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Article #10 (18 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.portable
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Portable Addiction: 15-Nov-91 #007
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul 15 17:02:26 1992

Contributed By: Andy Norman 

               PORTABLE ADDICTION #07  15 NOVEMBER 1991
      Newsletter for Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear and Atari Portfolio
  Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser .... (Editor)
  Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl ............. (Editorial Assistant)
  Mr. Portfolio ....................... (Portfolio staff writer)

  Thanks to:  Andre "ALU" Luyer (for having a Portfolio), Mr.Doom, 
              Decoder,  Robert Jung,  Funtronics  computer stores,
              Bart Smit toy stores and of course:
              The International Lynx Club.


   An other month gone, and a larger pile of Lynx-games in my drawer. I 
  like that! Lets hope Atari continues this trend  after Christmas too,
  though that seems unlikely to me because those designers need a break 
  It's a  good thing that  Neuromancer  is back from the  US, because I
  bruised my left hand (I can't even hit the  Shift-key with it!!),so I 
  didn't write so much. But as luck would have it  Ishido came out, and
  that game can be played with one hand.BTW Yiri did some good shopping
  in the US, he bought a Lynx II and  some great games (Checkered Flag,
  Ninja Gaiden).
  Well since we're talking  about Ishido, I might as well tell you that
  NMR is  designing a  T-shirt  with a  Portable  Addiction  logo and a 
  Magic Lord (TM).  It looks  vaguely like the  Ishido box.  It will be 
  available  within a few month. If you want to buy a copy (prices have
  yet to be determined), send a mail to: on Internet or
  to bd831 on  Cleveland Free-net. The address on
  Internet is still  open, but we prefer to  receive mail for  Portable 
  Addiction on the first address. If mail bounces on the first address,
  you can always mail to the a15 address.

  *************************    STOP PRESS    **************************
  A day before the release of this issue was due to come out Hard Drivin'
  and S.T.U.N Runner  came out  in Holland.  We haven't  got any reports 
  from  other  countries  saying that  they were  released there,  so we 
  think that we have a real scoop here!  (And suddenly my hand healed in
  an instant!).
  Atari Holland  seems  to be doing  things well now.  Not only did they 
  release these games, but also some games that were not yet released in
  Holland, but were available in the US for a long time!
  Well, have fun with those reviews!

                                       Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser
                        HOT (?) NEWS AND GOSSIP

  Atari: The  Pouch is  available  for the  Lynx II  in the  US,  it is 
         included in the $149,- package. 

  Atari: The Kit Case Mk.2 is also available.It looks just like the old
         version,but this one has a removable velcro divider, so it can
         hold a Lynx I  or a Lynx II. The  new version also has velcro-
         sealed flaps on the card pouches, so the cards don't fall out.

  Atari: Flashing dots appear on Lynx II's with serial number: PAG-0400
         The  PAG-0300 does not  have the  flashing dot. Lynx II's with 
         serial  number  PAG-0200  have a problem  with  the joypad, it 
         scratches the circuit, so you can't turn left anymore.

  Sega:  Sega will  not produce  multi-player  games for the  Game Gear 
         anymore (except for Super Monaco GP).  And they will also stop 
         selling and producing the Gear-to-Gear cable. Also the Master-
         System-Adapter project has been stopped.  
         At least that was reported at the Game '91 Messe in Essen(Ger-
         many).  But  the  Master-System-Adapter and  the TV  tuner are
         already available in the US. 

  Atari: There will be a lot of 4 MEG (512 K) cards for Lynx games like:
         Shadow of the Beast, Switchblade II and Eye of the Beholder.
         It is rumoured that Eye of the Beholder will have RAM !!!

  Sega:  We got the  prices of  the car  cigarette lighter  adapter. It 
         costs a huge HLF 99,- ($50,- US !!).  While the Lynx cigarette 
         lighter adapter costs only HLF 29,- ($15,- US). 

  General: There's a computer shop in Holland that imports all new con-
           sole games, and  all consoles. They have the  SNES, Lynx II,
           TG-16 etc. If you order a game,it will arrive within 2 weeks
           and best of all, you  do not have to buy the game  if you do 
           not want it when it arrives.
           Their address is: Games 'R Fun 
                             Kalverstraat 199 
                      Phone: 020-6262264
                          +----LYNX Review----+
                              Hard  Drivin'

   Hard Drivin' is a conversion of the 3D filled-polygon racing game by
  Tengen. The player controls a normal car and has to complete 2 tracks
  within a  certain time.  If the player  succeeds,  he or she gets the
  chance to race against THE Hard Drivin' Champion, the Photon Phantom!
  If the player wins this race he will be the new champion and the game
  is completed.

