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From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
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Subject: ST Report: 21-Mar-97 #1312
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Posted-By: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Date: Thu Apr  3 08:59:55 1997

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    March 21, 1997                                              No.1312

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 03/21/97 STR 1312   Celebrating Our Tenth Anniversary 1987-97!
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 - Motorola gets Smart   - Windows in Chinese - CompuServe Sued
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                     Intel Sues AMD, Cyrix Corp.
                  Supreme Court Hears Decency Case
                     Microsoft Files Piracy Suit

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>From the Editor's Desk...

     Spring has SPRUNG!  I hope the weather in your area is as pretty as
ours.  Now on to the goodies.. Corel has a "Revision" CD for all Office
Perfect Owners.  Give `em a call they'll send it to you via Airborne
Express for a ten dollar shipping and handling fee.  That is a real
bargain.  The revisions include speed enhancements, file loading and
retrieval enhancements, printer compatibility enhancements and stability
improvements.  It is well worth the effort to obtain.

What's with all this proposed "Control Legislation" being offered by these
unknown freshmen?
                       The Internet is their Patsy!
     The Internet seems to be constantly "under fire" these days by
politicians who give the impression they are trying desperately to make
some sort of a name for themselves.  Unfortunately it is at the "expense"
of the net and its users.  These "clowns" need not be re-elected.

               Will they ever do the job they are there for?
     They should, in our humble opinion, be addressing the ever climbing
cost of living, the crowds (literally) of homeless in most every city in
this land, the injustices being "perped" upon those applying and
desperately needing Social Security benefits and finally the obvious three
ring circus in Washington DC called "The House and Senate."

                       Time is running out for them!
     These "Junior" Legislators had better wake up FAST .  The electorate
was overjoyed in getting shed of the Packwoods and Rostenkowski's what
makes them think they are immune??   To watch this country's top levels of
government spend the best part of its time taking pot shots at each other,
the President and his family is disgusting.  Actually, its more like highly
insulting to our intelligence.

                      Bye, Bye to the wheel spinners!
     Personally, I'm going to vote for anyone who is not, that's right, NOT
in either the Senate or House at this time.  If such is not possible, I'll
then devote some "quality time"  (neat phrase eh? - means nothing!) each
week to chronicle the expensive waste these highly "paid and pensioned"
Representatives of ours perpetrate upon the taxpayers.

     That's my opinion, what's yours?


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                  Weekly Happenings in the Computer World

                       Compiled by: Dana P. Jacobson

                     Supreme Court Hears Decency Case

By trying to protect children from "indecent" material on the Internet, a
federal law is so restrictive that it affects the free speech rights of
adults, says a lawyer for 47 plaintiffs challenging the Communications
Decency Act.  Speaking yesterday before the U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals,
attorney Bruce J. Ennis added, "This law will have the unconstitutional
effect of banning speech for adults in cyberspace... That is what this law

But Justice Department lawyer Seth P. Waxman told the court, "The Internet
threatens to give every child a free pass into the equivalent of every
adult bookstore and every adult video store in the country."   At issue is
the 1996 Communications Decency Act, passed by Congress and
signed by President Clinton in February 1996, but struck down by a
three-judge panel in Philadelphia which ruled key parts of the law violated
the First Amendment.

Covering yesterday's arguments in Washington, Associated Press writer
Laurie Asseo notes this is the highest court's first venture into
cyberspace law, a fact underscored by several justices who tried to figure
out what kind of communication to compare to the global computer network.
For instance:

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor suggested the Internet could be viewed as a
public place, "`much like a street corner or a park."   Justice Stephen G.
Breyer said the Net "is very much like a telephone."  But Justice Antonin
Scalia said that in any context it is lawful for government to require that
pornographic material be kept away from children, adding, "We say... tough
luck, you have to sell it in stores" rather than on the street.

In his arguments, Ennis, representing groups including the American Library
Association and the American Civil Liberties Union, as saying, "The
government cannot reduce the adult population to reading or viewing only
what is appropriate for children."  Waxman said any child who knows how to
"click a mouse" can go online and find sexually explicit material like that
foundin Hustler and Penthouse magazines, adding, "We think this (law) is a
small price to pay" to protect children from such material.

AP says Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wondered whether the government could
prohibit indecent conversations on a public street with minors present. And
Breyer asked whether the Internet law would make it a crime for high school
students to have an online conversation about their sexual experiences.

"You mean there's no high school student exemption?" Scalia interjected in
a sarcastic tone.  Meanwhile, Ennis argued the law would not be effective
because a large amount of indecent online material comes from overseas and
that computer blocking devices allow parents to keep such material away
from their children and leave adults free to view it.  Asseo says a
decision is expected by July.

                    AOL Hit With New Class Action Suit

A class action suit has been brought in federal court against America
Online by a California law firm that accuses the Dulles, Virginia, online
company of fraudulent business practices, including racketeering, mail
fraud and wire fraud.  In the suit, four plaintiffs, all residents of
California, seek damages in excess of $100 million.  Reporting from Los
Angeles, the Reuter News Service notes the suit is the latest in a series
of legal attacks against AOL by frustrated customers who have had trouble
logging on to AOL since it went to a flat fee pricing structure of $19.95 a
month late last year.  As reported AOL in January offered to refund
customers up to $39.90 each as part of a settlement with 36 states,
pledging to hold its membership at 8 million members until it was confident
it could meet the needs of its current members.  Reuters says the new suit,
filed by the Los Angeles law firm of Standbury & Fishelman, alleges AOL:

    Manipulated its subscriber base in order to run up the company's stock
  price and achieve a dominant position in the market that would then allow
  the company to impose higher advertising rates.
    Used improper methods to retain free tral subscribers and to prevent
  existing customers from canceling their memberships.

Reuters reports, "These methods included secret payment or allowance of
rebates, free hours, refunds, commissions or unearned discounts, the
lawsuit claimed."  Allowed several executives to unload large portions of
stock before the company announced it was taking a substantial charge to
pay for changes in the company's accounting practices.  Violated rights to
privacy by failing to prevent outside groups from accessing the computers
of subscribers when they make contact with the service.

An AOL spokeswoman said the allegations are groundless, telling the wire
service, "When the law changes and plaintiffs have to pay for frivolous
lawsuits, suits like this won't be filed anymore. There is no merit to this

                     Apple to Cut Third of Work Force

Apple Computer Inc. says it will cut nearly a third of its work force --
some 4,100 employees -- and scale back its Macintosh line of computers and
software in a move to reverse its losses.  Chairman Gil Amelio said late
yesterday, "We've made the right decision to focus our energies, and these
decisions -- I am absolutely convinced -- will put us on the road back to
health, and we'll be looking at a very different situation over the next
few quarters."  Business writer Catalina Ortiz of The Associated Press
notes Apple's "chronic losses and shrinking market share have forced it
into a series of retrenchments that have so far failed to stop   the
slide." In four of the past five quarters, Apple has posted losses totaling
$936 million and its share of the overall PC market fell from 7.9 percent
to 5.2 percent over the past year.

Reporting from Apple's Cupertino, California, headquarters, AP quotes
officials with the computer maker, which employs 13,400 people, as saying
the cuts of 2,700 full-time workers and 1,400 part-time and contract
employees will trim its bottom line this quarter by $155 million. The goal
of the cuts is to save $500 million in annual costs.  Apple also says it
will simplify its offerings of Macintosh computers and Power Book laptops,
and will try to cut costs by using technologies developed by other
companies instead of developing them on its own.  Also, Apple said it will
deliver its next-generation operating system, code-named Rhapsody, next
year as planned, but will cut spending on future upgrades of the Mac
operating system, paring the number of new releases next year from two to
one.  AP notes Apple also cut 1,500 jobs last year as part of the
restructuring implemented by Amelio, who was hired 13 months ago to turn
the company around.

                        Intel Sues AMD, Cyrix Corp.

Another round of court fights over chip trademarks is starting, as chip
giant Intel Corp. sues rivals Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Cyrix Corp.
for allegedly infringing its pending tradmark on "MMX" for its new
multimedia technology for Pentium chips.  The suit, brought in U.S.
District Court in Delaware, breaks what reporter Dean Takahashi of The Wall
Street Journal this morning calls "a brief truce in legal warfare that has
characterized the chip business."

As reported, AMD and Intel fought long and hard over AMD's licenses for
cloning Intel chips. After eight years and hundreds of millions of dollars
spent on both sides, many critics complained "that corporate egos clouded
business judgment," Takahashi notes. Cyrix also has engaged in long- term
court battles with Intel, which alleged Cyrix violated Intel patents and
challenged Cyrix's Intel-compatible chips.

At least the latest action isn't likely to be as messy as past suits, the
Journal says, because it involves trademark issues, not fundamental
technology disputes.  "However, in some quarters of the computer industry,"
adds the paper, "Intel will be perceived as more of a bully toward smaller
rivals. Because Intel controls such a dominant share of the chip market,
many PC makers are already sympathetic to AMD and Cyrix and want to see
them survive as viable alternatives to Intel."

For instance, analyst Michael Slater at Micro Design Resources Inc. told
the paper the suit "will provide more fuel for the Intel-haters, but it's
not such an extreme position to say that a company should own its own
trademarks. The problem is that Intel has gone about this the wrong way in
trying to protect its trademark."

                        Microsoft Files Piracy Suit

Microsoft Corp. has slapped a Web site operator with a lawsuit for
copyright infringement.  According to the suit, filed Monday in the U.S.
District Court of Minnesota, a Web site operator identified as Christopher
Fazendin offered software that circumvented the time-limit security
features of a trial version of Office 97. The software giant says the
action enabled users to continue to use the product after the expiration of
a 90-day trial period. The alleged copyright infringement was brought to
Microsft's attention by a tip to the company's anti-piracy hotline.

Microsoft notes that the Office 97 trial version was being distributed
nationwide through a special joint promotion with Kinkos.  "This kind of
illegal activity affects the entire software industry and is ultimately
going to hurt consumers," says Jim Lowe, Microsoft's corporate attorney.
"Trial programs allow consumers to 'test-drive' new software at minimal
cost. When someone deliberately encourages people to break the law and
violate the terms of a trial offer, it could result in fewer trial
opportunities for consumers in the future."

           Novell Donates Piracy Raid Spoils To Brooklyn School

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, U.S.A., 1997 MAR 19 (Newsbytes) -- By Bob Woods.
In a move Novell [NASDAQ:NOVL] hopes to duplicate in the future, the
company donated about $10,000 worth of computer equipment seized in a 1995
raid of a bulletin board system (BBS) to a New York City junior high school
that "desperately needed" computers in that city's Brooklyn borough, a
Novell official said.   Six computers -- one 386 and five 386's upgraded to
486's -- were given to Junior High School 296 earlier this week, Ron
Barker, Novell Anti-Piracy Group spokesperson, told Newsbytes. The machines
were also supplied with mouse devices and additional memory among other
upgrades, and were then loaded with legal copies of Windows, DOS, and
WordPerfect, he said.

The units were given to a school in the Brooklyn area because the BBS
involved in the raid was located in the borough, Barker said.  Besides
donating the computers, Barker said Novell will aid in the training of
parents so that they can share their kids' experiences on the computers
after school.  This marks the first time Novell  has donated computers from
a software raid to a school or other needy institution, Barker said.
Novell hopes
to donate more equipment from raids, but the legal mechanisms involved in
court cases crank so slowly that it usually takes years for the computers
to be released from evidence, he said.

Earlier this year, the FBI staged a coordinated series of raids nationwide
following an eight month  undercover investigation into software piracy.
The computer software piracy investigation, code-named "Cyber Strike," was
initiated and supervised by the FBI's International Computer Crime Squad
based in San Francisco (Newsbytes, Jan. 29, 1997). According to FBI
spokespersons, Cyber Strike is a "continuing investigation and additional
searches are anticipated in the near future."

The FBI said the investigation concerns the alleged efforts of individuals
and groups who have banded together to pass protected, restricted and/or
copyrighted information andcommercial copyrighted software through the use
of businesses and computer Bulletin Board Services (BBSs), Internet File
Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites, and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels.
The material seized as specified in the warrants included computer
hardware, documents and records, and included some of the most popular
program software commercially available, such as utilities, graphics,
networking programs, operating systems, and games.

According to the FBI, the victimized manufacturers of copyrighted products
and systems include Novell; Sega of America Inc.; Sony Computer
Entertainment; Autodesk Corp.; Microsoft Corp.; Adobe Systems Inc.; Intuit
Corp.; Symantec Corp.; and Nintendo of America Inc.   In a recent
Newsbytes' interview, Sandra Sellers, vice president of intellectual
property rights, education and enforcement with Software Publishers
Association, said, "Getting law enforcement to understand the nature and
losses of software piracy is a critical element in reducing the losses this
industry incurs annually. There are a few law enforcement offices which
understand these problems."

She also acknowledged the value of extremely aggressive individual piracy
programs conducted by companies such as Microsoft, Novell and Autodesk.
Novell investigates more than 500 cases of alleged piracy every year,
official said, and has recovered revenues and prevented losses of more than
$60 million in 1996.  Persons having information on pirated Novell software
are encouraged to call 800-PIRATES or send e-mail to,
Barker added.

                     Compaq in Alliance With Ericsson

Compaq Computer Corp. has joined in an alliance with Swedish communications
giant Ericsson to develop portable PC GSM products that will enable mobile
business users to connect to the Internet or corporate Intranet, send faxes
and electronic mail, and exchange documents.  The first product resulting
from the alliance will be available by the end of the year, say the

The two firms already participate in joint ativities by marketing bundles
of Ericsson GSM mobile phones and Compaq notebook PCs in several European
countries.  "Sending a message or receiving information on the move should
be as easy as making a phone call. It is all about communication
person-to-person and being in touch when you want.  Our alliance with
Compaq will make it simpler than ever for the user to control both their
professional and private life," says Jan Ahrenbring, communications and
information director at Ericsson Mobile Communications.  "Compaq has chosen
to partner with Ericsson as we  believe its leadership in GSM technologies
and infrastructure will complement the communication abilities of our PCs.
Together we will be able to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the
European  mobile professional," says Bruno Didier, Compaq's vice president
of PC products for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

                       Hayes to Buy Pa. Modem Maker

Modem maker Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. has signed a letter of intent
to acquire Cardinal Technologies Inc., a Pennsylvania maker of modems and
ISDN adapters, for undisclosed terms.  Reporting from Atlanta, the Dow
Jones news service notes Cardinal Technologies is 75 percent-owned by
Seattle's Vulcan Ventures, part of the Paul Allen Group of companies,
adding Hayes says Vulcan will buy an undisclosed "significant minority"
stake in Hayes in a separate deal.  Says DJ, "Hayes plans to close
Cardinal's Lancaster, Pennsylvania, plant, and consolidate operations at
Hayes' Norcross, Georgia, facilities. Hayes expects to complete the deal
this month."

                    Apple Unveils 20th Anniversary Mac

Amidst steep financial losses, layoffs and assorted other woes, Apple
Computer Inc. is celebrating two decades in the computer business with the
Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.  A statement issued by the Cupertino,
California-based computer maker notes that the system "makes a profound
visual statement with its rich features of polished metal casing and
Italian leather." A sleek console houses the computer's active-matrix
flat-panel display, hard, floppy and CD-ROM drives, cable TV tuner and
AM/FM tuner. Standard features include a 250MHZ PowerPC 603 processor, a
2GB hard drive, 32MB of RAM, a Bose sound system and a custom keyboard with
detachable trackpad.

"We were looking to define a radically new solution in Industrial Design
when we began designing the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh," says Jonathan
Ive, Apple's senior director of Industrial Design. "Its smooth integration
of personal computer and consumer appliance are clear indications of the
future of technology design."  Apple says it will offer a total of 12,000
units of the limited-edition Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh in five
countries: France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.
U.S. customers will be able to purchase the system, which is scheduled to
ship in June, for approximately $7,500.

                     Cardinal Modem Brand to Continue

Cardinal Technologies Inc. today announced that Hayes Microcomputer
Products Inc. will keep the Cardinal brand active in the U.S. retail market
after purchasing the company.  On March 13, Hayes announced that it had
reached an agreement with Paul Allen's Vulcan Ventures Inc. to acquire
Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based

"Hayes and Cardinal plan no immediate changes in the network of
distributors and resellers who carry Cardinal products and will keep the
current sales organization in place to support this business," says Frank
Leonardi, Cardinal's president and CEO. "Our commitment to our partners is
to maintain the same level of support to keep the business growing. This
transition also ensures that all Cardinal customers will receive continuing
technical support and warranty repairs as needed."

"The Cardinal brand represents value to the consumer by delivering high
speed modems at a competitive  price," adds Dennis C. Hayes, chairman of
Hayes. "The equity and retail strength of the Cardinal brand  name is the
reason that Hayes chose to add this line to our business."  Further
information is available on Cardinal's Web site at

                      Iomega Unveils ATAPI Zip Drive

Iomega Corp. has announced an enhanced internal Zip drive based on the
ATAPI interface.  The Roy, Utah-based company notes that the 100MB unit
offers computer makers and others simple and affordable systems integration
and compatibility. The 3.5-inch device fits into a conventional PC drive
bay and connects to an internal power supply.  "With the new ATAPI Zip
drive, Iomega is one step closer to replacing the traditional floppy drive
with the super- floppy Zip drive," says Andy Grolnick, Iomega's director of
Zip product management. "This makes the Zip drive an easier and more
affordable  solution for VARs, system integrators and OEMs."

"Iomega's new ATAPI Zip drive coupled with BIOS support completes the
equation for standardization of  the Zip drive," notes Phil Devin, vice
president and principal analyst of Dataquest Inc. "This is a significant
step forward in meeting the needs of computer system OEMs and system
integrators."  The internal ATAPI Zip drive is expected to be availble
worldwide in the second quarter of this year through major distributors and
resellers. Pricing isn't yet set.

                      Motorola Delays Modem Delivery

Shipment of Motorola Inc.'s ModemSURFR and VoiceSURFR
56K-kilobits-per-second modems has been  delayed, pending upgrades to the
modems' chipset produced by Rockwell Semiconductor Systems.  Reporting from
Huntsville, Alabama, the Dow Jones news service says Rockwell is delaying
the volume ramp-up of its K56flex modem chipsets for two weeks because it
identified performance problems under certain network configurations.

Motorola officials say the problem is likely to affect less than 3,000
customers, since modem shipments  began last week. The company said it will
replace, at its expense, any modems that have already been  purchased and
are experiencing performance problems.  The wire service reports, "Motorola
said it and  Rockwell have identified algorithm improvements to enhance the
chipsets' performance, and therefore shipments of the modems could resume
'as early as two weeks.'"

                      Digital Offers Super-Fast Chip

A new version of the Alpha chip that can double the performance of today's
personal computers is being introduced by Digital Equipment Corp., posing
what some say will be a serious challenge to widely used Pentium chips from
Intel Corp.  Digital officials told The Associated Press that PCs running
the new chip will start at less than $2,600, which is comparable to
Pentium-based machines.

"Digital is aiming its new microprocessor at corporate desktop PCs that run
on Microsoft's Windows NT operating system," AP observes. "Manufacturers
that plan to build PCs with the new chips beginning in July are Digital,
which already makes Intel-based PCs; Germany-based Vobis Microcomputer AG;
and Enorex Microsystems Inc., a New Jersey company started six months ago
in anticipation of the new Alpha chip."

The wire service notes Digital hopes that other makers will follow, "fueled
by an increasing availability of software," adding, "Currently, nearly
one-third of the roughly 6,000 software programs designed for Pentium-based
machines using the Windows NT operating system also can run on Alpha-based
PCs."  Digital officials say other software can be run in "emulation"
programs, which allow the chip to run software  not written for it but
reduces the program's speed.  Pippa Jollie, marketing manager for the Alpha
21164PC microprocessor, says PCs built around the new chi would be
particularly useful running graphics-heavy programs.

                         HP to Unveil Photo System

A photographic system for PC users that can take, scan and print
photography-quality images is being introduced by computer maker
Hewlett-Packard Co.  Writing for the Reuter News Service, reporter Samuel
Perry says HP's new PhotoSmart line is aimed at the consumer digital
photography, which some industry experts expect to heat up this year, but
that it won't come cheaply.

In fact, the photo printer, scanner and digital camera can be purchased
independently but together cost about  $1,400, while new ink cartridges
will cost roughly $40 each.  "And," adds Perry, "while any paper can be
used in the printer, for best results HP recommends its own glossy and
deluxe glossy photography paper, to  be priced in the United States at up
to $1.10 a page for the finest quality."

HP cites figures from the Photo Marketing Association that estimated that
in 1995 some 710 million rolls of film were processed, or an estimated 2.5
billion pictures.  Adds Reuters, "Although the quality of consumer market
digital cameras themselves is still well below that of conventional
photography, HP's scanning device enables PC users to scan, edit and print
images made with conventional photography as well."  The photo products
work with Microsoft Corp.'s  Windows 95 operating system and at least a
66-megahertz 486 processor, although Intel Corp.'s Pentium chips are

                    Sun Releases Java to Industry Group

An industry-standards group has been asked by Sun Microsystems Inc. to take
control of Java, its popular  network computing language.  Writing in The
Wall Street Journal this morning, reporter Joan Indiana Rigdon notes Sun
has tried on its own to promote Java as a standard way of writing programs
for the Internet  and other computer networks, "but in recent weeks,
Microsoft, maker of the rival Active X technology, has  accused Sun of
rejiggering Java so it doesn't work well with Microsoft software. Sun has
denied Microsoft's  complaints."  The fracas "fizzled," Rigdon adds, when
Microsoft officials suggested Sun could resolve the complaint by handing
Java over to a group that regulates computing standards. (As reported,
Microsoft did as much last year, when it created an independent standards
group to oversee changes to Active X.)

