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Article #13 (18 is last):
Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.product.portable
From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Portable Addiction: 15-Feb-92 #010
Reply-To: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Date: Wed Jul 15 18:00:35 1992

Contributed By: Andy Norman 

               PORTABLE ADDICTION  ISSUE #10  FEBRUARI 15th 1992

       Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser ......... (EDITOR)
       Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl .................. (EDITORIAL ASSISTANT)
       Alex "Killer of Laura Palmer" Borburg .... (GAMEBOY STAFF WRITER)

      Thanks to ...     The  Funtronics Computer Shop, The International
                        Lynx Club,  Robert Jung,  Andre "ALU" Luyer, The 
                        Tom, Amsterdamned BBS,  Alizera  Malek, Mr. Doom   
                        and all the others that made this most excellent 
                        issue possible...

   Please mail your comments, flames and/ or suggestions to : 
   on Internet or bd831 on Cleveland Free-net.


          Editorial .................................... by Mega Jerk
          Hot News And Gossip .......................................
          Hardware Review (Hyper Boy) .................. by Mega Jerk
          Rampage (Lynx) ............................... by Mega Jerk
          Who Framed Roger Rabit (Game Boy)............. by The Killer
                                                         of Laura Palmer
          Video Game Ratings Report .................................
          Hatris (Game Boy) ............................ by The Killer 
                                                         of Laura Palmer
          Solitaire Poker (Game Gear) .................. by Mega Jerk
          Hardware Hack .............................................
          Atari Sues Nintendo .......................................
          See Ya.....................................................



    Well, was not a  very exciting  month for video gamers,  especially since
   we were  just getting used to the  Christmas season.  As we can't give you
   much  news about new  games right now  (Since  video games in  Holland are 
   really behind the rest now), we give you some reviews of Golden Oldies.
    There  is a  bit of  Lynx news  from the  Benelux  Computer '92  show  in
   Eindhoven  (Holland). But not stunning for most of you. The Lynx II was on
   sale there,  so it will be on  sale soon here.  The same with Xybots,  The 
   International  Lynx  Club got a cart  form  Atari Benelux,  and it  was on 
   display there. But Nintendo and Sega were not present there. If they would
   be, it  would have been a  nice battle to see.  But it was a  good move by 
   Atari to sell the Lynx II there. 
    The next computer  show we will be attending is the  CeBit'92 in Hanover.
   So we hope to have a lot more news next month from Germany.
                                            Tjerk "Mega Jerk" Heijmens Visser

         .   +          .       +       .              .           .    +
                  .   H O T    N E W S    A N D    G O S S I P  +      .
               .            +       .          +          .      .

   Game Gear: Now there  is also the Master Gear II.  It is made by  the same
              company. It lets you  use your Sega Master System controller on
              your Game Gear. It uses the multiplayer port of your Game Gear.

   Lynx:      Atari has signed  Krisalis as a third  party developer  for the 

   Jaguar:    The Jaguar will be released on the CeBit'92 in Hanover. We will
              be  attending  the show  our  selves,  so we hope to  give  you  
              detailed information about the Jaguar right  after our visit to 
              the CeBit. 
   Game Gear: We've heard rumours about the Grand Gear.  You can connect your
              Game Gear with a TV,  so you can play your Game Gear games on a
              TV screen! 
              But isn't  that very  hard?  You've seen the  Lynx screen shots 
              using the Wide Lynx. (see the Lynx screen shots in EGM).
              Don't get too excited too fast....

   ?????????: A new gaming system?: The Super Gun. It's a 32-bit machine. Why
              is it special?  It contains the hardware  of an arcade  machine 
              and it uses the real  arcade game boards.  But don't ask us the 
              price.(first: We don't know. second:If the Neo Geo costs 290,- 
              I don't want to know what this is going to cost). 
   Game Boy:  Another nice thing: The Game*Mate. It lets you multiplay a cart
              on 2 Game Boy's with only one cart!! But bet on Nintendo sueing
              the producers of this thing.
                   HardWare   : Hyperboy
                   For        : Nintendo Game Boy
                   Made By    : Konami
                   Review by  : Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser

    We all know what the  Game Boy looks like, and we all know  what you can
   buy for it  (Game Light, Magnifier, Amplifier).  Now Konami  thought that
   this didn't  look good, so they blended  those three things into one. And  
   the Hyper Boy was born.