   You earn points by the distance you travel on the road. You can also
  drive on the  grass, but this is only allowed for 1O seconds.  If you
  crash into an object you are automatically  put back on the road. You
  can choose a track right at the beginning of the race, where there is
  a Y-junction. One track is based on plain speed, the other  track has
  dangerous obstacles  like ramps and loop-da-loops.  Add some oncoming
  traffic and you have a very  difficult game.  And then I haven't even
  mentioned  the gear shifting!  If you select manual gear, you'll have
  to shift gear by pressing Option 1 or Option 2!  Argh!

   So the game is difficult.  Really difficult. But.... it's definitely
  worth the effort. As you begin to  master the controls, more and more
  will you get the feeling of being in a real car.  Although the power-
  steering seems to have a little  too much POWER (at least,that's what
  it seems to me), after a few goes you'll get the hang of it. And that
  is when the fun really starts!!!!!  Making a looping at 4OMph is very
  funny for example!

   Ok, the game is great.  But how does it  look and sound?   Well, the
  sound  isn't very  special  except for the  starting of  your engine,
  which is a sample by the way. But now the graphics  department! First
  the 3D doesn't seem to be that fast at all, but when you get into the
  game,  you'll notice that the road  is moving by at a very acceptable
  speed, while there  are loads of object at the sides of the road!  It
  is incredible that this little card is way faster  than the Amiga and
  Atari ST versions of this game.

   Conclusion...  If you like racing games, buy Checkered Flag.  But if
  you're into  car-simulations you'll  just love this  one. And even if
  you're not that much into  car-games at all, this card is worth every
  dollar, if only for the revolutionary new graphic style for the Lynx.

           Graphics    - 9.O : Great solid 3D. Just 
           Sound       - 7.3 : So so engine roars, but great 
           Playability - 7.5 : Very difficult but fun to play.
           Lastability - 8.5 : This is one of these games you 
                               can just pick up and play at 
                               any time.
           Overall     - 8.O : Great car simulation for those 
                               with patience.

                          +----LYNX Review----+
                             S.T.U.N.  Runner

   Welcome S.T.U.N. Runner, a great voice announces while you see your-
  self walking  to your bike.  Yeah! this is  a game which has  lots of
  voices and scaling! But more about that later. First the basics.

   S.T.U.N. Runner was one of the Atari arcade hits years ago. You were
  supposed to drive your Sub-Terranean Underground Network craft through
  the  course  while you fight  fellow competitors to get the  title of
  S.T.U.N. Runner. This is a sports game a la Running Man,  also in the
  In the arcades S.T.U.N. Runner was not an irritatingly hard game, but 
  not exactly easy too. And so it is too on the Lynx.

   First thing you do is  plug in the game, don't read the manual, it's 
  a waist of paper.
  The first thing you see is you S.T.U.N. craft from the side, when you 
  wait you'll get to read the story-line. And after that you get to see
  the F.B.I. logo with the  text "Winners don't use Drugs", like on the
  back of the boxes. But there is not the usual list of names of desig-
  ners etc. only the Atari logo next to the F.B.I. logo.
  When you finally skip this, you can choose a level to begin  with (1,
  6 or 11).
  Then a womans voice welcomes you,the voice has a great stadium effect,
  not like  in Checkered Flag, but really  like in a stadium.  When the 
  selected level starts ,she wishes you good luck. And you'll need that
  after a while. 
   The first level is of course very basic, in the first few levels the 
  computer notifies you of  every mistake you make, or gives you hints.
  It is printed on the screen, but the  voice also reads it out to you!  
  Before you begin each level, you get to see a map of the track.  Each 
  part of the  track has a different color on the map,like tunnels  are
  green,  wide  flats are  blue etc.  An easy  legend  next  to the map 
  explains the colors. Also on  the map the spots  where the Shockwaves
  (Megabombs) and the speed  boosters are marked, so  you know where to
  pick them up.
  Below the map there is some further information about the level, like
  the number of stars to run over to get a free shockwave, the name and
  a description  of the  level, and  the number of  levels to  the next
  challenge level  (There are 4 challenge  levels, you have to meet the
  goal of the challenge level, that is not so  hard (like: Kill as many
  drones as you can). But if you fail to finish  that course within the
  time limit, you'll restart on the next level, so you don't have to do 
  the same level again, as you have to do on a normal level).
  The levels themselves are varied, some parts of  them are still under
  construction, some have lots  of ramps so  you can jump over enemies,
  some are hilly, and some have it all.
  When you have finished  a level, the womans  voice announces that you
  have finished.
   The steering of the vehicle is good, but at first you have to get in
  to it, because to take a  corner on a flat piece of track you have to
  turn in to a corner. But when  you're in a tube, you have to  turn to
  the outside.It is not a problem, but after playing Checkered Flag for
  a while....  
   The sense of  speed is  great in this game,  especially on the hilly
  levels. It is great to see the  debris of the enemy  that you've just 
  destroyed fly past you.

