717) 7200671     Yes        Yes
             Hershey              +1 (717) 5334574     Yes No
             Paoli                +1 (610) 7259325     Yes Yes
             Philadelphia         +1 (215) 4480370     Yes Yes
             Pittsburgh           +1 (412) 3942280     Yes Yes
             Wilkes-Barre         +1 (717) 8252150     Yes Yes

Rhode Island Providence           +1 (401) 2767700     Yes Yes

South Carolina             Charleston                  Coming Soon!
             Columbia             +1 (803) 7998828     Yes        Yes
             Greenville           Coming Soon!
             Florence             +1 (803) 6730446     Yes        Yes

South Dakota Sioux Falls          +1 (605) 3673553     Yes Yes

Tennessee    Chattanooga          +1 (423) 7563630     Yes        Yes
             Jackson              +1 (901) 4224222     Yes Yes
             Knoxville            +1 (615) 5245333     Yes        Yes
             Memphis              +1 (901) 7613312     Yes Yes
             Nashville            +1 (615) 7488011     Yes Yes

Texas        Abilene              +1 (915) 6271900             Verifying
             Amarillo             +1 (806) 3547500     Yes No
             Austin               +1 (512) 4331957     Yes        Yes
             Baytown              +1 (713) 4272418     No  No
             Beaumont             +1 (409) 8338627     No  No
             College Station                  +1 (409) 8466549    Yes
             Corpus Christi                   +1 (512) 8884226    No  No
             Dallas               +1 (214) 7411839     Yes        Yes
             El Paso              +1 (915) 5445156     No  No
             Ft. Worth            +1 (817) 8509253     Yes        Yes
             Harlingen            +1 (210) 4287010     No  No
             Houston              +1 (713) 5670439     Yes        Yes
             Irving               +1 (214) 4386536     No  No
             Longview             +1 (903) 2342700     No  No
             Lubbock              +1 (806) 4721003     Yes No
             Midland              +1 (915) 4982003     Yes        Yes
             Odessa               +1 (915) 4982004     Yes        Yes
             Richardson           +1 (214) 2353493     Yes Yes
             San Antonio          +1 (210) 3529934     No  No
             Temple               +1 (817) 7781025     No  No
             Waco                 +1 (817) 7557212     No  No
             Westheimer           +1 (713) 6259900     Yes Yes

Utah         Ogden                +1 (801) 3991119     Yes Yes
             Provo                +1 (801) 3432720     Yes No
             Salt Lake City                   +1 (801) 3214980    Yes No

Vermont      Burlington           Coming Soon!

Virginia     Fredricksburg        +1 (540) 3723058     Yes        Yes
             Lynchburg            +1 (804) 9479090     Yes Yes
             Manassas             +1 (703) 3315982     Yes No
             Norfolk              +1 (804) 5335140     Yes Yes
             Princess Anne        +1 (804) 5639922     Yes Yes
             Richmond             +1 (804) 6749183     Yes Yes
             Roanoke              +1 (540) 8570700     Yes Yes

Washington   Everett              +1 (206) 2611320     Yes Yes
             Kennewick            +1 (509) 7340697     Yes Yes
             Olympia              +1 (360) 3571091     Yes Yes
             Redmond              +1 (206) 7390181     Yes Yes
             Seattle              +1 (206) 4412632     Yes Yes
             Tacoma               +1 (206) 5978996     Yes Yes

West Virginia              Charleston                  +1 (304) 3440141
Yes          Yes
             Clarksburg           +1 (304) 6244023     No  No
             Huntington           +1 (304) 5220301     Yes        Yes
             Morgantown           Coming Soon!
             Wheeling             +1 (304) 2340229     No  No

Wisconsin    Green Bay            +1 (414) 5929060     Yes        Yes
             Madison              +1 (608) 2526580     Yes Yes
             Milwaukee            +1 (414) 2271301     Yes Yes

Wyoming      Laramie              Coming Soon!