    The Hyper Boy looks neat, at least better than those stick up things from
   Nintendo. When you see the Hyper Boy, the first thing you'll notice is the
   joystick  instead of the joypad.  A lot of people would like that, but the 
   joypad has eight way movement, and the stick only four way....
   The fire buttons  are placed the same as on the Game Boy.  That is because 
   the Game Boy just slides into the back of the Hyper Boy. There was no need
   to change  the fire buttons.  And you still use the  Game Boy controles to
   change the volume and brightness.
    On the  Hyper Boy the screen is  positioned at an angle,  to make viewing 
   easier. And it is easier, but I still  don't like magnifiers. I don't like 
   them on any system, but with the  Game Boy it is really bad. Also built in
   are lights,  so you can  play your  Game Boy in the dark.  This was a nice 
   idea, but it also drains batteries.
   The Hyper Boy carries its own batteries, 2 D-cells. But it can't run on an
   addapter, the Game Boy  however can still run on either the  adapter or on 
   batteries. The D-cells  are one reason the Hyper Boy is so big 25cm long,
   16cm wide and 18cm high). It is even bigger than the Lynx I !! 
   And the portability of the Game Boy was one of it's strong points. You can
   not put a  Lynx in your  pocket,  but you  could take your  Game Boy about

    Now the price.... That's a real scare.... 50,- !!! If you'd buy the Game
   light, magnifier and amplifier seperate,  it would cost you only  30,- to
   35,-. And with the Hyper Boy you're forced to buy it all. The only slight
   advantage is the stick, but that isn't even perfect. 
   I'd say that you'd better buy the things you think you need (eg I hate the
   magnifier, so I won't buy one) and you can buy one or two extra games.

                    Machine    : Atari Lynx
                    Title      : Rampage
                    Review by  : Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser

    As you know there  were no Lynx games released  in the past month, or the
   past 2 month for that matter. So we'll give you some reviews of some older
   Lynx games. We'll start off with Rampage. 

    Rampage was one  of the first games that was  released for the Lynx after
   the first four Epyx games. But it was introduced in the arcades some years
   ago. The Lynx version  looks a lot like  the arcade version.  The graphics 
   are  sufficient, they don't  look bad at all, but  I would like a bit more
   detail in them. But the simplicity  of the graphics strokes perfectly with
   the rest  of the game. It's all for fun!  Everywhere you look, you can see
   some kind of gag or joke.  Like in the newspaper headlines at the start of
   each level.

    Story line: Well, 4 people have eaten  MegaVitamines by accident, so they 
   are now turned into  big ugly beasts.  They are  seeking the antidote, but 
   they don't know where it is.  So that's the reason why you have to travell
   through  all those city's.  While looking  for that antidote,  you have to 
   demolish the  whole city.  All buildings of that city have to be destroyed 
   before you can go on  to the next level.  But there are also some soldiers
   who don't  like you doing these things,  they do all kinds of silly things 
   like  shooting, throwing  bombs and driving tanks.  But they all know that
   they  are not  going to survive it.  'Cause you have to  eat to  keep your
   strength.  So why would  you not  eat soldiers?  But there are  also other 
   goodies to eat, but you'll find them while demolishing a building.

    The sound was nice,  but I recognized some  Chip's Challenge tunes in the 
   game. The rest is not special. No super special effects or music, but I do 
   not mind it. 

    The graphics are sufficient, as said,  but I would have liked some of the
   city's  landmarks to be  in the game.  When you play Sunnyvale,  you don't
   feel it's different from Phoenix or some other level.  