   The voice is great, as said,and the game has some nice sound effects
  but they are present in any game. But there are  also some nice tunes
  that you get to hear when you view the map, but there are not so many
  different tunes.

   Again we find that the  poster/manual lacks information, it does not
  say how many levels there are. It only says that level 23 is the last
  challenge  level. If  that would be  the last level  (and why not) it 
  disappoint  me a bit  because  I got very  close  after a  few tries.
  But the rest is not bad, not bad at all...
           Graphics    -  8.5 : I like the map, scaling takes
                                care of the rest.
           Sound       -  8.0 : Good voice! But not much tunes
                                or effects.
           Playability -  8.0 : Turning is a nice challenge.
           Lastability -  7.0 : Looks nice now, but how many
           Overall     -  8.0 : Combines scaling speech and
                                of course great fun!


                          +---LYNX Preview---+

   Robotron!  A word every veteran gamesplayer will remember.  Robotron
  was, as most  of us will  know, one of the most  revolutionary arcade
  games of all time.   Of course there are still the Space Invaders and
  PacMan guru's,  but no one can deny that Robotron is just plain great
  in every aspect of the word.

   Now what was so revolutionary about the arcade Robotron?   Well, the
  controls were quit different from other games....   there were 2 joy-
  sticks to control the character.  One to control the movement and one
  to control the direction of the gun  (as we know nowadays from Smash-
  TV).   The graphics were nothing new,  but who needed graphics in the
  good old days?!?

   The Lynx version is exactly identical to it's arcade parent.  Of coz
  there aren't 2 joypads,   so the game incorporates 3 alternative con-
  trol options,  the most easiest to learn being the one where there is
  continuous firepower and the A and B buttons rotate the gun.  Anyway,
  Lynx Robotron is an exact copy of the arcade original,  that won't be
  fun only for us arcade veterans,   but also great for younger people,
  that will now be able to enjoy this great game from yesterday!

   And ooooppss! Now I almost forgot to tell you about the game itself!
  You are a robot that is dropped in a human ridden area.   You have to
  kill everything in the area.  That's it. But of course there are lots
  of hidden extras!  Veterans already know all this, but younger people
  will be stunned by the fact  that games of yesterday  are often  more
  playable than many games of today.

           Graphics    - 3.0 : From the Middle Ages.
           Sound       - 2.0 : From the Stone Ages.
           Playability - 9.0 : Still uncopied, great as ever!
           Lastability - 8.0 : It survived till now, and it'll
                               live on with the Lynx for lots
                               of years.
           Overall     - 7.5 : Fans will love it, and it's a 
                               chance for the younger kids to
                               get to know the game their great-
                               grand parents are talking about