Alberta      Calgary              +1 (403) 7815200     Yes Yes
             Edmonton             +1 (403) 4235600     Yes Yes

Quebec       Montreal             +1 (514) 8667181     Yes Yes

Ontario      Ottawa               +1 (613) 5949044     Yes Yes
             Toronto              +1 (416) 3639625     Yes Yes

British Columbia           Vancouver                   +1 (604) 6021506
Yes          Yes

Manitoba     Winnipeg             +1 (204) 9561440     Yes Yes


NSW          Sydney               +61 (2) 2965000      Yes Yes

Victoria     Melbourne            +61 (3) 92900000     Yes Yes

Queensland   Brisbane             +61 (7) 33614000     Yes Yes    NEW!

Canberra     Canberra             +61 (6) 2170700      Yes Yes    NEW!

Beta Phone Number List

This is the list of cities undergoing testing.  You are welcome to use these
numbers during the testing period, but you should realize that they may not
be available for extended periods, as we reconfigure the network and run our
own tests.

If you encounter any problems with these numbers please report them via the
normal support channels located in Member Assistance.Member Support.  Enjoy!

                                  Phone Number         ISDN Support
United States

California   Bakersfield          +1 (805) 8610826     Yes
Florida      Fort Pierce          +1 (407) 4620510     Yes    NEW!
New York     Ithaca               +1 (607) 2664300     Yes    NEW!
Virginia     Harrisonburg         +1 (540) 5742554     Yes    NEW!
Washington   Pullman              +1 (509) 3325402     Yes    NEW!


Western Australia          Perth                  +61 (9) 2625000     Yes

Courier I-modem for PC and Macintosh

Access Both High-Speed ISDN Networks and Analog Modems or Fax Devices
Courier I-modem brings ISDN connectivity and analog compatibility together in
a  single  device. It is the ideal desktop  solution for high-speed corporate
LAN  connections,  graphic  intensive Internet access,  data  intensive  file
transfers,  and  access to online services.  The Courier I-modem features  an
integral analog device port that provides the flexibility to send or  receive
a  fax,  talk on the phone, or log an answering machine message at  the  same
time as a data transfer.  Desktop and ISA card versions available.

z    High-Speed File/Imaging Transfer
z    Telecommuting
z    Internet Access
z    Universal Connect
z    Software Downloads via Flash ROM
z    Integrated V.34 Fax/Modem
z    Robotics V.Everything Technology
z    Integrated Analog Device Port
z    Integrated NT-1
z    Asynchronous/Synchronous PPP
z    Windows95 Enhancements
z    Multi-Vendor Interoperability
z    User Configurable Dial Security
z    Microsoft Plug 'n Play Support
z    Five-year limited warranty; factory repair or replacement.

EDUPAGE STR Focus    Keeping the users informed


In a counter to Oracle's promotion of a new $500 Internet device, Microsoft
has plans to develop a Simply Interactive  PC, or SIPC, designed to move from
the home office to the living room to perform functions such as controlling
the  stereo, video disk player, household security system, etc. while
enabling family members to surf the Net or play  interactive games.   "I
think what Gates is doing is preemptively striking past where Ellison is at,"
says one analyst.  "By  comparison, the network computer is so limited."
Microsoft has been working on the SIPC idea since last summer and
specifications include a proposed standard cable connection that could send
data among the various components at speeds  30 times faster than today's
typical PC connections, and a boot-up sequence that would take only three to
five seconds.  (Wall Street Journal 29 Mar 96 B7)

                         CHARGES AGAINST ARGENTINEAN
                        FOLLOW FIRST COMPUTER WIRETAP
An Argentine resident of the U.S. has been charged by federal investigators
with using a Harvard University computer as  a staging point to illegally
enter numerous other Internet sites, including ones at Caltech's Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, the  University of Massachusetts, and Northeastern
University, along with other sites in Mexico, Taiwan, Chile, Brazil, and
South Korea.  An investigator said that with a court-authorized wiretap "we
intercepted only those communications which  fit the pattern [of illegal
entries]... We limited our initial examination ... around the telltale sign
to protect the privacy of  innocent communications."  (Los Angeles Times 30
Mar 96 A10)