    I thought  the game was  a bit too easy,  though  there are  61 levels to 
   complete it won't take a long time before you have solved this.  But as it 
   isn't too hard, this game is very good for younger kids I think.
    Graphics ..... 6.5 - Simple, but fun.
    Sound ........ 5.O - Recycling Chip's tunes? But the rest is not bad.
    Playability .. 8.O - Easy to master, also good for younger kids.
    Lastability .. 4.0 - Although it has 61 levels, it is far too easy.
    Overall ...... 5.5 - When it was first released on the Lynx, it was not
                         a bad buy, but now I think you can do better. But 
                         if you'd buy it at a reduced price.


                    Machine    : Game Boy
                    Title      : Who Framed Roger Rabit
                    Review by  : Alex "The Killer of Laura Palmer"

    Remembering  the computer  (Amiga) game  "Roger Rabit",  my  expectations 
   weren't  really high.  But after I'd put  the game  in the  Game Boy,  and 
   played the game for 1 minute the addiction got me. WOW this game is super,
   great, wow. P-p-p-please let me play this forever; what a great adventure.

    It starts  with great graphics.  When you play,  you feel the pain  Roger
   feels, oh my god, I'm getting mad !! I must go to an addict center !!

    The Story: Judge Doom tries to take over Toantoion. He's got five Weasels
   to do his dirty work,  and those assholes took my wife......  Oops, I mean
   Roger's wife. It's Roger's job to stop him, and arrest Judge Doom.

    In this great Game Boy adventure you must use all your braincells because
   it isn't an easy game. Get Doom through a maze of streets, alleys, offices
   and shops in ToanTown. Fine evidence clues and witnesses to get Doom.

    Great music and  great graphics complete  this game into one  of the best 
   Game Boy  games yet.  Buy this game if you love adventures,  and of course 
   some shooting (?) action.  (Well, you shoot with a punching glove, or with
   a knock-out bullet).

    Graphics ..... 9.0 - Great !!!
    Sound ........ 9.0 - WoW.
    Lastability .. 9.5 - Just the best.
    Playability .. 9.5 - Just Great.
    Overall ...... 9.5 - Buy it !!!!


                  +-----------VIDEO GAME RATINGS REPORT----------+

    Atari Lynx:

       Title                              Rating    Votes cast
    1) Checkered Flag                       9.0         21
    2) Robotron 2084                        8.7         16 
    3) Shanghai                             8.6          7
    4) Warbirds                             8.5         25 
    5) Klax                                 8.5         24 
    6) S.T.U.N. Runner                      8.4         20 
    7) Chip's Challenge                     8.2         22
    8) Xenophobe                            7.9         16
    9) Scrapyard Dog                        7.8         11 
   10) Todd's Adventures In Slime World     7.7         21 
   11) Zarlor Mercenary                     7.7         15
   12) Awesome Golf                         7.7          9
   13) Blue Lightning                       7.5         19
   14) A.P.B.                               7.4         14
   15) Roadblasters                         7.3         14 
   16) Ms. Pac-Man                          7.0          8
   17) Xybots                               7.0          5
   18) Gates Of Zendocon                    6.8         16
   19) Rampage                              6.8         13
   20) Qix                                  6.7          7
   21) Ishido: The way of the Stones        6.7          3
   22) Electrocop                           6.6         17
   23) Ninja Gaiden                         6.5         10    
   24) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure     6.5          8
   25) Rygar                                6.4          7
   26) Blockout                             6.3          9
   27) Pac-Land                             6.3          6
   28) Viking Child                         6.3          6
   29) Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge    6.2          6
   30) California Games                     5.8         28
   31) Paperboy                             5.5         10
   32) Gauntlet III                         5.1         14
   33) Hard Drivin'                         4.7          7
   34) Turbo Sub                            4.5          6
   35) Tournament Cyberball                 4.0          8
   36) Robo-Squash                          3.4          9

    Sega Game Gear:

    1) Sonic the Hedgehog                  10.0          1
    2) Joe Montanna Football                9.0          1
    3) Super Monaco G.P.                    9.0          1
    4) Castle of Illusion                   8.0          1
    5) Dragon Crystal                       8.0          1
    6) G-Loc                                8.0          1
    7) Clutch Hitter                        7.0          1
    8) Ninja Gaiden                         7.0          1
    9) Slider                               7.0          1
   10)Columns                               5.2          4
   11)Devilish                              5.0          1
    Nintendo Game Boy:

    1) Pipe Dream                           9.5          2
    2) Super Mario Land                     9.2          6
    3) Gargoyle's Quest                     8.5          2
    4) Final Fantasy Legend                 8.0          6
    5) Megaman                              8.0          1
    6) R-Type                               8.0          1
    7) Tetris                               7.8         12
    8) Metroid II                           7.7          3
    9) Revenge Of The Gator                 7.5          2
   10) Skate Or Die                         7.5          2
   11) Golf                                 7.0          2
   12) Crystal Quest                        7.0          1
   13) F-1 Race                             6.7          3
   14) Solar Striker                        6.0          1
   15) Shanghai                             5.0          1
   16) Robocop II                           2.0          1


                    Machine    : Game Boy
                    Title      : Hatris
                    Review by  : Alex "The Killer of Laura Palmer"

    After  the great succes of  Tetris (TM),  Alexey Pazhitnov  (designer and   
   programmer of Tetris) must have thought: I can do that again !!!!!! And so
   he did.  Now Hatris has reached  the Game Boy  and it is  just as good  as 

    Your mission (???) is to stack five hats of the same type. If you succeed
   in that, you score a  bonus and that stack of hats disappears.  Do this 20
   times  and you'll  enter the next,  more  challenging stage.  Complete ten 
   stages,  and you'll  go on to a higher shop.  Yes, six shops to go so long
   playing guaranteed!

    As you have a "Tetris" in Tetris,  here you can make a Hatris: If you can
   clear two stacks in the same turn. After a Hatris you earn a fireball that
   can burn up almost any type of hat. So if your hats almost reached the top
   of the screen, get a Hatris.

    The game  music also good,  and the graphics are Ok too,  but that  isn't 
   really important. Because the game is great.

    Buy this game if you are crazy of Tetris. This one is just as great.

    Graphics ..... -.- - Not an important matter here. But they are decent
    Sound ........ 8.0 - Great music.
    Lastability .. 9.0 - WOW !!!!!
    Playability .. 9.5 - WOW !!!!!
    Overall ...... 9.0 - WOW !!!!!

                    Machine    : Sega Game Gear
                    Title      : Solitaire Poker
                    Review by  : Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser

    I'm not  so fond of  these kind  of games.  I do like  puzzle games  like 
   Shanghai, Ishido and Tetris.  But Solitaire Poker is a card game  (*NOT* a
   poker game !). And  I've never understood why one would buy a card game on
   any computer/video game system. If you want to play cards, a pack of cards
   will do just fine. And it is more fun...

    As said this is not a poker game.  They used "Poker" in the title because
   they  award points for  Pairs, Straights, Flushes etc......  You can score 
   these points by making a hand either  horizontally, vertically, diagonally
   on the grid. You have five columns of cards. In the easy set-up you'll see
   the first  three cards of each column.  In the hard set-up you'll see only
   the first card of each column.
   And that's about it. There is not much  more to do except for changing the
   tune you're listening to.

    Because it is a puzzle game, there is not  much to say about the graphics
   or playability.  It is very hard to make these graphics bad,  though I can
   imagine that  (you have to be able  to distinguish the different cards) it
   could have  been a lot  worse in this game.  But I can also  mention games 
   with better graphics.  And as most puzzle games  don't require speed,  the 
   playability can't be that bad either.

    Multiplayer options on these kind of puzzle games don't attract me at all
   because you would have to wait for your opponent each time.  While playing
   against the computer, you hardly  have to wait in these kind of games. But
   in Solitaire Poker  you don't have to wait at all,  because you have to do
   it all by yourself!

    Advice: Buy a pack of cards for a few bucks. It's cheaper, and a lot more 
   fun! (And that's what these video game systems are made for right? But you
   could better buy something else, instead of this game...)