                          +---LYNX  Review---+
                             Checkered Flag

   Now every system  has one or more racing games,  so everybody waited 
  eagerly for Checkered Flag.And it was really worth it.Luckaly this is
  not the kind of game that has such a stupid story-line, you just race 
  to win. 
  Before you start,  your position can be determined  randomly, or by a
  qualifying lap. After that you  can choose the kind of race you want,
  a practice run against drones,a single heat and a tournament on eight
  different tracks  are all possible. Then you can choose the number of  
  drones (0-9), the number of  laps (1-50) and the track.  There are 18
  tracks to  choose  from, they vary  from short  high-speed  tracks to 
  long twisty circuits. Finally you can choose transmissions(auto,4-SPD
  and 7-SPD), the color of your car and the sex of your driver.
  Now for  the  race:  At the  start of the race  there is  the classic 
  "Gentlemen start your engines",  it is absolutely  the best digitized 
  voice  for the  Lynx so far. But it is a  pity that there is only one
  sentence.  At the  start you  don't  really  have to fight  for your
  position, if you're on pole,you'll probably stay there till the first
  corner. And if you start  at the back, you can always overtake two or
  three before the first corner. But the rest of the race is different.
  You're  faster on the straights, but slower in the corners. And it is
  hard  to drive  the ideal  line through a  corner when  a drone keeps 
  showing his nose. But this is not frustratingly hard. 
  The difficulty  level of the race depends on the  circuit you choose,
  the more bends it has,the harder it is.When you choose the tournament
  set-up, you  can choose the  track to begin with.  So you can make it 
  a bit easier, or harder for yourself.
  I like  the sound of  the engines  from the other cars  when they get
  closer. Their engine roar gets louder when they are about to overtake
  you. There is not  much music in  the rest of the game, only a simple
  tune at the first screen, and at the option menu.
  The graphics are as great as you wished. The well known scaling makes
  the driving very smooth. The surroundings are very detailed. Like the
  Atari Billboards, the cows,trees, cacti and lamp posts. But there are
  also things  like hai-stacks and  snow-men.  If you  hit them, you'll  
  only slow  down. If you hit one of the  other things, you'll  have to
  gain speed all over again. 
  Checkered-Flag is a must-buy for every Lynx freak, especially for me
  since I'm a  race freak too. I haven't  found any flaws in  this game 
  yet, but we waited long enough for this game, so it is supposed to be 
  this great. And it was well worth the wait I must say.
           Graphics    - 9.8 : Ever heard of scaling? Look at 
                               this game!
           Sound       - 7.0 : No exceptional tunes, but nice
                               little touches like squeek of
                               tyres is the corners, and engine
           Playability - 8.0 : Easy, logical controles.
           Lastability - 9.0 : 18 courses! Lots of different set-
                               ups! 6-player Comlynx! Forever!                             
           Overall     - 9.0 : THE racing game you always wanted
                               on every system.


                          +----LYNX  Review---+
                              Ninja  Gaiden  

   Of course the name Ninja Gaiden  causes your expectations to be very
  high, at least if you  already know the NES version.   Unfortunately,
  these  expectations are  only partly justified.   Ryu Hayabusa is no-
  where to be found here, and neither  is his story line. This wouldn't
  be much of a problem if it  wasn't for the fact that the unfolding of
  the story during the game  was one of the  most attractive aspects of
  the original Nintendo version!

   Now we all know that there are zillions of  other Ninja games around
  without any story line  so we  won't whine  about the  lack of story.
  So let's just see how good this  Ninja game is in it's own right. The
  first thing that strikes you is the  tremendous detail in the graphic
  department.   The graphics could almost  beat Genesis Shinobi!  Amiga
  games are also put to  shame here!  The backgrounds vary tremendously
  as you progress  through the game, from streets  to casino's to rail-
  roads!  The animation is also  one of the best ever seen on the Lynx!
  And  the sound  isn't to be  neglected either!   Every level has it's 
  very own tune, and so has every end of level guardian!  Wow!

   Now, but how good  is the  game really?   Let's talk  gameplay-wise!
  The control over the Ninja is  very good and responsive.  And, though
  there are only a few ways to dispose  of the enemies, there are lot's
  of variations on these ways!   You can interact  completely with your
  surroundings, like climbing into poles, and  crashing into bins!  But
  now the sad part about all this....  there are  only 4 levels!  Argh!
  The levels are all a  feast for the eye, but there's only 4 of them!!
  And the game  isn't really THAT hard!   AND there  are unlimited con-
  tinues!  So the game is way too easy to complete!!!!

   Conclusion...    if you are a video  Ninja veteran, you'll love this
  opportunity to play Ninja on yer own Lynx.  Even if  you're not truly
  into these games,  try it out!   But remember; it's a megagreat game,
  but only just worth the cash if you try to  complete it without using
  any continues.  Sayonara!

           Graphics    - 9.5 : Some of the best yet seen 
                               on the Lynx.
           Sound       - 7.5 : Various tunes and average 
           Playability - 8.3 : A joy to control the Ninja.
           Lastability - 5.5 : Only 4 easy to complete levels.
           Overall     - 8.5 : Great for every video Ninja.