Atlantic Monthly has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a Rutgers
University professor, who charged that the magazine  violated his commercial
rights when it placed excerpts of his book in the Lexis-Nexis database, which
sells its contents to  customers.  The magazine admitted to no wrongdoing,
but says in the future, it will negotiate with freelancers specific  rights
to post and distribute works via CD-ROM, online networks, databases, and in
other electronic formats.  "In terms  of the correct view of copyright law,
there are no implications at all," concludes Time Inc.'s general counsel.
(Wall  Street Journal 29 Mar 96 B5)

                         IRS COMPUTER PROJECT CALLED
                        A FOUR-BILLION-DOLLAR FIASCO
Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin has admitted to a congressional committee
that his department doesn't have an overall  master plan or blueprint for the
multibillion modernization effort intended to replace the Sixties-era
mainframes now in   operation at the Internal Revenue Service and to link IRS
offices across the nation.  Congressman Jim Lightfoot  characterized the
project as "a $4-billion- fiasco that is floundering because of inadequate
planning."  Secretary Rubin  says the only plan that exists (and which he has
not read) is a highly technical 6,000-page document that "is not what we
need."  (Los Angeles Times 29 Mar 96 D1)

                           WIRELESS AUCTION NO-GO
Go Communications of Alexandria, Virginia, is dropping out of the Federal
Communications Commission's auction of  wireless communications licenses,
saying it couldn't match the "exorbitant" bids of companies such as Netwave
Personal   Communications, which has bid $3.7 billion for licenses that would
allow them to serve markets containing 81 million  people.  Go's president
says that "the FCC is, in essence, providing subsidized government financing
to large Korean  conglomerates that have provided the majority of Netwave's
funds."  (New York Times 30 Mar 96 p23)

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has asked the
FCC to pass rules that would make  subsidized telephone service more readily
available to disadvantaged and rural citizens.  NTIA noted that a telephone
not  only connects "an individual to neighbors and loved ones but with the
addition of a computer and a modem, it furnishes a  pathway to the
Information Age, offering enhanced employment and educational opportunities."
Although the  administration was careful not to specifically include Internet
access in its proposal, the director of telecommunications  and technology
studies at the Cato Institute worries that might come next:  "When they first
talked about universal service  as a system of subsidies for rural service, I
could live with that.  But what concerns me now is that they seem to want to
extend the universal service doctrine to Internet access, cable TV access...
It's always been the case that rich people buy  things before poor people do.
Natural penetration rates are different for different products.  You can't
second-guess the
market."  (Los Angeles Times 30 Mar 96 D1)

Microsoft's Bill Gates has a sarcastic response to worries over slowing PC
sales:  "Name an industry that's going to grow  faster than the PC industry.
Now, don't start crying.  It's very sad; this is sad news.  This is going to
be tough for you:   We might only grow at 18 percent!  Now that's on top of
60 million units a year.  This has got to be rough, very rough."
(Upside Apr 96 p38)

                       BRITISH TELECOM IN MERGER TALKS
                            WITH CABLE & WIRELESS
British Telecommunications PLC and Cable & Wireless PLC are holding
exploratory discussions about the possibility of  merging to create a $50
billion telecom conglomerate.  British Telecom has a partnership with MCI,
which is the second-largest long-distance in the U.S.  (New York Times 29 Mar
96 C5)

                               SILICON FAMINE
Analysts at Dataquest and Rose Associates are predicting a shortage of
silicon wafers used to manufacture  microprocessing chips that will hamper
chipmakers' ability to meet demands for the next few years.  According to
Dataquest estimates, the silicon drought could last into the next century, at
least for the 200-millimeter size wafer.  The  problem arises from the non-
stop demand since 1990 -- historically up until then, demand had slackened
every three years  or so, giving silicon suppliers a chance to catch up.  But
with chip output rising to record levels over the past few years,  "the whole
food chain is stretched right to a thin hair," says the president of Rose
Associates.  (Business Week 25 Mar 96 p82)