    Graphics ..... -.- - Not an important matter here. But they are decent
    Sound ........ 7.0 - You can even change tunes.... wow, i'm freaking out
    Lastability .. 8.0 - Addictive, if you'd buy it. But so is a normal game
                         of cards.
    Playability .. -.- - Not important here......
    Overall ...... 4.0 - Judging by the rates I gave Sound and Lastability
                         this should be much higher, but if you read the 
                         review, you'll understand

                  +----------------HARDWARE HACK-----------------+
                   Machine       : Lynx I
                   Addition      : 24MHz Quartz
                   Hacked By     : HardwareSchreck
                   Translated By : MegaJerk

    Last month we told you about the 24MHz Lynx. I didn't have enough time to
   translate  the manual  for it.  As it was  written in German,  and neither
   English or German being my native language, it took some time. But here it


    1) Take cartridge and batteries out of your Lynx.
    2) Take out the 4 skrews on the underside of your Lynx.  
    3) Lay down your  Lynx with the screen  down and remove the  back of your
    4) You will now  see the cartridge holder.  Underneath it you  will see a
       metal plate. It covers the RAM's, Mickey, Suzy and the quartz.
       The metal  plate is soldered.  Use soldering iron to remove it.  While 
       doing this  you will automatically  remove the metal protection on the
       other side of your Lynx.
    5) Turn your Lynx around and take off the top half  (NOW, DON'T TOUCH THE
       SCREEN !!!).
    6) The 16MHz quartz is directly under the cartridge holder.  Take it out.
    7) Now take the 16MHz and 24MHz crystal and connect them in this way: 

   Connection with mass         
      .  Quartz 1          ....:----------------> }  Connect these with the  
      .   |----|          |.|...|  Switch         }  points where you took
      .   |    |           |   |                  }  the 16MHz quartz off.
      ....|----|           |   |                  }
      .    |  |            |   |                  } 
      .    |  :------------:   |                  }
      .    :-------------------;--------------->  }
      .    |  :----------------
      .    |  |      
          |    |
         Quartz 2
    8) You need to make a mass, else the quartz will be disturbed by the rest
       of the Lynx electronics.
    9) You can now fit the quartzes with  double sided tape somewhere in your
       Lynx. We suggest you stick them on the back of the battery compartment.
   10) To use the switch, you have to punch a little hole in your Lynx. 
       Why  to use  a  switch was  explained by  Stephen Landrum in  Portable 
       Addiction # 09.


                   =============>ATARI SUES NINTENDO<============ 
                   By : Richard B. Schmitt  

     SAN FRANCISCO -- For years, U.S. video game companies complained 
    bitterly that they couldn't compete effectively with industry leader 
    Nintendo Co. Now, one of them thinks the Japanese company may finally be 
    vulnerable -- in front of an American jury, The Wall Street Journal 

     The protagonist is Atari Corp., whose lawsuit against the creator of
   the Super Mario video-game hero went to trial this week in federal court
   here. The outcome may well have implications for the rest of the $4 billion
   home video-game market and beyond.  

     The issue is whether Nintendo employed licensing and marketing practices
   that violate U.S. antitrust law. Atari alleges that Nintendo illegally
   carved out an 80% stake in the market and cost consumers hundreds of
   millions of dollars in overpriced video games and gear. For its part,
   Atari says that between 1986 and 1990, it suffered $160 million in damages,
   an amount that by law would be tripled if it wins its antitrust case.
    "We think the evidence is absolutely overwhelming that Nintendo deliberately
   and willfully monopolized the home video-game market in the U.S.," William
   Jaeger, Atari's lawyer, said in his opening statement Tuesday. "Competition
   was not simply hurt. It was obliterated."  

     Nintendo, meanwhile, says Atari "tried to compete on the cheap" and
   lost out because of its own miscalculations, according to John Kirby,
   a New York lawyer representing Nintendo. During opening arguments, Kirby
   noted that a predecessor company, Atari Inc., turned down a chance to
   introduce the Nintendo system in the U.S. in 1983. He also noted that
   Nintendo is itself being seriously challenged in the market for the latest
   video-game technology by a machine from Sega Enterprises Inc.  