                          +---LYNX  Review---+
                             The Way Of The

   The picture on the box promises a lot, not that it has got something 
  to do with the game. But the  graphics of the game look as "solid" as
  the picture on the box. 
  When you  first start the  game you get to  see a great  view of some
  kind of castle of  palace (again, this has got nothing to do with the
  game-play,but it is nice). And then there are fireworks,a great touch
  that also makes the game look solid.
  As you push a button to skip this screen, you get to hear a bell that
  announces the option menu. If you wait a while you will get all high-
  score screen.
  At the option menu you choose the tile display (there are three kinds
  of displays), the  oracle set-up (the oracle  helps you to  "solve" a 
  problem that was on your mind when you approached the oracle,it gives
  you a saying when you make a 4-way match). The most interresting set-
  up is the mode set-up, you can choose Solitaire,Cooperative,Challenge
  or Tournament mode. Now the box doesn't have that yellow Comlynx mark
  (would destroy the beautiful picture :-), but the instruction  poster
  says that you can Comlynx "with as many opponents as you wish".
  We haven't found out yet what the exact number  of players is, but we
  will soon find out. 
  The method of scoring can be determined at the Game menu, there are 2
  scoring methods. The ancient way  only counts the  4-way matches, and 
  the Modern method gives points to all matches.
  The object of  the game is to place 72  stones on the 96 squares. The 
  game play is simple  and direct. Move the joypad, and you'll  move to 
  another square. Button A places the stone, and button B takes a stone
  back. There is no music during the game, there is only the sound of a
  stone being placed. When you push option 2 you'll get to see a menu,
  like in Shanghai it is ment  to help you. You can ask the computer to
  help you one  time or all the time and  you can see which stones  you 
  still have to place. Also you can choose to end the game or choose to
  start the same game over on this menu.
  When you have  finished the  game you'll get to see the  high-scores,
  even if the computer is the one with a high score.
  Last month I  told you  about the  comparison with Shanghai. Now they
  are not identical, but they have much in common. I also told you that
  this game  would not sell too fast  because most people  already have
  and like Shanghai. And I think my prediction was right (In Holland at
  least), a sales man  told me he wasn't  too thrilled with the  Ishido
  sales. Not that it is a bad game (It looks and  feels good, addictive
  gameplay) but  not many  people are going to  buy 2 place-blocks-and-
  think game.

           Graphics    - 8.0 : Good, but in this kind of game
                               you can't expect exceptional
           Sound       - 6.6 : Not bad, but I would like 
                               more FX.
           Playability - 7.8 : Clear, you don't need the manual
                               for that. I like the menu.
           Lastability - 8.0 : Unlimited Link-up? WOW!
           Overall     - 7.9 : Great, but Shanghai....


                          +-GAMEGEAR  Review-+
                              World Class 
                            Leaderboard Golf

   Well, here is the first golf  game for the GameGear.  Of course golf
  can be fun,  but I can't  stop myself from  thinking that doing these
  kind of sports for real is a lot more fun. But  anyway, as a reviewer
  I have no  choice but to  play golf in computerized  and miniaturized

   Now then..  in this Leaderboard  Golf up to four players can play 18
  holes on four courses:   St. Andrews,  Doral,  Cypress Creek  and the
  biggest of them all, the Gauntlet, a monster  World Class course. You
  also have the  option to practice a little bit. I nice feature though
  is the ability to glance to  the left and the right.  Furthermore you
  can see your position on the course  from overhead.  When hitting the
  ball a sensitive measuring stick indicates slope and breaks.

   Of course all this  sounds very impressing, but still the game isn't
  really that hot.  Personally I  think  that these  kind of  games are
  more  playable on normal desktop computers,   and don't really fit in
  the small screen of a handheld.  Okay, for golf-phreaks  this game is
  quite nice, but even then....

   The graphics  are all quite well, and so is are the sounds.    There
  even is a digitized voice  which  actually sounds quite  nice and en-
  hances the game's overall "feel".  My conclusion is  simple; graphics
  are nice, sound is good,  playability is mediocre...   so all in all,
  a very average game.

           Graphics    - 7.O : Quite allright, and sharp 
                               as allways.
           Sound       - 7.7 : Sparse, but very good.
           Playability - 6.7 : Difficult to control.
           Lastability - 6.O : You've probably had enough 
                               after a week.
           Overall     - 6.8 : Nice Golf-Game, but not 
                               THAT outstanding.