The Center for Media Education, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit research
and lobbying group, says that many of  the micromarketing strategies aimed at
children engaged in online interactive activities are "manipulative,
deceptive, and  exploitive."  The group's president says:  "I believe the
online medium will be the dominant medium in children's lives  in the 21st
century, and I don't think people realize this.  Parents see it as an
alternative, and computers still have this   'halo effect' as something new
and wonderful, something they'd rather have kids do than sit in front of the
TV.  But it's  in no way safe from the kinds of advertising and marketing
practices that can harm kids.  Most parents can't see the  possibilities;
they don't even know how to log on."  (New York Times 29 Mar 96 A12)

A recently announced National Science Foundation grant program is aimed at
funding scientific and engineering projects  that require innovative ways of
regulating traffic flow on the Internet.  "We need to take a deeper look at
this, not just try  to expand capacity and stay ahead of demand," says Mark
Luker, manager of NSF's network connections program.   "Some traffic needs
better or different service than other traffic."  The hope is that new ways
of prioritizing data streams  according to their needs will result from the
funding effort.  "There's a vision here of a more effective Internet - one
that  has different qualities of service for different needs and can
guarantee the kind of service you need to what you want to  do," says Luker.
(Science News 23 Mar 96 p181)

MCI will refund about $44 million to collect-call customers who might have
been overbilled because of a programming  bug that caused some customers to
be overbilled an average of 18 cents for automated collect calls.  (New York
Times 30 Mar 96 p9)

                             EDUPAGE IN CHINESE
We are pleased to announce a Chinese edition of Edupage, which will be
produced and distributed by Alex Chiu and  Huey-Ping Chang in Taipei,
Taiwan, Republic of China.  Welcome to our Chinese-speaking readers of
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oy'eB ~AouY#R% Big-5  XTCoooAPpTG+zP>o> O TSP oAODog'Hup
alexchiu@hope.hinet.netoC  To receive the Chinese  edition
(Big5 code) of Edupage, just write to [Besides
English, Edupage is now available in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew,
Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish editions.]

The number of Bell companies will shrink from seven to six when Texas-based
SBC Communications receives the  expected regulatory permission to buy
California-based Pacific Telesis for $17 billion, forming this country's
second- largest phone company (after AT&T), with more than $21 billion in
annual revenues and a service market area of more  than 30 million phone
lines in seven states:  California, Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas
and Missouri.  The  new company will increase (by 1000), rather than reduce,
the total number of positions now held by the 100,000  employees of the two
companies -- and industry analysts say the acquisition is focused not on cost
reduction but rather on  market expansion.  More than 50% of all
international calls to Mexico are in states served by the newly combined
company, which is headquartered in San Antonio and already owns a 10% equity
stake in the Mexican national phone  company, Telefonos de Mexico.  (New York
Times 2 Apr 96 A1)

Microsoft rolled out its Exchange Server software this past weekend in a
challenge to Lotus Notes' dominant position in  the corporate groupware
market.  Exchange allows users to set up internal BBSs, set up meetings with
a group-scheduling  feature and send e-mail with links to the Web.  Notes'
advantages include a feature that automatically synchronizes all   changes
made to a document in a collaborative editing session.  Notes runs on a
variety of servers and operating systems  while Exchange runs only on Windows
NT.  "I'm tired of shadowboxing," says Lotus's executive VP.  "We are going
to  have a slugfest, and they are going to get their nose bloodied."  (Wall
Street Journal 1 Apr 96 B5)