"The particulars of these fights are mired in mind-numbing computing
details," adds Rigdon, "and the names  of the industry groups read like
alphabet soup; the one Sun is working with is called the International
Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission
Joint Technical Committee 1, or IOS/IEC JTC 1 for short."  Nonetheless, the
paper adds, the standards fights are important, "because they threaten a
much-anticipated future where the Internet looks the same to everyone."

                     Study: Commercial Web Sites Soar

Commercial World Wide Web Sites grew to more than 45,000 in 1996 and will
reach 100,000 by the year  2000, according to a new research study from
International Data Corp.  The Framingham,  Massachusetts-based market
researcher notes that the number of commercial sites on the Web is doubling
every six months and that the rapid expansion is the result of the
tremendous growth in the adoption of Internet and Web technologies by
businesses. Leading categories, according to IDC, include
technically-oriented businesses, information intensive products lines, and
time sensitive products such
as financial information.  "In 1996, growth in commercial Web sites began
to take off as companies began experimenting with new  kinds of sites --
ones that extended the business infrastructure to the consumer," says
Michael  Sullivan Trainor, director of IDC's Internet program.

"Businesses began to move away from a 'brochureware' site to a dynamic,
page-generation, extended infrastructure site."  But Sullivan-Trainor notes
that increasingly sophisticated Web sites have required significant
investment in programming and customization, causing the price of highly
functional commerce sites to rise to more than $1 million per
implementation. But packaged software products are rapidly bringing down
the price point to less than $30,000 for a highly functional site and less
that $5,000 for a low- function starter offering. IDC predicts that these
tools will help to fuel commercial web site growth as businesses look to
enhance their site capabilities.

                      Sales Brisk for Pentium MMX PCs

Intel's new MMX chip is meeting with strong initial market acceptance,
according to new research from  Computer Intelligence, the leading source
of fact-based information about the computer and communicaions industries.
New data from CI's January StoreBoard Channel Tracking Service shows that
more than one-quarter of the desktop PCs sold in U.S. retail channels
during January were based on the MMX Pentium chip, the newest version of
Intel's flagship Pentium microprocessor.  In the retail channels tracked by
StoreBoard, MMX-based desktop PCs accounted for 27 percent of the desktop
PCs sold in January. The systems had the highest share of desktop PC unit
sales in consumer electronics superstores, where they accounted for 38
percent desktops sold.

In the other two retail channels tracked by StoreBoard, office products
superstores and PC superstores, MMX desktops were a lower but still
substantial portion of sales at shares of 14 percent and 20 percent,
respectively.  "We thought that some of the softness in consumer PC
channels during the fourth quarter of 96 was due to consumers delaying
purchases in anticipation of MMX PCs," says David Tremblay, senior industry
analyst at the La Jolla, California-based market researcher. "MMX-based PCs
were not available until the bodes well for a round of upgrade purchases by
consumers through the spring."

Some PC manufacturers, CI notes, were more aggressive in their launch of
MMX-based PCs than were  others. Compaq Computer Corp., Hewlett Packard
Co., Packard Bell and IBM Corp. accounted for over 90  percent of the
MMX-based desktop PCs sold in StoreBoard's U.S. retail channels in January.
CI's research  shows that HP sold more MMX-based desktop PCs in January in
these channels than they did desktop PCs  based on standard Pentium chips.
Samples of CI's market data and research results, commentary from industry
authorities and previews of upcoming technology events are available on the
company's site on the World Wide Web,

                      One in Four U.S. Adults Online

A new survey by CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research estimates nearly one out
of every four adults in the  United States and Canada is online and more
than 21 million women surf the once-male dominated Net.
Also, the poll indicates 50.6 million people are Internet users, more than
twice the number from a survey 18 months ago.  Reporter Elizabeth Weise of
The Associated Press says the survey also finds:

    Some 23 percent of people surveyed used the Internet, compared to only
  10 percent in fall 1995.
    Women, "who only five years ago made up a tiny 10 percent of the
  online world, now are nearing parity with men. This year's survey, taken in
  December and January, reported that 42 percent of online users are women,
  up from 34 percent 18 months ago."
    And the number of people who search the Web for information about
  products has doubled to 39 percent from 19 percent in the previous survey.
    However, only 15 percent of the users surveyed said they actually
  bought anything online.

The CommerceNet/Nielsen Media Research survey was based on 6,600 telephone
interviews with people 16 years or older from randomly-selected households
in the United States and Canada. The margin of error was not released.

                     Execs Want Tech-Savvy Assistants

Executives expect high-level technical expertise from their administrative
staff, finds a new survey sponsored by OfficeTeam, a temporary office
worker staffing service.

According to the Menlo Park, California-based company, 74 percent of the
survey's respondents said it is "very important" for administrative
assistants to have advanced personal computer skills. In addition, when
asked which courses their support staff could benefit from most, nearly
half said computer-related classes.  "With the unabated growth of
technological investments by companies today, it is critical that
administrative staff have in-depth knowledge of their firm's computer
software," says Diane Domeyer, OfficeTeam's executive director. "This means
more than simply keeping current on the latest version of a word processing
application. It involves being able to use all of the time-saving features
of that program and, if the company uses an office suite package, becoming
proficient on each of the applications in that suite."

Domeyer notes that while continuing education in computer technology is a
must in order to keep technical  skills current, it doesn't necessarily
involve long-term, formalized classroom instruction. "There are a  number
of options available, including computer-based tutorials that can be
completed on a personal  computer at home and workshops offered through
professional associations and retail outlets."

                       PC Support Gets More Complex

The PC support market is becoming increasingly complex, posing new
challenges to PC vendors and other support providers, finds a new report
from International Data Corporation.  The Framingham, Massachusetts based
market researcher notes that the support market's increased complexity
stems from a number of developments, includin rapid shifts in technology
and the advent of highly complex systems loaded with a variety of hardware
and software. In addition, the PC support marketplace now includes a
variety of players on both the supply and demand sides.  According to the
IDC report, support suppliers include PC vendors, their channel partners,
independent  service companies and even some retail outlets that offer
service plans to their customers. Customers for PC  support include large
corporate organizations, small-office/home-office (SOHO) users and
consumers, finds  the study.

"In the PC server space, IS managers are looking for mission-critical
services that are comparable with those previously associated with large
systems environments," says Doug Chandler, an IDC senior analyst. "At the
desktop level, PC support providers have become much more proactive
regarding delivering support and technical information with customers, as
well as providing drivers and software patches, either by dial-in or over
the Internet."  Beyond the corporate environment, consumers are becoming a
more important segment of the market, and meeting consumers' support needs
is another major challenge for PC support providers, notes the report. IDC
believes that consumers, many of whom are first-time PC users, tend to
depend heavily on the PC vendor for answers to any question pertaining to
the PC, regardless of whether it pertains to hardware or software. "These
users are also less capable of troubleshooting their own problems,"
observes Chandler. "At the same time, the line between the home and
corporate user is blurring as business people bring work home on their
portable systems and also use their home computers for personal finance and
other important applications."  IDC's Web site (
contains additional company information, recent news releases and full-text
searching of recent research.

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

                              LEXMARK OPTRA C
                               LASER PRINTER

For a limited time only; If you wish to have a FREE sample printout sent to
you  that demonstrates LEXMARK Optra C SUPERIOR QUALITY 600 dpi Laser Color
Output,  please  send  a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope  [SASE]  (business
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                     STReport's LEXMARK Printout Offer
                               P.O. Box 6672
                     Jacksonville, Florida 32205-6155
Folks,  the LEXMARK Optra C has to be the very best yet in its price range.
It  is  far superior to anything we've seen or used as of yet.  It is  said
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special stock and be of superb quality.  We obtained a mint copy of a  1927
COLOR  ENGRAVER'S  YEAR  BOOK.  Our Scanner is doing  "double  duty"!   The
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hesitate.. you will not be disappointed.  This "stuff" is gorgeous!

           A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N-A T T E N T I O N

Shareware Treasure Chest STR Feature         "The Latest & Greatest"

                         Shareware Treasure Chest

By Lloyd E. Pulley

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Astronomy Slide Show!2.0           3/20/97    3010kb   Freeware

  Full Screen slide show of 19 beautiful astrophotos! Now includes Comet

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Easy Icons 32-bit 5.1.8            3/15/97    1.70mb   Shareware

  Easy Icons was designed as a complete Icon Management System for windows
users." For example some of the things you can do are Save any Icon as a
separate (.ico) file, Save any icon as a separate (.bmp) file, Create and
maintain icon libraries with simple drag and drop operations and much more.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

EditPad 32-bit 2.2.1               3/15/97    23mb  Freeware

  EditPad is a replacement for the standard Windows NotePad. EditPad
requires Windows 95 or later to run. No additional DLLs or whatever are
required. It has a few very interesting features:

 * EditPad can open as much files at a time as you want.
 * You change between the open files by clicking on their tabs. No hassle
with heaps
    of overlapping windows.
 * If you run EditPad again when their is already an instance running, the
file(s) you
    wish to edit will be opened by the existing EditPad window. This means
there will
    be at most one EditPad window open, which will save you from a lot of
task switching.
    Of course, if you do need more instances, simply pick View|New editor
from the menu.
 * Block functions: save parts of your text to disk and insert a file in
the current text
 * Reopen menu that lists the last 16 files opened and more.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

TextPad 3.0 Beta 1                 3/16/97    949kb Shareware $27.00

  TextPad is the most powerful and flexible text editor on the market.
Clean and uncluttered, the interface does not get in the way. Yet hiding
just a few mouse clicks away are powerful search and replace, macro
commands, and a highly customizable interface. When you need more than
notepad can offer, TextPad is the obvious next step.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Pixound 32-bit 1.1.1 plug-in       3/15/97    .07mb Freeware

  A plug-in enabling the interpretation of graphic data as music and sound.
It can be used to create both on-line and off-line interactive
environments. As the viewer moves a pointer through a digital image,
Pixound translates pixel color information into music or sound, instantly
and continuously. It uses various color methods as well as other graphic
information within a picture to create music.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Quicktime 32-bit plug-in   3/15/97    .85mb Freeware

  Apple's QuickTime plug-in lets you view QuickTime movies and QuickTime VR
Panoramas and Objects directly in your browser window. The QuickTime plug-
in works with existing QuickTime movies, and with movies prepared to take
advantage of the plug-in's "fast-start" feature. The fast-start feature
will present the first frame of the movie almost immediately and can begin
playing even before the movie has been completely downloaded.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Online Meter 2.1                   3/14/97    752kb Shareware

  Online Meter 2.1 is the counter for your Dial-up Networking connections
with Windows 95. Starts counting as soon as you get connected. Tariff
definition is easy to do, including special support for holidays. You can
download prepared files with tariff definitions.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

CPU Monitor 1.3b2                  3/14/97    21kb  Freeware

  CPU Monitor adds an icon to the Windows 95 System Tray, which shows the
current utilisation of the systems processor.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Live Image 32-bit 1.21             3/16/97    1.90mb   Shareware $29.95

  LiveImage is a very user-friendly, "don't know anything about all this
image mapping stuff" program. LiveImage includes several new and powerful
features that are not available in other image mapping applications.
LiveImage supports GIFs, JPGs, Progressive JPGs, and the new PNG graphic
files. You may also optionally install additional graphic "filters" to
allow LiveImage to read other file formats.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Stay Connected 32-bit 1.2          3/16/97    .87mb Shareware $19.95

  Just as the name says, Stay connected will make sure that you never loose
your connection due to time outs, disconnections,etc.    *** Good Stuff ***

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Norton CrashGuard 1.2              3/16/97    1.6mg Freeware

  Norton CrashGuard is a simple and reliable crash protection and recovery
program that can intercept and repair most crashes and "frozen"
applications long enough for you to save your work.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

ZipWorks 32-bit 2.5                3/17/97    .57mb Shareware $21.95

  ZipWorks is a full featured 32-Bit ZIP file manipulater for Windows 95.
The built-in 32-Bit compression is fully compatible with PKZIP v2.04. With
this program you can ZIP, UnZip, add comments to your ZIP files, test
archive integrity, and repair damaged ZIP files. This program can create
files across multiple disks, and can store directory structure, making it a
pretty fair choice for a backup utility.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Enliven 32-bit 1.5 plug-in         3/17/97    .50mb Freeware

 Narrative's Enliven Viewer brings multimedia animations, graphics and
sound right into your home or office over Internet connections of 14.4 Kbps
or faster.  With the Enliven Viewer all you have to do is click on an
Enliven link from your Web browser and multimedia titles begin playing
without having to first wait for a download.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

TIFNY 32-bit 1.2                   3/17/97    1.90mb   Shareware $29.95

  TIFNY is a radical Usenet viewer with fully automated downloading! It
showcases a slide-show of posted JPEG images, and catalogs your favorites
by user-defined search lists with filters to deny series, authors,
organizations or keywords in the subject header. Say goodbye to unwanted
spamming, offensive postings and their cross-postings and say hello to
UseNet news group images that are filtered by you and offer pictures you
deem relevant! TIFNY also records previously searched paths in an MS Access
database. You can navigate TIFNY through the UseNet newsgroups based on
your own preferences.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Gravity1.1 Beta 2                  3/12/97    1.6mg Commercial Software

  Anawave's Gravity, a 32-bit newsreader, is one of the top-rated Internet
newsreaders for Windows 95/NT. It allows a person to view and contribute
articles in the form of text and graphics to over 15,000 newsgroups
worldwide. Gravity is unique in that it was designed exclusively for the 32-
bit Windows 95/NT environment. This design feature provides excellent multi-
tasking capabilities for searching, sorting and completing most newsreading
tasks in the background. As a result, you get the information that you want
- blazingly fast.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Search and Replace for Windows 95 2.82        3/17/97  367kb     Shareware

  Search (grep) program with Replace capabilities across files/directories.
Color coded output, regular expression support, search ZIP files, script
processing for many paths or search/replace strings at one time, backups,
full control over replaces.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Shutdown Butler 1.5                3/16/97    715kb Shareware $4.00

  This program monitors Windows95 and ejects a CD-ROM on shutdown ONLY if
one is in the drive. Also provides a quick shutdown menu in the system
tray. Can also be configured to run a program at shutdown.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Meridian 59 for Win95              3/18/97    26.00mb  Shareware

  Meridian 59, the world's number one next generation Internet-based RPG,
is a 3D world filled with fierce creatures, awesome magic, and spine
tingling face-to-face encounters with thousands of other human adventurers.
Meet and converse with thousands of players on-line. Explore a richly
textured 3D world filled with ancient cities, sunlit forests, dark caverns
and mysterious temples. Do battle with fierce creatures and other players
in real time combat.

In this new version, the Vale of Sorrow expansion pack (now included in
Meridian 59) introduces the mysterious Faerie Forest, home of the noble
Elhai faeries and their rivals, the sinister Dirhai. Only by taking sides
in this magical war can players complete the quest to bond with the hidden
node of magical power.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

TopDesk 32-bit 3.0b                3/18/97    .12mb Freeware

  How often have you had one or more applications running that have
completely covered the desktop just when you needed to access some object,
e.g. the Recycle Bin or the Internet icon, that was hidden on the desktop?
Rather than continue enduring this frustration it's time you downloaded
TopDesk. TopDesk (for Windows 95/NT) adds an icon to the system area of the
task bar that gives you complete access to everything on the desktop -
system objects and files, including the display properties dialog.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

SubSpace for Win95 1.23            3/18/97    2.20mb   Freeware

  A space type shoot 'em up with a difference. It's played entirely over
the internet with all human opponents. The game itself reminds you in a way
of the old Atari 2600 game Asteroids because the movement is basically the
same. However instead of being one one small screen and blowing up
asteroids, you are on a huge level and blow the crap out of other pilots.
By itself the game is pretty good (nice graphics), however when you add
real human players it really shines. At almost any given time you can find
around 50-60 other people playing, so the action is always hectic. You can
make squads, join teams, send messages while you play, and generally cause
havoc. This game is really worth the download, it's nifty. You can check
out some screen shots.  Note:Requries Win95 and DirectX

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Mah Jong for Windows 95 1.0        3/18/97    237k  Commercial Demo $21.25

 Fully playable, playing-time limited, implementation of the popular
Chinese game of Mah Jong, for the Windows 95 platform. This is not a
solitaire pairs game - play genuine Mah Jong against 3 other players
controlled by the computer. Features many unique features, and fully
customisable rules allow for almost all variations. An ideal alternative to
PC card games when you want to take a break from work - or if you want to
hone up your skills with some extra practice before playing against
friends. And with a detailed step-by-step tutorial, even a newcomer can
quickly learn how to play. Apparently a very complex game to the outsider,
the rules are very quick to master, and the game rapidly becomes
surprisingly addictive.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Rolodex 1.0                        3/18/97    21kb  Freeware

  Rolodex was created to keep phone numbers and addresses in order for
quick reference. This is just a basic Rolodex program, without the hassels
of many buttons or menu options. Requires Visual Basic runtime files. The
VB files can be downloaded from the Rolodex homepage.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Real Player 32-bit 4.0 beta 1a     3/20/97    1.00mb   Freeware

  From the makers of Real Audio comes Real Video, the only player you need
to get all the great RealAudio and the new RealVideo content on the web --
all without download delays. - Stereo audio at 28.8, near-CD quality at
higher bitrates, AM-quality audio at 14.4 - - Newscast-quality video at
28.8 and full-motion at higher bitrates -

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Szipw 32-bit 4.0a                  3/20/97    1.60mb   Shareware

  Szipw is the Ultimate Zip file manager for Windows.  It supports command
line parameters, Creates and manages backup sets for easy backup
operations, makes Zip archives with long filenames. View Zip files like
Disks with a directory tree, Internal Zip/Unzip. Easy configuration. Easy
edit of Zip comments and file comments. Accepts command line parameters
like PKZIP.  Internal File viewer, updates zip file when contents changed.
Support Files and dirs dropped from windows file manager, Add files using a
list of path/wildcards, very usefull when files to compress are in
different locations. Recompression of archives using different
password.compression level. Spanned Disks (multiple diskettes),
Hidden/System files, Volume labels, full PKzip 2.0 Encryption
supported.Support for Self Extractable archives. Allow renaming, changing
file date/time, Moving to another dir (using drag/drop), of the files and
directories within the archive.  Internal Zip repair functions.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

SoulTrap 1.06                      3/20/97    5.8mb Commercial demo

  Prepare to face your greatest fears as Soultrap takes you into a deadly
nightmare world of intense terror and lethal surroundings. You'll step
inside the twisted dreams of Malcolm West, and face the fears that have
plagued him throughout his life. Let your mind free-fall into a series of
deranged, dream-like environments that are constantly moving and changing
in 3D space.

   Download Site -

Name/Version                       Release Date     Size    Price

Adr_Book 4.2                       3/20/97    870kb Shareware $24.95

  Adr_Book v4.2 is an address book database program and phone dialer for
Windows 95.  This program prints a 1/4 size address booklet, labels,
envelopes, and several reports.  Labels can be printed with Postal bar-code
in zipcode order to assist in bulk mailing.  Database query capabilities
are supported. (ie list everyone who have a birthday in June).

   Download Site -

Gaming Hotwire STR Feature - The World of Contemporary Gaming

                                TOMB RAIDER

        Complete Walkthrough and (Most) Secrets for the PC version

by Lynn HendricksLike any walkthrough, this will be the most use to you if
you wait till you get stuck in a problem, then come here and look up the
solution to it. When it's possible, I'll put a hint before the actual
solution to a puzzle so you can read just enough to get you heading in the
right direction.

                      Some general notes on the game:
     The main difference between the PC version and other versions of Tomb
Raider is the ability to save the  game whenever you want to. In the other
versions you have to keep an eye out for "save game gems," and  only then
may you save. For this reason, many of the puzzles are ones that can be
done over and over till  you get them right. Me, I just reload a saved game
and start again . . .

     It's a good idea to spend time in Lara's mansion to make sure you're
comfortable with all her moves  before you start. In the mansion, run into
the music room, then into the main room; then clamber over the  crates to
the left door into the gym. Go to each numbered ramp in turn and she'll
walk you through a bunch  of different ways to jump. Then go into the pool
room to mess about under water. (If you're in the mood,  you can stay under
till you drown just to watch Lara writhe; but since you'll most likely get
to see this  happen in action more than enough times to suit you, why

     It takes some time to get the hang of navigating via the arrow keys
rather than the mouse. I tended to keep my left hand with the index finger
on the Fire (Ctrl) button, middle finger on the Walk (Shift) button,
little finger on the Jump (Alt) button, and palm on the Weapon (Spacebar)
button, with my right hand to  work the direction keys and the Look (Keypad
Insert) button. This isn't infallible, but it seems to keep
everything available.

     You can remap most of the keys, but not the direction keys.  This is
fine most of the time, but  underwater the up and down keys seem to work
like a flight simulator (that is, up makes you go down and  down makes you
go up). Maddening, especially when you're dying from lack of air and
there's a crocodile after you. Practice will help you perfect this, but you
can expect to get turned around under water for a while.

     The over-her-shoulder view can be crazy-making on occasion (such as
when she's running around a corner  that might have monsters). Don't forget
about the Look button, especially when you enter a large room or  are
trying to leap to a small, distant ledge.