                         International Lynx Club

   Last month we told you about the International Lynx Club, well we've 
  had more contact with them,and here are some projects they're working
  on: 1) Joystick-adapter
      2) True Stereo for the Lynx I
      3) And a souped up Lynx: 24MHz instead of 16MHz (!!!!)

  And here are some games updates, some with description.

  - Hyperdrome: Motorcycle race like TRON
  - Super Asteroids & Missile Command: They are on one card !
  - Super Skweek: 100 levels + secrets, paint your world pink.
  - Lucky Stars: A program for horoscope, biorythmus and more.
  - Batman II
  - Rampart
  - Road Riot 4WD
  - Steel Talons
  - Gordo 106
  - Rabbit Quest

  3rd party developers:
  - Outpost Mars                      Cyber Labs
  - Cards: Cribbage, Gin, Solitaire.  Reflex Software
  - Battle Universe                   Apti Games Systems
  - Leaderboard                       U.S. Gold
  - Pro Beach Volleyball              Knight Technologies
  - Home Controller                   Itron
  - Starship                          John Handy
  - Crazy Ace Miniature Golf          Telegames
  - R.C. Destruction Derby            Telegames
  - Storms Over Doria                 Telegames
  - Baseball                          Alpine Software
  - Crystal Mines II                  Color Dreams

  Here  are the  addresses of  the International  Lynx Club  in various 
  countries, if your  country is not  mentioned in the list, that means
  that they are not represented there. If you want to set up a division
  in your country, you can  send for information to the German address.

  - Gremany:     Internationaler LYNX-Club
                 Hans-Jorg Sebastian
                 Siegfriedstr. 3
                 3684 Schmitten 3

  - Netherlands: International LYNX-Club
                 Leon Stolk
                 Vanenburg 2
                 7339 DN Ugchelen
                 The Netherlands

  - Austria:     Internationaler LYNX-Club
                 Christian Lenikus
                 Obertraun 27
                 4831 Obertraun

  - Switzerland: Swiss-LYNX-Info-Club
                 Eugene Rodel
                 Sangeliweg 45
                 4900 Langenthal


                        +---Portfolio Preview---+
                        +--Spectra  Publishing--+

   Well, we didn't have that much exiting  Portfolio-stuff the last few
  months, and  with the disappearance of our Mr.Portfolio we didn't get
  any news at all!  Anyway, for as long as Mr.Portfolio is gone, I have
  taken over,  so here I bring you a preview of the first full featured
  Basic compiler!

   PortFolio  PowerBASIC  isn't a  direct port-over  from the  original
  PowerBASIC.  This version makes full  use of the Portfolio's internal
  functions! Great!  But we all had PBasic (by BJ Gleason), so what are
  we  supposed to  do with  yet another  Basic interpreter?  Well,  the
  problem with PBasic was, that one always needed  PBasic to run files.
  Now here we have a Basic COMPILER!   Although the files  still need a
  runtime file to operate,  you don't have to have the  entire compiler
  installed on the Ram-card you're running the program from.

   PowerBASIC  supports the usual Basic commands, string handling, pro-
  cedures  and interrupts,  mathematical functions  (like cos(), sin(),
  abs()),  file handling,  sound and  graphics, looping,  a full set of
  input and output commands, and the ability  to address the serial com
  port for printing of telecommunications!  You can either use label or
  line numbers. You even can kinda emulate chaining, although variables
  are not passed.

   Now probably  the biggest plus of PowerBASIC...     you can not only
  make use of .COM or .EXE files, but  also the Portfolio specific .RUN
  format is supported!This means that a program with the extension .RUN 
  is not loaded into memory but is executed directly from card!

   We'll give you a full  review when we  receive our copy. Until then,
  you'll just have to wait!  Har Har!


   Great new games! Atari, continue please!!!
  Well, lets hope  they listen. After next month issue I'll be going to
  Thailand. I'll see if I can get some Game Gear info there, because in
  Holland it is not available. 
  But at  least Sega is doing some  advertising on TV, in mags etc. for 
  all it's consoles, it is currently in competition  with Nintendo. And 
  where is Atari? Well where  did you expect? No where of course! Not a
  single commercial on TV! (Well,  I heard a radio  commercial  for the
  Lynx, but  that was  made for  Bart Smit  (a toy  store)  and not for
  Atari!). Come on guys!  It is almost  Christmas,  this is the time of 
  the year to get a sales boost! 
  But next month: Christmas special! Yeah!

                                       Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser

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