                             JUNK E-MAIL LAWSUIT
In what lawyers say is the first of its kind, a small electronic advertising
company has sued America Online in federal  court for interfering with its
attempts to send "junk e-mail" advertisements over the AOL system.  Cyber
Promotions,  which went into business last year as Promo Enterprises, says
AOL attempted to put it out of business by sending "e-mail  bombs" to Cyber's
e-mail accounts, crashing the servers of two out of three of its Internet-
service providers. Cyber had  signed contracts to send the junk e-mail on
behalf of its customers.  "In general, mass e-mailing is a violation of
America  Online's terms of service, and we frequently hear from our members
who consider it an annoyance and a disruption of  the network," says an AOL
spokesman.  (St. Petersburg Times 1 Apr 96 p8)

                        FEDERAL FUNDING IS ESSENTIAL
                        TO TECHNOLOGY, SAYS COMMERCE
Commerce Under Secretary for Technology Mary L. Good says cuts proposed by
congressional Republicans could  jeopardize U.S. leadership in developing
emerging and enabling technologies.  "These cuts would deliver a devastating
blow to our nation's current R&D infrastructure, eliminating more than 35,000
scientists and engineers from the U.S.  R&D enterprise."  Areas affected
include environmental, food safety, civilian aviation safety and educational
technologies.  Good warned that although attention has focused on Europe and
Japan as the most likely competitors in the  technology field, countries such
as Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, China, South Korea and Indonesia all are
working  aggressively to acquire technology and develop indigenous technology
resources.  (BNA Daily Report for Executives 29  Mar 96 A25)

Small telephone companies, faced with new technology that enables phone
calls, particularly long-distance ones, to be  placed over the Internet, are
clamoring for more government regulation of Internet activities.  While
Internet access is  defined as an "enhanced service," free from federal
access charges, telephone companies must pay FCC fees when they  provide long-
distance service.  "The Internet completely shatters the model that has been
established to keep those  subsidies alive," says a Heritage Foundation
policy analyst.  "The really scary thing is extending FCC price regulations
into the computer sector.  Just because we have an existing system in place
and one group is getting stuck, doesn't mean  we have to go stick it to
another group."  The America's Carriers Telecommunication Association has
petitioned the FCC  to stop the use of the Internet for long-distance
service, and the FCC has extended the comment deadline to May 8.
(Investor's Business Daily 2 Apr 96 A4)

                       CABLE VS. TELCO INTERNET PLANS
Cable operators aren't worried about the recent announcements by both MCI and
AT&T that they will offer low-cost  Internet access to their customers.
"They can do all the deals they want to, but the physical links into the home
still  remain the same," says a Comcast VP.  While phone companies must
accelerate their plans to upgrade their systems,  cable companies are
confident their existing 10 Mbps modems will outstrip phone companies'
offerings.  "We have a  different service paradigm."   (Broadcasting & Cable
25 Mar 96 p72)   Meanwhile, researchers at Canada's Northern  Telecom are
working on a new digital format that is cheaper than telephony's ADSL
(asymmetric digital subscriber line)  but about as fast, at receive rates of
2 Mbps and send rates of 500 Kbps.  While the receive rate is much lower than
cable's touted technology, the "upstream" speed may actually be higher in
real-world terms than what cable companies  ultimately are able to offer.
"The telcos are in a stronger position than many would believe," says a
Northern Telecom  VP.  (Business Week 1 Apr 96 p87)  And MCI plans to be the
first carrier to upgrade its Internet backbone from 45 Mbps  to 155 Mbps.
"The explosive growth of the Internet has led to rush-hour traffic conditions
for many users," says MCI VP  Vint Cerf.  "We're going to do what we can to
eliminate any contribution to that congestion."  (Information Week 25 Mar 96

Consumer groups such as the Ad Hoc Alliance for Public Access to 911 want the
federal government to require the  cellular telephone industry to guarantee
that all cell phone owners have 911 access.  Currently, only people who
subscribe  to a cellular service have guaranteed access.  The Cellular
Telecommunications Industry Association maintains that  requiring cellular
companies to complete 911 calls for callers who have not subscribed to a
service would aggravate  cellular fraud.  (St. Petersburg Times 1 Apr 96  p9)