     For a bit of fun, hold down the Walk button when Lara is hoisting
herself up a block over her head. You can  also get a spectacular swan dive
by holding down Walk-Jump-Forward when she's going into water. Also, a
damaging fall can sometimes be made less so by putting a roll (the End key)
at the end of it.

     You'll notice that if you forget to let go of the Jump key when Lara
lands she'll instantly jump again.  Sometimes this is no big deal, but
sometimes it's death, such as when you're jumping onto a small platform  or
a slanted surface above something deadly like lava. You can use this to
your advantage on occasion,  though, if you notice that a slanted surface
sends her jumping in the direction of the slant.

     There are basically three kinds of switches: large bars in the wall
that you push up or down; pressure plates  that you activate by walking or
pushing a block over; and levers under water that you pull down. When you
see a bar switch under water, don't bother with it. It can't be used unless
it's above water -- which is a signal  to you that there's a way to drain
the water out of the room.

     I'll go into more detail on how to perform a particular maneuver (such
as safely dropping down a long way)  the first time it's done. After that,
I'll use shorthand (like "Do a safety drop") and assume you remember  how
to do it.
     Some of the secrets are worth working for, but many of them are just
hard-to-get-to cubby holes with a  medipack or some ammo in them. Go for
them if you want, but don't endanger yourself for a few shotgun  shells.
You'll know when you've found a secret room because you'll hear a harp run.

     In some rare cases I'll prompt you to save your game, such as places
where there's a surprising danger.  More often, it's up to you to know how
much of what you've just done you'd like to repeat if you slip off the
next ledge and fall to your death.

      PERU (Caves, City of Vilcabamba, Lost Valley, Tomb of Qualopec)
     Notice the wolf tracks in the snow, and take a moment to wonder what
Lara is doing high in the frozen  Andes in shorts and tank top. Follow the
tracks past the pipes shooting darts; if you run most of the darts will
miss you, or you can walk up to them, watch the timing, and run past when
it's safe. Continue around the  corner. Lara will look up at a ledge on her
left, indicating the way to go; but first continue ahead into a large
square room with a chamber in the left back corner above a bit of slanted
rock. Go around behind the slanted  rock and climb up; you'll immediately
slide down the other side, and if you jump at the bottom of the slide
ou'll be able to grab the ledge and climb up into the chamber. Behold,

    SECRET #1! Pick up the medipack  (i.e., stand almost on top of it and
  press Action). There are two kinds of medipacks, small and large; the
  small ones are khaki rolls with a Red Cross on them, the large are khaki
  backpacks with a Red Cross. You'll soon get very good at spotting them.

     Returning to the other cave, climb up and head down the passage.  If
you listen carefully, you'll soon  hear a leathery flapping and perhaps a
high-pitched squeak or two; it's bats, very large carnivorous bats.  Your
first enemies! Draw your guns (by pushing the spacebar) and wait for Lara
to point them, then hold  down the Fire button (Ctrl) until she stops
turning around. If the bats get on your head and start to attack she  can't
shoot them, so run or jump forward, then turn around and blast the little
creeps.  There's three of them  here, so keep your guns drawn till they're
all toast. Bats die easily and don't do much damage (though they
can kill you if you don't get rid of them), so these guys are good practice
for what's to come. (BTW, the  pistols have unlimited ammo, so don't worry
about using them up. The indicator that shows when you draw  your guns is
your health, not your ammo.  The more powerful weapons that you pick up
later need to be reloaded -- but more on that when we get there.)

Turn left and proceed to a cave with snow drifted into one corner. Climb
the drift as far as you can, then use  the Action key to grab the ledge and
pull yourself up. Shoot another bat and grab the medipack for

    SECRET  #2. Return to the bat cave and continue, turning left twice.
  You will eventually end up in alarge grassy cavern sloping down to the
  left. Make your way to the bottom and drop into the tunnel. Go  down the
  stairs and use the bar switch to open the door. (To use the switch,
  position Lara smack up against it  and push the Action (Ctrl) button. If
  nothing happens, try shuffling right or left till she's right in front of
  it and try again.)

     Draw your guns as you enter the next room (a good practice till you
scope out the threats in a new  location), and kill a bat.  Wander around
and look at the bamboo door. No, you can't open it, jump over it,  crawl
under it, or pull it down, though of course in real life that's exactly
what you'd do. Whenever you  come across an obvious door that you can't
open, it means there's a switch, a puzzle, or another way in.  Okay, fine;
be like that.  (And don't ask me how they got bamboo in Peru, or how it's
lasted through the centuries. It's just One of Those Things.)

     In the far left corner, there's a pile of blocks up against a wall.
Clamber up it and then scale the wall  by holding down Action and Forward.
(Nice of them to make her grunt with the effort once in a while.)  Make
your way to a large room with two rope bridges; if you were walking instead
of running, you can now  draw your guns and shoot the two wolves from
above. (If you were  running and fell into the room, you can  still kill
them, but now they can kill you too -- so you have to be a lot faster and
better with your pistols to do  unto them before they do unto you.) When
they're both dead, turn left, jump across the gap, then walk over  the
second bridge; on the other side, turn left and go through the door.

     Stop at the edge of the chasm here and notice the large brown bear
below. Sorry, Smokey; you're  history. When he's dead, put your guns away,
turn your back on the chasm, hold down Action, and take a  step backwards.
This will allow you to drop down and grab the ledge, then let yourself drop
gently the rest  of the way. This is a safety drop, and it will let you
fall quite a way with no damage.

     Go through the door you see and shoot two bats. Grab the medipack and
walk over the pressure plate  to open another door that takes you back to
the room with the two rope bridges. Climb back up the bridge  and retrace
your path back to the gap with the dead bear. Jump across this time and
proceed down the stairs,  stopping to pick up a medipack on the left before
you do so.

     Enter the next room and shoot two wolves (gee, you're getting pretty
good at this). Notice on the left  wall there is a door cleverly hidden
high up in the vegetation, with a ledge extending from it. Climb up the
blocks on the right of the door and do a hanging jump to the ledge, and
you've found

    SECRET #3 (a large medipack). Pick it up and do a safety drop back
  into the large room.  The way out of this room is a door on a timed switch.
  Notice the two platforms on the other side of  the room, with a door on the
  left one and a switch on the right one. Climb up to the switch, throw it,
  then  turn left and run and jump and climb to get to the door before it
  closes. (This may take several tries until you  get the hang of navigating
  with the arrow keys, but keep at it.  Running into a wall stops you dead;
  running  into a wall while holding Action will make you climb up it if you
  can.) Continue up and turn the corner. Run  past two dart-shooting pipes
  and into the next room. A single wolf is waiting for you, so draw your guns
  and go in blazing.

     In the center of this room, you'll notice two floor panels that look
funny, with odd striations across  them. These are broken floor tiles
(you'll see them again, be sure), and though you can run across them
safely, if you stand on one it'll break and you'll fall into the chamber
below. In this case, that's what you  want; so stand on either one to fall
through to a block in the room below.

     Jump down and walk through the pillars to look at a large grey canal-
type hallway with a door at one  end. Don't go down there; it's filled with
darts, and you can't open the door without throwing a switch on  the other
side of the hall. Turn right and go down to the other end of the hall,
where you'll see that we're now on the other side of the bamboo door we
couldn't open before!  Amazing.

     Run and jump across to the other side of the hall, where you can shoot
the last wolf on this level and pick up  the medipack.  Continue on and
around the corner to find a switch. Move it to open the door, then slide
down the sloped wall next to the door and EXIT this level.

Pickups:  7
Secrets:       3
Kills:         14

                            CITY OF VILCABAMBA

     Go into the first room and kill the four wolves lurking in here,
jumping around to avoid their attacks  and firing constantly.  There are
several doors leading out of this room; they form a sort of honeycomb of
passages and tunnels, all with wolves and bats lurking around the next
corner. If you're in the mood to kill  things you can traverse them all,
slaughtering things. No matter which one you take, eventually you'll end up
in a large room with a pool in the middle and a wooden trough against the
far wall. (If you want to get there  quickly, take the first hall on the
left and make the first right.) Take a moment to admire the beautifully
rendered water, then draw your guns and walk over to the trough, and a
large bear comes charging out, yow!  Jump and shoot until he's dead, then
enter the room he came out of (a stable). Vault onto the ledge above the
stable and get the medipack.

     Now return to the pool room and go for a swim. Swim down to the T-
intersection and turn right.  When you reach a room with  pillars, go to
the left side and pull a wooden lever (swim up till your nose  touches it,
then push the Action button) to open a secret door in another area. If you
have at least half your  air left, there's a secret here to be gotten. Swim
to the opposite corner of the pillar room into the brightly lit  area. Pull
another lever switch to open a hatch above you and surface. Get out of the
pool (by swimming to  the ledge and pushing Action and Forward) and get

    SECRET #1, a medipack. Pull the switch to open a door back into the
  bear room.

     Jump into the pool again, and this time turn left at the T-junction.
This takes you to a room with  serpent fountains, and surprise! here's the
secret door you opened earlier. Enter to get

    SECRET #2, a medipack and some magnum clips (small black boxes that
  look like video cassettes, ammo for  a weapon you don't have yet). Dive
  back in and return to the bear room.

     At one corner of this room is a switch; flip it to open the door next
to it to a room with hides drying on  racks. Climb the wooden  stairs to an
opening high in the wall, and jump across to the room at the other side.
Notice the floor here is all cracked tiles. To get into the skull alcove
across, run across the tiles and jump at the end to get a medipack.

     Drop into the room below (if you didn't land there by accident) and
find the large blue block in the  wall with two marks in it that look like
bits of rope. These indicate that it moves. Run up  against it, then  hold
Action until Lara goes into a sort of tense crouch and push Forward to make
Lara push the block  forward once.  (She can also pull it back by pushing
Action and Back.) Push it forward several times to open  a passage into
another room. (If you missed the jump at the end of the broken tiles and
really  want that  medipack in the alcove above, pull the block into the
room and use it to climb into the alcove.)

     In the next room, shoot a bat and walk around to the left to get a
Silver Key and to the right to get a  Golden Idol. Jump up onto the block
you pushed in and climb up to the wooden ledge above you. Shoot two  bats
in the rafters; run around the corner and shoot two more bats, nasty
parasitic lice-ridden creatures. Drop  into the passage and turn left. You
should now be back in the bear room.

     Turn left and go down a hall to find a locked door (shooting any bats
that show up along the way).  Stand right in front of the lock, the little
silver box to the right of the door, and press  Action to bring up  your
inventory. Rotate till the Silver Key is showing, then press Action to use
it. (If you try to use something that doesn't work, Lara says bluntly,
"No." Then you cuss and stomp and go looking for something else.)

     Run through a dart-lined hall to reach a large open rocky area with a
red-roofed temple at the far end  and five wolves with bad attitudes at
this end. Jump and shoot, as before, and keep track of the number  you've
killed; if you're one short, walk forward slowly till the next one jumps
out at you.

     Enter the temple through the left door (the only one open).  Follow
the passage into a pool room with  ledges on the walls. Climb the stairs
and being the jumping process to go from ledge to ledge. (Ignore the  pool;
it's just a courtesy to soften your fall if you miss a jump. Don't look for
kindnesses like this often,  though.) You'll have to shoot a bat or two
along the way. At the top, climb a flight of stairs, shoot a bat, and
throw a switch to open the temple's right door. Get the medipack, then walk
out the other door. Look down  to see some shotgun shells (a box with some
red cylinders next to it, another weapon you don't have yet). Do  a safety
drop down and get the shells, then drop to the red roof and get a medipack.

     Drop once more to the ground and enter the right door. This is another
room with water and ledges, but this  one has collapsing floor tiles.
Ignore the right side; go to the left and jump up the ledges to the top.
Shoot a  bat, climb the stairs, and use the switch to open the middle door
of the temple. Go outside and do a series of safety drops to the ground.

     Enter the middle door. A tunnel with a series of swinging blades (like
in Poe's story, "The Pit and the  Pendulum") is next. Timing is almost all
there is to this, except that it's hard to know just how close you are  to
the things until you've been sliced.  Eventually you'll reach a room with a
gate with a bear behind it (and  no, you can't shoot the bear through the
gate, don't ask why) and a switch. Throw the switch -- whoa, the  floor
drops out from under you! Well, I guess we'll go for a swim, then.

     Swim forward and up to surface in the pool where the bear is growling
at you. Hmm, can't shoot  from the water and don't want to deal with him
just yet. Go down again and find a small tunnel just below  the surface
that leads to an unoccupied room.  Surface and climb up the stairs to a
room with a switch. Flip it and walk to the edge to look down at and shoot
the bear you were just threatened by.

     Do a safety drop to the level below and face the locked door.  Turn
left and walk up some stairs to a  switch (that shuts off the swinging
blades), then turn around and follow a passage that leads to

    SECRET #3  and some Uzi clips (long grey bars -- and yes, it's another
  weapon you don't have yet). Return to the pool  room, use the Gold Idol on
  the lock next to the door, and go out the EXIT.

Pickups:  11
Secrets:       3
Kills:         29

                                LOST VALLEY

     Walk down the tunnel till you reach a cave with a river running
through it. You can jump in and go  for a short but thrilling ride over
some falls and into a deep pool, but it's a better idea to jump across the
river and climb down the rocks so you can shoot the two wolves who are
waiting by the pool from above.  Either way, when the wolves are dead,
stand with your back to the falls and climb up to a cave with another  wolf
in it. Shoot him and continue to a passage with white cliffs in front of
you and a cavern to the right.  There are three wolves to kill in the right
chamber, but nothing else, so shoot them if you're feeling bloodthirsty and
ignore them if you're not.

Now back to the white cliffs. Climb up the one outcropping you can scale,
then jump/climb up till you come  across a skeleton and a medipack. Take
the latter, then draw your guns and move forward and down  cautiously. When
you hit the ground, you'll hear a strange animal squealing, and whoops!
It's a bright red  raptor, and it's not in a good mood. Jump and shoot till
it dies, then walk into the valley and shoot a second  raptor. They're
startling, but not hard to kill.

Now. Max out your health if it isn't 100% and save your game, then walk
cautiously into the valley until you  can see a broken rope bridge above
you and a massive bloody great T-Rex thundering  toward you. Scream
judiciously and start firing and jumping backward nonstop. Keep on the run,
and don't let this bugger get  close! unless you really like the idea of
becoming a coprolith. Keep an eye on your health bar and remember  that you
can heal yourself mid-fight if you have to. To do this, press Escape to
bring up the inventory and  freeze the action, use a medipack, and return
to the fight with a sigh of contentment from Lara.

When he's dead and your heart has slowed to a workable rate, walk on into
the valley under the bridge and  past a single waterfall, to an area with
two waterfalls. Climb the ledge to the right of the right waterfall to

    SECRET #1, shotgun shells. Go to the ledge between the falls. Climb up
  two ledges and jump to the right onto the third ledge. Look up and notice a
  wedge-shaped crevice in the rock; jump and grab it, then   shuffle to the
  right until you're in the middle of the falls. Pull yourself up and walk on
  water to reach

    SECRET #2, shotgun shells and Uzi clips. (Secret #2.5 is how you
  managed to walk on the top of the waterfall.  Don't ask.)

     Return to the top of the falls and look down to see that there's a
deep pool at the bottom. Jump down and  swim through the tunnel to a pool
inside a cave -- with a raptor squealing around there somewhere. Climb  out
when he's out of the room and kill him, then climb the ledges to the right
of the falls up to a brick ledge,  where you can pick up Machine Cog #1 (a
pale grey gear about a virtual foot across). Climb down and  follow the
passage out to the valley, to a spot between the two waterfalls.

     Turn left and walk till you see a natural rock bridge on the right and
a temple in the background -- oh, and  two raptors charging at you. Knock
them out (they're the last predators on this level) and enter the temple to
find a fountain. Jump into the pool and dive down to the right side of the
pool, where there's a tunnel with   machine Cog #2 at the bottom. Pick it
up and return to the surface.

     Leave the temple and move to the left wall of the valley before the
natural bridge, where there's all sorts of  cliffs and ledges. Explore till
you find one you can climb. Climb the first ledge, then jump left to a
second  ledge. Turn left to do a jump and grab to a third ledge, then do a
leap and grab to a fourth ledge. Do a   running jump onto the temple roof

    SECRET #3, and pick up a medipack, magnum clips, Uzi clips, and
  shotgun shells. Enjoy the view, then get back down by going to the other
  side of the roof and dropping to slide to the valley floor.

     Turn to the right and climb into a cave in the valley wall.  Follow
the tunnel until you reach one side of the  broken rope bridge. Get several
jumps back from the edge, then do a long running jump and grab the other
side of the bridge (which is held in midair by the suspension of disbelief,
apparently). This may take several tries; that over-the-shoulder view is
cool, but makes it difficult to see when she's reached the very edge of the
bridge, and a jump too soon or too late ain't good enough. When you get
there, pull yourself up and continue over to get Machine Cog #3. Do a
safety drop from the cliff edge to slide to the valley floor.

     Turn right and make your way back to the cave above the first huge
waterfall (where you started this level).  When you get there, move as far
in as you can and jump across the river. Move to your right and jump to the
ledge you can see on the other side. Keep on moving upstream in this
fashion. If you miss, you'll fall in the river and zip over the waterfall
and have to make your way back again; it doesn't hurt, but it's time
consuming and frustrating, so you might want to save every time you make a
jump safely, unless your  tolerance for frustration is higher than mine.

     The last jump (which requires you to grab the edge and pull yourself
up) leads to a tunnel and across  a rope bridge. There you'll find a
switch, some gears in the wall, and three unused pegs. Put the Cogs on the
pegs (doesn't matter which one goes where), then pull the switch. Well, the
gears moved, but what happened? Turn around and go look at the river --
look, a door moved to change the passage of the river. Cool!

     Don't cross the bridge; rather, move to the upstream side of the
ledge, turn around, step backward,  and grab on to the edge. Shuffle left
and drop onto another section of walkable water. Go up and turn left to

    SECRET #4, a medipack. Jump in the water and swim until you reach the
  dam. Turn left and pullyourself up onto the right ledge, where you'll find
  a skeleton with a shotgun he no longer needs.

(The  shotgun is more powerful than the pistols, but it doesn't have much
range or accuracy and it takes a while to  reload. Very effective against
some creatures, however.) Jump back in the water and continue down the
river  to enter a tunnel. This is a very long and twisting tunnel, but
eventually it comes out at

    SECRET #5 with  shotgun shells and a medipack.  The door from this
  room feeds out onto the dry riverbed. Drop down and walk left to a grey
  wall that  used to be a waterfall.  Jump over it into the lake below,
  surface, and turn to see a tunnel that was hidden by  the waterfall. Climb
  out here, walk down the tunnel, open the door at the end, and EXIT!

Pickups:  16
Secrets:       5
Kills:         12

                             TOMB OF QUALOPEC

     Follow the tunnel and enter a large red anteroom with four exits --
the one you came in by, one at the  left with three gates, one in front of
you with a long tunnel, and one at the right with a closed door. Walk up
the tunnel in front of you till you see (and hear) a boulder start to roll
towards you a la Indiana Jones, then  turn and run down and out of its way.
(If you have trouble getting turned around in time, try walking  backwards
up the tunnel till you hear the boulder start to roll, then run down and
away.) When it's gone,  walk up the tunnel to a locked gate to get your
first glimpse at the Tomb of Qualopec and the first piece of the Scion (the
thing Jacqueline Natla sent you to get, which incidentally they pronounce
SKEE-on, not SIGH- on as it usually is).

     Return to the anteroom and pull the switch next to the main door (it
was on the right as you came in)  to open the door to the left. This frees
two raptors that you can shoot with pistol or shotgun. (The shotgun  takes
only one shot to slay a raptor, which is very satisfying.) Walk into the
room they came out of, which  has vaguely animal pictures over the doors
(bird on the left, frog straight ahead, and a sort of a hawk thing  on the
right). Go through the hawk door on your right and into the next room,
which has a small block with a  hawk on it and a movable block in the wall.
There's no room to pull it, so push it twice to expose another  movable
block. Push it once to let you into a room with broken floor tiles. Run
across them to a switch that  opens the first of three gates in the
antechamber. Jump back across the spike pit you just revealed and go  back
to the room with the pictures.

     Go to the frog door on your right and follow the passage to a room
with several alcoves and a switch.  Draw your guns and walk up to the
switch -- whoops! Down we go again, this time into a room with three
hungry wolves. Cack 'em, and forget about the switch; it was just a decoy.
Walk up one of the ramps and  pull the block into the room, then push it
aside to find a passage.  Enter and go up some steps, then drop into  a pit
and get a medipack. Climb up the opposite side of the pit, then go up the
stairs and pull the switch to  open Gate #2. Grab the medipack in the
corner, then drop back into the pit. The other door takes you back to the
room with the pictures.

     Go through the bird door. You'll see a switch and a room with spikes
and two bird blocks. Ignore the switch  for now and go into the room. Turn
left and go in a door that takes you up some stairs and onto bird block 1.
Turn right and see a tunnel over your head; jump and grab. Follow this
passage up and down till you find  yourself standing on bird block 2. Turn
right and jump into a tunnel and pull the switch to move bird block 1
closer to the spikes. Walk back the way you came and discover a new passage
(you heard it open earlier) to  the first switch that I told you to ignore.
Push it now, and bird block 2 moves toward bird block 1. Aren't you clever?