    The trial, which is expected to last 10 weeks, is significant because
   it is the first time that a jury has examined recurrent allegations of
   anti-competitive conduct by Nintendo. The U.S. district judge in the
   case, Fern Smith, is also presiding over other cases that accuse Nintendo
   of monopolizing the market for game cartridges and accessories. Last
   year, without admitting any wrongdoing, Nintendo settled Federal Trade
   Commission charges involving pricing of its game consoles, but Judge
   Smith has ruled the accord inadmissible in the Atari case because of
   its potential for biasing the jury.  

     "There is a fair odor of sour grapes in the Atari claim, and yet there
   are indications that Nintendo was noncompetitive, predatory and monopolistic,"
   says Bob Kleiber, an analyst at investment banker Piper Jaffray & Hopwood
   in Minneapolis.  

     Judge Smith specifically admonished both sides to avoid the issue during
   the trial, and during jury selection, she sought to uncover any prejudice,
   asking potential jurors whether they would have a problem with a Japanese
   company owning an American baseball team -- which top Nintendo officials
   proposed to do just last month. In contrast to the thumbs down given
   the idea by organized baseball, none of the prospective jurors was opposed.

    Nonetheless, "there is no question that Nintendo uses very hardball
   marketing strategies, and it will be interesting to see how an American
   jury reacts to a Japanese company," says Boris Feldman, an antitrust
   lawyer in Palo Alto, Calif., specializing in high-tech issues.  

     Atari's main objections involve the way Nintendo has enlisted independent
   software producers to write the video games that run on its Nintendo
   Entertainment System consoles. Until December 1990, Nintendo prohibited
   licensees from making their games compatible with competing systems,
   such as ones that Atari was trying to develop and popularize, for a period
   of two years.


                  Machine    : Atari Lynx
                  Title      : Block Out
                  Review by  : Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl

    Well,  all you Tetris-phreaks out there,  it's here!  BlockOut is here to
   rob you of your sleep!  Some of you might know the game, others might only
   be familiar with the original Tetris, but all of you will get hooked!   As
   BlockOut IS Tetris, but just with the difference of an added dimension!

    In BlockOut the original shaft is still there,  but this time in full 3D.
   Your blocks slowly (?!?) descent and it's up to you to rotate them in such
   a way that they  will all fit together  quite nicely.   Whenever a grid is
   completely filled   (so, without any holes in the structure left)  it will
   disappear, giving you a little more moving-space again.     If you fail to
   fit all the pieces together to often,  the shaft will get full to the top,
   and you won't have any room left too manouvre.  This means Game Over!  The
   game incorporates the original block-set used in Tetris but there are also
   two alternative set with more oddly shaped blocks.  You can customize your
   shaft yourself,  and you can even edit the  rotation speed of  the blocks.
   this means that you have  total control over the game and you can set your
   own challenges.

    The game looks way better than the original PC version.   The blocks look
   sharp and the overall view is clear.   Your status panel  displays all the
   info you might need in a clear and "cool" way.  The setting-screens have a
   bit of a "windows"-feeling to them, due to their pseudo-3D icons.  Perhaps
   the developers had just received  KickStart 2.0 with looks  quite like the
   screens in BlockOut.  The sound is restricted to a jolly tune at the title
   screen and some clicks during play.  This is sufficient though,  as for an
   arcade-puzzler like this you don't need any fancy sound effects.

    Then the last and most crucial question...  How does the game play? Well,
   I'm glad to say that the game is tremendously playable.  It takes a bit of
   getting used to the odd control method,  as the PC version used  6 keys to
   rotate the blocks.  Here you rotate over X- and Y-axes using a combination
   of button B and the joypad,  while the Z is done by holding B and pressing
   A.   This all means that you can only rotate in one way if Z is concerned,
   so if you rotate one turn too far you'll have to be quick to let the block
   turn around again,  before it hits another block.   This is  only a  minor
   drawback, as after a few hours you'll be totally addicted.  Although not a
   game for the shoot 'em uppers, it will certainly hook every other person!