                            RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY
Duke University has turned to recycling its old computers, refurbishing them
and donating them to a local high school.   The result is a 60-computer
network connected to the high school's existing server.  Meanwhile, Boise
State University  has shipped more than 1,000 used computers to Idaho schools
during the past year.  The dean of Boise's College of  Education and
Instructional Technology calls the program a "win-win deal" for the
community.  (Chronicle of Higher Education 5 Apr 96 A19)

Corbis Corp., owned by Bill Gates, has acquired exclusive rights to
electronically distribute photographer Ansel Adams's  works via CD-ROM or
online.  The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust has requested a strong
commitment from  Corbis to ensure the quality of the digital images, and
retains veto power over the use of each photograph.  The trust will  receive
about $20,000 up front, plus a relatively large share of future royalty fees.
(Wall Street Journal 2 Apr 96 B5)

Further blurring the lines between TV and PC capabilities, Microsoft is
planning to integrate Dolby Laboratories' six- speaker Surround Sound
technology into personal computer software.  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2
Apr 96 F3) ...  Microsoft  also says it will use the OnNow standard to allow
PCs to turn on instantly and be immediately (like toasters  and other
consumer appliances);  Microsoft executive Jim Allchin says:  "Users are
demanding that PCs become more  convenient to access and use.  They want
their PC to be instantly available to answer the phone, display new e-mail,
browse the Internet or run an application."  (Financial Times 2 Apr 96 p19)

Positioning Apple as a maker of higher-quality computers for which customers
will be willing to pay more than for  competing products, CEO Gil Amelio has
illustrated his point by comparing a cheap flashlight with the one he owns
himself:  a higher quality Maglite flashlight that is more expensive to own.
Amelio told the staffers that Apple can not  compete directly on cost with
PCs based on Intel microprocessors and Microsoft operating systems, because
Apple's  smaller size relative to those companies means that it has higher
per-unit costs attributable to research and development.   Amelio's two
immediate predecessors went different ways, with John Sculley focusing on
making Apple computers  different from PCs and Michael Spindler focusing on
making them price-competitive.  Both left their jobs under pressure.   (New
York Times 2 Apr 96 C20)

                     WorldNet to offer CompuServe access
WorldNet, AT&T's Internet access service, plans to offer its customers access
at discounted prices to CompuServe.  A  similar arrangement is already in
place between WorldNet and AOL, and additional alliances of this nature are
in the  discussion stage.  (New York Times 4 Apr 96 C4)

Prodigy Services' management team has hired investment banker Wasserstein
Perella Securities Inc. to attempt a  management buyout of the commercial
online service.  The team is hoping to make the purchase for about $250
million,  less than a quarter of what Prodigy parents Sears, Roebuck & Co.
and IBM have plowed into it.  The potential buyout  offer takes advantage of
Sears' desire to get out of the business in a hurry.  "The window opened once
the owners  realized that no one's going to come along and buy a 50% share,"
says one executive familiar with the situation.  "All of  a sudden, the kids
want to take over their parents' business."  (Wall Street Journal 4 Apr 96

When IBM broke the news to MCI that it had decided to switch to AT&T for its
$3 billion voice and data transmission  services contract, MCI apparently
decided to cut off service before IBM's old contract had expired.  MCI's
unexpectedly  abrupt departure left AT&T scrambling to fill the gap,
marshaling the services of 1,000 employees over the weekend to  ensure
continuity.  IBM for many years has been MCI's biggest customer, with their
relationship dating back to the 1980s.  (Wall Street Journal 4 Apr 96 B1)

A small New Jersey company is claiming it holds a patent on technology for
distributing software, images, type fonts and  information via electronic
networks, and has filed a lawsuit against 22 companies for patent
infringement.  E-data Corp.,  which bought the patent in 1994 from computer
scientist Charles Freeny, has sued a total of 43 companies to date, and  has
convinced IBM to purchase a license to use the technology.  VocalTec Ltd.
also settled after being sued.  A company  spokesman says they're in
discussions with at least half a dozen other companies regarding settlements.
(Investor's Business Daily 4 Apr 96 A8)

                          SUN'S NEW E-MAIL PACKAGE
Sun Microsystems isn't resting on its Java -- its latest Internet e-mail
system integrates the new IMAP4 (Internet Message  Access Protocol) recently
devised by the Internet Engineering Task Force.  The new standard provides
superior support  for remote mail users.