     Return to the ledge and jump to bird block 2, then to bird block 1,
then to the door over the spikes. Pull the  switch in this room to open the
final gate. Walk back and jump over the spikes, then go up the small ramp
and climb up to the door. Move down the right passage and waste the raptor
before he gets you.

     Return to the anteroom and enter the now open passage. There are three
dart guns here; you can  either run and jump, or you can walk up till the
darts start to fire, then time your movement to go between   them. At the
end of the passage is a stairway with one more dart gun. Stand just on the
other side of the dart  gun and face the wall, then jump and climb up into
the alcove with the statue. Skinny behind him and find

    SECRET #1. Run across the broken floor panels to the left corner and
  get the shotgun shells, then turn  around and do a safety drop (carefully!)
  between the spikes to pick up some magnum clips under the shelf  you were
  just on

    (SECRET #2). Walk carefully through the spikes (though you may sustain
  some damage  anyway) to the door above and climb up and out.

     Turn left and go up the stairs. Drop down to some steps and go up to
the Tomb of Qualopec. The  guard on Qualopec's right isn't as dead as he
looks, so re-kill him and take the Scion piece. Yikes, a  temblor! Run back
to the anteroom and out through the tunnel you came in by, dodging falling
masonry and  passing the boulder on the way.

     Save your game, then dive back into the lake where you started the
last level. Hey, I've got plenty of  air; why did my health bar just come
up? Well, guess what, sugar pie? You're under fire!  Stay underwater  for
now, though; swim to the bottom and find a small tunnel in the wall under
the tunnel to Qualopec.  Follow it to

    SECRET #3 and get the medipack and magnum clips. Now swim back up and
  out to the opposite  edge as fast as you can, then get out, draw your guns,
  turn around, and jump and fire.
Larson, the jerk from the hotel in Calcutta, is trying to kill you. When
he's taken enough punishment to fell a rhino, he falls  to the ground and
you can have a little chat about, you know, things.

Pickups:       7
Secrets:       3
Kills:         8

Cut Scene: Larson talks; Lara demonstrates a new and stupid way to use an

        THE MONASTERY (St. Francis' Folly, Colosseum, Palace Midas,
                         Cistern, Tomb of Tihocan)

                            ST. FRANCIS' FOLLY

     Start this level by killing two lions charging at you from the end of
this large room; turn and jump  onto a ledge at right or left if you have
trouble. In the middle right side of the room is a block in a trench  with
an omega (looks like an upside-down horseshoe) in it. Pull the block on top
of the symbol to unlock a   door above and behind you. Push the block
forward twice to open a door at ground level, then push the block  one more
time so you can climb on it later.

     Go through the door at the end of the room (it slams behind you as you
enter). Shoot two gorillas and  pull the switch across from the door. Go to
the stairs on your right and kill another gorilla; go up the stairs  on
your left and throw a switch to open another door. Go outside and -- ping!
It's that litterbug,  Pierre,  shooting at you from behind a pillar like
the coward he is. Shoot at him, then run after him and shoot him  some
more; eventually he disappears (for now).

     Jump up on the omega block, then jump to the column in front of you,
then to the tall column in front  of you to get a medipack. Turn around and
jump to a column on your right and then to a ledge. This room  has two
slopes and a ledge over your head that contains one of the secrets; it's
hard to get to, but quite  rewarding, so read through this and then give it
a try.

     Stand just inside the door and face left to look at the first slope.
What you're going to do is jump  against this slope, which will send you
jumping back to the second slope, which will send you jumping up,  and then
if you got the placement right you can grab on to the shelf overhead and
pull yourself up. Ready?  Jump forward and hold down the Jump button; jump
back; jump sideways, and grab and pull yourself up.  Gah, another two
slopes. Do the same double jump up to

    SECRET #1, shotgun shells and a medipack on a  broken floor.
  Congratulations! Now climb back down to avoid damage taken by falling
  through the broken floor.

     Back at the ledge into the main room, jump to the column, then jump
via columns to the arch over the  gorilla room. Walk to the left side, then
jump to a ledge against the far wall. Travel via these ledges to the  door
at the other end of the room that you unlocked before. Walk in to find a
long downward slope. Slide  down -- and just before you reach the end of
the slope, jump into the air. You'll land on a small ledge below  the
slope, jump off it, and bounce toward a doorway opposite; quick, grab the
edge and pull yourself up to

    SECRET #2, shotgun shells and a medipack.Don't drop down the hole you
  see; there's another secret to get first.
     Turn around and notice a big crocodile in the water. Shoot him if you
can; if he swims out of the way before you get a chance to send him where
the dead crabs go, jump in and swim forward and up into the first  opening
to get

    SECRET #3, more shotgun shells.  Take another swim and go to the next
  opening, where you  can pull a switch that drains the water from this

Drop into the passage and kill the crocodile (if you  didn't already). He's
easier to shoot now, but he's also a lot faster, so blast away and dodge a
lot. (Notice,  BTW, that just before he dies he rolls and writhes. Saves
ammo if you notice this and don't waste your time blasting away at a dead

     Walk to the end of the tunnel and up some stairs. Look down, then gulp
and save your game. This  huge chamber consists of a very tall room with a
central multi-leveled platform with four switches that open  four doors
named after mythical characters on the outside walls at various levels. At
the very bottom is a  room with four locks, opened by the four keys kept in
the four rooms. You're going to spend the next chunk  of time finding and
flipping the four switches, then entering the four rooms and getting the
keys, then make  your way down to the floor to open the door -- and along
the way, there's bats, the occasional lion, and  Pierre to keep you from
getting bored. So take a deep breath and let's begin.

     Jump to the ledge in the middle of the room and shoot three bats
flying around. (Be careful how you  jump to get away from them; it's a long
way down.) Walk around the ledge and drop to the floor below. Pull  the
lever to open the Thor Door. To the right you see a grey square; it's a
pressure plate that opens a secret  door on the ground waaaaaay down there.
This door is timed, so if you want to get it you have to be FAST!

     So. Jump onto the pressure plate, then turn right and run off the
edge. Roll (i.e., hit the End key) as  you land and keep running.  Roll at
the edge and drop down, shooting two bats as they appear.  Drop down  once
more, taking some minor damage, and run through the door in the dark corner
of the room. Whew!

SECRET #4 consists of a medipack and some magnum clips; was it worth it?
Exit the room and use the switch at this level to open the Atlas Door.
Climb the stairs, then jump and  grab the center ledge. Jump to the ledge
and get the magnum clips either before or after  killing another bat.  Jump
back to the first ledge and move across about half way. Jump and grab the
middle ledge, then go  around the left corner and use the switch to open
the Neptune Door. Turn around and jump across to the  stairs. Turn around
and jump up to the center ledge, then enter the Thor Door to your left.

     Okay, Thor is the god who makes lightning with his hammer, right?  So
inside here we have first of  all a lightning room. In the ceiling is a
sphere that shoots out lightning bolts to a series of panels in the floor,
set in a vaguely circular pattern. You're safe as long as you stay outside
this circle; inside it, all bets are off.  So walk cautiously into the room
until the light show starts, then edge your way to the right and walk along
the wall till you're in front of the last panel; then wait for a bolt and
jump just after it and run into the next room.

     Look up. This room is for Thor's hammer. Just under the hammer is a
panel in the floor. Walk up to  this panel and across it to trigger it,
then keep on walking and you'll clear it just as the hammer hits. (If you
run you don't trigger the hammer; if you stand you get squished rather
completely.) Stand there a second
or two while a block falls from God knows where into the room.  Push the
block up against the wall near the  head of Thor's hammer. Use it to climb
up to a ledge with a second block; jump over this block and push it  over
so you can use it to jump up to the next higher ledge. Get the small
medipack, then jump across to the ledge on your left. Enter the small room
and get the Thor Key, then do a safety drop to the ground. Run  through the
electric room and back out to the main room.

     Walk out, then draw your guns and jump back -- Pierre is shooting at
you again, this time from the ground. Jump up to the center and drop down
to the next level, then get a bead  on him and fire at him till he  runs
away again. Shoot some bats, then jump to an outside ledge, then up to the
previous ledge. Go up the  stairs and turn to your right to find the switch
for the Damocles Door. Go down the stairs and enter the Atlas Door.

     Kill the gorilla waiting for you in here, then run ahead and through
the gate (which promptly slams  behind you). There's a pit to your left
with a picture of a boulder and a medipack, and to your right is a  slope
with . . . a boulder at the top of it. (Where have I seen this picture
before?) As before, the best way to  deal with this is to walk backwards up
the ramp till you hear the boulder start to roll, then run forward into
the pit and jump back against the wall so the boulder can bounce over your
head.  Ha! Get the medipack,  climb out of the pit, and walk up the ramp
until you see a ledge on your left. Jump up to it and get the Atlas  Key on
the other side of the ledge. Make your way back and exit the Atlas Door.

     Go to the highest step and jump up and climb to the next level. Jump
to the stairs on your left. Shoot  some bats and go to the highest step.
Jump to the middle ledge and go to the other side and enter the Neptune
Door to find a very deep pool. Save your game and jump in, swimming down a
very long way to a tunnel  with a door at the end and an opening overhead.
Go up into the opening to find a lever switch and pull it to  open the door
you saw below. Go back down and into the door to get the Neptune Key, then
swim like hell  for the surface. I got badly turned around in here the
first time I did it and finally had to do it in two shifts --  down to pull
the switch, then back for air, then down to get the key, then back to the
surface. If your  dexterity is better than mine you can probably do it one
go, though.

     Climb out of the water and exit through the Neptune Door. Jump to the
middle ledge and climb down  to the ledge across from the sandstone stairs,
one level above the ground. Wait a minute, did I hear a growl?  Yes,
there's a couple of lions down there; shoot them now to save trouble later,
then jump over to the stairs  and go down to the Damocles Door. Get the
medipack on top of the door before you enter.

     Here we have a large room crammed full of whole and broken pillars,
and with (gulp) massive  swords overhead. But they're no threat to you --
yet. Go to the end of the room and get the Damocles Key,  then hoist
yourself up and get the shells and medipack on the ledge above. Now walk
carefully out. The  swords will start falling, and they seem to aim for
you; but if you walk and avoid the shadows you will  probably not get
skewered. Probably.

     Exit the Damocles Door. Drop down to the ground and keep an eye out
for Pierre, in case you didn't  drive him away before. Go to the door and
use the four keys in the four locks; starting with the one closest to  the
door, they are Neptune, Atlas, Damocles, and Thor. The bars pull back and
you can EXIT this huge  level. Finally!

Pickups:  18
Secrets:       4
Kills:         21


     Ah, a pool. With a crocodile in it. Shoot the lizard, then jump in and
swim to the other side of the  pool. Pop out and shoot two lions, one that
charges you and one that's around the back at the left. Enter the  temple
and start up the left stairs, then jump back and kill a third lion. There's
nothing else to do in here,  so  go back outside and go around the left
side. Climb up the rocky ledge on the left and jump over to the second
floor ledge around the temple. Follow the ledge around to get a medipack.
Return the way you came and  climb onto the block to get up to the third
floor ledge. Follow it around the temple and jump diagonally to a  ledge in
the rocks that leads to a door you can almost see.

     Before dropping down to the door, however, slide down the slope that
faces the door and jump when  you reach the bottom to land on a small
ledge. Look to the left of the water for a hidden passage. Do a  running
jump into the passage and get

    SECRET #1, shotgun shells. Make your way back to the door and go in.
  At the edge of a big pit, shoot two growling crocodiles and get the
  medipack in the corner. Use the  ramp to climb out of the pit, then face
  the left wall and jump and grab the crack in the wall. Shuffle to the
  right until you can climb up, then go forward to

    SECRET #2, more shotgun shells. Go back to the crevice  and do a
  safety drop and shuffle right until you can drop to the ledge.

Walk up the ramp and start down the tunnel until you can drop down a hole
and enter the temple. There's a  switch here that opens the gate into the
temple, and you can throw it if you want, but there's no real need.

     With guns drawn, go up the stairs to your right to enter the
Colosseum. Wow. Ouch. Pierre is here  too, on your left; shoot and jump,
and meanwhile back away from the hallway you just came in by, because
that's where he's heading, and as soon as he reaches it he's away. Be
careful not to fall into the arena yet,  however; there's two lions and a
gorilla down there, and they're not too nice. (To you, that is. They like
each other just fine.)

     When Pierre is gone and the animals are dead, jump down into the arena
and trot over to the door at the back  left. Slide down the ramp (and by
the way, when you slide down a ramp it means it's too steep to allow you
to climb back up again, so you'll have to find another way out) and shoot
the two lions waiting for you. Go  to the far wall and use the switch to
open a gate in some rocks in the arena. Turn around and pull the other
switch to open the door next to it. Head down this corridor and into a pit
in the arena floor.

     It looks like it'll be easy to climb out of this pit -- but wait,
what's that noise? Blast, four lions have  been released into the arena.
Kill them by jumping and shooting them at the top of your jumps; it takes a
while, but it does the trick and it's safe. When they're all dead (or
you're tired of picking them off slowly),  climb out of the pit and head
for the rocks at the right, keeping an eye out in case the last lion is
hiding here.  (Don't run in this area; there's a pit full of spikes to
skewer yourself on that's hard to spot in the sand.) Go  to the door in the
rocks and slide down the ramp.

     This room has one locked door, two cells, and a pressure plate in a
far corner. This one is rather  tricky since the doors are on timers. You
need to get through a door in the right cell that's opened by a  switch in
the left cell, and both doors are opened by the pressure plate. So first
open the cells and go pick up  a medipack in the right cell, then step on
the plate in the cell to get back out again. Then go back to the far
corner and step on the plate that opens both cells, run to the left cell,
pull the switch, turn and run to the  right cell, and leap out the new door
quick before it closes. Whew! Took me quite a while, as simple as it  now
seems; I kept running into the bloody wall and having to start all over.

     Pull the switch in here to open the locked door in the room you just
left, then go back and enter that  door. Go down the slope into a room full
of spikes. Edge past them and go through the door to a series of  ledges
that brings you to the top of the rock pile you were walking through a few
minutes ago. Turn left and  head up the slope, then climb the ledge and go
right to find some shotgun shells.

     Come back to where you can see the arena and contemplate for a moment.
Obviously you want to  reach that elaborate area with all the columns that
overlooks the arena. You can't quite make it on a straight  jump, but if
you stand on the farther right of the two lighter-colored ledges, you can
make a running jump  that will take you to the slope on the other side of
the door that leads up to that area. Grunt, Lara, grunt.

     When you get there, walk up to the level area, then turn left and do a
running jump-and-grab at the ledge on  the left. Made it! Draw your guns
and walk forward to kill two gorillas in the bedroom. (That's right, it's a
room full of beds. What did you expect in a Roman colosseum?) Here, in
addition to beds, we have a pool  behind a locked gate, a closed door, and
a movable block.  Pull the block twice, then go into the dark tunnel
behind it.  Pull the switch and pick up a medipack to the left of the

     Make your way back to the arena floor and walk around the rocks, then
turn left and proceed to the  block in the left corner. Climb up into the
bleachers and turn right to go into a small chamber in the corner.  Stand
at the door and shoot two bats, then walk in and head for the light. The
gate slams shut behind you,  and there's a pit, a ramp, and a boulder, gah!
Jump into the pit and the boulder bounces over your head  harmlessly. Climb
out of the pit and jump to the other side. Walk up the ramp to another
switch and use it; it  opens another door somewhere. Go on out this door
and through a dark passage to a slope that returns you
to the first room.

     Turn left as you leave this room and walk towards the far corner of
the room past the door you came  in by -- whoops, there's a  lioness coming
down the hall, and there's that idiot Pierre again. Pop both of  them,
remembering that Pierre wants to get out the hall where the lioness was
(moron). When they're both  gone, continue on to the room in the corner.

     Stand at the door to cack two more bats, then go forward into the lit
room where you find a block,  three columns of different sizes, and two
ledges high overhead. At the top of the ledge on the right is another
switch you need to reach; at the top of the other ledge is a secret door
that opens briefly when you walk to  the right of the tallest column. Is
there a way to get up there in time? Yes, there is, but it's kind of dicey.
Are you ready?
     Stand facing the block with your back against the wall, with the
tallest pillar to your left. Run past the  illar (hear the door open?) and
jump onto the block. As soon as you hit, jump right to land on the first
pillar.  Immediately jump back to land on the second pillar. Immediately
jump left to land on the third pillar. Immediately jump forward to land on
the ledge and run like hell into the room just before the door closes.
Wow! That's an accomplishment! Welcome to

    SECRET #3, with two medipacks, some Uzi clips, and a pair  of magnums
  -- no, not magnum clips, but the actual guns.

Yes, definitely worth it, I'd say. Go back out and   do a running jump to
get across to the switch. Throw it, jump back to the ledge, and do your
best to get back  down with as little damage as possible.

     Out the door and off to the last corner of the room (where there's no
bats, for a change). Throw the  switch, which opens the door at the back of
the bedroom, then jump in the pool and swim to another room  with a movable
block. Push the block forward twice, then move to the side and pull it once
to reveal a  chamber with a Rusty Key in it. Get the key and swim back to
the first room, then go out.

     Walk up to the arena and kill a gorilla that apparently dropped out of
heaven, then do a safety drop to  the arena floor. Work your way back to
the bedroom (to save time, you can jump carefully between spikes in  the
pit) and go into the door in the back to find . . . a single medipack. Oh
well. Use the Rusty Key to open  the gate and jump in the water. Oops,
there's a crocodile here. Well, swim past him to the first opening,  which
leads to a room with a switch. Pull the switch, then shoot the crocodile
(if he'll let you). When he's  dead or you're tired of the game, go
swimming again and keep swimming down the tunnel until you EXIT.

Pickups:  14
Secrets:       3
Kills:         25

                               PALACE MIDAS

     You're swimming when you start this level; head for the surface and
climb out of the pool into a  room with three visible exits.  Draw your
guns and enter the room straight ahead, where you get to shoot  two
gorillas. At the end of this room are two doorways; go through the left
door and pop three more gorillas  in a room with a temple-type building.
Pick up the medipack and enter the door. Throw a switch that opens a  gate
into a park, then go back through the other door and shoot two more
gorillas. Return back to the pool where you started.

     Turn left and shoot a large and fast crocodile, then go down this
passage to an area with stairs on the  left. We'll come back to them; for
now, walk next to the stairs and into a large area that looks vaguely like
a  stable. Turn right and walk to the very end; turn left and shoot a
gorilla, then get some magnum clips and  back out. Turn right and walk
forward until two lions attack.  Kill them (you may want the shotgun --
these  are big guys) and continue to the end of the room. Turn right and
shoot three bats, then get a medipack from  the next to the last alcove on
the left. We're done in this room for now; there's lots of stuff over your
head,  but you can't get there from here. For now, retrace your steps and
go up the stairs. At the top, turn left and  advance cautiously until you
have shot three gorillas. (Where the heck is this monastery anyway, that it
has  all these African animals wandering around in it? Never mind, never
mind. Forget I asked.)

     Take a look around the room. There's a series of pillars, four doors
around the outside walls, and a  platform in the center.  Notice that the
doors have a combination of omegas and upsilons  (looks like a Y) on  them,
a different combination for each door). Starting from the door on the right
wall and going clockwise,
they are:

1.   YOOOO (where you hear a buzzing a little like bats)
2.   ?OYYO (the first letter is obscured by a red blotch)
3.   OOYOY (behind which you can just glimpse some spikes)
4.   YOOOY (under a smaller platform with a rail around it)

     Well, they're all locked, so we'll have to find a way up to the center
platform. At the far right near  door 1 is a bright orange column that's a
little shorter than the others. Climb up it, jump to the next column,  then
turn left and jump to the ledge over door 1. Turn right and do a running
jump-and-grab to the ledge  over door 2, where you can get a medipack and
some magnum clips.  Return to the pillars and proceed from  pillar to
pillar with running jumps. At the last one, turn right and jump to the
central platform at last. Here   e have a pit in the floor and five
switches. Huh -- five, just like the number of letters over the doors. Do
you  suppose it means anything? Well, if you push just the first switch to
make the pattern down-up-up-up-up,  door 1 opens -- so Y=down and O=up.
Drop into the pit, push the switch to open the gate here, then  proceed
around to door 1.

     That buzz wasn't bats after all; it was fire, huge torches in pillars
in a pool. Step on the pressure plate  in front of the first torch and
watch the torches go out, how handy! But once you step off this plate, they
turn   on again in fifteen seconds. You have to get to the other end of the
room, and you can't swim  there; you  have to jump across these columns.
And they aren't even in a straight line. Blast. While you're thinking what
to do, go down the steps at the right and shoot three huge rats in the
water, then return to the pressure plate  and save your game. This may take
you a large number of tries. (And there's no point in saving halfway
across; when you reload the game the torches will be on and you'll go up
like -- well, like a torch.)

     But there is a way to do it. It turns on the fact that you can make
Lara change her trajectory in midair  by pushing the direction keys. What
you need to do is to run and jump off the first pillar, then hold down the
Jump key for the rest of the journey, using the right and left arrows to
get her headed in the right direction  once she's airborne. At the last
pillar, you'll have to grab and pull yourself up; if you dawdled along the
way,  the torch will come back on while you're hanging there, in which case
you can shuffle to one side, pull  yourself up, and run across the side;
this hurts but doesn't kill.