     Graphics ..... 9.0 - Crystal clear, excellent graphics.
     Sound ........ 6.8 - Nothing special here, but sufficient.
     Playability .. 9.7 - It plays so totally EXCELLENT!
     Lastability .. 9.5 - And it's SOOO addictive!
     Overall ...... 9.0 - Another excellent Lynx-game.


                  Machine    : Atari Lynx
                  Title      : Xenophobe
                  Review by  : Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl

    Xenophobe by Bally Midway was,  as many of you will know,  originally a 3
   player game.   The Lynx-version handles up to four players simultaniously.
   The game is played over 23 space stations invested with aliens. The player
   must clear each station before he or she may proceed to the next.  In some
   stations there is a self-destruct computer available, so that you can blow
   the entire station up,  instead of having to  kill every alien seperately.
   Unfortunately, there aren't that much stations with a self destruct option
   and thus you will HAVE to face the aliens.  The aliens themselves lay eggs
   which then later hatch to reveal even more aliens! Extra weapons and other
   tools are to be found all over the place.   In some stations there even is
   a grenade-dispencer (altough you'll first have to fix it using some tools)
   which gives you an unlimited amount of grenades.  And you might find a jet
   pack, which enables you to fly over aliens.  Anyway,  all in all there's a
   lot you can do in the game,  but still it might get a bit repetitive after
   a while, so you might have to invite some friends to get some more fun out
   of it.

    The graphics are totally excellent.    You can choose your character from
   a whole array of weirdo's  (when you're playing with more than one player,
   one can even select to play an alien!).   The aliens are very detailed and
   well drawn,  and there a wide variety of them!   (On level 23  there's the
   mother of them all,  and she's BIG!   I can tell you!).   The animation is
   superb, and I don't think I've yet seen such fluent animation on the Lynx.
   The sound is  quite good too,  altough I still don't  understand why those
   game-developers don't start using some real good samples.  The cost of the
   production wouldn't rise,  as the only thing they'd have to do is increase
   the sample-rate.  Furthermore, they could even use a 512K card if they did
   not have enough memory for the sound. But still, this goes for allmost all
   Lynx games.

    The playability is quite high.   The characters are easy to control,  and
   the overall flow of the game is fast  (so no long waiting sessions between
   games).  There is a wide variety of options during the game,  as all sorts
   of things can be found.  There are even some simple puzzles to make it all
   even a bit more frantic, as the aliens lay eggs while you think!    It all
   sounds almost too excellent, doesn't it?    Well, the problem of this game
   lies in the fact that you find yourself  far too often doing the same over
   and over again.   Altough it seems that almost  every effort was  taken to
   optimize the game, it just doesn't work out.  A pity really,  as the genre
   has got a lot of potential. Anyway, this is a classic case of.. try before
   you buy.

     Graphics ..... 9.2 - Excellent throughout the game.  Great animation.
     Sound ........ 7.7 - Good, but as with many games... not that special.
     Playability .. 8.0 - The game is very playable, but at the start you
                          immideately realize that the fun won't last long.
     Lastability .. 3.8 - It just get's so boring after a while, altough you
                          still want to see level 23.
     Overall ...... 7.0 - Good concept, but it needs more diversity.


    Finally our tenth issue is done. But not much news in here. Not much news
   anywhere in fact.  You only have to  take a look at the "real"  game mags.
   They don't  have  great  news  either.  And we  can't  give you  tests  of
   unreleased games (well, we could actually, but they wouldn't be reliable.)
   But we hope to have some more  news from the  CeBit'92 in Hanover. I'll be 
   there at least  on Saturday the 15th.  Maybe we'll be there on  some other
   day's, but that doesn't seem likely.  So if you want to flame us for real, 
   or just want to have a chat, please e-mail us at: on Inter
   net or to bd831 on Cleveland freenet.

   Hope to see ya!

   Tjerk Heijmens Visser

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