A beta version of the Solstice Internet Mail Server is available on Sun's Web
site < > (Information Week 25 Mar 96 p16).

                         ACADEMIC SYSTEMS GETS AN A
California State University at Northridge reports a higher percentage (70%)
of students are passing math classes that  incorporate Academic Systems'
algebra instruction programs.  This rate compares with a less than 50% pass
rate without  the programs, and several other colleges have made similar
findings.  The Academic Systems product relies on CD-ROM  software that's
linked to the instructor's PC, so the teacher can monitor each student's
progress and step in for individual  assistance when needed.  "Before this
I've always felt I never met a technology that didn't ultimately just cost me
more  money," says CSU Northridge's VP for academic affairs.  (Wall Street
Journal 3 Apr 96 B6)  ... See the July/August  issue of Educom Review for an
interview with Academic Systems chairman Bernard Gifford.

IBM plans to offer companies "data mining" software and services, allowing
them to make better use of disparate pieces  of information stored in their
computer systems.  The Intelligent Miner software will be available on IBM's
RS/6000  servers by the fall, and on other platforms by year end.  The
company also plans to develop Intelligent Decision Server  software for local
area network-based information analysis.  (Investor's Business Daily 3 Apr 96

                             CYRIX JOINS PC WARS
Microprocessor maker Cyrix Corp. is building a line of PCs based on its 6x86
chip, priced in the $2,400 to $5,200 range.  The computers are targeted at
power business users, small businesses and home offices, and will come
equipped  with Windows 95 or NT.  The company is using a direct sales
strategy, similar to Gateway 2000 and Dell.  (Investor's  Business Daily 3
Apr 96 A8)

                            AT&T COLLEGE NETWORK
AT&T has launched a new Web site aimed at helping college students find a
job.  The AT&T College Network  provides links
to other Internet job listing sites, along with tips on job-hunting and
career strategies.  A recent AT&T poll shows 80% of college students plan to
use the Internet as a job search tool.   (Investor's Business Daily 4 Apr 96

                              POLICING THE WEB
PICS (Platform for Internet Content Selection), a new technology for
filtering out objectionable material on the Word  Wide Web to prevent its
access by children, will be launched this month by the World Wide Web
Consortium, a  nonprofit association of academics, public interest groups and
computer companies.  Similar to V-chip technology, PICS  will allow parents
to provide different  levels of access for children of different ages.
(Ottawa Citizen 2 Apr 96 A9)

                      TV CHANNELS FOR EUOPEAN PC USERS
The National Broadcasting Company hopes to develop -- probably in partnership
with Microsoft -- a number of European  TV channels that would offer a mix of
educational and promotional material of interest to computer users.
(Financial Times 3 Apr 96 p16)

                            PERSONAL NEWS NETWORK
The Canadian Broadcasting Company, in partnership with Bell Canada, Telesat
Canada, Newbridge Networks, Oracle  Corp. and Televitesse System, is trying
to develop a news service that would scan television and other sources
according  to user  specifications, then save articles for viewing later on a
personal computer.  The target market for the Personal  News Network will be
companies and government agencies that want news in selected fields.
(Montreal Le Devoir 2 Apr 96 B2)

Five current and former executives of IBM's subsidiary in Argentina have been
charged with offering bribes to win a  $249 million contract with that
country's national bank.  IBM itself has not been charged, and an IBM
spokesman says  the indicted executives failed to follow "established IBM
business procedures."  (Financial Times 4 Apr 96 p14)

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