     In any case, give yourself three huzzahs -- you made it! Grab a bar of
lead -- lead?! I went through that for a bar of LEAD?!  Yes, you'll see.
Pocket the thing and swim back to the stairs.  (And no, for some  reason
the lead doesn't make her sink in the water. Why do I keep trying to
intrude logic into this business?)

     Return to the pillar room and shoot another gorilla. Go via the gate
to the central platform and  reproduce the pattern of door 2, which is
something-up-down-down-up. Turns out the door doesn't  open  unless the
first switch is up. Drop down and go out door 2, which leads to a room with
a pillar in the center  and a number of flying buttresses. Nothing to do
here just yet, so go through to  the door at the back. Here  there's an up
staircase at the left and a down staircase to the right. Turn right and go
down to a room with a  movable block. Pull it out and hear a tremendous
crashing thud. Oops. Go back up and go up the other  staircase and through
a dark tunnel until you see, um, the remains of the room with the pillar
and the  buttresses. Butterfingers!

     On the opposite side of the room, however, you can now see a doorway,
through which you must get.  Stand at the edge and look down and right; you
can just make out a small dark ledge. Jump to it. From here  you can do a
running jump-and-grab to the central pillar -- yes, you can. Really. Once
you get there, you can  do another running jump-and-grab to the sandy ledge
beside and just under the doorway.

     Jump into the doorway and follow a rocky tunnel to a ledge that
overlooks an aqueduct. This is the  top of the room where you shot the
lions earlier. Shoot two gorillas and two bats, then jump across to the
aqueduct. Walk along it and to the right and shoot two crocodiles in the
water, then jump in and swim under  the rocks to a rocky room. Get out at
the shelf on the right. You want to make it to the left side, where there's
some goodies.  Walk forward, then turn left and climb up the rocks and walk
forward as far as you  can. Now jump over the next slope and hold down the
jump key to instantly jump over the next slope and  slide to a stop in the
corner. Turn left and clamber over the rocks to reach

    SECRET #1, a medipack and some magnum clips. Cool.

Jump back in the water and swim out, then climb out and walk back to the
place where you first jumped over  (where the dead gorilla bodies are).
Look over the edge and see a small medipack below. Do a safety drop  below
to get

    SECRET #2 - shotgun shells, Uzi clips and a medipack.

Draw your guns and jump out of the pit  to kill the gorilla you've been
hearing grunt at you for the last ten minutes. Walk straight ahead and pick
up a  medipack from the second alcove on the right, then walk back and jump
over to the other wing of the  structure, where you'll have to kill two
more gorillas (one in the second alcove, one in the next to last). Be
careful of the edge here as you jump for room to shoot; it's too far down
to survive a fall.

     Stand in the next-to-last alcove and look across the chasm to the
ledge with a medipack you can just  see. Back up as far as you can, then
run, jump, and grab to get to this ledge. Face the wall and jump to grab
onto the crevice, then shuffle to the left and drop onto the ledge. Kill a
bat, then turn and jump over to a door. Proceed up a long tunnel until you
reach a hex-shaped passage with a collapsible floor (that will drop  you
into the pool at the end of the aqueduct if you're not careful). Run down
this collapsible tunnel and get  the medipack, then turn and climb out of
the tunnel.

     Skid down the long slope and climb back down to a ledge above the pool
room where you started this  level. Draw your guns, because there's a
lioness up there with you, whoopsie! Put her away, then  run along  the
ledge and into the door on the other side. Follow the tunnel, then jump
into the left window and out onto  a ledge where you can turn right and
make a running jump across to another ledge. Turn right and go up to  the
pool and take a swim into the next room, avoiding the big crocodile
swimming in here with you (by  swimming deep -- they like to stay near the

     Exit the water and climb up to a spot looking at the roof of a temple.
Shoot a bat, and take some shots  at the lions below if you get a chance.
Jump to the roof and pick up another lead bar, then shoot the lions and
drop down. Go down the stairs and into the tunnel, then turn left and go to
the pool room. Go left and make your way back to the room with the five

     Set the switches for door 3, up-up-down-up-down, then drop down and go
to the open door, where  the floor is full of spikes. Well, not full
exactly; they seem to be in patterns. Hmm. Well, there's one door at  floor
level; go over there and find a ramp and a movable block. Pull it twice to
reveal a tunnel with a switch  at the end (the which you should pull). Go
up the ramp and the stairs at its top to find that the switch raised  tall
blocks inside the spikes. Do a running jump to the nearest, then to the one
on your right, and so on  counterclockwise around the room. At the last
one, draw your guns and jump in and immediately back, because there's a
really ticked-off gorilla in here. Calm him down the hard way, then go on
in and get a last  lead bar. Jump back to the pillar, then jump over the
spikes to the ground and return to the 5 switches.  There's one more door
in here, but we'll do it later.

     For now, head back to the pool room and through the tunnel opposite
the one you just came out of  with guns drawn. It's the garden gate that we
opened in the first room. Shoot two gorillas, then go to the  back of the
room where there's a small roof-type arrangement. Climb onto the ledge on
the right, then jump  over to the roof and get a medipack. Go to the right
side of the roof and walk into the dark at the back,  which turns out to be
a passage to the Midas Chamber. Cool. You wondered why this level was
called  Palace Midas, didn't you? Stand next to the stone hand and use the
lead bars one by one to turn them to  GOLD! (For an usual way to die, try
climbing or jumping onto Midas's hand yourself.)

     Return to the garden and go to the right corner next to the gate. Walk
sideways behind the tree, face  to the wall, and push Action until Lara
pushes a switch you can't see. Shazam! A gate opens to  your right,

    SECRET #3. Enter the gate and walk up to an arrangement like a
  vertical bear-trap.

Eidos calls it a slicer, and this is a particularly nasty one -- two in a
row with a collapsible floor between them that drops into a  spike pit.
What you need to do is wait for them to shut, then jump through them as
they open. Pick up  shotgun shells, magnum clips, and a medipack, then
return as carefully as you came.

     Make your way back to the five switches and set them for door 4, up-
down-down-down-up, then drop  down and head for the last open door. Shoot a
lion, then head up the stairs to the top and out onto the ledge.  Get the
shotgun shells, then go down the stairs and through the right door. Use the
gold bars in the three  slots, then enter the open door and slide down the
ramp to EXIT.

Pickups:  21
Secrets:       3
Kills:         42


     Stand here a moment to appreciate the interesting sounds. Then draw
your guns and drop into the  hole, immediately shooting the honking great
rat that's biting you. Yuck. Push the block forward twice and  once to the
right to access a switch that opens a white door and a trapdoor in the
floor. Shoot two rats that  come through the wall that just opened. Go
through the white door and get the medipack, then go down the  hole and run
outside to a walkway that overlooks a huge room with pillars and a large

     Stand there a moment and shoot two rats below you and two crocodiles
in the pool. Turn to your right  and jump to the pillar at your right, then
shoot a rat on the stairs. Walk to the wall then jump up and grab the
crevice. Shuffle left to a ledge, then drop down and take some shotgun
shells. Turn left and grab another  crevice; continue left until you can
climb up. Turn right and climb up to a ledge and walk to the end of it to
get the Rusty Key.

     Return to the other end of the ledge and climb down, then hang and
drop to the brick walkway below.  Follow this walkway around and climb the
pillar at one corner, then turn right and jump to the balcony and  go up
the stairs. Blast, Pierre is here again, on your right; shoot him until he
runs away, then turn right and  climb the conduit you see here. Jump up to
the next conduit and into a tunnel and climb up to

    SECRET #1,  shotgun shells. Walk to the edge of the slope, then slide
  down and jump just at the end to land on another ledge with two shotgun
  shells. Slide and drop back into the room below.

     On the opposite wall, there's a high conduit with some goodies on it.
Run and jump twice to reach a  medipack and some more shells. Do a safety
drop to the floor from here. Notice a switch and some openings  in the
floor to water. Skip the switch for now and go swimming. There's rats here,
and you can't get out  once you get in, so swim deep to avoid them and look
for a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, surface and kill  a rat in the
water. Climb and jump up to the top ledge and get a second Rusty Key. Go
forward and hang  from the ledge so you can shuffle to the left and drop to
the ledge with two rats, filthy vermin, whom it is a  pleasure to
slaughter. Continue forward and slide down the ramp to the main room.

     Turn right and jump up to the ledge, then follow it around to get back
to the bridge where you started  the level. Turn right and jump to the next
bit of bridge, then turn left and jump to the first door where you get to
use one of those Rusty Keys.

     Enter the room and turn around to climb a ledge over the door. Turn
and shoot two gorillas, then  jump to the next ledge and shoot at Pierre
from above until he runs off. Jump to the next ledge and get the  medipack,
then do another jump to the high ledge. See that little alcove just under
the crevice in the back  wall? It's hard to get to, but it can be done.
Stand at the edge closest to the alcove, then turn around and take  one
step forward; then hold your breath and jump backwards into space. Open
your eyes to discover that you  just landed in the alcove! Amazing. Get the
magnum clips, then do a running jump back to the highest ledge,  then turn
around and do a run-jump-grab to grab the crevice above the alcove. Shuffle
to the right and drop  to the ledge, then drop through the hole on your
right and run forward to go down the ramp.

     Shoot the crocodile in the room, then slide down to the floor and
shoot a second crocodile. (Man,  those are big suckers. Lara ought to
saddle one and use him for a horse.) Walk into either of the passages to
alert a third crocodile to your presence and kill him. Shoot a rat and get
the medipack, then return to the  room with the dead crocodiles. Climb the
wall above the pedestal, then turn and jump to the ledge, then do a
running jump to the next ledge and one more jump to the ledge on the right.
Go forward and drop to the  ledge below, then grab the crevice and shuffle
left to the white door. Use the switch and enter the door.  Jump over some
spikes and into a pit where you can shoot two more rats, then drop into a
green hole. Shoot  another rat, then drop to the ground. Go through the
door and shoot a rat to your right, then climb the stairs by the Gold Door.

     Facing the wall, jump to the ledge, then turn right and climb to the
next ledge. Run to the end and  turn around and do a running jump. Climb up
to the ledge and turn right and do another running jump, then  jump over to
the switch and open the Gold Door below. Make your way to the floor and
enter the door to get  the Silver Key. Back up and -- shoot, it's Pierre
again. Avoid him this time; just clamber over the stairs and  dive into the
water ASAP.

     Swim past the first opening and continue until you surface in the pool
in the main room. Work your  way up to the room with all the conduits and
the switch we didn't throw before. Avoid the holes in the floor  (although
you can stop to shoot the rats now, if it pleases you) to throw the switch,
then walk back to the  entrance and look at what you just did. Way cool --
you flooded the entire room. (Incidentally, you can  throw the switch again
to drain it if you need to.)

     Drop down to the walkway, then jump in the water and swim to a small
almost invisible tunnel in the  top right wall of the old pool. Swim to the
end and throw a lever to open a door for you, then surface and  kill two
rats. Get the medipacks and shells, then dive back in and swim to the new
door and get the Silver  Key. (If you take the wrong turning here, you'll
end up in the room where you last saw Pierre, now flooded.  Pretty, but
useless.) Go through the gate that just opened and you're back in the main

     Swim to the second locked door and use the other Rusty Key. Take a
swim down to a small room  with a medipack and a Gold Key. Swim back to the
main room and get out of the water fast so you can shoot  the crocodile
that just arrived. When he's dead, swim to  the large platform against the
left wall of the room  with all the plants on it. Dive down and swim to
your right to find another small tunnel leading to

    SECRET #2, magnum clips.

Go back at the surface and climb up to a white door and a block at the left
with Rams on it. Push the Rams  block to find

    SECRET #3, a small room with a slope on the left and a high ledge on
  the right.  Stand facing  the slope and jump forward, holding down the Jump
  button to bounce up to the ledge. Piece of cake. Get the medipack and the
  magnum clips and exit.

     Use the silver keys to unlock the next two doors and enter the room --
walking, because you're not  done yet. The gold box you see over the door
is the lock. Climb the pillar and jump to the ledge, then to the  ledge
over the door. Face the high ledge and jump to it, then jump to the lock in
the wall on your right. Kill   a surprise gorilla and use the gold key to
open the door below.  Do a safety drop to the door and kill two more lions.
But wait, there's more!

     Enter and run across the large room, being wary of the broken tiles
that drop into spike pits. At the  back is a switch that you can throw if
you want to kill three more lions, but they've got nothing you want, so
skip it. Behind the switch is a movable block; pull it twice, then pull it
out from the wall four times.  Move  to the opposite side and push it once,
then climb up and jump to the ledge above. Take the medipack and  three
magnum clips. If you're in the mood, go into the doorway at the right and
shoot two rats and the three  lions we didn't release before, then drop
down and flip a switch to get you back to the other unflipped switch.

     In any case, go to the place behind the switch where you pulled out
the block and look down. Gulp,  then jump into the well. Scream with joy
all the way down; you finally found the EXIT!

Pickups:  27
Secrets:       3
Kills:         34

                              TOMB OF TIHOCAN

     Splish splash, and the fall is over. Turn back up to get some air,
then swim down the passage until  you reach tunnels going up and down. Go
down and through the tunnel to the end, then down till you reach  the
lever. This lowers the water level so you can now go back up and exit the
water. Use a bar switch here to  open a door down the hall. Go through the
door with guns drawn and shoot a crocodile. Go through the  tunnel and
climb the steps, then jump across to the ledge in the middle. Stand at the
left side of the central  pillar, then climb up. Large darts immediately
start whistling across the room, but if you're far  enough back you're
safe; they're pretty slow.

     Do a running leap (timed between darts, naturally) to the ledge in the
opposite corner, then climb into  the alcove above it and use the switch to
flood the room. Take a swim to a tunnel that used to be covered by  the now-
floating white block and get the medipack. Swim up and climb onto the white
block, then run into  the tunnel and take another swim. Go down and forward
and pull a lever to activate a strong current. Go up  for air, then swim
forward into the current to be carried a long way.

     Exit the water when you reach the end, then climb out and shoot a rat.
The room has ledges on all  four sides at different levels and a movable
block. The block is under one of the lowest levels; pull it out to  the
middle of the room and use it to jump to the other low level, the one with
two doorways above it. Turn to  your right and walk/climb as far as you can
in that direction, then turn right and climb up, then turn right  and climb
up to find yourself on top of the tallest pillar in the room.

     Immediately draw your guns, turn to face the doorway on your right,
and jump up and down to shoot  at Pierre. He takes a couple of potshots and
then seems to disappear; really, he's just hiding around the  corner.
Holster your guns and turn to your left. Do a running jump to the shelf at
the opposite corner, which
immediately releases a swinging blade. Jump to the space behind it to get
some shotgun shells, then do a  safety drop to the ledge below and climb
the pillar again. Jump into the doorway and pull your guns to blast  away
at Pierre until he leaves. (You may have to stop and heal yourself on this
one; it's a very small  enclosed space, and a jump backwards may kill you.)

     Go down the hall and jump/run through a slicer, walking forward until
you get to a pit with a big  crocodile at the bottom. Shoot him from above,
then go down the stairs and get the shells and  the magnum  clips. Walk
across the three floor tiles outlined in yellow brick to open the door to

    SECRET #1. It's a small room full of slopes with a ledge above . . .
  where have we seen this before? Turn to face the door, then jump left and
  hold the button to make multiple leaps to shotgun shells and a medipack.

Make your way back past the slicer to the room with the swinging blade.
Jump onto the ledge with the  swinging blade and do a running jump from
there to the door behind the slicer. Go down the stairs to a high  ledge,
then turn around, jump backwards, and hang on the edge. Shuffle to the
right and climb up into a tunnel; flip the switch you'll find here to flood
the room where Secret #1 was. Dive in and surface, then  swim to the ledge
along the right wall and get out. Shoot another rat, then dive in the water
behind him.

     Swim to the next room and prepare to shoot a lion as you leave the
water. You're in a room with  spikes at one end and three doorways at the
other (and a dead lion). Go through either of the outside tunnels  to reach
a switch that opens a gate you haven't seen before. Go back and climb into
the center doorway and  turn around; on a ledge above you are two gorillas.
Jump and shoot till they're history, then jump and climb  up to their
level. Jump across a hole that opens onto spikes and grab the crevice on
the far wall and shuffle to  the right till you can climb up to the gate.
Enter and get the Gold Key and the medipack. Go back to the   room with the
dead lion and enter the middle doorway to a ledge where you can use the
Gold Key. This  causes several blocks to appear in the water before you. Do
a series of jumps to cross these blocks and get the medipack before
entering the door.

     This new room has four doors with no locks, one door with two locks,
one door over your head, four  panels in the floor with what looks like
primitive Greek on them, and a movable block. For notation's sake,  let's
number the no-lock doors; the first door on your right as you entered is
door 1, and so on around counterclockwise.

     Okay. Pull (don't push) the block twice to cover the panel nearest it,
then immediately jump onto it  and draw your guns to shoot the gorilla that
was just released from door 1. When he's dead, go to that room  nd get the
shotgun shells and magnum clip he was locked up with. Pull the block to the
panel closest to the  door over your head and jump up again; another
gorilla, this time from door 2. Go get some shotgun shells  from behind
door 2, and as you return notice that the door overhead is now open. Climb
on top of the block  and jump to the door above. Run through the slicer and
get the medipack and Rusty Key, then return to the
main room.

     Pull (don't push) the block onto the next panel, then immediately jump
up on it, because door 3  releases about six of those blasted rats. Pick
them all off and cheer, because they're the last rats  you'll see in  this
game; then go into door 3 to get a medipack. Push the block onto the last
panel, and this time you don't  have to jump; no animals here. Walk in and
notice two slopes crossing your path, with a medipack in the  middle and a
key on the far side. The slopes should put you in mind of others you've
seen before -- just the  size and shape for rolling boulders, aren't they?
So run like mad for the key alcove, and you may have to   jump part of the
way. After the boulders have gone past, you can get the key and the
medipack at your leisure.

     Go back to the door with two locks and use the Rusty Keys. Here you
have a long ramp in front of  you and variable slopes on both sides.
Instead of just sliding straight down, jump to the slope at the right and
hold the Jump key. You'll bounce back and forth across the slopes any
number of times (I lost count) and  end up on a ledge in front of a
doorway, facing a room with collapsible ledges floating off the ground --
SECRET #2. Turn so your right arm faces the room and your left faces the
outside slope, then jump to each  of the tiles in quick succession: right,
forward, right, right, right, backwards, right -- and you're in the secret
alcove with Uzi clips and magnum clips. Whew! Drop down and walk back to
the main slope.

     Slide down and into a large pool. Swim till you find a ledge where you
can shoot the crocodile that's  been bugging you. Enter the tunnel and
climb all the ledges to reach the top, then slide down to a sandy spot.
Climb the rock and slide down its slope, jumping at the end to reach a
ledge. Climb up to throw a switch  that opens an underwater gate, then jump
down to the water in the chasm and swim into a pool before a large temple.

     Swim under the temple and find the hidden tunnel in the right rear.
(You may have to search quite a  while; look for a bright square rock, then
go under and behind it to find a tiled tunnel.)  Surface in a small  room
inside the temple with a switch that opens the main door. Swim back outside
and swim to the walkway  at the front of the temple. Get out, draw your
guns, and save your game, then walk slowly up to the  deceptively open

     BAM! As you step on the last doorstep, the centaur statue to your left
comes alive, and boy, is he irritable.  It's possible to kill him, but it's
not easy (with these weapons); he's fast and durable, and he shoots
fireballs. You can stay out there and fight him if you want, but personally
I'll just run on into the temple,  since he can't fit through the doorway
to follow me in.

     Through the door and to your left to a red room, here's Pierre,
finally taking a stand and talking to  you.  You know the number here; jump
and shoot, jump and shoot. And suddenly he's not shooting any  more, and
you've just killed your first human in this game. (How does it feel to be a
murderer? Of course,  he started it.) Stand over his still-quivering corpse
and loot the  body to get magnums, a Gold Key, and the  second Scion piece.
Climb to the ledge above and get the medipack and the magnum clips. Use the
Gold Key  to open the door below and you are free to EXIT this level.

Pickups:  26
Secrets:       2
Kills:         16

Cut Scene: Lara reads the walls and has a Scionic vision

      EGYPT (City of Khamoon, Obelisk of Khamoon, Sanctuary of Scion)

                              CITY OF KHAMOON

     Jump into the pit, using the block at the right as a step. Turn left
and enter the tunnel and use the  switch to open a door below you. Enter
this door and pull the block 3 times, then enter the passage behind it  to
get a medipack and magnum clips. Go back and climb up on the block, then
pull a second block out from  a slot in the wall and into the room. Push it
up against the wall and use it to jump up and grab a crevice;  shuffle to
the right till you can climb up.

     A large sandy cave and a huge face looming out of the darkness -- and
whoops, a black panther  coming to get you. Shoot him and walk down the
sandy floor until Lara stops, then wait a moment for a  huge mummy monster
to come staggering out from between the Sphinx's paws. Shoot at him till he
explodes  (and incidentally, it's not a good idea to be too close when they
blow), then slide down to the floor of the main room.

     On your right is an obelisk (the Obelisk of Khamoon, in fact) in a
pool of water. Dive to the bottom and get  some magnum clips (you should be
able to use the magnums as a default from now on), then surface on the
side with the palm trees and jump up to the ledge above you. Run and jump
to the top of the obelisk to get  some shotgun shells, then jump into the
water and come up on the side where the Sphinx is. Climb up on his  left
paw and up behind his head, where you will find a tunnel with shotgun
shells and a Sapphire Key. Go  around to the front again and between his
legs, where there's a movable block. Pull it out twice and jump  behind it,
then use the Sapphire Key to open the door.

     Go down the passage to the next room; turn right and jump up to a
ledge with a medipack. Jump  forward to the next ledge on this side of the
room and shoot the panther below, then jump to the  ledge along  the far
wall. Go down the right passage and kill another panther as he charges at
you. Walk under a bridge  and stand at a ledge to shoot a crocodile in a
large room below. Drop down and enter a tunnel under the  ledge you were
standing on to get a medipack, then return. Run across the ramp in the
middle of the room to  trigger a boulder, then walk to where it stopped,
turn right, and go up the hill to a dark passage. Climb the
ledges and jump into the room for

    SECRET #1, magnum clips and a medipack.

     Walk to the pool in the corner and jump in. Pull the lever under water
to open a door to a new pool;  surface and get out quickly so you can shoot
the crocodile below you. (If you're too fast,  you may have to   drop in
again to lure him out.) Walk to the ledge below the gate and climb up. Push
the movable block  towards the stairs twice, then get on it and jump to the
ledge below the door. Pull yourself up and go up the  steps. Jump up into
the tunnel and use the wall switch to extend a gold bridge in the previous

     Return to the room and jump back to the block. Push the block towards
the stairs, then pull and push  it out on the walkway towards the ledge
with a second movable block on it. Climb up and jump to that ledge,  then
push the block twice. Enter the passageway you just revealed (you're on the
bridge you walked under to  reach the room with the crocodile and the ramp)
and flip the switch you find to open door in the ceiling  above the golden
bridge. Return to the ledge and jump to the gold bridge, then jump up and
climb into the  door in the ceiling. Throw the switch up there to open a
door under the cat statue.

     Head for the white statue that looks like a gong and jump to a ledge
on the left. Turn right and jump  to the rocks; turn right and drop a bit
to get some magnum clips. Turn left and slide down the slopes. Get the
medipack and jump to the ledge on your right.  From here jump to the blue-
green roof and get the magnum  clips.  Shoot a crocodile below, then climb
up on one of the corner pieces and jump to the roof over the  boulder ramp

    SECRET #2, Uzi clips. Do a safety drop to the ramp and head for the
  cat statue.

     Do a safety drop to the green ledge and another to the floor.  Enter
the room with the tiled floor  (ignore the sandy one; it's a trap with no
exit and no goodies) and get the magnum clips, then turn and drop  down the
hole. Walk forward till Lara aims, then shoot two almost invisible panthers
below. Walk forward a  step and go left to an alcove to get some magnum
clips, then back up and flip the switch (which opens a trap  door in the
main room to turn on the lights in here). Do a safety drop to the floor
below  and draw your  guns, walking slowly forward till you hear a door
open that releases two more panthers. Blast 'em.  (Panthers' skill is that
they move *fast* and are hard to keep track of. The shotgun will get them
if you get  close enough for three or four good shots.) Walk to the door
they came out of and get a medipack.

     Return to the main room and climb up a grey block, then up to a rope
bridge. Walk to the center  column and shoot the two panthers that just
came out of the other door. Walk around to the left side of the  column,
facing a cat statue, and jump over to it to reach

    SECRET #3, shotgun shells. Drop back to the floor and get the medipack
  in the other passage, then climb back up to the bridge and enter the
  lighted doorway next to it with guns drawn - - and blow up the cat-mummy
  that jumps you. Enter a sandy room and jump to the tunnel on your right and
  follow to the next room.

     Climb the pillar and take the Sapphire Key from the top. Proceed up
the hill and enter the door, then  jump across several small ledges to get
some magnum clips. Jump to the ledge on your left, then climb up to  the
switch and use it. Jump back across the ledges to the entrance and do a
safety drop to a long slope that  just opened up below. (The sound you
heard when you pulled the switch was a big pile of sand sifting down  when
the trapdoor opened.) You'll slide down for quite a distance, then you can
walk up the slope on the  right to a room with a lock where you can use the
Sapphire Key to open the final door and EXIT this level.

Pickups:  24
Secrets:       3
Kills:         14

                            OBELISK OF KHAMOON

     This level begins with a door to an uphill climb on the right, then a
tunnel on the left. The tunnel  leads to a room with four pillars, each
with a movable block under it. Go to the first  pillar on your right,  next
to the Gold Door, and pull the block three times, then push it under the
gold door (which is still  locked,  so we'll come back to it later). Enter
the newly-revealed tunnel and take care of the panther before getting  the
medipack at the end of this passage.

     Pillar #2 conceals another panther and no goodies; go for it if you're
bored. Pull the block from pillar  #3 and jump down and slide. Shoot a
panther and open a bronze door over your head. Climb up to get a  medipack,
then exit through the bronze door. Get a magnum clip behind the door, then
drop down to return  to the pillar room.

     Now for the last pillar. Push or pull the block to permit access to
the alcove and water behind it.  Swim through the tunnel to a large pool;
get out quickly and shoot another bloody crocodile. When he's  dead, dive
back in to get a medipack and magnum clips on the bottom and a Sapphire Key
in an alcove in one  of the corners.

     Swim back to the pillar room and go back out the door you came in by
(to the right of the gold door).  Use the Sapphire Key to open this door
and the gold door, then return to climb the block and go into the gold
door. Proceed up the stairs and shoot the panther-mummy, then use the
switch in the left corner to make a  bridge drop to a large column that you
haven't seen yet. Go around to your left and across the bridge to the
central pillar, then hit Action to get the Eye of Horus (which you may not
quite be able to see). After a short  vision, drop off the bridge and get
some shotgun shells from the walkway below, then dive in the  water and
get the magnum clips. Surface and enter the tunnel opposite the underwater
Gold Door.

     Slide down the slope and kill the two panthers waiting for you. Jump
up and move from ledge to  ledge to the very top. (About halfway up there's
a ledge with columns that leads to a room with
two mummies and no goodies; so you can go for it if you want a high kill-
count or are just feeling ornery,  but there's no need, especially if
you're short of ammo, medipacks, or temper.) When you get to the top, go
up the stairs and shoot another mummy. Continue down the stairs and use the
switch by the pillars to access  a new bridge. Drop down to the left of the
switch to get a medipack and two magnum clips, then return to  the top of
the stairs and do a safety drop into the pit on the left.

     Slide down a long slope to the bottom of a tall room. Kill a panther
in one of the two doors ahead of  you and get some magnum clips, then climb
into the farthest right of three alcoves and flip a switch that turns   the
slope into stairs. Climb up three steps and jump to the ledge on your left
to get shotgun shells.  Jump   back to the stairs and go up a few more
until you can drop to a ledge on your left. Turn right and go through  a
door, then jump left to a ledge and follow it across the bridge. When you
reach the central pillar, pick up   the Ankh and get another watery vision.

     Back at the ledge, go past the door and get the medipack at the steps,
then use the switch before  returning whence you came, where another set of
stairs has been created. Go up the stairs.  At the top, turn  and jump to
the crevice on your right and shuffle to the ledge on your right and drop.
Go around and do a  safety drop to another ledge and enter the
hieroglyphics chamber and use the switch. Go back outside and  continue up
yet another set of instant stairs. Kill the panther-mummy at the top, then
use the switch on the   edge to activate a third bridge and get a medipack
on the ledge.

     Turn and use the switch by the door to open it, then run through the
door and down the steps. Look  familiar? Walk through some pillars to the
ledge, then do a flying leap to the top of the entral pillar to get a
medipack and some Uzi clips,

    SECRET #1. Find the silver gong below and to your left and do another
  leap to reach it and

    SECRET #2, another medipack and more Uzi clips.

Drop to the ledge on your right and enter the door with a green ledge.
Climb the stairs to your left and cling  to the wall and shuffle right
until you can pull yourself up. Turn and jump to the ledge on your right
and  enter the tunnel for

    SECRET #3, magnum clips and a medipack. Drop down to the next ledge
  and continue into a chamber with lots of furniture.

     Climb down to the ledge below, then do a safety drop to the next ledge
and hang on. Shuffle to your  right before dropping to the next ledge. Turn
and fall back off the ledge and grab on, then shuffle to the right  and
drop again. Kill two mummies, then stand next to the sarcophagus and look
up. See a passage about  halfway up? Climb and shuffle till you reach it,
then go out and throw a switch to activate the last bridge.

     Return to the mummy room and work your way to the ground. Stand
between the two chairs and  climb the block, then on up till you reach the
green ledge. Enter the door and cross the bridge to get the  Scarab. Hop to
the bridge on your left and get the Seal of Anibus to open the underwater
door you've been  having visions of.  Drop into the water and swim around
to the bright side of the column, then fill your lungs and dive.

     This is a long tunnel, especially if you stop to pick up goodies along
the way. Go to the bottom and  forward to the second set of alcoves and get
the magnum clips on the left. Proceed to the next set of alcoves  and take
a medipack and shotgun shells on your right. That's it for now, so straight
on till you can surface  and breathe once more. When you've got your air
back, go back down to the bottom of this pool for a  medipack, magnum
clips, and shotgun shells. Exit the pool and kill the mummy, then get the
magnum clips from a shelf in the wall.

     Climb the stairs in the corner and follow the passage. Kill a last
mummy from above, then clamber  down and to the right side of this pile of
dirt to get a medipack. Jump up to and climb the steps on the right  side
of the mound. Look out at the top, and what do you know, we're at the
Sphinx from the last level. Go to  the Obelisk of Khamoon and use the four
objects from the bridge in its slots. (You can tell from the shapes  which
ones go where.)  A door opens to the left of the Sphinx, and you can EXIT!

Pickups:  33
Secrets:       3
Kills:         16

                            SANCTUARY OF SCION

     Walk down through the door (SLAM!) into a room with a large staircase
in front of you and gates on  either side of it. Get magnum clips from both
sides of the room, then draw your guns and go up the stairs.  Two demon
panthers fling down the stairs at you; blast till they explode. (Shotgun's
the best, if you've got  the ammo.) Walk up the stairs and get another
magnum clip, then  on out to a large open place. Turn to your  right and
walk forward under the overhanging rock, dropping down when you get a

     Ping! Ping! Someone's shooting at you, but you can't see them; better
just go down to the sand. Drop  forward till you see another demon panther
on the sand below. Fire at the demon and keep moving towards  the sand.
When you hit the sand the shooting stops. Pocket your guns and look around.
You're in a large  cavern with a huge sphinx; the stairs emerged onto his
back, and you walked around and dropped onto his  left paw. He's got a door
between his legs that you need to open, and it's going to take a while. So
let's get started.

     Stand with your back against the door between the sphinx's legs.
We're going to tackle the wall in  ront first. Run to the left corner of
this wall to a beige-colored block that you can scale. Climb it and turn
right, then jump across from block to block until you can't go any further.
Jump and grab a crevice  and shuffle right, then climb up and turn left.
Jump from block to block again until you reach the corner and  switch.
Throw the switch and see a door open, then turn around and draw your guns;
there's a flying demon  (looks rather like a skinned pterodactyl) coming at
you. Blast till he blows, then do safety drops till you're  back on the
sand again. (Yes, I know there's a ledge to the left. Leave it till later.)

     Run in front of the sphinx and around his far side to the door you
just opened. Pick up a magnum clip  and go in. Go straight ahead to a slope
down to a pool, then turn around and slide down backward with the  Action
key pressed so you'll grab the edge before you hit the water. Shuffle left
and drop onto a ledge  where you can get magnum clips. Jump up to a second
doorway and climb up to a second slope into a   different pool, this one
with a bridge over it. Slide down into the water and pick up a Gold Key at
the bottom, then surface and get out of the water at the ledge on the
right. Climb up to return to the slope and  slide down again, but this time
jump at the end of the slope and grab the bridge. Turn right to use the
key,  then turn around and draw your guns. Beyond the now-open door is a
fireball-throwing centaur --  but he  can't leave the room and he won't
throw fireballs if you stay far enough back. Blast away at him till he
finally explodes, then go on in and get a medipack and the first Ankh. Drop
off the  bridge and return to the sphinx.

     Turn right outside the door and go to the rocks in the dark area off
the sphinx's right paw. Climb up  on a low block at the right, which is the
only one you can reach, and jump to another low block at the back  (at the
top of a small slope you can't pass on foot). Pull yourself up to the ledge
above, then turn and do a  running jump to the medium-sized ledge at your
right, then to the tallest pillar. Jump to the ledge over your  head and
walk down the path to a slicer. Run through and get a medipack, then follow
the ledge around.  Walk, because there's a gap here that's almost invisible
just in front of the switch. Throw the switch and  shoot another flying
demon, then jump down to the ledge with the medipack. Retrace your steps to
get safely back to the ground.

     Now. Head for that beige stone again and climb up to the switch again,
then jump across to the ledge  with the shotgun shells to the left. (May
take you a while.) Turn left and jump across to another ledge with  shotgun
shells, then to the next ledge. Do a running jump to the light-colored
ledge below you, then up to what looks like a solid dark wall until you
look down. Jump into the passageway and walk and climb till you  emerge at
the door you opened at the other end of the room. Watch your step; you're
very high up right  now. (If you're in the mood, save your game, then jump
off the edge for a spectacular view of the room just  before you squish.)

     Go in the room; the left side is bright, the right side behind the
door is dark. Go right and push the  movable block once. Go to the bright
side and climb up the block and onto the ledge above  it, then draw  our
guns and shoot another centaur. Go into his room to get the second Ankh and
a medipack, then return to  the outside ledge. Turn right and slide down;
get another medipack and jump down to the sphinx's back.

     Walk to the right and climb up a block in the middle of his back, then
do a running jump onto a shelf  on his right shoulder. Climb up to the back
of his head and insert one of the Ankhs, then go  around to his  forehead
and insert the other. Pop! The door is open at last. After inserting both
Ankhs, go to the back of his  head. Face the Ankh, then turn left and walk
around to the front and look down. You'll see a gun clip floating in
midair. Jump to it -- it's an invisible ledge -- and get

    SECRET #1, a magnum clip and Uzis, what  a prize! Nothing like Uzis
  for attacking demons.

     Make your way back to the sand (via the sphinx's shoulders, back, and
paws) and go to the finally  opened door. Jump down into what looks like a
well but is actually a huge and very deep pool with two  massive statues in
it. Surface and save your game, then dive down to the very bottom, to a
tunnel between  the feet of the statue on the right (the one with horns).
(Lara would have the bends pretty bad by now, I  should think, but never
mind that.) At the end is a door, and to the right of the door is a lever.
When you  pull it the door opens and you get sucked up inside the statue to
a small trench; surface and get out of the water.

     Climb the shortest pillar and jump to the other two, ending up on a
shelf. Draw your Uzis and walk  along this ledge; jump down at the end and
shoot a flying demon. You're on the head of the other statue, the  one with
no horns. Looks like the water level dropped dramatically, thank goodness.
Turn to your left and  jump to a ledge you can just see behind a wedge of
rock. Turn right and jump to a ledge on the shoulder of  the horned statue.
Climb up on his head, get a medipack, and do a safety drop off the other
side of his head.  Slide forward to a switch in the crook of his arm that
opens a door between the feet of the other statue (still
under water).

     Jump in the water and swim to the other statue's lap and get some
shotgun shells. Dive down to his  feet and go into the door, then swim up
and get out. There's a ramp in front of you that winds around and  around
and around. Pick up two magnum clips along the way. At the top there's a
blue scarab with a gate in  front of it; pick up the scarab to open the
gate, and draw your Uzis -- because here comes two panther  demons and a
centaur, gah! Blast and blast, and run back down the ramp if you need some
space; they won't follow you too far.

     When they're all gone, go into the room and to the other gate, where
you can insert the scarab to  open it. Get the medipack and slide down the
slope. Turn left and jump up to the doorway, then draw your  guns and drop
down into a lovely room, marred by the sound of Larson whining that he's
still got a "pain in  my brain" because of you. Ah, so that's who was
shooting at us before! Shoot the poor brain-damaged fool,  and if you
didn't get the Uzis before, take his. Go into the next room and take the
last piece of the Scion to EXIT Egypt finally.

Pickups:  28
Secrets:       1
Kills:         15

 Cut Scene: Natla and her goons take the Scion and Lara takes a nap

        THE LOST WORLD (Natla's Mines, Atlantis, The Great Pyramid)

                               NATLA'S MINES

     Okay, so you're underwater, your employer just ordered you killed, and
you've lost all your guns. Is  that any reason to fret? Don't worry about
your weapons; we'll have them back by the time we need them.  You've still
got your medipacks, at any rate.

     Swim forward into the triangular tunnel and up to a pool with a
rowboat by a dock and a waterfall.  No sign of Natla and her goons,
thankfully. Swim to the left and get out at the dock by the boat. At the
right  behind the big box is a tunnel that leads to a room with a track and
a heap of slag. Behind the slag is a crate;  pull it out and jump behind
it. Ah. A locked gate. Well, go back to the pool, jump in, and surface
*behind*  the waterfall. A ledge! Climb up and follow the tunnel to reach a
switch; throw it to open the gate behind the  slag. Go back to the pool and
thence to the slag, where the open gate now reveals another switch. Throw
it and go back to the passage behind the waterfall.

     Go past the switch this time and up to find an open gate. The path
leads up and eventually to a place  where you can jump across to a ledge
over the waterfall (marked by two red-striped sawhorses like you see  at
construction sites). Jump over there and follow the passage to a large room
with a control room on the left  and a crane holding a pre-fab cabin over
your head. Huh. There's something you don't see every day.  There's a
medipack in the shadow of the thing; go ahead and pick it up, it's
perfectly safe. Go into the  control room; pick up some magnum clips and
notice the three large panels with empty slots in them. In  point of fact
they're fuse boxes, and you need to find three fuses (red-white-and-blue
things that look a little  like firecrackers) to make them work and lower
the cabin thingy to the floor.

     Leave the control room and turn left to enter another large room with
two cabins (on the floor this  time), a tunnel to the left, a tunnel
straight ahead, and a crate. Go into the left tunnel just to see; there's a
nonfunctioning conveyor belt with a fuse on it and a locked gate behind and
to the left of it. Come back to  the two-cabins room and take the other
exit. As you run toward this gate it opens and you find yourself in a
passage with a track down the center, a couple of traffic obstacles, and a
ramp at the right. Take a cautious  step or two till a boulder rolls across
from left to right, then save your game because you may have to do this
next bit ten or twenty times till you get it. (I did, anyway.)

     You see the obstacle course in front of you, pits and sawhorses and a
lava pit at the end? The slope to  your right leads at the end to a room
where you need to go -- but as soon as you take a step towards it a  second
boulder starts down the slope, and if you're not fast enough it rolls to
the end and blocks the doorway. (If you climb up the slope after the
boulder's gone and  climb up, you'll be back in the two-cabins  room, and
if you come back this way the boulders reset and you can try it again. But
you're using a PC,  right? so just reload a saved game and start again.)
You need to run and jump, run and jump, and at the end  jump up and to the
right and dodge into the tunnel before the boulder gets to you. Yes, it can
be done,  though you may not think so at first. Just keep at it and don't

     Once you're safely beyond the boulder, pick up the first Fuse and walk
up the tunnel -- and as soon as  you hear a boulder start, jump back. Start
again and dodge a second boulder on this same ramp. (There's lots  of
boulders in the mines; always be suspicious when you see a slope.) Drop
through a hole in the floor to  find yourself back at the track you were
running over before. Climb up the slope the boulder came from; at the top
is a doorway you can jump up to that will take you back to the two - cabins

     Pull the crate until it's under a hole in the ceiling. Climb up on it
and jump over to the roof of the  cabin with the police tape around it. Go
into the corner, where the roof gives way and you fall through. Go  around
and pull a switch that moves the rowboat. Follow the tunnel to a hole that
drops you onto the crate  you so judiciously placed here to fall onto.

     Go back to the pool and jump in. Swim to the middle (dark) section of
the boat and climb up, then  run and jump over to another dock you couldn't
reach before. Jump over the crate at the left to find a room  full of white
crates labeled NATLA. Get some magnum clips and notice that one of the
crates seems to be   damaged. Pull it out once, then push it into the
alcove at the left. Pull out a second crate twice, then pull it to he
right.  Go down the new tunnel to throw a switch that moves the drilling
machine out of its tunnel by the slag heap. Cool.

     Go back to the pool and swim over to the other dock, then go back to
go into the tunnel the drilling machine  just vacated. A crate blocks the
path; push it forward twice and climb up on it. Jump up into an alcove in
the  ceiling where you can get some Uzi clips and throw a switch that opens
the gate by the conveyor belt. Drop down and climb down on the other side
of the crate. Walk forward to a large room with, oh joy, another  Fuse on
the floor. Walk forward just far enough to get it and jump hastily out of
there; there's a goon here  with your magnums, and he'll plug you if he
notices you're here, and you aren't exactly in a position to defend
yourself. ("Ain't nothing personal," he drawls apologetically, and then
you're hamburger.)

     Go to the conveyor belt room (via the pool, the waterfall, the two-
cabins room, and the left tunnel)  and throw the switch to start the belt
and get the last Fuse. Go back to the control room and insert the three
Fuses to send the cabin crashing to the floor. Go into the smashed cabin to
get your pistols, yay! Climb onto  the roof of the cabin and look around
till you spot the passage in the wall, then run and jump up to it.

     Walk up to the top of the first rise, then turn right and jump up to a
new ledge. Walk forward to a  gate that opens for you (and closes behind
you). See the wooden trapdoor in the ground before you? If you  touch it
it'll open and down you'll go into a lava pit. So turn around at the top of
the little slope and jump  (that is, hit the Down key, not the Jump button)
and Action to grab the edge of the pit before you fall in.  Hang on; in a
second the door will close and you can pull yourself up to stand on it in
complete safety. Turn right and climb up to a ledge -

    SECRET #1, medipack, Uzi clips, and a switch that reopens the gate so
  you can leave.

     Back at the tunnel, turn right to come out at the pool again. Swim to
the docks where the boat used to  be and go back behind to the drilling
machine, where you can now take out the creep and get your magnums  back.
Gee, I almost feel human again. (Be careful here, though; there's all kinds
of almost invisible lava pits  and so on that you can easily fall into when
you're jumping around trying to avoid being shot.)

     Now. See the switch on the opposite wall, on the other side of a chasm
full of lava? We need to get  there. Walk up to the ledge behind the pillar
to get close to it, then jump back and do a running jump at it.  You won't
make it, but you'll hit a slope (ouch!) and slide down to a ledge you can
grab. (Be sure to let go  of the Jump button as soon as you leave the
ledge; otherwise, you'll jump off the slope instead of sliding  down it and
end up in the lava. That is, dead.) Shuffle to the right as far as you can
go, then drop down and   grab the crevice below you, then shuffle right to
the ledge and drop off.

     Head up this tunnel till you come to a bunch of lava; jump to a small
block at the left and walk to the  end of the block. You're now looking at
a large room full of lava with blocks scattered throughout, and can  you
guess that you have to leap from one to the next to get to the other end?
Notice, however, that some of the blocks are sharply slanted so you'll
slide off. Jump to the  right block, then to one in the middle. Don't go on
yet, however; turn right to see an opening in the wall. Jump over here -
and immediately run forward  and push a crate forward, because a boulder's
coming and you need to get out of the way.

     In the new room, pull the crate to the right, then go up into the room
it concealed -

    SECRET #2, a medipack and Uzi clips.

     Climb up again and drop down onto the track the last boulder rolled
down. Turn toward the boulder  and get a medipack, some shotgun shells, and
Uzi clips. You can't get past the boulder and there's nothing  down the
other way except dark, so jump back up to the tunnel and return to the room
above. Jump over the  first hole and drop down the hole in the right corner
to be on the other side of the boulder looking out at the  lava room.

     Jump to the pillar, then turn right and jump to the right pillar of
the next two. Jump to a pillar in the middle,  then jump to the left pillar
of the last two. Jump down and walk to a room with a slope to a lava pit
with a  ledge on the far side. Slide down, then do a standing jump to the
ledge and climb up to a room full of TNT  crates. Walk into the next room
to see a tunnel overhead that you can't reach and a pile of rocks you can't
climb over. Go back and notice that one of the TNT crates looks sort of
damaged. Pull it into the other room  and push it into the far left corner
under the hole in the wall, then climb up and go in.

     Walk to a lava pit and jump to the right ledge (the left is too
steep). Wait a second for a boulder to  come down, then jump to the tunnel
it came from. Follow this to find -- gasp! - the switch you've been  trying
to reach since you shot the guy with your magnums. Get some magnum clips
and pull the switch. Go  back down the tunnel to find that the rocks have
shifted and destroyed your crate. Drop down and turn left to  climb and
jump over the rocks to a large chamber with pillars, lava pits, and a
murderous child on a  skateboard -- "You talking to me?" he jeers as he
sweeps past, shooting at you with your own Uzis. Shoot  him (purely in self-
defense, of course) and take your guns back, and no, you can't take the
skateboard. Get  your own.

     Wander around exploring and picking up the odd ammunition here,
looking in every pit till you find  one against the left wall that's full
of water rather than lava. Jump in and swim through a gate to

    SECRET #3, two medipacks and Uzi clips. Go back through the gate and
  go up to a ledge where you can surface, get  out, and go down a tunnel that
  returns you to the pillar chamber. Turn left and go up to a tunnel out of
  this  room.

     Hmm, a suspiciously wide tunnel with a gentle upward slope. Makes you
nervous, doesn't it? Run up  the slope, keeping alert for two boulders that
will come at you. Jump to the side to avoid them, then walk to  the top and
wait for a third boulder to roll out of a tunnel on the left. Go in and up
to find an old friend: a  room full of blocks to climb. Work your way up to
a hole in the ceiling. Pull yourself up into a room with a  movable block.

Now. This business can get a bit confusing because we have several movable
blocks in several almost  identical rooms. Just follow along here.

1.   Push the block forward twice. Go into the next room, turn right, and
  climb up.
2.   Push the new block forward twice to find Gold Door 1 on the left and a
  hole on the right. Go down the hole.
3.   This room has nothing but a block. Pull it forward once and go back
  up, then into the next room and down.
4.   Push the block once to reveal a new passage with Gold Door 2 and a
  switch. Throw the switch to open Gold Door 1.
5.   Go back into the room and up to Gold Door 1, now open. Go down some
  stairs and a hallway to Gold Door 3 and a switch.  Throw the switch to open
  Gold Door 2. Go back up the stairs, through the door, cross  the room, and
  down to get back to the now open Gold Door 2.

     Whew! Gold Door 2 looks out into a big room with adobe buildings on
both sides and a pyramid-type  structure -- in front of which is the last
goon with your shotgun. "Say cheese!" he shouts, for no particular  reason,
and opens fire. Return it until he bites the dust, then take back your
property from his cold and  l lifeless fingers. Relax; you don't have to
kill any more sentient beings in this game till the very end. (Though  I
suppose none of these guys really qualifies as sentient . . . )

     The door to the right adobe has now opened; if you walk into it,
you'll recognize it as Gold Door 3,  so you can ignore it. Head for the
pyramid at the far end. The lock to this door is pyramid-shaped. Climb
onto the doorjamb and look at the wedges cut into the surface of the
pyramid. Jump from one wedge to the next as far as you can go, then jump at
the wall and slide down to the last wedge, which leads to a passage  with a
switch. Flip the switch, then go back out and slide down to the floor
again. Go back to the other  adobe, which is now open. Inside is a medipack
and the Pyramid Key -- which you can use to open the  pyramid door and

Pickups:  26
Secrets:       3
Kills:         3

Cut Scene: Natla uses the Scion


Once more fully armed, you now face -- um, Atlantis, it says.  See, I
thought Atlantis was under water, but  'tis not so. This Atlantis is more
under lava than anything else. The first thing you might want to do is hit
Escape and turn off the "music," unless you really *want* to listen to a
slightly rapid heartbeat for however  long it takes you to finish this

     Pick up some Uzi clips (that's a hint, BTW -- use your Uzis from  now
on) and walk to the entrance  of the tunnel to a large room with red floor
and six large green globes. As you walk forward,  one on your  left bursts
with the sound of crashing glass, and there's a flying demon. Kill in and
move forward -- oops,  there's another one. Kill it and run to the end of
the room -- oops, one more. Pow! Facing the door at the  end, pick up some
Uzi clips, then turn left and run towards a door that opens as you
approach.  Go up the  stairs to a red webbed floor overlooking the one you
were just on. Turn right and walk forward; pick up a box of shotgun shells
and shoot another demon or two that just hatched.

     When they're dead, go all the way to the end (upstairs at the same end
where you entered this level)  and turn right. There's an alcove here,
though it's very dark and you might not think so. Run forward till  you hit
the wall, then turn right and throw a switch you might just be able to make
out. (If you have trouble  with this, check to make sure you're on the
right side of the hall. It's easy to get turned around during the  fight
with the flying demon.) Turn around and run into another alcove on the
other side; when you hit your  nose, turn right and throw another switch.
Get back out to the webbed floor and run to the other side, where  a door
has opened on the right. Go in and throw a final switch to open the door
downstairs. Run down and  turn right to enter this door.

     You're on a ledge at the bottom of a very tall shaft, with another
ledge invitingly within reach. Draw  your guns and shoot a flying demon.
(The safest way to do this, by the way, is to stand there till Lara aims at
him, then back up into the tunnel; he can't follow you in there, and you
can fire at him every time he flies  by.) Holster your guns, then go to the
edge, turn around, and drop down to hang on the edge. Drop and hang  again,
then pull yourself up into

    SECRET #1, magnum clips, Uzi clips, and a medipack. (What's in those
  medipacks anyway? Tylenol, Bandaids, and gin is my guess.) Follow the
  tunnel up and around till you come to a hole, where you can drop down to
  the tunnel you were aiming for originally. Cool, because I don't  know how
  you'd climb back up that drop.

     Walk forward to another webbed floor, this one a bridge over a pool of
lava with another green  globe. There's a door on the other end of the
broken bridge, but it's locked, so we'll have to try something  else first.
Walk to the end of the bridge and turn right to face the wall, then jump
and hang onto a crevice.  Position yourself over a doorway, then drop and
hang and climb up. Go up to throw a switch, then walk up  and get two Uzi
clips and jump back to the webbed bridge. Take a good long running jump to
hang on the  edge of the other side of the bridge. The globe hatches as you
hang, so pull up quick and shoot that flying   demon. (He's trying to lure
you out onto the bridge so he can get behind you and push you off. Sneaky
little   bugger.) Go on when he's dead or you're tired of waiting for him
to come within firing range; he won't follow you.

     You now emerge into a room with a pillar in front of you, a pool of
water at the right, and a pyramid  slope at the left. This room is the bane
of my existence, containing as it does a secret that  can be glimpsed  but
not (as far as I could tell) reached. Jump to the pillar, then to the
nearest wedge on the pyramid slope --  and  immediately to the next wedge,
because there's a boulder heading  for you. Jump and slide down to the
next one, then immediately jump to the next (another boulder). Jump up to
the last one, and  wait here for a  second. See that bit of a ledge you can
just make out in the upper right corner? That's

    SECRET #2, and  there's no way I can discover to reach it; it's too
  far to jump and the slope is too steep to climb, and there's  no crevice or
  ledge nearby. Eidos's hint line says, "Make your way to the upper right
  corner," but exactly  how one is to do that remains a secret between Eidos
  and God. I tried every form of motion Lara can do and never hit on the
  right combination; if you manage it, please let me know how.

     Anyway. Jump at the wall and slide down to the ledge with the closed
red door. Jump into the water  and swim across to the other side to pull a
lever that opens the red door for about 45 seconds. Swim like mad  for the
first pillar. Jump-jump-slide- jump-jump-slide, then run in the door before
it closes. I hope you get it  faster than I did; I almost lost my mind
before I finally got it.

     This room has a series of columns over to a switch, with an
unreachable doorway on the left and several red doors at the right. Drop
down and go climb up the ledge and throw the switch to open a door  back
into the other room. Run/climb to this door and jump up the pillars to the
top (picking up a medipack  on the middle one), where you can pick up some
Uzi clips and throw a switch. Jump back to the room to find  that you just
opened the red doors and flooded the room with lava, pushing the ledges
against the far wall so  you can now reach the left door (as long as you
can jump over the lava). Jump into the doorway and walk up  the tunnel,
jumping over a pit of spikes. Jump into a pool and dive down to get some
shotgun shells and pull  a lever. Swim through the open door and up.

     The new room has four globes and six alcoves; we'll call the first
alcove on the left as you swam in 1  and number them clockwise. Alcove 2
leads to an underwater passage with three  gates. Three of the   switches
here open gates, and two of them hatch demons. You can do this yourself by
trial and error if you  like, but if you'd rather you can take my word for
it that the switches in alcoves 1, 4, and 5 open the gates.  Run and dive
into the water (as the other two globes hatch) and swim through the tunnel.
Surface on the far  side and breathe a sigh of relief. \

     Follow the tunnel up until it forks, then go right. Pull the switch
here to open the door, then walk in,  get two Uzi clips, and watch a
boulder roll across the main door out of the room. The other way out of the
room is the passage at your left, which takes you back to the fork you
didn't take -- and see, the  boulder  resets every time you do this. You
can't outrace the boulder, but you can out-think it. Over by the boulder
ramp is a movable block. Pull and push it till it's against the wall right
next to the boulder, then go around  and re-enter the room. Shazam! The
boulder is blocked on its way down. *Aren't* you smart.

     Go through the door to find yourself on a ledge in the central shaft
again, this one with some Uzi  clips and a slicer that's triggered when
you're standing on the ledge. Shoot a flying demon, timing carefully a
jump back through the slicer if you have to, then pick up the Uzi clips and
jump across to the next ledge.  Walk up to a room with two globes that
hatch one at a time; pop them and walk forward to see a long slope  down to
some spikes, with slopes on the other side. Position yourself opposite one
of the red ledges and slide down, jumping at the bottom. Pick up shotgun
shells, a medipack, and two Uzi clips and go through the door.

     This next room is complicated. There's a globe on the left wall, lava
under foot, and a path that looks  like a roller coaster in the middle.
Walk to the right till a flying demon appears, then jump back to the safety
of the tunnel and shoot it. Go back to the beginning of the center path and
get an Uzi clip. The path is too  steep to traverse here, so go back where
you started and jump to a ledge on the left. Jump to the ledge next  to the
globe, which immediately hatches; kill the flying demon and go up the path
to get an Uzi clip. Do a  running jump to the center path, which you can
just reach from here. Immediately turn to your left  and shoot two
projectile-spitting demons in the far left corner.

     The slope is still too steep, so turn around and stand on a ledge on
the other side of the path. Look  down; orange lava is death, but pulsing
red tissue is safe to stand on, so walk across to the ledge on the other
side. Turn right and go up to throw a switch, then go left and pull out a
movable block to reveal an open  door.  Go through and up to the slicer
that guards the head of the center path. Run or jump out and turn right  to
jump to the tunnel where the last two demons were.

     Climb up to another ledge on the main shaft, shoot a flying demon, and
get a medipack and an Uzi  clip. Take a look up; you're  getting close to
the top. Jump across to the next ledge, where there's a lava  room with
pillars that are rather too far apart to be useful. Jump to the only ledge
you can reach and walk  around to pull a switch, then return to find that
the pillars have moved. Jump across them to an opening in  the left wall.
Throw the switch here and return; leapfrog pillars to the ledge at the top
right. Draw your guns, max out your health, and save your game.

     Now here you have one of the hardest-to-get-to secrets in the game.
The passage opens onto a long  upward-sloping tunnel with two panther
demons. What you have to do is run across the bottom of the tunnel  to the
slightly darker patch on the right (which represents a hidden pressure
plate), then turn and run up the  hall, blasting like mad at the demons.
You don't have time to  stop and kill them, however; just shoot them
enough to get past them and run into an alcove on the right that just
opened and is  about to close. If you  take it you've found

    SECRET #3, and congratulations! If not, you'll have to reload a saved
  game and try  again. The door doesn't reset, and you can't kill the demons
  at your leisure, then step on the plate and go up.

     At any rate, once the demons are dead, go up and through the door at
the top. In front of you is a  door and a switch, but forget them; the
switch just releases the lava, which flows right over  your pretty little
head. Instead, turn to your left and jump up. Walk forward into the dark
that represents the last ledge at the
top of the shaft. (No flying demon this time.) See the Uzi clips at right?
That's the other ledge. Jump over  there, get the clips, and go.

     Ah, here's the flying demon. Shoot him and then take the Uzi clips.
Walk forward to a ramp leading  up to a slicer, with three red dart pipes
on the wall. Walk up to trigger the first dart, then run past it to
trigger the second. Run past to trigger the third -- and immediately jump
to the right, because you just  triggered a boulder. When the boulder's
gone past the slicer is  disabled, so go forward under the last dart  pipe
and pull yourself up the ramp and through.

     The new room has large gates on three sides with the letters N, T, and
Q over them. Go to the left  gate with the N on it and push the movable
block twice, then run behind the fence to the right and into the  area
behind the T gate. You see a gate and two switches. Throw the right switch
and fall into a pit, ouch!  (Forget the left switch; it's just a trap with
no goodies.) Turn around to see a pit followed by a ramp and a  boulder.
Jump over the pit to trigger the boulder and immediately jump back again to
let it roll into the pit.  Jump across again and follow up to throw a
switch and eventually drop out of a tunnel behind the Q gate.  Walk around;
the door is open now.

     This next room has three globes, a large door, and a switch on the far
wall. As you go forward, the  globe on the ground hatches; kill the sucker
and get four Uzi clips on the ground. Throw the switch and step  back into
the room; the nearer globe hatches. Kill him, but don't let him lure you
into the room, which will
make the other globe hatch, and you'd really rather take care of one at a
time if you can.

     When they're all gone, go cautiously down the tunnel and shoot two
more panther demons. (Horrid  things. Where's Orkin when you need them?)
Walk forward and watch Lara aim her guns again - but  don't  shoot! If you
fire at this one, it fires back, and it hits you every time. Walk forward
to the center of the  room, and it'll do the same. My God, it's a demon
version of Lara, gag! It mirrors your every move, which  is your clue to
how to get rid of it. Notice that the room is more or less symmetrical?
Climb the black  columns and jump over to the platform with switch,
trapdoor, and door. Throw the switch and the trapdoor  opens for a short
time to reveal a fiery pit. Now run, jump, and climb like mad to the ledge
in the opposite  corner of the room, and then laugh hysterically as your
doppelganger falls into the pit. Go back to the  platform with the switch
and go out the door, which is open now.

     Pick up an Uzi clip and draw your guns. At the second Uzi clip, turn
and fight a centaur. Get another  Uzi clip and walk forward to a lava pit -
- then turn right and shoot a demon. Now take a look at this room.  There's
a door on the other side of the lava pit, a path running around the room,
and switches on either side  of the door. Go around to the left and get
some Uzi clips, then go around to the other side. (Hear that  mechanical
clanking? It's coming from the other room.) The left switch activates a
bridge to the door, and  the right switch opens the door; but the door
stays open about twice as long as the bridge, so we have to do  the door
first. (The door next to the right switch opens eventually, but there's
nothing in it, so don't bother  with it.) Throw the right switch and run
like the wind to the other side; throw the left switch and run around,
across the bridge, and through the door. Be careful not to over-compensate
and go into the lava! but you  can't stop running or the bridge goes down
with you in the middle, which is unpleasant.

     Pick up some Uzi clips and take a look around. You're in a room with
large columns and a strange  otating gear-looking thing. On the other side
of a huge chasm is a large platform with a massive globe over  it. You
can't get over there yet, so don't bother trying; this is what was at the
top of the shaft we've been  climbing ever since we started this level. Go
back to the rotating thing and walk up the ramp at one side.  Take a close
look at it; there's something floating between the teeth. Gosh darn if it
isn't the Scion! Now  max out your health, turn the music back on (if you
had it turned off to silence the heartbeat), and hit Action  to reach for
the Scion and EXIT this level.

Pickups:  43
Secrets:       3
Kills:         27

Cut Scene: Natla gets two death scenes

                             THE GREAT PYRAMID

     Of course it gets harder as you go along; what did you expect? The
first thing you have to do is kill  this abominable thing. Pull out your
Uzis and go at it, jumping constantly (but be  careful of the edges!) and
healing yourself mid-fight whenever necessary. Sometimes you can jump over
it, but stay out of reach  of  those arms; it smashes and it grabs, and
neither is very nice. When you notice it getting depressed, back up  as far
as you safely can, because when it dies it blows up and can take you with
it if you're too close. Stroll  around the platform picking up Uzi clips
(six of them) and go out the open door.

     Slide down a slope to a room with a movable block, which you should
ignore just now. Go to the end  of the tunnel where there's another movable
block; push it three times and go up the new  tunnel to push the  first
block from the other side. Return to where you started and climb up on the
block. Turn around and  jump across to the tunnel, where the slicer you've
been hearing is located. Run through it (noticing the  cracked floor tile
in front of it) and follow the tunnel. When you come to an intersection,
turn right and push  the movable block once. Return to the intersection and
turn right. Run past the door and drop to the next  room. Pull the block
backwards once, then turn around and climb back into the tunnel. Turn left
and go  down and push the block forward once. Return to the red door and
stand on the block to pull the switch; go through the open door.

     Here you've got a lava pit with pyramid slopes on both sides, with
some darker spots level enough to  stand on. Turn right and jump to the
dark ledge. (Beware of splashing lava; it hurts.) Jump to a second,  third,
and fourth dark ledge, then turn around and notice that there's now a red
bridge hanging off the ledge  where you started. Cool! Jump back to this
spot and run across the bridge before it falls to reach

    SECRET #1, shotgun shells, medipack, and magnum clips. Throw the
  switch to reset half of the bridge and  jump back across. Jump the ledges
  again to the far end and go through the next tunnel.

     Look familiar? It's a boulder tunnel, a short sharp one. Best way with
this one is to walk backwards  up the hill till you hear the boulder start,
then run down and out the door. Go up the hill to the next tunnel,  which
is identical to the last one; do the same again. Run up till you see a
broken tile; step on it and jump  back, then do a safety drop (ouch) down
to the Scion's chamber.  No, you can't take it with you; you have to
destroy it. Be responsible here. Blast it to hell and gone, triggering a
very satisfying explosion and an  earthquake of major proportions.

     Now, in some games this would signal the beginning of the end
sequence, and you could just sit back  and watch it unfold. Ah, but you're
Lara Croft, and you *live* for danger, don't you? So we now have to  get
back out of here while the entire world crumbles about your ears; and while
there's only a couple of  monsters left, you can bet there'll be every
other hazard you've run across multiplied and combined in  tortuous ways.
And all with the earthquake shaking the horizon at odd times. Ya gotta love

     Go out the open door and shoot three demons, one on each side of the
bridge and one down the middle. There's no more demons for a while, so pack
your guns away till the last room. Notice the right side  of the lava pit
has cooled to black rock; drop into it and down a hole at the right. Turn
left and do a running  jump to hang onto a crevice, then shuffle right,
getting hit by (or avoiding, if you're fast enough) four dart  guns. At the
end drop onto a slope and jump to avoid another lava pit.

     The new room is a broad hill down to a swinging blade with spikes on
both sides. Go down the hill  on the right, and a boulder rolls down the
middle and into the chasm. Face the swinging blade and time a  jump behind
it. Walk and jump through the patches of spikes to a room with lava pits,
spike pits, and broken  tiles.  Climb to the top of the slope, then turn
right and jump across to the broken tiles -- and immediately  run-jump to
the next ledge. Oh, very good, very good.

     Now enter a lava pit with pillars in it. Ignore them; face the left
wall and jump to an almost invisible  crevice in the wall, then shuffle
right. When you get all the way across, drop down to

    SECRET #2, three medipacks and some Uzi clips. Turn back to the lava
  and face the thin slope in the lava. Jump to the slope and hold down the
  Jump button to jump backwards onto a ledge. Turn around and grab  another
  crevice and shuffle right to another ledge.

     Oh great, it's collapsible tiles, a boulder, and a swinging blade.
Groan a little, then run like mad over  the tiles and behind the blade
before the boulder flattens you. In the new  tunnel, there's a downward
slope to  the left and a waiting boulder to the right, oh goodie. Turn left
and run like mad into a tunnel at the bottom.  Turn back and jump over the
now-still boulder to get a medipack, then jump back into the tunnel. (Seems
like a lot of trouble, does it? Believe me, you need all the first aid you
can get.)

     The fun continues with a slope with a swinging blade at the bottom and
a boulder at the top. Jump out  and begin your slide when the blade is at
one side and jump at the bottom to get to the ledge behind it. Drop  down
to a ledge at left and RUN to the middle of the next room to avoid the lava
pouring in from both sides.  Pick up a medipack at one side, go back to the
center of the room, and RUN to the end of the room. Pull the  switch to
open the door.

     Go right to get some Uzi clips, then run left and stop just in front
of the lava pit while a boulder   comes down from a ledge above you and
bounces harmlessly over your head. Do a standing jump to the next  ledge
and hang on till a second boulder rolls past, then climb up and go on. The
next room is torch pillars in     large pool -- look familiar? These
pillars are in a straight line and much closer together than the ones in
the  Monastery, however. Walk up to the edge of the ramp and wait for the
torches to douse, then do a series of  standing jumps from one pillar to
the next till you get across.

     Now. Here's a huge room with a deep well at the (far distant) bottom
and a platform at top with a  swinging blade, and a tunnel on the far side
with goodies. Do a running jump to behind the blade -- where  there's a
collapsible floor, so immediately run  and jump to the tunnel in the
opposite wall. Wow! that was  dicey.   This is

    SECRET #3, medipack and Uzi clips. Turn back; the floor under the
  swinging blade is gone, so you'll have to find another way out. Center
  yourself over the well, hold your breath, and do a standing jump into
  space,  and hopefully you'll scream all the way down to a safe landing in
  the water. Surface and climb out to get  some Uzi clips, then go down to
  get some more Uzi clips and swim down a short tunnel. Surface and get  four
  Uzi clips, and notice that the earthquakes are back with a vengeance.

     Now max out your health, draw your guns, and save your game. It's time
for the last bad guy -- and  my God, it's Natla, not only not dead but with
red demon's wings to boot. Blast like mad and jump like crazy until she
drops. Then walk cautiously forward and wait for her to get up again,
because she's not really  dead, she's just playing possum. Ahh!! Shoot
again till she lies down for good this time; don't wait for an  explosion,
though, because there won't be one. Did you run out of ammo? That's okay,
because there's no more monsters. Hooray!

     Okay, it's a large room with pillars of different sizes. You know by
now that you want to get to the  very top of the very tallest one, but none
of the pillars here is short enough to climb. Head for a pile of  sloping
rocks in one corner and jump over them to discover a doorway. Follow this
up and jump onto a  pillar. Turn left and jump across two pillars to
another tunnel. Follow this and drop down to a pillar; jump across three
pillars to climb up into another tunnel. Follow this around and drop down
to a final pillar. Do a  run-jump-grab to the red ledge, then climb up and
slide down to EXIT!

Pickups:  30
Secrets:       3
Kills:         4

Cut Scene: Lara commandeers a boat and Atlantis goes ballistic

                             TOMB RAIDER CODES
                              PC Cheat Codes
Level Skip Code: While in a level do the following with Lara: Walk one step
forward (using the walk key), take one step backward, turn around 3 full
times (doesn't matter which direction), and then do a Forward jump.

All Weapons Code: While in a level do the following with Lara: Walk one
step forward (using the walk  key), take one step backward, turn around 3
full times (doesn't matter which direction), and then do a
Backward jump.

                       Sony Playstation (PSX) Codes
All Guns and Full Ammo Code : While in the game go into your inventory and
then LOOK. This gives you all  the guns (Magnums, Shotgun, and Uzi's) with
full ammo for each.

Level Skip Code : While in the Inventory Screen, press this sequence 3
times: L2, R2, O, L1, L1, Tri, R2,  L2. You will hear Lara sigh if you
enter it correctly. Then press select and finish the level you were just

                          Sega Saturn Cheat Codes
Level Skip Code : Pause the game and go into the last page of the passport.
Once there, press  Z,Y,Z,Y,X,X,X, Start. Then press C and you'll skip to
the next level.

EDUPAGE STR Focus        Keeping the users informed


Apple Pares Workforce, Prunes
Product Line
Aspen Mimics Societal Behavior
High Access Charges = Lower Net Use
ATM In Orbit
AT&T Plans $9B Upgrade
Lawsuit Against America Online
Internet Legislation:  "No New
Teledesic Gets Approval From FCC
Court To Hear Internet "Decency"
Intel Sues Rival Chip-Makers
Massachusetts ISPs Strike Back
News Corp. Courting PointCast
PC Makers Offer Rebates
Electronic Money Laundering Raises
Windows In Chinese
Microsoft, HP Team Up On Windows NT
MMX Chip In More PCs
IBM Debuts New Workstation Line
Preteens Lead Kids' PC Use
Bookseller Price War On Net
Court Hears Arguments On Internet
CompuServe Sued For Dropping Time
Eric Schmidt To Head Novell
Vulnerability Found In Security Of
Digital Cellular Phones
Multimedia Will Be Life Skill For
21st Century
Internet Car Sales Erode
Traditional Market
Motorola Gets Smart
Lucent's Decongestant For The
IBM Buys Stake In NetObjects
College Switches From Next To


Apple Computer announced it will cut its 13,000 workforce by several
thousand employees and will scale  down the company's large product line,
particularly peripheral communications products, such as the Pippin,  and
some versions of its Macintosh Performa.  "We are going to start doing what
we do well and stop doing what we don't do well," says Apple's executive VP
of marketing.  (Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 97)


A new economic computer model called Aspen is being hailed by economists as
"the best thing that's come  along in a long time" for predicting and
analyzing macroeconomic data.  The program, developed at Sandia  National
Laboratories, creates a make-believe world comprising up to 10,000
households plus 1,500  factories.  By manipulating certain factors,
economists can watch the behavior of the agents and use that data  for
economic forecasting.  Aspen's results have turned up some surprises --
during an economic slump, "the  firms learned to cooperate," says a Sandia
economist.  "We didn't put that into the software.  But when  things stayed
sour, the firms got together and helped each other out."  The size of
Aspen's world is vital:   "With thousands of players, you see behavior you
wouldn't get in macro models," says the software's  creator, who dreams of
models with 100,000 agents or more.  The software is useful for analyzing
the causes  of business cycles, both nationally and in specific industries.
(Business Week 17 Mar 97)


A forthcoming study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and
Development indicates that high  Internet access costs, not language
differences, are what really dictate a country's Internet usage.  While
U.S. customers pay only the Internet service provider's charge and nothing
for a local phone call, most other  countries have a system where they
allow both access charges and a per-minute local phone call charge.   "You
can talk about cultural differences.  You can talk about how there are less
personal computers in  Europe than in the U.S.  But the fact is that prices
charged by European phone companies for local calls are  slowing down the
market," says a telecommunications analyst at the OECD.  The report shows
that  consumers in the most expensive countries, Mexico and Ireland, pay
more than $90 a month in access  charges and phone bills for 20 hours of
Internet use, compared to Canada, for instance, where 20 hours cost  about
$21.  (Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 97)

                               ATM IN ORBIT

Following a year of testing, Comsat Corp. is launching a satellite-based
ATM (asynchronous transfer mode)  wireless communications service next week
that will offer ubiquitous worldwide coverage, enabling network  managers
to easily install links to remote and difficult-to-serve areas.  "For the
first time, this gives you the  opportunity to do networking in a really
flexible way," says a senior telecommunications analyst at Amoco  Corp.
The service is available at speeds from fractional T1 to 45-Mbps and Comsat
is offering new  customers the necessary interface devices for free under a
promotional offer that lasts through the end of  1997.  (Communications
Week Interactive 14 Mar 97)

                          AT&T PLANS $9B UPGRADE

AT&T will invest up to $9 billion this year in upgrading its communications
network -- almost double what it  usually budgets for such improvements.
About $5 billion of that will go toward the business-markets division  to
beef up the backbone network, improve fast packet technology, and enhance
voice and local services.   (Information Week 10 Mar 97)


A new $100 million class action lawsuit against AOL has been filed in a
U.S. District Court in Los Angeles,  alleging that the company engaged in
racketeering, mail fraud and wire fraud when it adopted a flat-fee  $19.95
a month pricing plan it knew would produce a huge surge of business that it
could not handle and  would result in poor service to existing customers,
such as those who are filing the suit.  America Online  says the lawsuit is
frivolous.  (Reuter 14 Mar 97)


Legislation called The Internet Tax Freedom Act, introduced in the U.S.
Senate this week by Senator Ron  Wyden (D, Oregon), would establish a two-
year moratorium prohibiting state and local governments from  imposing new
taxes on Internet transactions.  During that time, existing taxes could
continue in place.  Rep.  Chris Cox (R, California) introduced a similar
bill in the House of Representatives.  (AP 14 Mar 97)


Teledesic, the privately owned company owned by Craig McCaw and Bill Gates,
has won FCC approval to  proceed with its plans to launch an 840-satellite
computer network.  In 1990, Teledesic's plan was to use an  orbiting grid
of satellites to send data around the world, but the current plan is to
provide high-speed computer access by transmitting from a rooftop antenna
to the satellites in orbit. The Boeing Corporation  could play a big part
in building or launching the satellites, and other companies are also
likely to help  underwrite the $9-billion project.  (Seattle Times 15 Mar


This week the U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing a case that questions
the constitutionality of the  Communications Decency Act that attempts
restrict "indecent" materials on the Internet.  A three-judge  federal
court in Philadelphia ruled last year that, in attempt to protect children,
the law would wrongly deny  adults access to material to which they were
entitled under the First Amendment.  (AP 15 Mar 97)

                       INTEL SUES RIVAL CHIP-MAKERS

Intel Corporation has filed suit against Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and
Cyrix Corporation, accusing the  companies of infringing on the MMX
trademark Intel says it has established for its multimedia-enhanced
Pentium chip. (New York Times 17 Mar 97)

                      MASSACHUSETTS ISPs STRIKE BACK

Unhappy over a move by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to force
Internet service providers to pay  taxes on income received over the last
six years, ISPs in the state have formed the Massachusetts Internet
Service Providers Coalition to fight the measure.  The disputed tax was
enacted in 1990, but ISPs have not  been paying it, hoping that
Massachusetts Governor William Weld will make good on his promise to repeal
the tax on telecommunications services.  (Tampa Tribune 17 Mar 97)

                       NEWS CORP. COURTING POINTCAST

Media giant News Corp. is negotiating to acquire PointCast Inc., an
entrepreneurial leader in "push"  technology for the Internet.  The deal
would be good for News Corp., giving it an established vehicle for
distributing its news and entertainment content, but would jeopardize
PointCast's existing arrangements with  News Corp. rivals Time Warner,
Times Mirror, Knight-Ridder and Dow Jones Co.  Meanwhile, PointCast  is
pondering what effect a spurned offer would have on its plans to go public:
"We've received plenty of  unsolicited offers in the past as well as
recently and we've accepted none of them," says PointCast's CEO.   "The
path that we're on is to take the company public.  We're enthused about
that and our investors are enthused about that."  (Wall Street Journal 18
Mar 97)

                          PC MAKERS OFFER REBATES

Computer owners who purchased their machines be???2
tween May 1, 1991 and May 1, 1995 may be eligible for  a $13 rebate on
their next purchase of a computer monitor under a proposed settlement of a
false-advertising  class-action suit against PC makers.  The suit alleges
that the computer companies advertised that the  monitors accompanying
their systems were larger than the actual viewing area size.  IBM, Dell
Computer  Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-Packerd Co., Compaq
Computer Corp. and Apple Computer Inc.  are all named in the lawsuit.
Customers will receive a $13 coupon that may be applied toward the purchase
of a new monitor from any of the companies named.  The coupons will be good
for three years, after which  they'll be redeemable for $6 cash.  (St.
Petersburg Times 17 Mar 97)


The Financial Action Task Force, a Paris-based group of 26 countries
battling international money- laundering, has released a report warning
that the "speed, security and anonymity" of new Internet payment systems
could make conventional means of tracking tainted cash obsolete.  Under the
U.S. Bank Secrecy Act, financial institutions are required to report
suspicious activity, but it is unclear whether the law covers  Internet
payment systems.  The American Bankers Association is pushing for uniform
regulations for both banks and e-money providers:  "Bankers want to see
some assurance that if we're told we have to do certain  things that our
other competitors do, too," says the senior counsel for the ABA.  (Wall
Street Journal 17 Mar 97)

                            WINDOWS IN CHINESE

By arrangement with Microsoft, a Chinese company called the Legend Group
will be allowed to pre-install  the Chinese-language version of Microsoft's
Windows 95 operating system in the personal computers it  manufactures.
It is one of the most important agreements reached since the U.S. and China
signed a pact  last year protecting intellectual property rights and
averting a trade war.  China says that about 1.8 million  personal
computers were sold in that country in 1996.  (Reuters 18 Mar 97)


In what some analysts see as a blow to Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-
Packard and Microsoft have forged  a strong alliance in corporate
computing, including a stepped-up commitment by HP to Microsoft's Windows
NT operating system.  The new alliance is expected to erode some consumer
support for Digital's midrange  PCs and workstations, which have featured
the NT software for the past several years.  It also pits HP and  Microsoft
against a competing coalition of IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and
Netscape, which are betting  heavily on Sun's Java programming language to
loosen Microsoft's control over technology standards.  (Wall Street Journal
18 Mar 97)

                           MMX CHIP IN MORE PCs

The market research firm Computer Intelligence says that Intel's MMX
Pentium chip with enhanced  multimedia capabilities was installed in 27% of
the personal computers sold by U.S. retailers in January.   (New York Times
18 Mar 97)


IBM's new line of workstations, priced from $3,700 to $10,000 (without
monitors), use Intel's Pentium Pro  chips and Microsoft's Windows NT
operating system, pitting the IntelliStation line in direct competition to
similar computers made by Compaq Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer
and others.  The  IntelliStation machines will compete with IBM's own
RS/6000 line of computers that run on proprietary  systems.  (Wall Street
Journal 17 Mar 97)

                        PRETEENS LEAD KIDS' PC USE

Seventy-two percent of 8- to 12-year-olds reported spending time on a PC
during the last 30 days, as opposed  to 55% of 6- to7-year-olds and 67% of
teenagers, according to the 1996 Roper Youth Report.  And while  preteen
computer use is roughly equal for boys and girls, girls were more likely to
use computers at school,  while boys tended to use them at home.
(Investor's Business Daily 18 Mar 97)

                        BOOKSELLER PRICE WAR ON NET

With the Barnes & Noble book selling company opening an operation today on
America Online (and moving  ahead with plans to begin selling books on the
Web later this Spring), its much smaller rival,  currently the
biggest bookseller in cyberspace, is increasing the discount on 700 popular
titles to 40%.  But  Barnes & Noble, which had $2.4 billion in sales last
year, will prove formidable competition for Amazon,  which had 1996 sales
of only $17 million. Forrester Research says:  "It's a case of a relatively
successful  pipsqueak taking on a heavily fortified giant.  They can only
compete by finding a niche and providing  superior service."  Atlanta
Journal-Constitution 18 Mar 97)


During oral arguments before the Supreme Court's review of a challenge to
the Communications Decency  Act passed last year by Congress and signed by
President Clinton, an opponent of the law said that its  restrictions would
"reduce the adult population to reading only what is fit for children."  A
federal attorney  arguing in defense of the law countered, saying that
without such a law "every child with access to the  Internet has a free
pass into the equivalent of every adult bookstore and adult video store in
the country.''   The Communications Decency Act prohibits the transmission
of "indecent'' material on the Internet  anywhere that children might be
exposed  to it.  A three-judge panel in Philadelphia blocked implementation
of the law last June.  A ruling by the court is not expected until late
spring.  (San Jose Mercury News Center 20 Mar 97)


Time magazine has filed a $3.5-million lawsuit against CompuServe and
charged the online services  company with breaching a two-year contract to
carry Time's news service.  CompuServe, which is in the  process of a
financial reorganization following heavy losses, says it dropped Time's
online service because  the content had not proven sufficiently valuable.
(Washington Post 19 Mar 97)

                        ERIC SCHMIDT TO HEAD NOVELL

Eric Schmidt has left his position as chief technology officer for Sun
Microsystems to become the chairman  and chief executive officer of Novell,
giving that company substantial technological leadership and strong ties
to Sun.  "I expect a very close relationship with Sun," Schmidt says.  "I
know how the company works, and  it's somewhat easier since I know all
their home phone numbers."  (Atlanta Journal-Constitution 19 Mar 97)

                          DIGITAL CELLULAR PHONES

Three independent computer security experts have been able to crack a key
part of the code developed to  protect the privacy of calls made using
digital cellular telephones.  One of the experts, David Wagner of the
University of California at Berkeley, says:  "The industry design process
is at fault.  We can use this as a lesson, and save ourselves from more
serious vulnerabilities in the future."  (New York Times 20 Mar 97)


In a new college textbook, Fred T. Hofstetter of the University of Delaware
says "the ability to use  multimedia will emerge as a life skill in the
twenty-first century.  Citizens who do not know how to use  multimedia will
become disenfranchised. Cut off from the Information Superhighway, they
will end up  watching life go by instead of living it fully."  (Multimedia
Literacy, McGraw-Hill, 1997)


Car dealers are finding out they have more to worry about than just the
super car lots that are popping up  around the country.  Chrysler is
predicting that within four years, 25% of its sales will be online, up from
1.5% last year, meaning that the local dealer is going to face some stiff
competition from dealers across the  country, as savvy buyers use online
resources to comparison shop beyond traditional geographic boundaries.
"There will be significantly fewer dealers than today, with larger
territories and higher sales per dealer,"  says a spokesman for the Boston
Consulting Group.  California-based Auto-By-Tel has already signed up
1,600 dealers across the country who pay up to $4,000 a month for their
information to be listed on the  company's Web site.  The referral service
typically brings a 30% rise in sales, all at the expense of non- Auto-By-
Tel dealers.  (The Economist 8 Mar 97)

                            MOTOROLA GETS SMART

Motorola is gearing up to be a major supplier of smart cards -- credit-card-
like devices that store personal  and financial data on embedded computer
chips.  Smart cards are used in sales transactions, banking,  record-
keeping and security, and Motorola plans to enhance the current model with
its wireless technology,  making them useful for such things as electronic
toll payments and ticketless airline and commuter rail travel.  "We're
really excited," says the VP for Motorola's Smartcards Systems Business.
"We think that by 2001  there will be more smart cards around the world
than telephones."  About 90% of the current world market  for smart cards
is now centered in Europe, but company officials hope to move into Asia and
South America, as well as the U.S.  (Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 97)


Ameritech has purchased more than 500 Access Interface Units from Lucent
Technologies, marking the first  commercial use of Lucent's Internet
congestion relief system.  The Access Interface Unit is designed to ease
the conflict between Net users and people making ordinary phone calls.
(Investor's Business Daily 20 Mar 97)

                       IBM BUYS STAKE IN NETOBJECTS

IBM has purchased a controlling stake in NetObjects Inc., a leading
provider of software used by Web site  developers to build pages by
manipulating graphical elements on the computer screen.  The deal, which is
valued between $50 million to $80 million, provides IBM a measure of
security, ensuring that the company  whose software it's been reselling for
the last several months won't be snatched up by some other software
company. NetObjects also will maintain partnerships with two other Internet
giants -- Microsoft and Netscape  Communications.  "We have to continue to
be an independent company that supports all platforms," says  NetObjects'
CEO. (Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 97)


Allegheny College, which invested heavily in Next computers in 1991, is
shifting over to Apple Computers  as it replaces aging machines.  "With
Apple's recent acquisition of Next Computer, what was for us a  technically
superior but orphaned operating system has the potential to reach
mainstream, industry-wide acceptance," says Allegheny's director of
educational computing.  "While others may be abandoning Apple  as a campus
strategic platform, we are aggressively exploring adopting Apple
technology."  (Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Mar 97)
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